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“My Boyfriend Won’t Stop Talking to His Ex”

dating my ex boyfriend again

Do they come back? February 21, at 2: Only this time instead of responding immediately you wait a few hours to respond.

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Usually people behave like your bf behaving with you when they want to quit a relationship. Towards the last few months, we experienced constant fighting along with toxic behaviors on both our ends. We are now on texting terms. They talk about things could happen and that they are still young and stuff? I tried on slutty school girl even sluttier than the outfit I had worn when I was being Jake's bimbo slut. And at the moment I am enjoying my days as being sing. Hi Lou, when did you break up and try a 21 day nc..

Should I move on too? Me and my ex were together for 2 and a half years. We broke up a year into our relationship and I did no contact for about 2 weeks and he came back begging to have me back. A week later he went and got drunk with some work friends and the morning after told me it was over. This was on the 28th October. I begged at first and he blocked me, I did no contact for about 3 weeks and text him again yesterday.

The conversation got sexual and he said how he missed my body… but then he told me he likes this other girl… a lot. Do you think he means it? He also told me to go after this other guy. He knows I still love him but he seems to really like this other girl. What should I do? Do you think he might come back? We are going to have a discussion tomorrow And he may end the relationship second time because of my insecurities and jealousy.

How can i up my chances to not have it end? What can i say? I stared dating my ex in march. He broke up with me for a week in June, and then begged for me back.

Then end of July he broke up with me again for a week, and came back begging and pleading, saying he would change blah blah. The whole month of August I contacted him once a week.

We were still friends on all social media, and he still liked my pictures and what not. So I went NC for 12 days and he came running back. Promised me everything, said he was miserable, and I told him things needed to change. We deleted each other off of social media, even though his best friend still looks at my stuff. I have not heard from him. I definitely want him back, but I want it to last this time obviously and am willing to make changes myself. We were dating each other, not friends with benefits.

Now I just want him to back for good. What and how should I do. Thank you very much. My boyfriend and I have dated for ten months, and this is the second time he broke up with me. The first time happened right after I asked him to be official. After coming back, he was hot and cold to me.

But one month before the second breakup, everything was amazing between us. Then two weeks ago, he told me that he loves me but is not in love with me. Now we stopped contacting each other again, however, he sometimes liked my picture on Instagram. I want him back, and I also want to make this work between him and I. What and how can i do. Hi Amor,my on and off boyfriend came back two weeks ago and started texting,we have been discussing but nothing like him asking me out, just simple conversations like how you.

I got sick few days ago and he was always checkx on me but now an well. And he hardly texts again. My question is how can i get him to ask me out again. This is actually the thurd time we brrakup and all our breakups were caused because of my rude attitude.

Hello, me and my ex had been together for 3 years. However we have been on and off since last November. At the begging he was blaming me for the smallest thing. My male friends, my costant travelling plans. My busy lifestyle blah blah. This time however he was honest. He said he is intemidated by me. Our life styles are different. I am a corporate girl, he is a nightlife guy.

It was always hard. But he said he is not willing to find a balance anymore. He said he could never think of a better woman by his side thats why he kept coming back. He said he is a night person and he does not want me to be involved in this life because it will not benefit me.

While at the same time he can not pretend to have a normal life with me. He said he has lost himself and he focus so much on this that he does not focus on his personal goals. He said that he feels i am not ready to settle and that i still wanna enjoy life and he basically can not afford financially and personally to follow my lifestyle.

The problem is that i was ready to stand by him while he tried to build himself up and he was not willing. And i respect he was honest. At the same time i feel he was a soulmate to me and i am scared of walking away. And if i do and he comes back again. This mentally destroys me everytime. I dont know if this can be fixed and what should i do. I would love to apply the advice above. I have done the long NC almost 2 months. Never replied to any texts or calls. But once he came back i just accepted him based on promises and did not set any rules.

So i am scared he will Not come back. Take this as a restart.. Focus in improving yourself and continue doing so while slowly building rapport. We are not broken up yet, but its very very close. Basically he is jealous of my male friends. I have asked him what can i do to make you feel comfortable like 3x but he will not tell me and brushes it off and has been ignoring me for several days except for a random text here and there. This would be the second break up if it occurs.

What can i do to prevent this. I have talked to him about it as much as possible but his feelings arent budging and he wont tell me what i can do to help the situation. Me and my ex have been on an off for a year or 2 maybe 3 im unsure but we break up he goes to like my best friend she kinda likes him then he comes back to me because ive spent a day with him and he realised what happened or that my best friend wont go out with him This has happened about 5 times A couple of days ago he broke up with me out of the blue I do worry alot about what hes doing when im not there or worry too much because of past relationships ive had where they have all cheated and i believe he will do the same I do sometimes think very down on myself I have trusted him before but he can break that trust I dont know if i should move on or try for one last chance to see if i can do things better I think he thinks i will always come back to him and i want to change that Thanks for reading.

My ex and I broke up like 4 times every time he came back but the previous time I found someone else and we were on terms of getting back together and when he find out he said I cheated and end it but after a week he tried to sabotage my new relationship and he succeeded but until then he cried and begged until I needed to block him cause he went crazy up to stalking me.

I went in a no contact and after one week and so he came at my work to give back my sunglasses lame excuse and after on my birthday a week later he showed up again at And how can I make him quit the sleeping around cause he seems very determined to keep it up and he wants me to be one of those girls, but I want a relationship with him, I want to be a priority not an option. Thank you and sorry for the loooong message. And also I forgot to mention that he always accused me of cheating in this three months.

You cant control but you can control your actions that influences what he thinks about you. If you really want to be treated a priority dont sleep with him anymore, focus in improving yourself. Do one last nc, at least 45 days and then slowly rebuild rapport after..

Hi, Mh ex and i have been in two on and off situations which we came back now is the third we brokeup in Febraury and up till then no contact so yesterday his friend texted me we were stil communicating he told me he is with my boyfriend o said whi he calls my ex name i said he is not my boyfriend he laughs,after he said i should come i mean them in a snack i said i no longer go out at night his friend replies that changed girl o said yeah then he said even to come and see joel my ex i said yess i dont go out at night.

I honestly dont understand if my ex stillwants me back or he just wants to be friends and my ex didnot text me rather his friend. I really need help fr dis pass 6months i have nt dated anyone bcuz i stil love him and am pretty confused.

How much have you changed in the past months? How many new activities have you started and how many new friends have you made?

And what were the things that you talked to his friend about? Hi, ever since we broke up i havent posted any pictures, and my whatsapp dp is on my contacts and he is not amongt my contacts. His friend is the one always texting and our conversations are always straight forward like how you?

I habe never spoken to his friend about my him. In May it was my ex bday his friend asked if i had wished him jappy bday i said he is not my bf. Another one of his friend when i update my status he will be like joel babes without me telling them anything. Please are you like suggesting that when his friend text me i should not reply because i barely talk about him to his friend he is the one always bringing up his name.

Hi there, I am definitely in this position with my ex boyfriend. The first time, we were off and on… I cheated. Fast forward some years, we got back together and he cheated — situation was alot worse in the sense that he started a relationship with person after it occurred.

We have spoken a few times about trying to get our relationship back on track, and it seems that hurt always overcomes me and fear overcomes him. I have worked so much on my confidence and I feel like I am in a better space. We are now on texting terms. He texted me randomly and told me that he was travelling for work — he said he was travelling to where my family is originally from. I was excited for him, although he kept his answers short.

I provided him with some comforting words. But I guess now, I am nervous. However, I feel like this time is different between us and I want it to be. Is the fact that he told me about a personal matter good? Thank you so much x. Are you still currently doing it? So, I am older now less emotional , wiser and more independent in terms of the things that I do on my own without help.

I also take time out to rest — adult colouring in, meditation and reading. I am still doing those things. My desire now is to probably travel more and take breaks outside of the country. Here is some news… We are actually meeting today. Then I switch the conversation back to funny conversations.

Perhaps we need to see eachother more. I am just always conscious of my dignity and putting myself out there to get hurt because maybe I am a filler. How can I reduce the odds? In February this year he broke up with me due to fights about my jelousy and being controlling gf.

I realized I should change my behaviour and I started whole strategy from your book. After no contact and texting phase, he told me it was bad decision to break up cause he realized we are made for each other and that he wants to get back together and he never wants to break up with me again and that he thought cutting me off from his life will make him feel better but was actually opposite.

For the next couple of months I became better version of myself in this relationship — I stopped jelousy fights, was more supportive and understanding. He was telling me how amazing gf I am and how I am making him happy and meeting his needs. We both made huge progress and we were supposed to move in together in September ldr, I am currently looking for job in his town.

Two weeks ago, out of a sudden he stop txting me back and after two days he called me and said he wants to break up cause YEAR AGO he asked me to unfriend some guys on social media and just now he found out I didnt do it and he feels like an idiot cause in the past I was so jelous about him and in the same time I was might even flirting with those guys and he realized that when I ask him for smth he do it immediately but when he asks — I dont care and dont do it.

I feel this accusation is kinda unfair and I dont agree with it. I dont remember such situation when he asked me to delete those guys, he didnt mentioned about it at all in the last year, but he said it was one of the most important things for him.

He is blaming me now basing on this misunderstanding and other very old mistakes. During the call I gave him few examples of how I made a progres in all matters which were a problem during last break up, he aggred last months were great but he said he not gonna change his mind.

I told him to cool off and think about it again, now after two weeks he ignores my txts. Is there any explanation of his behaviour?

I think you should do at least 45 days. Amor thank you for your opinion. I think it might be hard to get him to those conclusions while not talking to him. Do you know any tricks? As I mentioned in previous post, during the break up call I told him to take some time and think about his decision. Two weeks after we finally agreed to talk things through and move it forward. He called me but internet connection was so bad we couldnt hear each other, I asked him to txt me what he wanted to say but he said chat is not a good way to explain what he feels.

He suggested that he will try to call again that day but well — he never did. The same night he deleted our pics from his account. I was so upset and heartbroken I decided I will never reach him again.

Why do you recommend 45 days? I did 45 days of NC it finished in this week. He didnt contact with me or react on those posts at all. He put pic from Paris with cityoflove tag.

Next day I initiate first contact with friendly txt commenting his snap in direct msg and refering to funny situation from past. Then next few days he went to Amsterdam, where we spent vacations together last summer. I must say his actions drives me little crazy and still hurts me. I wish to unfollow him but this way, he will not see my posts anymore. We didnt get a proper closure, he never told me to not contact him, he is just ignoring me and I dont know what does it mean.

Should I try again to reach to him or should I do the closure? Is there even a point in doing a proper closure? Getting Over Your Ex.

The No Contact Rule. Free On Demand Coaching: Learn what you need to do to get your Ex Boyfriend back Yes! I want to take the class. Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar. You are dating a guy. Some time passes and with it, it seems as if your ex boyfriend has gained a new lease on life. You hold hands like you used to.. He kisses you passionately like he used to… He makes love to you softly… All in all, things are looking pretty good in relationship land for the two of you.

Free On Demand Coaching. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I left a extremely long message and I came back to check it and it is gone what happened? Amor March 7, at Hi Jane doe, You need to move on.. Nicola March 3, at Amor March 5, at 2: Nicola March 1, at 8: Nicola March 1, at Amor March 1, at 3: Or talking to her?

February 21, at 2: Amor February 25, at 5: Megan Marie Howard February 20, at 1: Amor February 23, at 5: February 17, at 6: Amor February 20, at Marisa January 27, at 3: N January 23, at 7: Amor January 24, at Hi N, Let them talk. Sharla January 21, at 9: Amor January 21, at 3: Hi Sharla, When was that and are you in nc now?

Abby January 9, at 5: Amor January 10, at 8: You can initiate after it.. Jackie Santos January 7, at 6: Amor January 9, at 9: Hi Jackie, Are you willing to do at least days nc? Emily emily December 27, at 4: Amor December 28, at 6: HI Emily, check this one: A December 26, at 7: Amor December 27, at 2: Alison December 26, at 4: Just keep it all under the radar and very subtle. Now, that could create some serious jealousy if you do it properly.

The second way to make your ex jealous is the most powerful. And that is just to go on some dates, dates, dates and more dates. Go out on dates. Rather, make it known that you are highly sought after and members of the opposite sex want you. Lastly use Social Media to your advantage.

So, post some pictures of you doing really fun things, go out with your friends and take pictures with yourself, looking good with members of the opposite sex, do everything you can to convey to the world that you love life and that you are happy and thriving since the breakup.

Now again like I said before; be careful doing this stuff because covert jealousy is a great way to get your ex back into your arms. And if you need help in crafting a plan of attack to get your ex back watch the video presentation below:.

If you are ready to take huge steps to getting your ex back I suggest you get the solution from one of these experts. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Too many people give up on getting their ex back too easily. There are so many great relationships that never will be because people just plain give up. You need to know the difference between the impossible and the unlikely. When you find yourself up against a difficult situation with your ex, ask yourself 3 questions: Do you want to get back together with your ex? What are the odds that you can get your ex back?

Is it pretty good? Is it pretty slim? What are the odds that you get your ex back if you give up?

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dating my ex boyfriend again

And with this new life he has a new found respect for your past relationship. Instead, she dragged me out to a nightclub that she frequented a lot I would say that it is impossible to force an ex boyfriend to come back to you.

dating my ex boyfriend again

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dating my ex boyfriend again

He has begged me not to leave him because he says he loves me. He broke up with me for a week in June, and then begged for me back. Luckily, I have already put together a guide on how to do that. They started dating the day of his final orders for his divorce. Can you imagine what would happen dating my ex boyfriend again you got a guy used to a certain schedule when it comes to texting you and all of a sudden you interrupted that schedule? He needs to be on his own, and nothing you do or say againn make him get over his feelings for 10 best online dating ex. How can i let him know that he is everything to dating my ex boyfriend again without sounding cheesy.?