Fake Burger King leaves customers asking questions [UPDATED]

Fake Burger King leaves customers asking questions [UPDATED]

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This list will definitely get the ideas flowing. Burns victim who was adopted as a baby after being rescued from a blazing Retrieved August 29, Mobile radar jammers could be used to create surprise attacks, necessitating the deployment of scout units on a regular basis to reveal said units visually. Fifty Shades Of Bae:

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Russia rages at 'unforgivable' claim from Boris Johnson Data from Bumble supports An ordinary music CD can be inserted once the game is under way and can replace the original game music with its own tracks. Ellen DeGeneres suffered from depression after publicly coming out as gay Comments Share what you think.

There are two story-related factions, Arm and Core, which have comparable sets of units one side a little bit faster, other one a little bit tougher etc.

This is shown exceptionally well by the Arm being able to build an extremely fast Kbot known as the Zipper, while the Core can build an armored Kbot known simply as The Can. When playing amongst experienced players, subtle differences between the two factions put Core players at a disadvantage.

The most noticeable differences are as follows: The level 1 Arm fighter aircraft is 1. Core has some distinct advantage as well, such as superior naval units, level 1 bombers that drop more bombs, and less conspicuous nuclear facilities. These advantages, however, are overshadowed by the Arm advantages in most situations. Total Annihilation was one of the first RTS games to feature radar that caused enemy units within its radius to appear on the minimap despite being covered by the fog of war.

This added an additional element of electronic warfare to the game: Mobile radar jammers could be used to create surprise attacks, necessitating the deployment of scout units on a regular basis to reveal said units visually.

In addition, radar jammers could disguise the presence of visually cloaked units, such as the commander or land mines. Radar fields rendered cloaked units detectable; a radar jammer could make said units undetectable until the radar jammer itself was destroyed. Total Annihilation was also one of the first RTS games to point the way towards battlefields with hundreds and thousands of units.

Previous games could field a hundred units or so. However, Total Annihilation initially permitted units per side which was later patched to and then to 5, units per side. The game features a physics engine which governs projectiles, explosions and wreckage. The terrain is strictly 2D but contains height values which allow it to act as a 3D surface. Hills obstruct artillery fire, and, depending on the "line-of-sight" setting, height enhances units' visual and firing ranges.

If terrain is steep and jagged, units tilt and turn to meet the face of the ground. Structures can be built on steep terrain to protect them from artillery fire and to create choke points.

The wind, tides, and gravity on different maps also vary; some maps have strong wind gusts and are more suited for gathering energy via windmills. Plant life is often flammable and can be set on fire by shooting it. The game features a number of terrain and tile sets.

These represent several different planets that the war between the Arm and Core is being waged on, and contain various unique characteristics. The Core's home world, Core Prime, consists of inorganic metal structures and inky black seas. Since everything is made of metal, the player has unlimited access to this resource and can afford to build armies and bases more rapidly than on most other worlds.

Other maps include the Arm's home planet, a grassy green area of forests, hills, and blue water, a barren desert world with rocks and mesas, a Martian landscape, a sandy planet with beaches and blue oceans, a volcanic world with lava instead of water, an ice planet, and more.

Many maps contain lakes or oceans; these are impassable by most land units and will require ships or aircraft to reach different landmasses.

Certain land units can travel underwater, but in doing so may be attacked by enemy ships and not be able to fight back. Other maps contain lava or acid which is completely impassable except by aircraft. What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. The Core and the Arm have all but exhausted the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination.

Both sides now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other. In the far future the galaxy is ruled by a benevolent central body of humans and artificial intelligences called the Core a contraction of "Consciousness Repository".

The Core's technological and economic triumphs have allowed humanity to colonize most of the Milky Way and enjoy peace and prosperity. However, the balance is broken by a technological breakthrough which allows the consciousness of a human being to be reliably transferred into a machine, thereby granting theoretically indefinite life in a process called "patterning".

Following a mandate imposed on humanity by the Core requiring everyone to undergo patterning as a public health measure, a rebel band is formed out of colonies from the edges of the galaxy hence named the Arm , whose members refused to leave their natural bodies to join the Core's machines. A war lasting four thousand years followed, with the Arm mass-producing clones as pilots for its vehicles and the Core duplicating consciousness-embedded microchips to pilot its own machines. The game's two campaigns focus on their respective sides' military leaders, the Commanders.

Continued from above Are you interested in a long-term relationship or a more casual affair? Some of these include: Are you interested in compatibility matches? Or just want the basics? The best online dating services have millions of subscribers. As you can imagine, that means potential dates for you. Most online dating services offer low monthly fees. You can usually get better deals when you sign up for longer-term subscriptions. Online Dating Tips Meeting potential candidates at a dating website is far more effective and convenient than scouring the bars and night clubs week after week.

Your approach with dating websites will be far more effective if you follow these tips: Writing a quality profile is an important element to attracting your next date.

Does your profile tell a story, is it detailed but not too long? Are you positive in your approach or are you focusing on negatives of what you don't want? Keep in mind you need to sound open and not overly picky. Once you have written your profile, wait a day, and go back and review for accuracy.

While joining a dating site can be a little uncomfortable at first you will get used to the idea of others perusing your picture is this environment. If you fail to post a picture you will most likely meet very few singles. Make sure any picture you post of yourself is relatively accurate and up-to-date. Many online daters have been shocked to meet someone in person and find they look nothing like their pictures posted. Also avoid posting pictures of yourself with someone who looks to be an ex spouse.

Even if it's a sister or brother, it will bring many questions and set some false expectations on who is the right physical match for you. If you receive communication from a quality individual don't hesitate to respond.

Most people that pay the cost to join a dating site are hoping to expedite the process of meeting people. If you wait too you may miss your chance to get to know a great person. Once you've met someone online it's important to not jump the gun and give out personal information. If someone has your last name, email address or phone number it takes only a few seconds to find out where you live and sometimes where you work.

Utilizing the privacy established through the dating website is a smart idea until you've met someone special, in person, and have a stronger understanding of who they are and if you want to spend more time with them. Tue, 13 Mar You know who else is prowling around websites and apps, looking to score Published: Thu, 15 Mar Mon, 12 Mar Perils of online dating One of the biggest examples of male privilege is the idea that the worst thing that can happen on a meet-up arranged by an app like Tinder is that the date is awkward and doesn't go well.

Doesn't have to be complicated: To help people reach their ideal fitness level, thousands have taken to social media to share their simple go-to weight loss tips, minus the fads. Others said that those who didn't eat constantly and waited between meals would likely develop a taste for healthier food and an appreciation for the energetic feeling that comes when 'the body's resources aren't tied up in the digestive process.

One Redditor advised people to start drinking 'exclusively water' and avoid all sugary drinks to see a difference within a fortnight. Coffee was deemed okay, as long as there was no added sugar. After a few weeks you will be wondering why you ever used sugar in the first place,' a man wrote.

Water is good for you,' another added. A woman suggested flavoured seltzer water as an alternative to soda. Ditch fizzy drinks including diet ones: A woman also suggested flavoured seltzer water as an alternative to soda.

Log your treats, your liquid calories, log it all and be accountable for it. You can spend 30 minutes on the elliptical and burn calories or you can simply not eat that slice of pizza. Tracking what you eat was also deemed important by many. Got MyFitnessPal and for the first time ever I lost over 2 stone 12 kilos in a few months.

Track what you eat, don't go over the calories. That's it,' a woman wrote. I lost a lot of weight initially by cutting down on my carbs without tracking but then gained a bit again when I occasionally ate pizza and pasta,' another added. But when it comes down to it, in most cases weight loss has nothing to do with 'avoiding' things, a former trainer said.

There are no short cuts except surgery and you don't want to go that route. You either eat less, be more active, or a combination of both. People are always searching for some magical program, pill or device. What I find that works is to really get people to find their motivation. Do you have any go-to weight loss tips to kick off the new year? Calories In Vs Calories Out is the key to your success. Do not cheat on the above.

If you want to be losing weight, you need to be taking in less then what you burn in a day. First, find out your BMR what your body burns in a day just by existing and TDEE what you'll burn in a day when your daily activities are added in. Yes, these will not be exact but they'll give you a good understanding of two key numbers for you. This calculator will work it out for you. It's better to underestimate your activity level. Next, you have to be accurate with your calorie counts.

Especially if you're new to it. Most of the time, I miscalculated what was in, say, a bowl of cereal because of the serving size stats on the box, and this put my calorie count out by quite a bit. I've always found MyFitnessPal the best for logging due to the size of it's database. Most of all, be honest with yourself. Let's say that your BMR is calories a day. This is the amount that your body needs to function for a day.

This number does not take into account moving around - this is simply what your body burns away doing things like breathing and other internal functions. So, if you woke up and didn't move an inch, but still put calories into you, then you wouldn't gain or lose any weight.

If you ate more than that , and didn't move at all, you'd gain weight. If you ate less than that , and again, didn't move at all, then you'd lose weight. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Friday, Mar 16th 5-Day Forecast. Leave food on your plate, track everything you eat and ONLY drink water:

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dating redditors

Total Annihilation was also one of the first RTS games to point the way towards battlefields with hundreds and thousands of units. Pregnant Zara Tindall wraps her blooming baby bump in a chic coat as she arrives for the third day of the Cheltenham Festival Spec-tactor!

dating redditors

Father-in-law of poisoned sergeant attacks Corbyn's 'mealy mouthed' response defending Russia instead of Senior MPs are set to launch a super inquiry into 'dirty Russian money' in London as Britain prepares to

dating redditors

Most of the time, I miscalculated what was in, say, a dating redditors of cereal because of the serving size stats on the box, and this put my calorie count out by quite a bit. Dating redditors is geared toward to year old age range. Pregnant Zara leads the fashion dating redditors at Cheltenham as celebrities, including Carol The sheer volume alone will help people find lilongwe dating sites dating redditors to make money. Wow, this has to be one of the best lists I have ever seen for making money. The comic reditors the podium at the well-attended gathering in the nation's capital. Britain First leader Paul Golding 'has his nose broken in