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5 Reasons You Should Date A Single Mom

dating someone with a newborn

However, at the end of the day we always attract what we project. I confront him and he denies denies denies.. Although im the one who is adjusting and setting boundaries for us, I always demand respect from him at the time he devalues and compare me to other better woman I always really get pissed everytime he puts himself down too, I imagine myself in his shoes I always understand him, but he never understands At the end of the day, I love him so much.

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Its that this girl is always saying how her child is such a problem financially. I realize I was in a no-win situation, but I realize that only now, 4 weeks after we split up for good…and the things that followed our breakup were devastating. Once I did my research and came accross this site and others did it all start to click. No happy ending for her on this one. Rick, Do you have any advice for a non woman dating a BPD man? Find out more about the child and their mother, both from the father and from any other mutual acquaintances you may have for a more rounded view. Method 4 Quiz How should you interact with your partner's child at first?

I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with bpd after suffering with the symptoms for as far back as I can remember. Any advise would be greatly appreciated I am very lost. Joining a nunnery on the other side of the world is not an option. Yours in anticipation Danielle. Do you have any advice for a non woman dating a BPD man? I confront him and he denies denies denies.. He had an affair on me a couple yrs ago and I still have anger and hurt over it, he has been been chatting on a dating site after I confronted him about the voice mail even though we supposedly made up and have been going to movies even got a hotel room in san diego and we had a great time..

I dont understand how they can act like they are in love with you, and keep doing that.. I thought everything was fine.. I do love him very much dispite his bpd and all.. I think you can apply most of what I teach. But at the same time, relationships take two people. I can relate to Cindy, with the very strange behaviour. Mine also pays rent, bills, trips over backwards for me. I wrote some more things here but felt they were too identifying, as my situation is very specific.

When he was in the first year of honeymoon phase, i thought he was perfect. He asked if it was ok, and i was blissfully happy with it. After a year I lost many friends, he got bored. So before all my socializing, was cause for jealousy, now he mocks my loneliness and lack of social life. Now he also went from an introvert to an extravert, suddenly having all these friends, now I have pretty much none! I feel needy, lonely and dependant. How he twisted the situation…. But when he was the needy one, I was kind about it, introduced him to my friends, and did not yell at him about it.

Maybe it will force me to start again, sadly all my friends are now mutual friends with him too. I feel BPD will put up and do more than an average person…but in return they give you back any emotional issues 10x..

I think the relationship can work if you have many friends, your own life, so as Rick says when they go cold, you are not alone like me. You need to be able to have people to go cold on them back. I am still being strong, but it takes him more time to feel lonely than I do, as he was many friends…. I know if I had my own circle of separate friends, I could play hard-ball right back at him, because I would no longer cater to his jealousy, or drop everything for him.

When he wants attention, he wants it then and there.. At first he seemed so relieved to have a soft-hearted person like me. How do they hide their true natures for years??? You become intensely needy and allow yourself to become a pushover just for a little bit of love and intimacy.

This obviously creates a very toxic situation. My family for as long as I can remember teased me about girls from a very young age all the way through high school. Me and all of my brothers rarely ever talked about any girls we knew due to this teasing. I think this is a very common issue. What ended up happening in my case is that I thought it was taboo to like girls. Intimacy becomes this fantasy that I wanted more than anything. Because of this upbringing, I ended up becoming desperately obsessed with intimacy.

So when I got a girlfriend, I wanted to do nothing but touch her all day. This is classic codependency and extremely unattractive. Getting help for BPD means becoming knowledgeable about yourself as well as the disorder.

Thank you for your reply. My email did not notify me of a response. You have said some very thoughtful things. I have come back here after making some changes and progress, but yet again having difficulty with respect.

I now have a wide circle of acquaintances that are not his mutual friends. They are still acquaintances as turning an acquaintance into a friend takes time and effort. But out of this large circle I see maybe three of those people with potential to be friends that I spend time with more often.

You are correct about BPD male being a different can of worms. There are also some core things that are the same. As far as my unbringing.. It was actually very similar to the BPD! I find it interesting if you look at the points below, you might see how similar, but slight variations that must have made all the difference. It still boggles my ming how a slight change in scenarios we both shared resulted in him BPD more prone to rage, and me more prone to depression.

The person he trusted passed away. As far as what you said about yourself, sex was not shamed, in fact we had liberal family in many ways. We were also not religious. However I can relate to negative emotion denial. When I was growing up my mother pulled away as soon as I displayed teenage depression.

Sadness and anger were not allowed, and she would eerily smile instead of being sad. Everyone had to be happy and nice. Depression and anger were shamed. I have improved myself in many ways. Some things have improved, but I still have major respect issues.

I tell him I will not accept verbal abuse or swearing or certain rage behaviors but he does them anyway. His black and white attitude says basically: He has not broken any laws, has not cheated, and in his mind verbal abuse is not a crime so there is no punishment…. I am a woman with BPD and I admire this tactic. And believe me, it makes me respect them immediately. I was probably too accommodating at first, by going out with her at least three times a week and talking a lot on the phone in between.

She was definitely playing mind games at this point, probably testing me to see if I was really all in. I was just leaving her alone, and then wham, she texted me out of the blue to hang out. I said it was a possibility, but I was concerned. If we were to talk again, I would do what you recommend. Set the firmest of boundaries, no sex, and guard the new boundary s like a border collie, or a pitbull ; Thanks again, Rick, your word is bond! Hey thanks for kind words. Yes, you have got to establish very early on, preferably before the relationship begins.

It can take months for them to accept the new you. Your words are awesome. I also grabbed your book; good stuff. I split with my ex a little over a month ago. She display many of these signs but not as extreme as what has been portrayed.

Communication from then on has been sporadic. Recently, i finally decided to drop all her belongings off at her house since she has STILL not come to get them. This made her lash out in a fit of upset tears followed the next day by an angry text.

I know you know when i say this but i feel a very strong attraction towards her. I of course love her but i can definitely move on. Should i be expecting her to reach out to me one day in an attempt to come back? If the circumstances were right, i would probably take it slow with her and be the strongest person in the world. Apologies again having problems with the site WE ARE NOT all controlling users who abuse people and chew them up and spit them out when we have sucked them dry.

This post just adds stigma to an already misunderstood illness. Sarah you are absolutely incorrect about my post. Take them with you. I would guestimate that there might be Yeah it sucks your relationship ended, but can you really say you wasted 27 years? You got children out of it, right? So are they a waste as well?

Relationships come and go. Be positive instead of negative and stop generalizing. She really got after me to break off the appointment and stay with her instead. The girl was very hot in fact, she used to be a stripper — my girl had seen a pic of her and went on about how hot she was. My girl asked me if I had shut the other girl down every time she tried to make a move, and I told her that I did. My girl then commented that it was no wonder the other girl pursued me all weekend, because shutting a girl down like that makes them want you and come after you more.

Like Rick says folks, you have to learn to read between the lines. Well she actually told you exactly what guys should do right here: Easier said than done however. Thanks for the reply, Rick. I am codependent but have been working on it and I think I am improved as I understand boundaries and balance much better. Erroneously maybe, I kept getting pushed back in especially toward the end of our friendship. I was trying to help her and support her as a friend because of all the crap she was going through.

I said I needed a break from the friendship and all hell broke loose. I was called unfaithful and a bad friend. Really it was about me establishing some boundaries with her and being thrown away for it.

Anyway, i have recently contacted her because I do care about her as a friend. Its been all me and my efforts. I have done alot of research on the disorder and feel like i know where I stand as I sparked the rejection and abandonment issues and she freaked previously.

I wonder why she even entertains the idea of communicating with me. Any advice at this point to try and gain some respect from her, as I am not feeling like I am receiving it. Can you explain more how non-dating relationships between a non man and a bpd women can be improved after being split, especially if there is new communication that seems somewhat amicable.

Dude you broke up with her so why are you trying to entertain her and be her friend? Imagine if she broke up with you and then asked you to be just friends? No one likes to be friend-zoned. If she wants to be friends, then be friends.

I was in a relationship with a suspected BPDgf for over a year. I say suspected because it was never openly stated. Only after the 2nd final breakup did I learn what BPD was.

She may be that too, but BPD fits her like a glove. I played it cool, aloof, for many months. Only a few red flags were visible low self-esteem, some idealization of me, etc. She had many redeeming qualities, so I chose to put the red flags in my pocket for a while. My aloofness for all those months was like a flame to the moth. Things were quite awesome at the month mark. I warmed up to her around this time bad move. As time went, I found out more and more about her childhood neglect, alcoholism, drug usage, possible rape in teen years.

Then the slight put downs boundary busting started to occur. I basically blew them off…that was my error in judgement. A Major fight about nothing important is what ensued. Next came the extreme jealousy, then the irrationally pointed arguments.

She started to interrogate me about other women. Then came the first breakup, a short one, just beyond the 1 year mark of the relationship. She started a fight with me…a prelude to the breakup. I truly believed in my mind she was acting this way because our relationship started moving in a direction, and that she was just scared.

We were broken up for a few days…she called me. I waited a day and called her back. I said when I get back, we can talk. When I got back, we saw each other. She acted like she did when things were seemingly perfect in the relationship…full of excitement and happiness. There I was, still in the mindset that she was semi-normal, and just insecure and afraid. I believed, for some reason, that there was hope for her, and maybe us.

The sex was still as hot as it ever was. Her face turned white. I think I needed to know what was going on in her mind. But, I know that I should have walked away after the 1st breakup. The 2nd breakup happened barely more than 5 weeks after the first. Sorry for the long-winded story. My aloofness was the wrong way for me to handle the situation.

Awesome post, thanks a ton man. I completely agree with a lot of what you said. My previous BPD started acting like this 4 weeks into the relationship, lol. We dated for 9 months and it was always up and down. I do think you handled yourself well. These relationships are actually great learning experiences. After dating a BPD, if you actually learn from it you become a rock solid dude. I became much more attractive in general and due to my mindsets and behavior in these relationships, my exes still text me every now and then lol.

I do not self harm, I do not cheat and I take responsibility for my b. Please try not to alienate those of us who genuinely have suffered and do not wish to do anyone harm, we are individuals and do not wish to be lumped together. Brilliant post however, noone should accept abuse of any kind and there should be boundaries and self respect in any relationship, bpd sufferers should not by pass this. Thanks for this comments. At the end of the day, there are bad people and good people.

As we know from all the shootings going on, prescription drugs trump any type of personality disorder like BPD. I focus on educating people about BPD because I have had a lot of experience, but the fact is that there are much more deeper issues going on than just a personality disorder.

She wants to date. How do I get out of this — she knows my name and my phone number? I hear what you are saying and I feel for you and your condition. I cared, but never smothered her. The hardest thing for me is knowing that we truly had a mental connection.

When things took off in the relationship, we just clicked. I know that she cared about me. But her own dark, depressive swings were so hard on her, she had so little to give.

I could also see it in her face as plain as day, and feel it. Her self worth was so low, and it would manifest itself in different ways like this. I told her she was not a bad person, and cited the ways that she was good. Her 2nd, part time job entailed working with troubled kids probably due to her own family situation.

Once, a young girl a child case was leaving the institution. My ex cared about her so much, and bought her gifts to take home. She IS a good person. I do however hate the manner in which she handled things.

Do you want me to start seeing other people? And when I finally did, after all those months, she began to recede and push me away. Reading all these comments just further confirms what I have been dreading these last few weeks.

I feel the same as you. I am a bpd sufferer waiting to be formally diagnosed and wanted to commend you on this page and forum. It is very accurate and gives lots of practical tips for survival.

I have just ended a four year relationship again I have lost count of the times I have ended it previously. The site highlights the condition and raises awareness which can only ever be a good thing. The people who are offended by this site are missing the point.

BPD is a generalized label. Both men and women in relationships need to talk to each other about issues and not ignore them and hope they go away like most people do. Once I did my research and came accross this site and others did it all start to click. I am too nice to her ,always trying to be there for and worry about her needs and forgotten to care about my own well being.

You said on one of your posts to never move in with a bpo but I want to know if I already have can I change my behavior towards her as you say and expect to be able to make it work and continue living together? Just found this site, and this thread has made the biggest impact on me. The conversation between Rick, Sarah, and Amanda…blows my mind. How about when your BPD gf, threatens you with suicide if you leave?

Is it really a disorder, or are these women just self-absorbed people. Ironically, by expressing that you were the victim both Sarah and Amanda , you have proven the complete opposite. You BPDs just want to be loved, yet you push away those that love you, and blame those that love you for not loving you enough..

I am trying to get myself back, as I have lost a huge part of myself pleasing someone that gave me shit in return. She cheated, abused, lied and deceived me. These men that deal with this are good kind-hearted people, they search online for answers, swallow their pride and stick by their BPD partner despite friends and family advice to leave.

Treat them like shit and they stick around…. Rick I am so sorry to be saying these things but its become a reality for me. I have lost all hope and respect for these women. Please persuade me otherwise. I have a 44 yr old woman whom I love unconditionally for four years.

She was raped by her brothers from age 13 to 15 and kept it a secret for 25 yrs. I have always been there for her and very forgiving when she has acted out, cheated, etc. She is a sex addict. I thought she beat it. She went to classes to figure out why she would degrade herself and said she did figure it out. She was so proud of doing that and happy. I was so proud of her. She thanked me for being and staying in her life.

She always told me i kept her stable and kept her from her worst enemy, herself. That was so special. That was six months ago. She moved out last month to her own place to supposedly work on some issues. What i didnt know as that while she was in the process of moving out and telling me how much she loved me, she was texting a guy who she had an affair with 1.

In one of her texts I saw last month and this dropped me to the floor is she texted this nephew about sex, describing how nothing was happening. The nephew text back too her asking dont u watch porn and her reply was yes. This I couldnt believe what I was reading. When i approached her about it crying, she said it was just a power thing. I cant, she is in denial of what she is doing is immoral n deplorable.

Im afraid for her and where she will end up. I really love her and cant stop crying that shes dancing with the devil.

I talked to her last friday and told her she was in denial of her terrible self destructive and degrading existence. She unbelievably texted back that she was completely happy and really loved this guy and for me to move on and leave her alone. I text her back n told her that she is is like a monster. I told her that her decisions and terrible addiction has caused her to throw her life away. She is living a nomadic existence, loss of her true self, loss of innocence and truth… so sad and tragic.

She has called and called the past week. I didnt answer the calls. Dhe called twice last night. This is a classic case where you think you own her life and her decisions and that you know better than her.

Dude, she likes to have sex. The only thing immoral here is you thinking that you know better than her, that you have some moral authority over her. We both know that you wish you were the one doing all these naughty things with her. Hmm, well this post has nothing to do with fear and controlling.

But I never actually said to threaten to leave or whatever. But go ahead and keep reading your BPD books. Ever wonder why certain people out there have no issues whatsoever with their BPD partners? I,m pretty sure my ex? I also think that I display some of the co-dependant signs. She can turn on and off like a light. Clingy as a blanket, cold as a dip in lake Superior. I have been paying her way for over 2yrs.

Is this in any way typical for BPD? How big a role does alcohol play into this? Yea you need to get her off of your support. Time to make an ultimatum bro. Either she gets a job or you leave her. Mine was the same. Sorry to hear Bob, that really does suck. And I am comfortable enough in myself that I can be alone and enjoy my own company. I did DBT for 2 years and I agree it does jack shit.

I will say I am sick of the false portrayal on ill informed websites about what exactly is BPD … this site, I am pleasantly surprised about which is nice …. Thanks for the great comment and proving the fact that DBT does jack shit, along with med. I just wish I would have found out a few months ago so I would have handled it better, I put it down to PMT and her having the injection. She hasnt been back in contact with me, and I havent with her either…..

Thanks for the info Rick. I stumbled upon this site looking for something else related to bpd, but im glad i did. It took a few months to figure out, but out of desperation i found that when i appeared to stop caring, she almost instantly changed her attitude. When she tries to hit my ego, i just smile and laugh it off like you suggested and it works every time.

Anyway thanks for your hard work. Great to hear man: Glad you are doing well. Rick, I just found your website today and bought your e-book. I thought my girlfriend was just crazy but she does have abandonment issues. Initially when I started dating her our honey moon phase lasted about 6 months. She would text and e-mail me all the time. Of course I would do the same.

And over that course I became a wuss and coddled her at her beckon. Then we got into one fight and boom she completely changed over night! And after reading everything in your e-book and website is exactly how things are happening! She is affectionate and cuddly. I just need to man up and be like a rock! Regardless how things go with my girlfriend. I am comfortable knowing I am a better man through it all.

I feel empowered and not so helpless by my BPD girlfriend. I dont like being alone not in a relationship but im so used to having my space…I hope things work out for you. I have not read your book, however, the one MAJOR flaw with the thinking here is the fact that BPDs need control of situations since their own lives are such an emotional maelstrom. Guys and yes I said guys…. You can play the Gone With the Wind card my BPD ex loved that movie over and over but eventually you will be having sex without a condom and the risk of getting her pregnant goes thru the roof.

At that point, they have control and guess what? With control they lose respect for you. The moral of the story? Do not trust them to be on the pill. They are chronic liars. How do I know this? I dated one on and off for 3 years and when she sensed I was done and emotionally leaving her she went off the pill.

Basically, she attempted to hi-jack my life. No happy ending for her on this one. I fought back and Lord only knows what she feels now. And even if not, she may cheat on you and you could end up with an STD yup…. Mine loved it when I simply threw her down on the bed and went at it with her when she misbehaved. I speak from experience. And I have some wisdom here.

When mine got pregnant and we got back together for a short period her demands were crazy money, cars, moving in with her own bathroom…. A month or two later after first trimester so she could not abort my child , I filed a protective order against her and her house of cards began to crumble. The silver lining to this story is I have a beautiful baby and I am winning the custody battle.

God works in strange ways……. A lot of guys still do. I am a lesbian and my ex girlfriend after looking up on different web sites I see that my ex has this disorder. Do you have an email address Rick? I have a very tricky sitation going on with my girl and the article actually made me more confused as to what to do.

I want to see her more often — like once or twice a week. You say not to be passive in the article and to raise my voice and set boundaries. Once or twice a week is not a lot for me but for her, who knows? Just to clarify we are exclusive. What should i do in my situation? My ex-boyfriend was constantly complaining about me never telling the truth about how I felt because I was constantly changing my response and my behavior towards our relationship. I was constantly watching my behavior, filtering my emotions, trying to be consistent, planning how to say things to him, trying to predict the next move, my next emotion.

It was so heavy on me. And he kept accusing me on lying and not telling the truth about how I felt. Yes, I was that traumatized. It took him some time to understand. He said he felt like I was trying to push him away for saying all those things about me. We talk thing through. We spend a lot of time just talking. Because any social interaction would just be destructive to me and to others. I try to cope with BPD, depression and anxiety disorder.

BPD is a personal problem. Anyone who has it, will have it, you being around or not. Just try to talk things over. If things are too much for you, and the relationship becomes a burden, then you both are not ready for that. And understand that as you are doing your best to make it work, so is the other person.

This was a great article. I have never been more confused in my 30 years of living, since a recent breakup just left me completely shocked and…of course heartbroken.

Sure, I could have taken my confidence and walked away, but I fought for what I believed in, which at the time was love, and since I was told I did such a crummy job at loving him, all that made me want to do is try and fight harder—which probably looked more weak in his eyes. Anyway, it was all so….

I had a communication problem, as he said, and my approach was horrible he was right in that I would often get frustrated and not know how to get my point across, so in that I can def see hurt feelings but to always end it…. I realize I was in a no-win situation, but I realize that only now, 4 weeks after we split up for good…and the things that followed our breakup were devastating. I know that any negative words I said, he pounced on, and would somehow revise history a bit to almost convince himself that I was not a good person to him.

Anyway, not sure if this all makes sense, at this point I am just writing. I DO have self confidence, but my heart just fell so damn hard and it has really just messed with me.

Anyway—thanks for reading, and posting this article. I am a BPD woman and you are so right! I know I care for him a lot n love him but when I get aggravated or annoyed I question my true love…. I tell him all the time to review BPD and he will have a better understanding on why we have these ups and downs.. Its just hard for me to adapt to him since I am used to rocky relationships and my childhood definatly plays a huge role on why I developed BPD. I am what is considered a high functioning BPD whereas I know my triggers I acknowledge my condition and I have worked on calming down my rages when I get angry and I do want to get help.

Everyone deserves to be happy, its just harder for me us BPD women to believe that we are capable of being happy and not hurt like we have been over and over again. I dont like that he gets his feelings hurt by me and I do apologize to him, but I also tell him the things I dont like…but he continues to do them.. Eh, to me BPD is blown way out of proportion.

When you figure out this fine line, it changes from a rocky relationship into an annoying one because she starts doing odd things for attention — just like a cat. And you cant get clingy because youll push him away. The problem with a lot of BPD girls is that they continue to date chump after chump — because the chump guy will put up with that poor behavior.

And this makes things even worse. Or better yet, get in a long distance relationship because then youll have no choice but to only see your partner every weekend or less. Only a chumpy dude would hop on that train. I try to control my anger bursts but sometimes I get pushed to far and its not fare when im trying to control this thing lol.

Honestly, this clumps BPDs into a simple category, but do we do that for the entire population of the human race? If you want something less permanent, let the father know. If he pushes for more, you may need to walk away. Read on for another quiz question. Resist the urge to please. You need to clearly define your limits.

Let the father know you are a source of support for him as a parent but not a parent yourself. Due to learned gender roles, widowers and male divorcees may often find themselves lacking in certain parental skills. Make it clear that it is his duty to learn these skills himself.

If you're going to be a part of the father's life, you should know where he stands with the mother. If their current relationship is hostile, brace yourself for extra drama and stress.

It is better to be polite so you can ensure a positive atmosphere for all concerned, especially the child. Click on another answer to find the right one Allow them to speak freely so they can honor her memory.

You don't want the father or child to feel like they must suppress her memory in your presence. You must be tactful when dealing with the child's mother. There is 1 right answer here that will help you improve your relationship with the father, mother and child. You don't want to make the child feel they are infringing on your time as a couple. You should arrive and depart separately so the child can have alone time with the father. Increase the time you spend together very gradually.

Allow the child time to accept your new role in their life, and be patient. Understand that even once they do accept it, you may not form an emotional bond. Do not want to try to force a bond, which can push the child away. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

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Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping people learn how to do anything. Mit einem Mann ausgehen, der ein Kind hat, wenn du keines hast. Be honest with yourself. Assess your own needs. Know from the start what you truly expect from this relationship. Accept second place in the beginning. Embrace early on that his child should be his 1 priority.

Be flexible when scheduling your own quality time with him. Remember this is only temporary. Look forward to becoming an equal member of the family as you gradually integrate over time. Learn about both the child and the mother before you meet them: Remember that challenges met and overcome can be rewarding experiences in their own right.

Based on that, ask yourself if you can really expect those needs to be fulfilled in these circumstances. Decide then whether to walk away or continue dating. Tell him that, while you like him just fine, the situation is simply too much for you. Ask other people in similar circumstances about their own experiences. Seek professional help about what to expect. Find out more about the child and their mother, both from the father and from any other mutual acquaintances you may have for a more rounded view.

Every situation is different, so learn as much as you can about your own before taking the bigger plunge. Ask what he expects of you. Talk about his own needs. Know from the start what he expects from your relationship together as well as your future relationship with his child. Define your own limits.

Clearly define yourself as a source of support for him, the parent, and not a parent yourself. Make it clear to him that his duty is to learn these skills himself and not merely replace the mother with you. Accept the fact that your situation will produce a large amount of stress and potentially negative feelings.

Express any doubts or misgivings that either you or the father may have. Ask the father about their relationship. Know where they stand with each other. Find out whether their split was amicable, bitter, or somewhere in between.

Allow them to speak freely of her so they can honor her memory and so you can evaluate how each is coping with their loss. Talk it over with the father first. Be sure of your own relationship before beginning one with his child. If either one of you still feels more casual than committed toward the other, forego any involvement with the kid.

Wait a little longer. If you and the father both feel ready for you to meet his child, give yourself some extra time before actually doing it. Take a baby-step approach to entering their life. Plan to make a brief appearance and then exit by yourself, leaving them alone together, so that your presence comes across as incidental.

As you spend more time with them, remain conscious of what impressions the child might take away from your encounters. Prioritize the father-child relationship. Keep taking it slowly. Allow the child time to accept your new role in their life. Understand that even once they do accept it, their acceptance may not develop into an emotional bond.

Accept this as a reality. Avoid trying to force a bond between you.

Imsges: dating someone with a newborn

dating someone with a newborn

But, we are all human. Sometimes during prolonged email conversations her mood would change in an instant and she would become angry and offensive and terminate the conversation without explanation. People are naturally drawn to me because I am always striving to improve my life unlike most people.

dating someone with a newborn

You might as well assume that everybody has BPD and treat everyone the same. Them she had a friend who she had a fling with. Henry didn't mention having a baby is a big responsibility and she should take a while before deciding she's ready for the dating scene.

dating someone with a newborn

This is the charm school. God works in strange ways……. If she never calls — somone bud. A woman with no kids but bad attitudes dating someone with a newborn not cut it with me either. Good article, but there are two sides to every story too, especially for those men who do give that woman a chance and accept her kids. Share Tweet Pin Share Tumble.