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How to feel about the woman, my ex is dating while I’m pregnant?

dating while your ex is pregnant

And whenever a guy tells me all his exes are crazy,two thoughts come to my mind: I will always wonder this things and its not even fair that I would have to think about stuff like that. I love this man.

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To say that she hates me is an understatement. IMO, that makes her a rebound. You and the father are involved. Ok so you found out you were pregnant after the break up? Just a couple days ago, he sent me a text saying his day just got very weird. I hope they truly suck. Its a shame it had to start like this but the best by far is still to come.

When I told the father, he asked me what I wanted him to do and told me that he was dating someone. How should I go about this situation with this other woman involved? Right now she's not involved. You and the father are involved. You have a right to support. If possible talk to a family practice lawyer. There may be free legal services you can access. I would sit them both down and talk about some rules for if you two are raising the child together.

She's not that important here, the potential relationship your ex would have with the child is of the greatest importance- you need to talk to him about that. It is my business on who he dates because it will be our child around her. I want to make sure that she is not a serial killer or a child molester. I care about when my child is born and that she may be around. My hormones are heighten, a mother is protective over her child from pregnancy to life. I want my child safe. There has been study show that an infant can get confused on the mother if there is another woman involved!

They only been dating for a month! Not really your choice. If he doesn't want to get back with you, then there you go. Now for the child , hopefully he will not be a deadbeat and will provide.

Did you not consider an abortion? This past September we met up to catch up and I took his virginity and ended up pregnant. I just have concern for my child. It's not bad that you don't want her around , but again it's not your choice. If the biological father will be in the picture and if he is still with him then thus when the biological father is around most likely she will be there too.

You will just have to voice your opinion of her to him and take it step by step. Really, you took his virginity that time? How old was he? That's not a choice you can make, the only way she won't be around your child is if the child isn't a part of the dads life and that is being selfish and putting your own needs above your child's. If he doesn't want to be involved, the sad fact is you can't force him to be involved. Has he even told his current girlfriend that he's going to be a father?

If I had to guess, I'd say no. The most important thing in your life now is going to be your child, so rather than focus on the negativity surrounding your predicament, focus on giving your child all of the love and support he or she needs. As far as the father, he may come around, especially after your child is born.

If not, it's his loss. Of course, the LW is completely innocent in all of this. To the last person who made that comment I have to say that what you just said is disgusting.

How do I know? I lost my mother 3 years ago and for me this was something positive, I had always wanted children so to find this out I thought it may have been my only chance. Me and the boyfriend managed to get through it, but 11 weeks ago he decided to leave and now has a new gf. I have to say being the pregnant ex it is heartbreaking and incredibly hard.

They started seeing each other tge minute we broke up. Love hurts July 29, , 4: Finally when i thought things can be normal again he though i deserve better and he cant give me what i need. At that moment i couldnt believe he didnt even let me try or at least us to try. But few weeks after that i started texting him and we would still have that flirt talk.

But the worst part is not even a month after they been together , she got pregnant and they were gonna get married. But im just really confused because this is the second baby of his here..

A part of me is struggling me to just leave and walk away. Please give me some advice here. Nat mAynard August 4, , 8: To be honest the same thing happened to me. At that point we had only been together for 3 weeks and we r now getting married on Saturday. I reckon sit down and talk to him about it find out his feelings on it all including his feelings for you if ur a rebound or if he feels the same way as you.

Hope things turn out for the best like they have for me. Kim August 4, , I havnt seen him in over 7 years. We had sparks instantly.. I have been single for 2 years, so I am standoffish. We talked and he opened up to me and I just felt this huge conection and I could see all of the good qualities.. Noone has ever made me feel so special and I know I deserve it..

We are very open and honest with eachother he is a genuine guy and loyal. She left him for another guy.. I made him set up an apointment at the gyno for her..

Any advice while I sit here waiting? Kim August 4, , 1: And in this moment I feel I have no choice but to move on. Amber August 4, , 1: How does he feel about getting back together with her?

Kim August 4, , 3: Before he left to go to the dr. He had told me before of their history and they broke up.. I mean I want to support him but ever since he told her he was in love with me she is pregnant and is telling him she wants him back but then 2 seconds later saying if he wants DNA results he can take her to court. Amber August 4, , 5: I think giving him time to breathe is a good thing.

That was some crazy news he got today. Give him some space and just be there for him. Eventually you will be able to talk to him about how he sees your relationship progressing.

They broke up for a reason. It might take him a day or two to really truly process what happened. I am already being supportive of him,….

They are keeping the baby but what hurt me most is that I found out everything myself…when i confronted him,he said he hadnt told me because he was scared i would leave. With all this advice,im thinking I should just be suppoetive and move on.

Kim August 4, , 5: I want to love and support him but he is angry and scared and he has alot on his plate. Aidana Lema September 2, , 8: If not for yourself, then think about the child involved. To protect yourself on so many levels. I am a divorced mom and my ex boyfriend was really close to my two daughters when we broke up after 6 years, he not only had to forget about me, he also had to forget about two little girls who were pretty much raised by him.

He felt like he world was shattered and my kids were equally as devastated. Today my girls are teens and they still ask about him. Needing help November 4, , I love this man. JK July 13, , 3: My ex started seeing a new girl the week we found I was pregnant, one week after we broke up.

And agreeing to do it while still in the first tri-mester? JP September 10, , 4: JK — How long were you with your ex the baby daddy? I ended up leaving him, which was hard after being together a year, falling in love, planning on moving in, etc. But, to get at your Q, your ex may have told this girl that the 2 of you were never serious maybe you were not? I never even knew about my ex dating his baby mama until the kid was born, kinda wish she had tried to reach out to me and warn me — since he never did: Good luck to you.

JK October 19, , 6: I am not so upset at his dating but he MOVED and is maybe depending on which way the wind is blowing today not sure if he is going to be involved or not — which he tells me is because he hates me. I would have to wonder if I met someone who was honest about the situation if I would stay! It sounds like a lot of people on here are under the assumption that this guy is going to put his baby first above the new gf and can she handle that, but why would you stay with a guy who was putting you first above his child???

What does that say about his character?? Anna March 26, , 1: This exact situation just unfolded for me unfortunately. I did a search online to try and reach out to other people with similar experiences. Then, literally 2 weeks later he meets me, some one who is actually more compatible with. She waits 3 months to tell him, and meanwhile we are falling for each other. Its sinister to think about, that during that time frame where I was really developing feelings for someone, that situation was developing with out my knowledge.

Why she conveniently waited 3 months to tell him, just after the legal abortion date in out state i will never know, and honestly it hurt me to even have thoughts like that, the situation takes a person to a place where they cant even stand to go. When he found out he took some time to talk to her and decide what they were going to do, she still had feelings for him, he said he wanted to move on, he had met some one new.

This also pained me, to think a pregnant women was feeling extra vulnerable knowing her prospective partner was dating while she was pregnant. In fact I felt this so strongly, even though i will also suspect she tried to get pregnant on purpose to trap him, that I stayed away from him. It was too hard. My heart was breaking in so many ways i started to feel sick from it. If she did trap him thats the act of a desperate woman and Im not desperate like that. He just told me the results of the test yesterday, its his and I felt an immediate need to get myself out of this situation and to safety.

I told him he needed to go be with his son now all the time and blocked his humber. Finally i just knew it was going to break me.

Anna March 26, , 2: It was truly a terrifying plunge into a kind of primal abyss where suddenly stakes went way up and everyone involved started making desperate survival moves based on manipulative needs. I am still feeling so shocked from it, I am also so shocked by my ongoing connection to him, even though it became very distant. For some reason I was really a deer in the headlights with this, I felt like i was t-boned by some one elses raging animal instinct.

Then, literally 2 weeks later he meets me, someone who he is actually more compatible with and actually in love with. Its sinister to think about, that during that time, that situation was developing without my knowledge. Why was she hiding this? I will always wonder this things and its not even fair that I would have to think about stuff like that.

Why she conveniently waited 3 months to tell him, just one week after the legal abortion date in our state i will never know, and honestly it hurt me to even have thoughts like that.

It was like researching criminal behavior and the situation takes a person to a place where they cant even stand to go. Emotionally it felt like being driven through a painful house of horrors, of due dates, labor plans, baby showers, and the painful realization that you do want him to go and deal with everything, its the only right thing to do.

I was glad that through the mist of primal perhomes, one truth held constant for me, that the needs of the vulnerable and weak, and yes this included his desperate baby mommas, take precedent in situations like this, for me. His haggard face after being badgered by her confused and pained me.

It felt like a crime. But nothing could prepare me for the horror of being forced into something like this with some one. When I asked about the sudden 3 month revelation, he maintained she might have had irregular periods but i will always wonder, I hated myself for even having to wonder that. When he found out he took some time to talk to her and decide what they were going to do, she still had feelings for him, he said he wanted to move on, he had met someone new.

I suspect she was acting in a way that I frankly find to be cruel and demented. But she was still a kind of broken person doing something so sad, it still meant her needs were greater then mine despite her motives. In the midst of my anger and rage at the situation, I also had a multitude of compassionate thoughts towards a new mother who was alone and scared probably.

I told his brother, it felt like mazel tov cocktail of empathy and the raw need to escape from being attracted to some one in a truly rare way despite all the pain. If he refuses to acknowledge you and your pregnancy, you cannot make him.

Stop stalking him online. You're only making yourself miserable. Once your baby is born, you can get a paternity test and pursue him for maintenance.

You can't make him care about his baby though, unfortunately. No advice I'm afraid but just wanted to sympathize. I'm 15 weeks and my ex tried desperately hard to make me have an abortion.

His reasoning is mostly because he wants to be able to meet someone else and doesn't think he can. He keeps going on and on about how unfair it is, that he is "in his prime" and a good looking guy, and always meets women when he's out. I'm still in love with him and it hurts more than anything in the world that all he wants is for me to not be pregnant so that he can find someone new.

I would say, as hard as it is, stop looking at his Facebook. Start focussing on you and your pregnancy and the exciting future you have together. He is not worth your time or your energy, put him behind you, sue for maintenance, and move onwards and upwards.

Wow your ex sounds like mine he's only just given up on begging for an abortion since I sent him a photo of the scan. My ex always said its not fair all the time!

Imsges: dating while your ex is pregnant

dating while your ex is pregnant

I keep stalking his Facebook to see what his doing but it's hurting me even more I want to be strong! I feel relieved reading everyones stories on here.

dating while your ex is pregnant

I reckon sit down and talk to him about it find out his feelings on it all including his feelings for you if ur a rebound or if he feels the same way as you.

dating while your ex is pregnant

My best friend met a guy at a club he was drunk and he called her the next day. My ex always said its not fair all the time! She showed up for the exx, told my hunny that she was still in love with him and wanted him back. Be condescending all you want. So, did you just recently dating while your ex is pregnant the father or did you tell him couple of months ago when you found out yourself? If I had to guess, I'd say no.