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Going 2 months without being able to talk to him sucks and then when I come back from South Carolina I gotta wait another 2 months before he comes home: We don't see Doom unmask or a glimpse of his true identity, and the only traces of his 'toon form are his glowing evil eyes which were hidden by prosthetic contact lenses resembling human eyeballs and his yellow hand which can change into an anvil and buzzsaw hidden by a black glove , and is melted by his own dip, and all that remains is his human mask and clothes. Based on the book, at the end, the twins Shane and Shana turn out to be aliens, but in this TV special version, they both including the girl unmask to reveal the aliens.


A very extreme example of this is featured in the Anonymous Rex novels, where the whole premise is that dinosaurs are still alive, just disguised as humans. I wanted to let him know that I was there for him if he ever needed me, no matter the circumstances. Joanne Page July 1, , 4: Leave him to his own thoughts in his cave and go be a girl. Adventure Comics Sept. Paul Rudd romantic comedy has a fantasy sequence where his girlfriend peels off her mask to reveal Judge Judy. My guy proposed finally after about 6 years.

Looney Tunes, Back In Action. Legend of the Gold of Babylon Japanese animated movie where Lupin takes the guise of his beautiful arch enemy Fukjiko in order to infiltrate a wealthy entrepreneur's secret liar. When stabbed, the body suit "blows up" and it is revealed that the beautiful woman was really Lupin all along. This is also not the only time Lupin has masqueraded as Fukjiko; he has done it quite a few other times in other movies and anime, as well as impersonating other women.

This computer animated high tech spy show has an enemy agent named Dragonelle. In one episode so far, she uses two great looking rubber masks to impersonate Max's contact and his boss. The Series "The Symbiote Syndrome" K's alien girlfriend Alene takes off her damaged female bodysuit and K gives her a new one to wear. Frank The Pug goes to a bar where aliens can be themselves from prying eyes.

A female suit resembling Lucille Ball is hanging on a hook. Kay's girlfriend Alea returns with her rookie partner. Alea changes this time walking through a plastic curtin automaticaly putting on her human skin and clothes. Her partner Evie goes to the alien bar near the waterfront, her human suit is hanging on a hook. Review by Robert S. At the very end of the movie, just before the end credits roll, is an animated segment. The Toyman is in love with a model named Darci Morgan.

Darci is android created by the Toyman, but she rebeled and left him. During the Toyman's second attack her face is damaged.

Later at Lana Lang Fashion, you can see her repair her face. Peabody and Sherman "William Shakespeare" The female actress playing Juliet suddenly takes off a mask and wig you have to look closely to see the mask to reveal Francis Bacon! This episode of this series where the famous pink feline actually speaks!

At one scene at a ball the Chameleon disguises as a wealthy dowager, and when escaping he peels off his mask turned away from the camera, leaving his wig on and runs off leaving the mask on a table. The Powerpuff Girls "Something's a Ms" ?

Villainess Sedusa disguises herself as the Mayor's assistant, Ms. Sarah Bellum; she binds and gags the real Ms. Bellum and makes her wear a Sedusa head-mask. We never see the Ms. Bellum mask just as we never see Ms. Bellum's face in any episode , but once released the real Ms.

Bellum pulls off the Sedusa mask -- rather we see her starting to remove it, but don't get even a glimpse of her real face. There's a quick scene where an old woman unzips a bodysuit to reveal a young actor at a phony retirement home setup.

In one episode a villainess wears a latex mask of a female Scottish archeologist. When young Fred tells a story of what happens to Scooby-Doo to cheer up Shaggy, he says after Scooby runs away, an old woman saves Scooby from trouble.

Then the woman takes off a mask to reveal a vampire! A young woman poses as the villain for this episode, a ghostly old woman, by wearing a mask and wig. Each episode of the animated syndicated series features his female assistant Cat removing an old woman mask.

Reboot "Racing the Clock" Bob takes a package to Hexidecimal containing another face mask for Hex. When he shows up with the mask, she looks at it briefly, then slaps it onto Bob's face, which unfortunately only lasts a few seconds. Bob gets the mask off and from then on is merely holding it.

Review by Jennifer Stevens. The Replacements "Abra K Dabra" Agent K masquerades as Corletta the Magician. Featured an episode in which an escaped master of disguise masquerades as Richie's girlfriend Gloria. Subtitled Anime has a blood-thirsty bank-robber's pint-sized accomplice is a cute young girl, but soon removes her mask and wig to reveal However, her bank robbing boss is considerably more than meets the eye. Fairly amusing film, though the woman wearing male masks is an integral part of the story.

Review by Aaron Knute. Rock 'n Rule The heroine at one point is impersonated by a mutant wearing a mask and wig. In an episode, Sam and Max masquerade as the girl Geek and the villainess Largo. Also, Miss Honeybunny masquerades as Geek in the same episode. The fat lady disappeared from the stage and she normally required a fork lift to put her on it as she couldn't walk up the steps. I forget the rest of it. The Scooby-Doo gang unmask a fortune-telling woman to reveal the episode's male villain, Big Bob Oakley, who portrayed three different monsters in the episode.

Scooby's actress cousin Dixie Doo wears a human female mask to pose as ghostly "Magnolia. Review by Robur and WileE Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico Velma receives anonymous tips off a missing sardine boat from Amy, a beautiful mermaid-like creature with a siren singing voice. The villain here is Dark Lillith, a female monster with the ability to fly. Chief Inspector Grayson demonstrates the Elastomask which gaves him the appearance of an elderly woman.

Later inside the building, Holmes removes the mask and disguise in front of Lestrad, Watson and the British Prime Minister. The Simpsons "Burns' Heir" Burns hires actors to play Bart's family to show Bart that they don't miss him now that he is living in Burns' mansion. All impersonees Homer, Marge, and Lisa are wearing latex masks which they peel off momentarily when Mr.

Burns complains to them about their lack-luster performances. Krabappel announces that she has a surprise for the class. Bart imagines her peeling off a latex mask to reveal that she is actually a purple-skinned outer space alien. Review by Jix "The Frying Game" Homer is about to be electrocuted but it turns out to be a game show and the old lady he thought he killed takes off her bodysuit to reveal she's really Carmen Electra. During a nightmare sequence, Lisa imagines running into a nice old lady.

The lady then peels off a latex mask revealing a skull! As part of a fake crime scene for Mr. Burns to stop in his new superhero alter-ego, Mr.

Smithers hires Krusty the Clown and his friends to play the criminals and victim. A beautiful red-haired woman said victim peels off her mask and removes her suit to reveal Krusty's monkey Mr. Lisa and Milhouse attempt to sneak into the basement of a strip club that was formerly a suffrage society. SkySurfer Strike Force A female "alien" controlling gold-stealing robots is revealed to be an actress wearing a rubber mask.

The Space Stars Show A segment of Teen Force had Moleculad masqueraded as a humanoid princess in one episode. Casper and the other ghosts are disguised as a human family as part of witness protection from an infamous ghost hunter. Near the end of the episode, the human family that lives next door to them consisting of a husband and wife and their son tug off their rubber masks to reveal the male Dragnet-esque police officer ghosts that put Casper and the others on witness protection as part of their sting operation to catch and arrest the ghost hunter, which they successfully do.

Galactic Guardians "Royal Ruse" In this Superfriends series, an African-American female criminal masquerades as the supervillainess "Ten. Wearing a white body stocking with the ten of clubs on it and a white face mask, she unmasks after deciding to go straight. Tarzan and the Super 7 In one of Filmation's "Web Woman" episodes, she meets the beautiful Madame Macabre, the owner of an extraterrestrial side show. Eventually, Macabre unmasks, revealing herself to be an oddity too.

Tex Avery Show In the introduction Red, the female dancer, unmasks and reveals an animated Tex Avery. Droopy Dog and his son Dripple wore human female masks to capture a rapping rodent. Alex masquerades as actress Amber Stone. In this computer animated sci fi spoof, the crew is watching a reality TV show where a female contestant reveals she's not a woman and unzips her bodysuit from the back.

Chasez turns evil and decides to frame the Scooby gang by dressing as evil versions of them. The actresses playing Velma and Daphne looks suspiciously like Mindy Cohn and Grey DeLisle, the actresses that play the girls in real life!

The unmasking at the end is poor for the humans; the masks are simply taken off without any big stretches or anything like that. The only "dramatic" unmasking is when evil Scooby's face gets pulled off. In revenge, Carmen decides to get even by upstaging Lilly. Carmen disguises herself as Lilly and maskes off after finishing her performance.

Villainess Sara Bellum plans to disguise herself as Carmen and pull off a theft. In one Walter Lantz cartoon Woody removes a harem girl's veil revealing a hag's face. He removes the hag mask revealing her beautiful face.

The Comic Book List. Action Comics March In "Planet of the Outcasts," Supergirl is tricked into reanimating three villainesses who take off their face masks scene also reprised in issue Action Comics August In a "Legion of Superheroes" backup story, Shadowlass is revealed to be a villainess in disguise.

Adventure Comics Oct. The females are females, but the fun part of the scene is this: One of the Legionnaires that unmasks in Chameleon Boy, the shapeshifter. Review by Brittany Rose. Adventure Comics July-Aug First appearance of "Black Orchid," a mysterious heroine who wears rubber masks in her fight against crime. Adventure Comics Sept. Black Orchid's second appearance, also wearing a mask and wig. In this demented parody of James Bond movies, a femme fatale is unmasked. A robot is disguised as a woman.

Batman March In "Catwoman's Circus Caper," Selina Kyle removes her blonde mask on page 13 to reveal her lates era mask and costume actually, the costume's revealed on p. Joker wears a female mask to trap Robin - brief.

Villain Black Mask has a disfigured girl assistant, Circe, who wears a variety of female plastic masks. Batman Family Giant 8. Joker's Daughter wears a Catgirl mask throughout.

Batman Family Giant 9 Jan-Feb Duela Dent daughter of Two-Face continues to wear disguises of various other "daughter" villainesses.

On page 5 of the story, "The Flying Sorcerer," two aliens pull off their latex human masks, one male and one female, to reveal their true forms. The one wearing the female mask and clothing does sort of appear to be a female alien, but who knows? Black Orchid Book One In this Neil Gaiman-written revival, Black Orchid is unmasked just before she is killed!

Black Magic 1 Oct-Nov Jack Kirby horror book has a story about a mutant who wears a full-body rubber suit to appear as a beautiful woman.

A detective makes a grisly discover while tracking a serial killer who skins is victims. Boris The Bear Boris unmasks a villain wearing a mask. Brave and the Bold Supergirl and Wonder Woman take on Multi-face, who steals their faces and impersonates each of them. In the "Nemesis" back-up story Queen Elizabeth!

Scourge wears a mask as a part of a nurse disguise. Captain America August Long-time villain Scourge at one point puts on a female rubber mask in order to answer his video phone! Captain Planet and the Planeteers 8 June A brief backup story has a scientist take off her mask to reveal Doctor Blight. Calvin and Hobbes March 25, A Sunday comic strip of this newspaper comic series has Calvin having a nightmare in which his two parents unmask to reveal bug-eyed aliens from Neptune who attempt to cook him.

Another strip from August 20th, has a poem about Calvin thinking his parents are aliens, complete with wearing latex masks of his mom and dad. Calvin says "I knew right away their masks weren't legit. Close to Home January 25, In this comic, we see a married couple with walkers, overcoats and old people masks.

The wife says, "I figured out a way for us to get flushots. Put on this mask and overcoat, and grab that walker over there. The main character, Masque, is a hitman, who uses masks for disguises. In the first, Masque on one page as a hotel maid, and then removes his mask. And in issue 18 May has the Masque subtly picking up his target in a bar, several frames over several pages.

The story and the style of drawing are unusual and in black and white, but I found at least one of the female impersonations subtle and sexy. Daredevil April The Trixter tears off his female mask. The cover shows a mask of Titania, a blonde bombshell super villain, being held limply to someone's side. Deadpool and his buddy are in shocked surprise to see who's under the mask! Unfortunately, there's nothing inside the comic with a mask! Detective Comics May-June Catwoman wears a mask over her Catwoman mask to pose as a big cat tamer in a circus.

She's there to liberate some rare white tigers, but is discovered by Batman. Catwoman, captured by an opium den, wears a rubber mask of her own face! Francine, the wife of Man-Bat, is unmasked to reveal her as She-Bat. Steel-skinned "Mannequin" wears rubber masks to disguise herself. Unmasks on the first panel of the last page of the story, but no real detail. Devil Kids starring Hot Stuff In the Stumbo the Giant backup Dr.

Cesspoole uses two different disguises with masks. This long-running Italian comic has many examples of Eva Kant wearing female masks. Doonesbury August 9, Duke infiltrates the Reform Party convention wearing a Honey mask. The Warwolves turn people's skins into body suits including one female.

In a dream sequence, the evil doppleganger of Rainmaker impersonates her wearing a mask although I can't figure out how she got her headress under the mask. Giant Teen Titans Annual 1 January This reprint of a story from Showcase 59 has a female member of a rock and roll band called the Flips impersonated by a professional female criminal wearing a Jill mask.

Wonder Girl also wears a Jill mask to thwart the criminal dopplegangers. The cover has a female robot taking off her mask. Earth's Mightiest Marksman 1 October After fighting his way out of an ambush, Hawkeye searches for the mysterious woman who led him there.

Only to find her rubber mask and wig! Cesspoole again masquerades, this time as a good fairy to trick Stumbo the Giant in the backup story. House of Mystery A criminal masquerades as a woman reporter.

You see what appears to be the mask in his studio. Human Target Special 1 November Chance impersonates a matronly writer using a mask and wig in one scene. Jimmy Olsen 59 March Lucy Lane uses a mask to disguise herself.

Jimmy Olsen June A female writer named Kaye Daye wears a full over the head female mask with an attached black wig. The Joker 1 December This "Tangent Comics" DC's one-shot alternative-universe creating new heroes with familiar names features a young female prankster.

On the final page it is revealed she has been using masks to disguise herself as various female characters throughout the story. Journey Into Mystery April The Black Widow impersonates an old dying hospitalized woman who was the head of a Fascist organization.

In addition we find out she has also been impersonating another woman, who never really existed for the last few issues. The story is told several different ways, depending on who is being told. Justice League of America October Mid-nite and Wonder Woman are forced into wearing the costumes and rubber masks to represent the faces of, respectively, Sportsmaster, Wizard, Gambler, Shade and Huntress.

JLA 17 April The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau Female porn stars and female masks, does it get any better than that? The Silence of the Hams A parody of horror movies features a finale of unmaskings including Jane Charlene Tilton removing an old woman mask of the Ranger's Wife Nedra Volz.

Snowflake, The White Gorilla A witch unmasks to reveal she is a beautiful woman. Steel and Lace A dead woman is resurrected as a look-a-like robot who goes around in various disguises murdering the people responsible for "her" death. Early in the film, she masquerades as a woman who peels off her rubber mask and wig disguise in front of one of her victims.

An entire town is replaced by disguised aliens. When it's time for them to return to their ship, we see a number of extras removing their rubber masks. The Stunt Man Barbara Hershey is made up as an old woman who takes off her latex appliances in front of Steve Railsback when he saves her from drowning.

Terror from the Year A time-travel sci-fi picture in which a radiation-scarred woman from the future uses a gadget to make a mask of a nurse she has murdered so she can kidnap an injured scientist and take him back to her time to provide fresh and untainted genetic material for the sterile and dying human race. The scene in which the villainess Salome Jens "steals" the dead nurse's face is fascinating.

What's more, the bad girl sports a set of hypnotic fingernails that could literally knock your eyes out! They Came Together Paul Rudd romantic comedy has a fantasy sequence where his girlfriend peels off her mask to reveal Judge Judy. A scene in the "Church of Marilyn Monroe" has the attendants in Marilyn masks and short dirty platinum blonde wigs. Review by Holly Fairfa. Too Beautiful To Die Stylish Italian production about a killer stalking a fashion show.

In the first scene the models are seen wearing somewhat stiff face masks, scarves and sunglasses. Later on, the killer adopts this motif as a disguise. More of a special effect than a mask, but Arnold Schwarzenegger does impersonate a rather large woman with a peculiar mask that doubles as a bomb huh?

Vegas In Space In this sci-fi parody featuring a planet of crossdressers and drag queens, a little girl dons a female mask. The make-up is appliances but masks are used as props. Villainess Miss Ernst Angelica Huston takes off her mask and wig frequently throughout the movie to reveal she's a hideous Grand High Witch.

You'll Find Out Back Back to the Table of Contents Top. Ace of Wands "Sisters Deadly" Obscure British children's show had a serial where a chair-bound woman removes an old lady rubber mask to be revealed as a man James Bree was billed as "Henrietta Rudkin" to hide the deception. As I recall this happens without any cut aways and is quite a shock. Sidney Jennifer Garner is disguised as an old woman a bit of latex on her face, it wouldn't fool anyone and is quickly seen later in a car pulling a mask away from her face.

Finally, after three years there are rubber masks galore in the 3rd season finale with evil Lauren wearing a Sydney mask and then she returns the favor later in the episode. Amanda Byrnes comes out of her dressing room but is spotted as an imposter and unmasks herself to reveal Penelope. American Horror Story "Halloween Part 1" Constance's daughter wants to be a "beautiful girl" for Halloween instead of Snoopy she's learning disabled but an adult.

After disapproving of her wearing makeup, Constance Jessica Lange gives her a beautiful rubber female doll mask with hair. Alas, while trick or treating with the mask on, she gets killed by a hit-and-run driver.

The Armando Iannucci Shows Sketch comedy series, where in the first episode a female estate agent is showing a couple around a house, they notice many items are made of paper and when they challenge the agent she peels of a rubber mask and then throws it at them and runs off. Ash vs Evil Dead "Confinement" A demon uses skinsuits as disguises including two female policewomen, a blonde and an African-American.

In this Disney kids show Ally Laura Marano is unmasked during the closing credits to reveal she is Brooke in disguise. John Steed removes Bernard Cribbins' old woman mask and wig.

TV movie with Leonard Nimoy as a psychic racing car driver! The villain turns out to be a man wearing an old lady rubber mask and wig. Benny Hill Show, The ? There is a sketch set in colonial Australia. Hill, portraying a Ned Kelly-type bandit, comes across a comely lass seated on a public bench. He is wearing a mask and the woman asks him to take it off.

Short-lived series based on the movie had female robots in various stages of disassembly. In the annual boys versus girls Day of Pranks, one of the boys wears a female mask to trick the girls into using glue sticks as lip gloss. At the beginning of the episode Dr. Franklin removes a mask from a fembot assistant. At the end of the episode, Jamie Sommers removes the mask from the same fembot. At the beginning of the episode the Calahan fembot Jennifer Darling puts her mask on her face.

During a fight later in the episode, the Tammy fembot Melinda Fee loses her face mask, and puts it back on. The Tammy fembot is later hit by a car and the mask is laying beside. Jamie Sommers displays the mask later in the epsiode. Buffy's new college roommate is a demon, something Buffy discovers when she pulls her face off not a very good look at the mask however.

Cannon "A Touch of Venom" Sondra Locke wore an old woman's mask along with another actress. Cheers "The Improbable Dream" circa Ted Danson dreams that Kirstie Alley takes off her rubber mask to reveal she's one of the male bar patrons.

Crime Scene Investigation "Living Legend" Roger Daltrey plays a master-of-disguise assassin, one of his characters is an elderly, fat black woman. We see him pull off his disguise quickly in a flashback.

Days of Our Lives May 18, B kidnaps Shawn and then unmasks off camera to reveal she is Jan. Sometime in a masked imposter posed as Jennifer in order to kidnap Jack. Death at Love House In this episode of the British adventure series featuring Peter Wyngarde as groovy Jason King , an economist is haunted by his dead wife Lois Maxwell.

She is unmasked by Jason and we discover in a scene that probably inspired Mike Meyers years later, She's a man, baby! Stephanie Zimbalist guest stars as a jewel thief who takes off the mask of a matron in the back of a taxi after stealing a diamond. Doctor Who "Mark of the Rani" Kate O'Mara Dynasty guest-stars as the villainous Rani who uses a rubber mask and wig to disguise herself as an old woman.

This dumb TV horror movie has murderess Drew Barrymore turn out to be her mad psychiatrist Dennis Christopher wearing a mask and wig. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Music video by the group Revolting Cocks covering the Rod Stewart song, has a beautiful girl unzip her back and then pull off her mask and torso revealing she is an old hag.

Impossible quality, before dropping it on the ground. Fantastic Journey "Funhouse" Mary Fran Newhart takes off her mask to reveal she has a severe hirsuteness problem. Faerie Tale Theatre "Sleeping Beauty" After an elaborate Mission: Impossible parody, Sharon Lawrence and Leah Remini both take off rubber masks of each other. Freddy's Nightmares "The Bride Wore Red" A young man attends a stag party at a nightclub when suddenly, all the women at the club are wearing masks and wigs of his fiance.

The Series "French Kiss" Rollie's actress friend is fitted with prosthetics and a wig to impersonate a dead woman, and later unmasked. Christina Cox and Natalie Radford wore masks of each other. Cox portrayed Angie, and Radford portrayed a federal witness.

Game of Thrones "The Broken Man" The House of Light and Dark features assassins who can "switch faces" although it is never fully explained how this is accomplished is it magic? But the evil Waif Faye Marsay takes off a mask of an old woman right after she stabs Arya.

Goosebumps "Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns" Based on the book, at the end, the twins Shane and Shana turn out to be aliens, but in this TV special version, they both including the girl unmask to reveal the aliens.

In this Disney TV movie part of the Halloweentown trilogy , several teenage versions of classic monsters such as vampires, wolves, etc. When back in Halloweentown, they tear off their human disguises. In this spoof episode, guest star Renee O'Connor is unmasked poorly as an evil studio executive Robert Trebor. The Hitchhiker "Face to Face" A plastic surgeon Robert Vaughn messes up the face of the post-op transsexual Sonya Smits and she puts on a mask and blonde wig, dresses like a VERY attractive stewardess Robin Greer , and seeks her revenge on him, revealing herself as she slashes his face.

Available on home video in "The Hitchhiker Vol. The Human Target "Chances Are" Chance even had a brief conversation with "Libby". Then the real Libby walked in, and Philo peeled off his mask.

Hunter "The Lysenko Syndrome" Not the Fred Dryer detective series, but a short-lived spy series with James Franciscus. If Tomorrow Comes A Sydney Sheldon novel made for television movie. One of the most sexy women alive!!! She has to get into London after doing a job abroad, and comes across dressed as an old woman. She clears customs, and gets into a car where she removes her rubber mask right in front of the camera.

You don't know it is her until she removes it. Jane The Virgin "Chapter 44" In a sweltering hot hotel room, Rose takes off her Eileen mask again only nearly to get caught red-handed.

Rose is unmasked by a police officer in front of everyone. In this demented British TV movie about the life of the famous author and later, convicted felon , Mrs. Archer Polly Walker takes off her mask in front of Ben Miller to reveal she's another woman. Knight Rider "Knight of the Chameleon" Guest star Dick Gautier uses a mask plus her robe and heels of a female judge Alice Backes to escape from police custody.

Bonnie Patricia McPherson takes off her mask and wig to reveal a blonde impostor. Short-lived Robert Conrad action series featured an episode with a male assassin who was a master of disguise. One of his impersonations is a woman but Ole Bob spots it immediately and punches her in the nose! A Thrush agent has infiltrated the Delflorio's base. He is getting his orders from a woman named Dr. After the Thrush agent leaves, she removes her mask and wig revealing another actress.

Review by Robert S. Mike's friend, District Attorney Barrington, is seduced by a very lovely woman at a party. She takes him back to her apartment, but he is drugged by her and as he is passing out, we see she is a man removing latex appliances from her face they cheated and used a real woman in the "before" scenes.

Million Dollar Rip-Off, The TV movie starring Freddie Prinze and four women who wear old-men disguises.

At one point one of them goes to the police in the disguise of an old lady. This should have a category of its own, being the virtual Mecca of mask appearances.

Here goes with a hopefully complete list female masks only: Monsters " The Bargain " A plain woman Kim Greist - from "Brazil" wears an enhanced latex mask of her face. In the conclusion, she removes the mask, but it peels away her facial skin's first layer. Murder Can Hurt You Caricatures of popular fictional detectives trap Kelly's character on an apartment house roof.

Mystery at the High Seas TV movie with the Olsen Twins has a male mime dressed as a woman. The twins pursue the woman to the lifeboat deck. An officer detains her and she removes her mask to reveal a mime. The Halloween episode has Bill Phil Hartman pick up an old woman then later dumps her. At the end of the episode the old woman is revealed to be a young woman wearing a rubber mask. A vignette with Leslie Neilsen as the Phantom. He accidentally unmasks the beautiful soprano Mary Ann Beck , revealing her to be as disfigured as him.

A male crossdresser named Steve asks the plastic surgeons to make him a female mask so he can go out in public where do these Hollywood writers get their crazy ideas? They create a full-head rubber mask with open eyeholes, neck and a zipper in back. Wearing it she looks like someone wearing a rubber mask with the eyeholes cut open too large.

At the end of the episode, Steve gets to try it on but we only see him from the back. The impression given the viewer is that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Passions December 20, The Charity imposter stands holding her mask. The imposter was nearly caught on February 8th when the mask was sticking out of her purse. The broadcast finale had a shocking revelation when Valerie who had slept with a number of characters on the show pulled off her mask to reveal she was really Vincent!

The Powers of Matthew Star "Jackal" This youth-oriented SF show had an episode featuring an evil female robot unmasked after terminating in a swimming pool. The unknown antagonist in the series is seen taking off her female mask while disguised as a hotel maid in an earlier episode this same character removed an old man mask.

In the video for her version of Private Life a hooded Grace Jones removes a rigid, but realistic mask of her own face at the beginning. Profiler "On Your Marks" A "female" detective removes her wig and starts talking on a cell phone sounding somewhat like a man.

After talking for a while you see her put a face mask on the wig. Pushing Daisies "Bitches" Our hero Ned is having a dream that Chuck Anna Friel is trying to jump his bones which if you know the format of the show, if they touch she will instantly drop dead and says she is warm and needs to take off more clothes but he says, "You're naked" and she begins pulling up her torso view from the rear and then digitally of course peels off her skin to reveal Olive Kristen Chenoweth.

Nice concept but the digital rendering makes it very anti-climatic. Remington Steele "Elementary Steele" Roswell "Ask Not" At the end of the episode, Courtney peels off her face revealing herself to be a "skin. Sabrina's aunts visit a magic beauticians where one proceeds to have her "face" cleaned and later abused by the other. Review by Stephanie Crosby. Scrubs " My Journey " JD Zach Braff notices the janitor is afraid of Carla Judy Reyes , so in a dream, he is disguised as her, but cannot speak spanish very well and is unmasked.

She Spies "Learning to Fly" At the end there are a couple of unmaskings, one a man peels off the mask of another man the prissy male flight attendant. But the one we're interested in is the well-dressed older redheaded English woman, who unmasks to reveal a man. And this time they actually "showed" the unmasking unlike an earlier lamer episode , although it was a typical cutaway scene.

Slave To The Rhythm Music video, ? Grace Jones commissioned a limited edition series of masks of herself, with attached hair and permanent make-up, no more than ten years ago. Although I don't know how many of these were made or whether they are available, they were used in a sequence wherein a bunch of her 'clones' dressed in jumpsuits, gloves, sunglasses and cravats marched in lockstep. Sledge Hammer "Comrade Hammer" ? A male Russian KGB agent wears a female latex mask.

Starsky and Hutch "Photo Finish" Sally Kirkland ran around sometimes in a cheap Halloween face mask as a mistress-of-disguise professional assassin. Near the end, she confronts a guy she thinks has betrayed him and says, "I'm the White Witch, nobody sees my face," then proceeds to tear off her mask a second later and say, "Don't you recognize my voice, stupid?

A two minute short from Britain has a beautiful woman take off her zippered bodysuit to reveal a fat, middle-aged man hey, someone has been reading our porn! Soap opera performer Barbara Luna portrayed the mask. Tom Hanks star in a story was about a charity group that tried to do good for the homeless people in society. Wilson plays one of the society's members, Weber plays a reporter. Turns out that these ghouls are an old and secret society that feast on corpses.

In the show's climax, Wilson peels off her mask, revealing that she too, is a demon-like ghoul beneath her latex mask and wig. Tom Clancy's Netforce In this two-part mini-series a blonde female assassin wears a series of disguises including a very good rubber mask of a man, and then impersonates Toni Fiorelli Joanna Going although we never see the mask, only parts of it on her face after she's dead. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno A week before Halloween had two items: Impossible" a sketch combining Mission: A parody of 50s alien invasion movies has an entire town, including a young woman, turn out to be rubber-mask wearing aliens.

Imsges: dating show where guys wore masks

dating show where guys wore masks

Calvin says "I knew right away their masks weren't legit. A "female" detective removes her wig and starts talking on a cell phone sounding somewhat like a man.

dating show where guys wore masks

The Riddler's henchwoman Molly puts on a mask made from Robin's face and masquerades as him. This is all new to me i have never been with anyone in the Military.

dating show where guys wore masks

Inside is the message: Chance impersonates a matronly writer using a mask and wig in one scene. He removes the horse costume to reveal a broomstick, which immediately falls over. And for the rest of you going through this…here is our story: Do you want this relationship or not?