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Profiles are standard fare, but you may add a variety of personality tests including the PlentyOfFish Relationship Chemistry Test. Of course you can always choose the mystery method of creating a PlentyOfFish login, like using a series of numbers or letters, something that may make people interested or think you are creepy depending on the login you choose. Now for the site itself, it is good and there is wide option of people to meet. After that you will be required to login every time you use the site. Amber, Female from USA.

How To Create A PlentyOfFish login For Your Account

Who needs to be led along? All versions of the app work about the same way. All should refer to well known Free dating website. The service offers both instant messaging and email communication. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!! They just want to meet women and men.

I was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!!

All he cares about is his pocket book and how much he's making. I went on a date with a really good-looking guy, who turned out to be a total creep. I went out with him 3 times in total. On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. His apartment had pictures of several of his ex-girlfriends with their eyes plucked out! Needless to say, I got totally creeped out, made an excuse to leave, and I never went out with him again.

But he kept on calling me and harrassing me. And even wrote me harassing emails through that site. I reported this Markus, forwarding the harassing emails to him as evidence, and you know what happened? He kicked ME off the site!!! And that guy is still on there!!!! And you believe that BS??? I read in one of the newspapers somewhere that the Orangeville woman who was murdered might've met her killer on Plenty Of Fish.

However, Markus claims that the Orangeville woman was off his site when she was murdered. Honestly, I wouldn't believe a single word that guy says. He's probably lying in order to protect his pocketbook and his stupid site.

I hope the police doesn't believe that guy. That guy's a moron and his site should be shut down. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!! Kate Wilcox, Female from England. With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world.

Gold-diggers and hungry women looking for you to pay for their dinner and wine. No explanation needed here! Professional daters who, sucked in by the endless choice online dating appears to offer, keep looking for the Bigger, Better Deal.

The type of woman mentioned in 2 above often fits into this category. Teases who get off on rejecting men for sport.

Blonde Russian-Ukrainian bimbos or women from other foreign countries where poverty and crime is rife. Probably half of these women are allied with fraudsters seeking to fleece desperate lonely white collar suckers. Drunks, drug addicts the prescription kind too , bi-polar nut cases, other assorted psychopaths.

New for the Plentyoffish? Read all comments Are you now or have you ever been a member of Plentyoffish? Were you satisfied or suspect in a fraud? Write your own comment or complaint. The site then offers a lengthy, if not entertaining, chemistry test, where users answer a series of questions to establish their character.

The data from this is then used to match people with other users who it is believed they will have a spark with. After being matched, users can the decide whether they would like to start messaging them on the site. From then on, it is up to the users whether they would like to chat more or even meet in person. There have been several cases where people have used Plenty of Fish to meet people in order to carry out criminal acts.

In February , year-old Scott Lazenby was jailed seven years for raping one woman he met on the site and molesting another victim in front of her own son. His case prompted Judge Andrew Woolman to tell the court that just because women sign up to the website, it "does not mean that the consent to sex.

Meanwhile, in January , Ryan Schofield, who met a string of women on Plenty of Fish and other sites, was jailed after attacking eight victims over a seven-year period. In Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Schofield stormed out of the dock as prosecutors detailed his shocking history of violence against a string of girlfriends dating back to Do not use personal information in your POF login or profile such as your phone number or email address.

This not only is unsafe but can violate the POF terms of service. You do not want to get your account deleted before you ever find love. Next fill out a password. Make sure it is something you remember and no one can guess.

You do not want unwanted users reading your POF inbox. Now fill out your birth date. Select the month, day and year you were born. Next field will be your gender,then country and then ethnicity. All which are used in match making. This is to prove you are a real person filling out your free dating profile. Enter only the letters below the circles. Almost done, your next step is to fill out your email address. Once you have completed this and entered your email address you will have your own POF login.

You can sign in to Plenty Of Fish website using either the username you created when you signed up, or your email address. Your email address is only used for account notifications and for password recovery.

For security, a password using letters, numbers and different characters is recommended. Try to use something that you can memorize. You do not want other people using your POF login. Last step is to agree to the terms of service. That is, if you agree with them. You will now have your own POF logon account. When you create a POF login for the first time you will be asked to fill out a chemistry test.

This test is completely optional but could be of use if you are seeking a more long term type of relationship. The test asks you a series of questions in which you agree with or do not. Plenty Of Fish compares the results to other users and claims to have the ability to show you members you may be best suited for.

The entire test only takes about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. It will only be displayed during your first login. You can choose to complete it at a later date if you find you are not meeting enough matches.

The test is located at http:

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dating site fish

On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. Latest Members Easily find the newest Fish to Join and also see who is on the site now. Unless you have an upgraded account you will not be able to change your username once you register.

dating site fish

The app will cost nothing. I put, first line, that i don't date outside my race, but was bogged down by requests from ladies of another race.

dating site fish

But, sometimes, i get profiles for the same women, despite having not contacted them in the past, and they don't meet my specific search requirements. I have recently retired as a CPA and funeral home owner, and am dating site fish my time enjoying the things I Seandating site fish Borders. This test is completely optional but could be of use if you are seeking a more long term type of relationship. Compare Plentyoffish with others. AdultHub are the best find a woman among many adult date website!