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dating winchester model 94

Waters Milbury MS ". This assembly also only requires 2 action or trigger guard and floor plate screws. The comb on a bead-sighted Remington is too high for me. Can you help me identify which one I have? The barrel has an overall freckled plum-gray patina with some small

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Austrian Military Percussion Pistol, Circa 's. By Winchester was printing in color, giving an added dimension to the brand. Large pistol at over 15" long. To find -- and even purchase -- amazing vintage catalogs like this one is easy. Some called it the "Auto-Pump". Ellen DeGeneres on the tragic loss that changed her life The comedian talks about the tragic loss she suffered at age Click for more info.

Inlaid motifs are very decoratively engraved. The woodwork on the gun is Southern India Circa AH The locks are usually forei Antique English Percussion Pistol. Austrian Military Percussion Pistol, Circa 's. Very nice example of its type, this Austrian Military Pistol is in excellent original condition dating from around the 's. The lock is stamped "E.

Southall is an excellent quality maker of fine British percussion pistols. The breach, tang, hammer, trigger guard and final are all Rodgers knife pistol, original and complete. This is a very beautifully engraved and chiseled pair of smooth bore Basque percussion pistols from Eibar, Spain. The barrels are half octagon and half round with numerous barrel makers marks.

Unknown Belgium Boot Pistol. The pistol is believed to possibly be Belgium made. Fancy brass furnishings wit Wood in fair condition with checkered grip and an intricate inlaid silver design on each side and at the rod holder entry point. Lock is signed "Mortimer. It has a 3-stage canon type bbl with the belt hook on the opposite side. Gun is very beautif Model Percussion Pistol, made in , in Middletown, Back action engraved lock with half cock safety. Full length walnut stock with checker This is a non-working pistol found in ab artillery shell hole during WW ll by my great uncle.

The stamping, etching and engraving is beautiful. I know very little about it and am liquidating my coll Brass Barreled Flintlock Pistol, made circa James Warner Percussion Pocket Revolver. This is an iron frame pistol with central hammer and engraved frame. The barrel has an overall freckled plum-gray patina with some small In original flintlock configuration,. I am very particular about my firearms. I can't find a single defect, metallurgy problem, mechanical problem, or shooting problem.

The fit for example the barrel to the receiver is exceptional, trigger is sound, controls snick just right, finish is durable. The forearm does not wobble and rattle like all of the other pumps I have tried. It is not a fancy, beautiful, or expensive gun. It is a well-made tool, though. If I do find a problem I will certainly let you know about it.

I doubt you will have any quality problems with the SXP. This is coming from someone who actually owns and shoots the gun and did not enter with preconceived notions. There are many Americans who will not buy a foreign-made shotgun, and I can understand that completely. Wed Feb 02, 1: Sorry, no Winchester ties at all. I did mention a few SXP negatives: Wed Feb 02, 4: I have always liked the basic design of this gun.

It really is a very smooth working gun. There is no reason, in my mind, that they can't make a dependable gun out of this, with stamped out trigger parts etc, because Remington and Mossberg do it all the time, yet I hear reports of this gun being unreliable. I did own a couple of these originals, a M and a Left hand model auto. The auto did not give me any problems, but the broke screws off that held the bolt body to the underlying steel plate. This was because of poor fit of the underlying steel plate, and Winchester supposedly fixed that.

If they could make that stamped trigger assembly as reliable as an , I think they would have a real winner, and as far as I know maybe they do. One thing I am a bit of a nonbeliever on is the magazine tube. Winchester says the new SX3 now has an alloy mag tube instead of steel to further lighten it. If that is the case, I am not interested. The gun was light enough before, and no thank you, I don't need a super soft mag tube to dent and get banged up. Now if the sxp also has this space aged alloy tube then forget it, I can't run fast enough to stay away from it.

I do like how slick the action worked though on the and models. Wed Feb 02, 5: If I bought a shotgun solely on it's ability to fire a lot of rounds quickly, I'd buy a semi-auto. Wed Feb 02, 7: The Mag cap and Mag tube are both aluminum alloy.

The mag tube metal is fairly thick and looks highly unlikely to dent. Since it is aluminum, it wont rust like steel and the mag cap threads won't seize. The mag tube has a very tough black semi-gloss finish that must be a type of Duracoat. There is no wear on it after or so rounds and several hundred times dry cycling the action.

Adding a mag extension tube would not be simple as the mag spring retainer is held in place by two inner dimples at the end of the mag tube. If the dimples are removed, the mag spring won't be retained when you unscrew the extension. I wouldn't even know what extensions are compatible with the right threading on the mag tube end. A two shot extension would likely extend beyond the muzzle. Best to leave it as is. It may have an edge on an auto as far as reliability.

Some autos do not load directly from the mag tube for the first round without manipulation. I don't want to be fumbling the first round with a home defense shotgun.

Wed Feb 02, 9: I don't think you are going to have a whole lot of competition if you decide you want to buy more of them, either.

Thu Feb 03, Sounds like they are improving it, and perhaps the aluminum magazine is not as bad an idea, as I thought. Thanks for the input. Sat Feb 05, 2: Same excellent controls and "speed pump" rotating bolt. Barrel swap in 10 seconds. Ellen DeGeneres on the tragic loss that changed her life The comedian talks about the tragic loss she suffered at age All about Meghan Markle's spa-themed bridal shower Markle, 36, retreated to the English countryside with close friends.

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Imsges: dating winchester model 94

dating winchester model 94

Original Muppeteers open up about bringing their legendary characters to life. All parts listed in this category are specific to the post '64 Winchester Model 70 Rifle unless otherwise noted. Click to view all Categories Pistols Antique Pistols -

dating winchester model 94

Although rare, salesmans sample have been seen in this model and came with a roll stamp on the side of the receiver and factory sling eyes.

dating winchester model 94

Nice pair of "Bond" Flintlock pistols, vintage Iron, no-bridle pan, unmarked. I am very particular about my firearms. There are many Americans who will not buy a foreign-made shotgun, and I can understand that completely. Actor Scott Winchestwr wife diagnosed with brain disease "Renee is forever my rock," the actor said. These came in 3 basic types, and datng depending upon gay guy dating rules barrel you could then change the dating winchester model 94 designation to a more specific type i.