Samsara Eau de Parfum Guerlain perfume - a fragrance for women

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And loads of nutmeg and caraway, but still it feels odd that such a female-ish scent isn't regarded at least as unisex. This perfume is definitely in my top 3 favorites. You can't go wrong with this fragrance even if you buy it blindly. The nose under this cologne deserves my respects.

Peppery rose with a sandalwood background is pretty hard to resist! I have not tried intense version yet but looking forward to it. Can you feel me Calypso? As soon as I opened the box, I could already smell the scent. I had it in my head that this would smell like a peppery rose - kind of a more manly "One Million Intense" rose - but I was absolutely wrong and I'm glad that I was! At the dry down the fragrance turns powdery, musky and has a sort of smoky air. It's not modern specifically, but neither old.

The sandalwood smells so good with the vanilla. Creamy, dreamy everything I was looking for. The first spray does come on strong with a heavy ylang ylang note but it turns beautiful. I get the most lovely powdery, vanilla floral. But I adore oriental perfume so I could be biased. This is such a fantastic perfume which I think could become my signature. I prefer the red urn like container that holds this juice. This is very strong so a little spritz goes a long way on me. Also it lasts for hours on my skin and the sillage is great as well.

This fragrance is Beauty and Brains personified. It is sensual and intellectual at the same time. The EDP is a warm, creamy sandalwood incense--woody with a tempered sweetness. It is round and deep and strong, it leaves a trail without being headache inducing. I hate to be age-ist with perfume, but I remember smelling it on older ladies when I was younger.

Maybe old then was when they were 30 and I was 10? I'm 32 now and can wear Samsara with ease. I enjoy wearing Samsara mostly before going to bed, the fragrance relaxes me, helping me reflect while firing up my imagination. What to do next? Where to travel next? Samsara is a perfume but also a turning point for French house Guerlain that marked a quiet but fateful transition from lonely perfume making in a private perfumist lab to unison cooperation with marketing and global markets experts in It all started in the s when oriental perfumes dominated the market.

Those were the times when perfume wasn't just a means of seduction but also a way to intoxicate senses with Opium, Poison and Obsession leading the way.

Something had to be done. Jean Paul Guerlain, the last pater familias of the Guerlain family said in one interview that he found the inspiration for Samsara perfume in a beloved English girl.

He wanted to give her the perfume that would be hers only, that will embody her inner world and unique sensuality. Her favorite scent notes were jasmine and sandalwood and those notes are in the heart of Samsara. When he returned to Paris, he spent two years working intensively on a formula before Samsara saw the light of day. Originally named Delicia, Samsara got its name in collaboration with Guerlain marketing team that wanted to give a perfume equivalent to the new spirituality and Orient fascinations of Parisians of those times.

The name that marks the constant circle of life and death and the bottle of Chinese red decorated around the edges like a Khmer dancer were the ideal basis for a perfume based on the harmony of milky, creamy woody sandalwood and opulent jasmine, so characteristic of the mystical world of Asia.

I would suggest Salome. Biblical Salome, the girl of deadly beauty and diabolical sensuality over whom John the Baptist lost his head. Like Salome, the beauty of Samsara is cruel and uncompromised. Or so it seems at the beginning. The opening is sharp like the sword and citrusy, but one can feel the complex composition behind it. It resembles Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

At times spicy, then fresh, then powdery floral, then soapy and woody. The only constant is this perfume is fun and unmatchable intrigue for the sense of smell. My nose can detect a certain chanelesque quality like Egoiste, Egoiste Platinum and Antheus because with these perfumes, more than any others, you can notice the unipolarity of a good taste that is not determined by sex, race or culture.

Samsara smells good for anyone and dare I say on anyone. Just when you think this perfume gave all it could, there is a surprising transformaton into the choir of cherry, vanilla and woody notes that anticipates La Petit Robe Noire collections and fills you up with sinful self-indulgence.

Who could judge egoism and self-love when they smell this good? In time, Samsara was reformulated, just like any other perfume and was probably affected the most by the lack of sandalwood because almost 30 percent of the perfume is made out of this precious and sadly devastated material. This once really caught me off-guard. You know how some perfumes smell one way when you spray them on and completely different after they dry down?

How sometimes the initial spray may be either unpleasant or confusingly weird? Well, this was one of those for me. I sprayed on Samsara and started having flashbacks to my childhood and playing with toys. What, I know this smell. What is it…what is it?! At once it hit me. I kid you not. I had many Barbie dolls as a child, so I know the scent well.

It was such a bizarre thing. But it was a strange scent to be spraying on myself. Thankfully, after the dry-down, all those delicious exotic scents pushed their way to the surface and now I am sitting in a cloud of delicious creaminess.

To the moms out there. If you currently have Samsara and Barbie dolls in your house, please compare their scents so I know I am not totally insane. Has anyone else noticed this similarity before? I think this perfumed is too strong. Better used for evening. I didnt smell sandalwood at based. This is one of those magical perfumes that changes throughout the day. Sometimes I get a waft of a cola note, sometimes a spicy gourmand, sometimes sandalwood incense. I love all her faces. Creamy sandalwood with a bit of floral sharpness.

A bit more complex and punchy than the edt. I love the fragrance so much I have both. If you are trying to decide between the two, there's not much difference between them; both are a heavenly creamy sandalwood, but the edt is lighter on the floral note.

It's a timeless, cozy, beautiful fragrance and you can find fantastic prices online. This is now in my had list, as I gifted this to my stepdaughter. She absolutely loves it! I may look for an older formula, or look for an extrait. Check for old bottles and vintages, I recently applied the new version EDP in the bee bottle available now in France and Belgium: No projection at all NOT Thank you, Guerlain. When I am down or feel despair, Samsara captivates me and keeps me going, reminding me that All is Samsara Don't be scared of the ylang-ylang punch in the face that hits you within the first minutes!

This opens up like a wrong note on a violin, and makes you almost scrunch your nose. But when that violin excuses herself and clears her throat, you get the most magical symphony of notes created in a perfume in a long long time. It's a masterpiece, really. If this is not art, I don't know what is.

Samsara is like an orchestra playing a crescendo that just gallops over your skin. Yes, and I repeat: It is so evocative and intoxicating, that it is impossible to fully describe it in writing.

She really smells like the color of that bottle: I still do not quite understand how that has been made possible. This is what a real woman should smell like Powdery iris and vanilla lingers so sweetly in the air ,whilst an overdose of sandalwood invades the nostrils ,this send my mind crazy when I smell this!

I just ordered this beauty online, blind. I wanted to buy another Guerlain, so I posted a thread on the Perfume Selections forum.

The only concern I have is longevity, I've seen some reviews on here saying the longevity is very poor. I really hope that's not the case with me!

I'll update as soon as it gets here! Beautiful, dreamy, creamy scent Then I literally have to cram my nose into the crook of my elbow to smell anything! For an EDP, it sure doesn't perform like one. I don't like having to reapply. Oh well, that's how blind buys go, I guess. It smells strong from the bottle, though. I really do love this perfume, it kind of makes me think of pastry cream, if that makes sense. Just wish it lasted longer.

The bottle and box are stunning, too. So, to all you blind buyers, all the poor longevity warnings are, unfortunately, true. I had a recent formula bottle of the EdP and have decided that I must give it another chance, only an older bottle. Perhaps anything pre It seems the longevity should be much better than it is for me. I always wanted a classic Guerlain that I feel good wearing, as I have positive memories about this house, but I never found one.

They're beautiful, but they don't suit me. No way, that was my mom's signature for many years. Too powdery and dreamy. Too mature, too melancholic. Could be more feminine. Or maybe I should have tried a perfume that's about my age, instead of fragrances a hundred years old. But I didn't even think about checking out Samsara for years. The red 80s bottle is a bit of an eyesore between the other Guerlains, it's not as popular and for some reason it has the reputation of being an overly heavy oriental.

I always imagined it to be more like Opium or Poison. Then I finally tried. Maybe Samsara is what I was looking for. The opening is a bit old fashioned and has a weird fruity note, but it settles in a few minutes and it's worth it.

Ylang Ylang is very prominent on my skin with its beautiful floral, creamy and banana-like aspects. Sandalwood, of course, too, but not as heavily as I thought. There are also powdery notes and sometimes a warm spicy scent, like cinnamon. Could be the blend of tonka and amber. And a creamy, comforting vanilla base. The only thing that keeps me from just buying a bottle is the iris note, it feels metallic sometimes. But it's not there all the time, just sometimes, and never in the drydown.

And the more I test it, the more I'm getting used to it. Samsara smells a bit different from day to day. Sometimes more spicy, sometimes more floral, sometimes in a tropical way, sometimes more woody, sometimes more creamy and sometimes more powdery. It developes in a slow, rounded way on the skin and dries down to something warm and comfortable. A beautiful composition of many notes working together.

It's old school in a good way. Womanly, not girly, if that makes sense. I don't mean "only suitable for a certain age", just the feeling. I feel confident and happy when I smell it on me. Samsara is surprisingly wearable, even for someone like me who is more into modern fragrances and too young to miss the 80s.

The lasting power and projection are very fine, but not as overwhelmingly strong as I expected. I have tried it on my hand several different times now, always the EDP.

I think I'll try it some more, but this could be the classic Guerlain for me. I hoped I would like this. I got a headache. It's essentially a sambac jasmine accord over ebanol.

Not pleasant for me at all and disappointing from this company. Long story short, I luckily didn't blind buy Samsara but decided to try it first. I went to three department stores because I couldn't believe the perfume I was smelling was the one others described as sophisticated, sensual, exotic etc. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but ll I could smell was hairspray. The kind your grandma would spray on her perm.

So, I don't know what happened I like sweet, smoky, spicy, gourmand, vanilla done right, and non white florals. In the past I have tried Samsara thought So I left it alone. Earlier this year I tried it again in the airport and had neither response.

I was weak-kneed in love! Just the right amount of sandalwood Absolutely blooms on my skin It is masterfully blended My son said I smelled like a garden with a candy shop in the middle of it.

For that comment alone I think I can never not have it on my shelf. So if you thought this was not for you I don't care why it works now It is really a wonderfull fragrance, fresh and classical.

I like it a lot. Sillage is fine but the only problem is longevity. I need to to spray it again. I wanted to review Samsara EDP because it is one of my favorite perfumes, but I also wanted to respond to some of the points anilinam raises in their review.

I notice that my tendency is to fall in love with perfumes which I vehemently swear off upon first smelling. But Samsara is a rarity for me in the list of perfumes I consider my all time favorites because I never experienced a phase when I hated it, my love for it started strong and only grew.

In my opinion it is an explosive and powerful blend of very potent notes, yet somehow restrained and refined, even demure I would say. Ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, and vanilla are the most prominent notes to my noseand in that order. Anybody else heard anything about this? Samsara is the most wearable classic Guerlain. It's gentle but not boring, intimate but not raunchy like some sandalwood scents.

There's a fresh sweet powderiness with iris and ylang ylang and a touch of jasmine. Even though the modern EDP is quite soft after pretty good projection for the first couple of hours, it's still worth every penny.

I got this today. Surprisingly my OH said 'what's that smell' to which I asked what kind of smell and his reply 'something sweet, it's nice'. The longevity of this is very very poor.

I got less than two hours which I am mightily disappointed in. Squirrel brand cherry lips stored in a sandalwood box. Am I the only one who can still detect through the floral and powdery accords, the elusive gourmand accord of peach? I think the main problem here, is that Guerlain needs to come to terms with the fact that they need to streamline their packaging if they want to appeal to younger generations.

Kuddos to those of you in your 20s and 30s who were able to get past the packaging to enjoy this fragrance! In the last few months I've added some fragrances to my collection: It was this one that brought the biggest smile to my face and the smallest price tag.

No need to talk about the fragrance when others have said things so much better than I ever could. Its difficult to pick out any specific notes in this well blended beauty and it's a difficult perfume to describe.

To me it's a rich, creamy, powdery, soft blend of yellow flowers and sandalwood. It's there and then it's not it moves around you like a mystic mist. When I wear it I get the impression that it's a skin scent but I think it has powerful projection and one must be careful not to overdue it with this one. I sprayed this on a scarf that I left in the hallway, and the next day as I entered the hallway I was welcomed by beautiful Samsara, it smelled like I had just sprayed it a few minutes ago!!

I think this is a perfume you either love or hate there is nothing "mhe" about it. It makes its presence known and there is no other scent like it that I know of one of my absolute favorites! For me, the fragrance of Samsara is an expression of a hidden, restrained passion, overflowing with tenderness.

On notes it is difficult to decompose, too round. Separate associations with oily, astringent fruit tree resin and cherry stone or almonds. The notes of the resin of plum trees are reminiscent of Venezia Laura Biagiotti, only Venezia is sweet, fruity-honey.

In Samsara, the sweetness is moderate, also creamy, oily, very little with aldehydes, which gives a brackish shade. In the evenings, everyone was being tormented by mosquitoes, and they did not even come near me. That's how she protects me. This perfume is amaze! I've never smelt anything like it: How can one describe such an amazing scent?? You're different , you're beyond this world! A spicy yet refreshing scent. When I first tried it I immediately thought of a refreshing cola.

I soon found that was the tonka bean! When I want something completely different and odd I go for Samsara. The bottle is lovely and looks great on my shelf. Not my favorite scent but a fun one for sure. Living in the orient, right smack in the tropical Far East Philippines , the word "Oriental" in perfumery doesn't seemed right to me. No there's no incense and flowers everywhere, everytime here, and no we don't add spices galore in our dishes.

All I remember are the searing hot glare of the sun, the humidity with it, and dust during summertime. While the rainy season will bring the smell of plants in, the mosquitoes also "bloom" and make you itch all over your body. Try making that into a perfume! But then there's this one. I sniff it thanks to a kind member here. And no matter what, I feel this is Oriental.

The flower notes in here are correct, I can smell them sometimes during the harvest season of the flowers. The smell of sandalwood albeit synthetic nowadays, gone is the real Mysore is oriental, as we have wooden chairs and tables back home. Maybe the musk here represents us the oriental folks, as surely the humid days makes us sweat and they distilled that into perfumes LOL. Longevity is excellent, as is the Projection and sillage. I could pull this off in any weather.

I'm a man but I love rocking it, and somehow it actually garners compliments. What I don't see though is the younger crowd loving this that's ironic coming from an early twenties man , as we got too accustomed to the sweet perfumes. Or the mass pleasing synthetics. It also smell "perfumey", not like the new ones where its light and fresh, or gourmandish and sweet. Anyways I love this one and maybe I'll be a preacher to my crowd about it. Samsara is, in my opinion, the essence of femininity.

Everything about it is sensuous and womanly, from the beautiful curved red bottle to the creamy sandalwood-ylang juice within. The EDP is my favorite iteration, though I've yet to try the extrait. What is there to say about Samsara? She is timeless, a perfect waltz between elegant, dressed up, and sensual, stripped down. She is more reserved than Shalimar, but the bit of mystery only adds to her appeal. Samsara is the olfactory equivalent of lacy lingerie hidden underneath a form-fitting yet proper black dress and a strand of pearls.

Refined enough for formal occasions, but her heart is in the boudoir. If silk had a scent, this would be it. I just got a 3 ml decant of this and I dislike it. But I should know better, because classic fragrances almost never suit me. Since I am a perfume junkie, I am very glad I didn't buy a FB, because it's kind of expensive and I would end up giving it away.

I am happy I finally found a seller of decants in Chile. I love Samsara, it is just a tat too flowery for me. Even though it is not really a flowery scent, the bloomy aroma seems to come through really strong, which is unusual for me. Usually floral notes are the last thing I pick up in a fragrance, unless it is a predominant accord.

It is not my favorite Guerlain frag, but it's still a nice balsamic scent and will always be a staple in my perfume drawer. That being said, I really do love Samsara, I am just not madly in love with her, yet I receive plenty of compliments when wearing her especially from gentlemen, including my boss.

I guess people around me appreciate her beauty on me more so than I even do myself. Okay, my Samsara edp has arrived and it's not like I remember.

It's WAY better than the edt I tried a year ago and was not taken with. Not an overload of vanilla but enough to make it cozy. As others have stated, this is a heavy trigger.

One spray on my chest delivered the full bodied fragrance which is still going quite strong after a shower so no complaints with projection. No wonder this is a favorite for many women Ah! Does Guerlain ever disappoint? It smelt beautiful on the blotter. I carried the blotter home. After a few days, the blotter still smelt good, and I was impressed with the longevity. It smelt like ylang ylang, honeyed rose, sandalwood. The whiff was like an ancient painting of a calm, tranquil green garden with lotuses, red tea house, et al on parchment paper.

I was curious, so I tried this on my upper arm After some time I started to wonder if some dog has poo-ed on my door. Turned behind, and there was that dog poo smell again. It stayed for like 5 hours and I knew it was Samsara. Am happy I did not purchase it, only wish it smelt so good on me as it did on the blotter. I tried this 2 years ago in a makeup store and didn't think much of it. Only now I'm curious about it again and believe I sampled a edt version that just isn't up to scratch these days after multiple reformulations.

I've just scored an older edp and can't wait to try it. Some of the reviews below, well most actually are full of praise for the parfum version. Will come back with my review on edp Samsara Interesting though, the edt earns a 4. Samsara layers beautifully with Estee Lauder's Cinnabar. Wearing these two, if anyone needs to find you they can follow the trail you leave behind. I tested this in-store at the beginning of my perfume hobby, and I thought I loved it. Did I mistakenly test the EDT?

I recall it being woody and spicy, but revisited, Samsara isn't spicy, and instead is just too much: This, coming from someone who adores Youth-Dew and Passion.

Just one spritz of Samsara to the back of one hand, rubbed lightly against the other, is a nose-burner, and an eye-burner. Worn on my shirt I am sure it would give me a migraine. A couple hours in, it's softer and pleasant, but I'm not waiting that long. If you love this, more power to you, but please be gentle to the rest of us, and I don't think I've ever said that about a perfume before. Samsara The Oriental Vanilla Potion What more could I possibly add to the chorus of praises for this beloved and immortal fragrance?

I have been a fan of this cologne for as long as I can remember. The original is still selling and the reformulation is pretty much the same scent as when it was first launched in by the house of Guerlain. Ostensibly an Oriental, this is a pleasant vanilla based iris fragrance with powdery notes of violets, roses, sweet jasmine, and a fragrant sandalwood and just a touch of incense. Samsara is a magic liquid from start to finish. This is a unisex cologne meant to be enjoyed by both sexes who want to smell not only good but to make a statement.

An elegant aroma of sophistication and success. It matches up with tuxedos and evening wear. My girlfriend will be wearing it to this month's Oscars in Los Angeles. The first note to reach my nose is a sweet peach and citrus that is fresh but fleeting. It gets into the florals right away and the fruit notes are never that big a player. The scent is sweet in the way flowers are sweet, not fruit.

There is a feminine soul to this fragrance for sure because it is so floral and has a vanilla base which women love but it has a green note of vetiver, some musk and that kind of unisex flair which I like in fragrances for women but that can easily be worn by men. One reviewer wrote that it smells like Rudolph Valentino and I can see that.

It's a classy elegant fragrance for the man with slicked back dark hair, tall dark and handsome, who can tango like the Devil. This is a very beautiful fragrance on so many levels. At the dry down the fragrance turns powdery, musky and has a sort of smoky air. It is spicy, peppery, licorice sweet, vanilla for days, and covered in irises and violets.

And none of these scents go awry. They smell wonderful and are greatly paired up. The longevity is superb for the Eau de Parfum but the Eau de Toilette is an abysmal failure. It has such a short life that it sucks to have to keep reapplying. The EDP is what you want. The bottle is a luxurious scarlet red elixir bottle modeled after Buddhist sangha monk ash containers.

I don't get the spiritual or Hindu Buddhist connection at all. To me this is a very secular, sexy cologne of the night, of successful men and women dressed up like a million bucks. I will be wearing it to the Oscars as well. My girlfriend and I love to wear the same fragrance as a nod to our passion for fragrance.

Highly recommended for fans of vanilla Orientals, florals and Guerlain. You can't go wrong with this fragrance even if you buy it blindly. The opening takes some getting used to though as it does seem to be pretty strong with the fresh startling citrus and the peach and the jump into the florals namely the rose.

But afterward it turns into a graceful powder of iris and vanilla scent. An amber holds the whole thing together. Ah what a masterpiece. The nose behind this fragrance was so inspired. What a luxurious and unbeatable scent! I can see why so many people wear it. I love this, I think it's very mature. It's a vanilla sandalwood when it dries down. It's pretty sophisticated, so I'd probably wear this if I was going to dress up nicely for an event.

The vanilla isn't too sweet, it balances out with the sandalwood perfectly. There's some musk in the drydown as well. Very mature, alluring scent. Nothing I say is anything new, but if you're into sandalwood, vanilla, and musk, this is a must-try.

I think it's the musk that makes this smell a little mature on me but I love it so much that I wish that wasn't so. I get the musk note almost immediately, but once it dries down it becomes this wonderful and complex sandalwood, vanilla and ylang-ylang festival of scent!

I can really see what people mean about feeling as though it connects to them spiritually - it does remind me of a holy temple burning incense. I am determined to buy a bottle of this when I reach my thirties, until then I feel this is a goddess who does not trifle with young women who don't yet know themselves.

I adore it, I worship it, but I cannot wear it yet. One day, Samsara, you will be my signature. When I am worthy of you. Easy on the trigger! This EDP is powerful and a bit goes a long way. I love this frag! Longevity and sillage are great I think of this as a beautiful beast of a scent. So glad I have it in my collection. Guerlain never disappoints me. It has warmth and spiciness without being too spicy, character without being too strong, elegance beyond imagination and balance that brings spiritual and physical worlds together.

The composition is done incredibly well. I love every bit of it from the spicy fresh opening to floral heart to warm vanilla musk woods. But there is so much more in this perfume. I saw comments by other reviewers on how this perfume helps meditate or invokes sense of peace and tranquility or transforms to another world. This is all true. When I bought this perfume based on reviews I did not entirely trust all of these experiences as I thought that the name Samsara sets the reviewers mind to see more than it is in this perfume.

Oh, I was so wrong. This perfume fits its name perfectly. No doubt about that. The scent brings deep sense of spirituality, connection to eternal cycle of life and death and tranquility and balance to the soul. This perfume is definitely in my top 3 favorites. While I adore Shalimar, I do love this one even better. The opening is fresh and bright with strong bergamot presence. Then it cools right away to ylang-ylang, citrus and green notes.

The scent develops into flower heart but it does not get too sweet, as rose and jasmine duo is balanced by cool and distant notes of iris and orris root.

This creates very pleasant tranquil flower combination. It is strong but it is not loud or distracting. The scent seems relaxing for the mind. It is very harmonious and balanced. Interesting at first but I found I really had to be committed to wearing it all day which I was not. My mood changes within the day and the Samsara EDP didn't accommodate that need. I tested this on my male skin, and the review is as follows: I think it an excellent perfume for mature confident women, I remember smelling this a lot when I was young, it was the classic women perfume at the time along with other iconic perfumes of the s.

It's chic, elegant, and complex; not like the crap sold nowadays for the younger immature generation. It is sweet, musky, floral and rich, defo something for mature women who know their perfume value. I am not sure it will appeal to lots of people because of the musk scent, which can be heavy for some, but all in all its very well made perfume.

I just tried this at Shopper's. Glad there was no blind buy! This stuff smells so similiar to a perfume I had that was intolerable to me. That perfume was Nikos Sculpture. In fact as I compared the two on this site, I found that they had 11 of the same ingredients. That is a lot! I don't know which ingredients make me nauseated, but I suspect the orris root? I find it almost identical to Sculpture which I couldn't even gift, I threw it away I find Samsara more floral than woodsy!?

I'm a big fan of Shalimar and now a big fan of Samsara no similarities implied! While this frag is a bit pricey, I think you get what you're paying for in this case, as 1 spray will do the job along with amazing projection and longevity.

This is really an exceptional fragrance in a market flooded with reformulations and weak "performers"! Surprised to see this fragrance is only rated 3. I just purchased a 3. I can only imagine what the OF Original Formulation smells like?

Happy smells to you! Tried the eau de toilette and liked it initially, but something about the EdT dry down was a real turn off. I bought a small bottle of the eau de parfum, mostly because the iconic bottle is rumored to be discontinued in the near future.

The eau de parfum is muuuuch more enjoyable! Strong, yes, but simultaneously soft, like powder, with a warm sweetness to it. IMHO, a "real" perfume is not linear. It is either so well blended so that the individual notes become indistinct, or fleeting; or that it unfolds over time, with the notes each playing a solo before returning to the theme and becoming a part of the whole symphony again.

Samsara does a little bit of both. This is a masterpiece of perfumery. It is an oriental woody, but in daylight, perhaps after a light rain. The woods are not sharp and heavy, like recently felled trees, but softer, rounded, as if they had fallen years ago and are weathered and a bit mossy.

You can detect their notes, and what they once were, but appreciate what they are now. I detect no leafy green in this fragrance myself, and it is not a gourmand sticky sweet spicy which I despise. It is a scent you can wear, not one that wears you.

But then, EL's Youth Dew is my signature. It is different enough from other orientals that you could add it in rotation, as I do, with Shalimar, Emeraude, YD, etc.

Fine for daytime, or evening, and long lasting. Worth asking for as a gift. As always, your mileage may vary due to chemistry, sensitivity, et al. Excellent article on 'raiders of the lost scent' about the history of this! Current EDT gone within the hour. Just ordered a vintage EDP and can't wait I fell in love with how exotic and intoxicating those first few seconds were, unfortunately the experience was short-lived. That charming scent immediately transitions into a powdery peachy cloud of iris, musk, and a dusty rose that became extremely tedious over time.

There is just too much sandalwood without something—like incense—to balance it out; the main floral is ylang-ylang and it feels too chalky, too dry, and too linear. The only positive that kept Samsara from becoming overly repetitive was the slight presence of rose that peeks out from underneath the many layers of heavy powder. Perhaps I am just not a fan of that dreary ylang-ylang flower; I feel its presence is too oppressive and domineering like a heavy musty blanket.

Regardless of its shortcomings this is still a very nice fragrance; Samsara is distinctly Guerlain and I enjoy all their creations.

I love Guerlain, was expecting something sweeter. I find it very masculne and strong Only a dab of this is needed I think I prefer this on a man.

When i first smelt this i was like this evokes 'how my mum used to smell when i was young and in her embrace' it is sweet warm. I think of something exotic and beautiful, butterflies in a garden.

It is woody and smoky and has beautiful notes. Maybe a masterpiece but apart from that it is not my favorite scent, not really my type. Hm, don't know if I timed out of Fragrantica, but please do message me with suggestions of less sweet Samsara edp alternatives. I'm on the search for a creamy incensey sandalwood scent, and Samsara edp comes thisclose, the warm balmy ylang and vanilla supporting the sandalwood note divinely. However the modern and incessant bubblegum-syrupy jasmine, even more omnipresent in the edt, is preventing me from loving my experience.

It's like seeing a winter night's performance of Scheherazade, but there's that one jackass in the audience that will not. At moments you can drone it out so their noise can blend in time with the orchestra, and at times you suspect that the musicians indicate their annoyance by playing a bit louder than necessary, but this only makes the jackass think they're camouflaged and seize the opportunity to clear their throat ever LOUDER.

And as if by magic, when the performance is over, so is the audience member's need to cough. Could anyone please suggest a perfume similar to this Samsara edp, but the sweetness and jasmine diminished?

Why is there such a thing as Death? She is the Great Sea of Life Ever restlessly heaving up and down She is the symbol of Life Of ever again and again being born Growing old, suffering, and dying Samsara is changing from moment to moment Follow continuously one upon the other Through inconceivable periods of time.

At the time, Mother Teresa was tirelessly serving the poor and the ill, becoming a saint the whole time, while keeping her humility. The name of Gandhi was still on everyone's lips. I purchased her at the Guerlain store in Paris but brought her with me on this trip of a lifetime.

She smelled of a light hint of peach, not as fruity as I used to like my perfumes, but absolutely sweet. The peach is gone before too long and the scent is inky, oily, or perhaps as some have suggested, a scent of lipstick or powder. It has a decidedly feminine aura and very much a "make up" in your handbag type of scent so prevalent in the 's.

This comes off as a boudoir fragrance and I was quite surprised by it expecting a heavier Oriental incense or amber based fragrance with such a powerful name as Samsara. The florals emerge rather quickly Ylang Ylang a yellow flower turns around and kisses the peach scent, becoming one, and releasing a sweet aroma of floral deliciousness.

There is also plenty of iris and orris and violets. In fact this is the glue that holds this fragrance together: If you like iris based perfumes, this is one hell of an iris. It becomes sweeter than you can imagine as some have even picked up on it's unusual similarity to licorice root. A rose and jasmine is equally powdery and feminine. The floral heart lingers with it's distinctive iris and violet scent, and at times it becomes reminiscent of gourmand fragrances with flowers such as Lolita Lempicka although Lolita is more floral than Samsara.

The jasmine is almost passing off as a creamy white tuberose. The rose is deep and romantic. If Samsara were more floral it would be more my type of perfume but it's quite lovely in it's composition. The dry down is a simple vanilla and tonka The vanilla is creamy and sweet, but the dry down becomes a tad less sweet, with a kind of clean vetiver smell that is rather unisex.

Though not listed there is probably benzoin in this which gives it an illusion of incense, ever so slight. I am also smelling vetiver and amber. A guy can totally wear Samsara without fear of smelling like a woman. This is all about the vanilla in the end so if you have experienced vanilla and amber fragrances and can wear them well, and it doesn't clash with your skin chemistry, this is one of the more memorable vanilla scents out there.

Sandalwood is perhaps the biggest Oriental note in this fragrance Unfortunately for me this is not terribly woodsy and as much as I love a good sandal, I've enjoyed bigger sandalwoods in my life. For me personally the iris is what thrills me about it. I love iris flowers and violets and I smell it through and through. A beautiful, romantic, sophisticated and endearing fragrance that has stood the test of time as perhaps the best modern Guerlain fragrance after Shalimar.

Worth the price and worth adding to your collection. Samsara is a truly breathtaking and pleasant sweet fragrance And if the cycle of life smelled this sweet then living and dying is not such a bad thing after all. Mature, sensual and erotic. I would never wear it during the daytime, perhaps because the smell is so potent on my skin. Very classy and seductive. Black dress, red lipstick and Samsara is the perfect combination.

This parfume waited me to be 30 years old. I was so curious about this fragrance when i was 29 years old. I tried it and i was not sure if i liked it but i bought the bottle anyway. I used this scent a few times and then i left it. It is something for me. It is definetaly my scent. By the way, being 30 years old is a turning point for me in every aspect. This is the age that i really feel a grown up strong woman.

Somehow our ways with Samsara never crossed since it had been launched in The first wave is quite loud, a bit old-fashioned and not too appealing to my taste. I should say the projection is a bit disappointing and I did put several generous sprays on my neck, hair and wrists. Samsara seats very close to skin however it does create a very fine delicate wave around when I move my hands or turn my head. The scent is very relaxing, embracing and elegant.

The longevity is great, so far it's been going on for 9 hours! After the scent is developed Samsara feels timeless. It does not come across as outdated as we all well know may happen to fragrances from the s. It is very wearable today and completely in my vein. A soothing soft oriental. Now I am on the hunt for the vintage version. I like it very much ,it is very sweet, warm and powdery.

Very feminine, not so strong like in the 90's which is good bcz I used to remember Samsara as a very strong almost suffocating fragrance. When I first encountered Samsara, I had already found love - that special signature to keep forever. But Samsara had other plans. She swept me off my feet, turned me giddy, and sparked tumultuous emotions and wild thoughts. I tried to resist, but I couldn't - she made me do things I never thought I'd do; made me feel like I never had before.

After a short while, I couldn't deny it anymore. I had fallen, hard. I was in love. And even though it felt bad, it also felt so, so right. This was meant to happen. Samsara is a beautiful contradiction. She is at once comforting yet seductive; rich yet fresh; complex yet uncomplicated. The main accord for me is one of gorgeous ylang ylang with buttery smooth sandalwood - a note made even more prominent by Samsara's huge, pioneering overdose of the aromachemical polysantol.

The ylang is floral yet fruity, and surprisingly tenacious. It blends seamlessly into the sweet, slightly narcotic jasmine. The sandalwood, meanwhile, is rich and creamy; an impression bolstered by powdery iris and the traditional Guerlain notes of tonka and vanilla. Overall, Samsara is a genre-shifting shimmer of notes - woody, oriental, floral and fresh.

Thanks to a dearly beloved friend, I am lucky enough to have a vintage splash bottle of the EDP. The sandalwood in the vintage is rich, striking and deeply nuanced.

It is, without doubt, the ultimate sandalwood scent. But the current formulation is no poor cousin. Yes, the sandalwood is more synthetic, thanks to the scarcity of the raw material - there's a plastic quality compared with the vintage.

But it is still captivating and perhaps cleaner, accentuating the beautiful ylang and jasmine accord. Performance for both the vintage and current formulations is excellent. We're talking 12 hours plus on skin, with excellent sillage. Declaration d'un Soir is a beautifully rich and warm floral-spicy scent.

It opens with a huge burst of spicy pepper and soft rose - it's without doubt the most peppery opening I've ever smelt. The intensity of the pepper fades as the fragrance evolves, but remains present as an enveloping spiciness. In the dry down, the rose becomes woodier as the sandalwood comes to the fore. Projection is good and longevity is monstrous, especially for a modern scent. It lasted hours on my skin with no noticeable drop in performance. I could still smell it as a skin scent the next day the first time I tried it.

So it's great for cold weather and evenings. This would suit a formal event, rather than romantic use - but the right person will find this irresistible. You just need to find that special someone who likes their roses with plenty of sharp thorns. This is an excellent wearable rose. No body odour at all for this one, in contrast to the original. Sprayed this stuff on at This is the best masculine rose I have ever smelled.

It has easily been kicked up to top 5 for me. I liked it when I tried it. It has a pepperyness - and the rosy scent underneath. Rosy, almost grapey smell, with pepper. Declaration d'Un Soir is one of the best all year scents I ve ever tried and the best from Cartier in my opinion. A captivating juice, fresh and spicy, floral and manly, spicy and peppery scent. The rose note makes it sensual, a night scent for seduction! The longevity is very nice, about 7 hours and the sillage with two sprays is moderate..

The most distinguished notes are dominant rose, vivid sandalwood, pepper and cardamon. I highly reccomend to use for all around year! Nice for winter, perfect for autumn and spring and nice for summer. Day and night but I prefer it by night as it is very sensual scent. Blast of rose, then mutates to something that would make the "dislikers" to say that is a fantastic smell. For the rose lover, it shows red rose but it's more pink because it is lively and light.

Not to harsh if you let it settle 30 mins. Anybody who begs to differ are not ROSE or floral lovers. To me this one is really carnal I know people who told me it smells like raw meat!! It's really unisex for me , and it's suitable for all seasons more a spring scent IMO , definitely a night time or rainy day scent , it's a gem.. If you don't like rose scents you should try this one , the rose here is different , spicy and smooth , best man rose scent in the game for me.

However , it could disturb senses, for me this one is really a " sad " or scent, hard to explain Maybe a "mortuary" vibe? Am i the only one who gets this? It sounds strange but it's how I see it Yet I love this scent. At least 8 hours , sometimes Depends a lot of your skin type. This one is linear for me,just not beastmode nor skin scent, it always project 2 feet away and people usually like it when they get whiffs of that superb rose , they find it original.

I have this fragrance for less than a month now and I fell in love right away. This frgrance is so unique. I smell pepper in the top note which can be overpowering in the begininng. The pepper note also responsible to bring this rose-based fragrance to the masculine side.

Rose note is everywhere in the pyramide. I wear it everyday on any ocassion in summer and it smells wonderful, spicy, sweet, floral. Longevity is 8 h plus. This is probably on top of my Cartier collection of fragrances, I would say is exquisite and sublime at the same time.

Even though is a rose based fragrance is totally masculine, you may say it could be unisex, but for me it leans totally to the masculine side, but for sure women can put this on without hesitation. I had it as my signature cologne for a while, but it could be back to that place at any moment. I got compliments every time I wear it right on and the "what do you have on?

I got the gift set with shower gel and after shave balm. I really enjoy the essence in the shower, is awesome, it remains the same and I already stocked up with a couple of big bottles of it. Totally a must have if you like this kind of dark rose base essences. I'm happy I got it. This comes as a shock, given the fact that it is marketed as a male perfume!

I smell loads of heady, heavily-brewed, darkred rose. And loads of nutmeg and caraway, but still it feels odd that such a female-ish scent isn't regarded at least as unisex.

Not that it matters, really I'd love to smell it on a guy, though i believe not many would be interested in such a heavy rose scent. On me it lasts about 6 hours, but despite the 15 degrees, i didn't particularly enjoy it, neither of the other times i wore it - i feel it needs a colder temperature. However, it is an unusual male fragrance worth trying! After 2 days of trying this awesome scent I wasn't sure what to expect from the house as it's my first Cartier fragrance.

As soon as I opened the box, I could already smell the scent. This automatically put me on the defense, which altered what I thought. So I sprayed a little in the box and waited I was more impressed with the bottle at the moment. The next day I wore it just to see it's character What a nice scent!!! The rose, pepper, sandalwood all work together and not against one another. It's a dry scent First spray is good Very Very classy scent Get you a bottle before this becomes extinct and you have to give a body part to buy it.

This is a fragrance not for a gentleman, but for a gentle man. It conjures a colour, and that colour is a light, soft pink. Young "bro" types will not wear this.

I don't consider it a casual or fresh scent, rather it veers towards being formal, and in that sense the "soir" in the name is fitting. I totally get the rose-scented soap allusions, which I see as a negative. But it carries itself well despite this and would highly recommend it if you want to accentuate the gentler parts of your character. Valentines day is upcoming so I decided to review a few of my rose fragrances for Fragrantica Readers. Cartier Declaration D'un Soir is much like an American Beauty Hothouse rose that you might buy at the grocery store or a florist.

Its a lovely cut rose that is easily purchasable but not one that you would ever try to grow in your own garden or make much of a fuss over if you were one acquainted with a spade. As for scent, it smell's nice. It has rose and sandalwood and the rose is well done, agreeable and nice. Cartier is one of my favorite design houses and one of the reasons why is that they do not try to imitate what they are not. They let diamonds speak for themselves and don't outset the stone and in their fragrances they let the notes speak and do not hide them with creativity.

It seems diamonds and roses sometimes need little help to be beautiful. They take a fragrance, do it well, and let the notes luminesce without need of the offset. For a designer fragrance, this one smell's unusually natural and eschews the "cologny" taint that you often get with cheaper colognes.

Its nothing ground breaking, creative, or original except for actually letting the rose be the star with a creamy sandalwood base in support. Performance and Sillage are right where they should be. DDS is a designer fragrance and I expect it to live and perform around the 6 hour mark with medium sillage. As far as my usage goes.

I purchased my bottle, and the sprayer was broken. I decanted the unspilled juice and returned the bottle. I do not know how much I have actually used but its a fair bit. And I do plan on purchasing another bottle when I get low. So, worthiness of repurchase has no impact on my rating of DDS. Value is pretty good. Overall, I am going to rate this at 85 or a B rating.

I compared this to an American Beauty cut rose. It is an easy way to enjoy a rose fragrance. Its available, easy to find, beautiful, and you get what you expect. It doesn't really last a long time. But it does what you want, rose on top and sandalwood at the base. It smells nice and it gets the job done. Declaration D'un Soir is not unique or "interesting".

Its a far cry from Bull's Blood as it wears better and I like it a lot better. DDS just does everything well and I would easily rate it as the absolute best rose fragrance in the designer world that I have smelled to date. It smells very good. It gets the job done. When you go to the florist you know what you are going to get.

You aren't digging in the soil and hoping for cultivation into exhibition form. You get what you pay for with little originality or creativity. But you know they will be accepted with a smile and will be ensconced inside crystalline vases of appreciation.

It is okay but not very memorable. I get no notably unique notes or surprises. At first impression it is a pleasant blend of unidentifiable spicy notes and unidentifiable flowers. The overall effect is quite chilly. Whoever wears it is being considerate, has a pleasant manner, never offends, but is not giving anything away and remains hard to know and thus hard to like or trust. I visualise a barrister. These off-notes are interesting but not enough to give this fragrance a personality.

I visualise a barrister who accepts bribes. Someone who plays the corporate game. It is less a 'declaration' than a 'no comment'. This is a lovely rose scent. I tried the 'Intense' version first and then this one. It's a nice light rose scent that sits with the pepper at the start and then on top of the sandalwood base.

It's a delicate smell but it has a bit more power than you might think. It's very tricky to do a rose scent for men but Cartier have pulled it off with this one. It's sensual and different and very well blended. I can't make my mind up whether I prefer the 'Intense' version or not but, as the name suggests, the two are very similar and so I think the choice between the two depends mostly on your preference for sillage and strength.

However, if you like one, you'll like the other too. I hope Cartier's bravery is rewarded in choosing to renew and extend the Declaration line. Well blended quality scent, but the rose really pops on my skin. As some have mentioned, it's a dirty rose and for those that like that accord - or even have a mild dislike - you may like this scent since it's not a super strong rose bomb.

That being said, I am not a fan because the rose really pops on my skin, and even though others can't detect it, my nose picks it up just fine. If you are a rose lover or want to give a rose scent a try, this is a great option.

The scent was just not for me. Not a fan of rose normally, but this is quite good. A nice, "watery" and transparent-light rose note here with pepper and cardamom. Scent doesn't seem to change a whole lot, just slowly fades over time to reveal a slightly sweet sandalwood base in the drydown. I think rose is a hard note to pull off in a masculine way, but this is the best effort I've encountered thus far.

Longevity seems slightly above average, while projection is average to slightly below after the first hour or two. Good offering from the Cartier house. It's feels like you have been working in woods are living there This has nothing to do with Paestum Rose. I don't get the top notes listed.

The heart notes listed are the first I can smell: The sandalwood comes much later together with some musk, when the pink rose becomes a little greener. Lovers of this scent should try Eau de Protection, and why not Lyric Man. I prefer my rose darker and with some resins, so I'll stick to my beloved Paestum Rose.

It's not a sillage monster, but people will notice you. A blast of Rose and Black pepper, with a little spices. Good lasting and moderate sillage. Good scent, but not my style. I was gifted this lovely fragrance by my beautiful friend, kitykat, after she thoughtfully took the time to study my "I Want" list on this site!

It is a beautiful soft rose that remains masculine thanks to the balance of sandalwood and cardamom. It is actually quite similar to Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher, with better projuection and longevity.

A perfect birthday gift, thanks to Kitykat! Picked this up recently. I own the original Declaration and this is definitely a big contrast from the original which I like but I don't wear as often but this,All I have to say is that I'm not a huge fan of rose in men's colognes. But this is right up my ally. I will say this is one masculine rose. That black pepper and sandalwood and small hits of nutmeg make this a stunner. The great thing about it is that it is very unisex and very unique.

You might think this scent has faded away but it's their just small hits of it flow through the air. And when it does and the opposite sex gets it on their nose. Be ready for a conversation that goes something like this. Definitely signature scent worthy. A year long scent. I thought I would give this one a try as it is pretty inexpensive on Fragrancenet. To net it out Just a bit too heavy on the rose for me.

There are other rose-based fragrances I like - Intense Cafe used lightly or Dsquared Potion Royal Black to name a few, but the rose in those fragrances are less dominant than this one.

With D'un Soir, you will get a lot of fresh rose This has got to be one of the best smelling fragrances i have ever owned, and, well - smelled! I received this in the post here in Australia, as Cartier is hard to find here in Brisbane, so had it shipped from Melbourne. I took it out, and thought, wow - the bottle looks great, i have a good feeling about this already!

I went to spritz it on my wrist, and nothing came out: Until i worked out it had a clasp behind it that you needed to flick down HA! One Spritz was all i needed, to send me to a place beyond heaven - mother natures throne room?

This one spritz lasted on my wrist for about 7 hours. This was when i realized this fragrance was extremely special, extremely different. And from that point on i haven't worn it again, as i don't want to use it up, and just wear it on any old day or night, for no good reason. This scent has moderate projection, which is fine with me, as i wouldn't want anyone up too close or too far away to be able to smell it.

The opening of this scent is amazing, the dry down of this scent is extremely amazing. It's what has me coming back to my wrist to smell it again and again. I was watching tv after i spritzed it, and i literally lost myself in the scent and completely missed the 45mins of my David Attinborough animal documentary, that i was hanging out to watch all week!

I find it nearly borderline feminine, but the sandalwood completely saves it, hence the easy wear for guys. This scent is so sophisticated, to me, that i would only wear this when im in a suit or dressed up and going out. I would never ever wear this if i was just meeting a friend or family for lunch or for netflix and chills HAHA!! Love the original, so was pleased to pick up a sample of this yesterday. Very heavy rose note, which is strong from initial application to dry-down.

Underneath is the original version, but comes out very lightly. Not sure why this is sold as an evening fragrance - probably mor emore suited as a daytime scent - not sure i'd want to smell of roses whilst out drinking, or at dinner.

Actually, I've just sprayed about 10 squirts on 30 minutes ago and its virtually disappeared. I am definitely getting heavy rose with this scent, but I find it fresh and better than most "fresh" scents I've smelled so far. I also find the development of the scent to be rather linear as I don't feel that it's changed all that much over about 8 hours, but I think that's a good thing.

I have also found the longevity and sillage to be rather good. I have been pleasantly surprised with this one. This may of course not please every man but it it is indeed extremely elegant and apart from the usual fragrances we are used to smelling today.

It could have been issued in the seventies and would have become a classic. The rose reminds me of Acteur by Azzaro if some of you here remember it, but it is a lot fresher. Great for special occasions when you are wearing elegant clothes. For those who acquainted with Hermes perfumes Terre, Voyage and especially with Hermessense collection - i could easily put this one in line with those creations. The nuance of subtle powdered rose dancing through the evolving dry down can take off the rough edges at the end of a tiresome day.

I have seldom regretted a blind buy over the decades and this was a surprise disaster. I've read reviews that aligned it to walking through a fragrant rose garden after a spring shower. Sorry but this missed by more than a mile on my skin. Chemical synthetic, medicinal, unwearable. To make matters worse it was absolutely linear four hours later when I scrubbed it off my pores.

A classy fragrance with a neat rose silage,together with a very rare and magical combination of caraway and cardamom.. This one is really a must-try in case you want to feel a speck of attention to your special self: The top notes of Serge Luten's "La Fille de Berlin", diluted into a vat of cold cashmeran with cardamom accents. Well done if you can tolerate cashmeran style notes in abundance. I would wear it in cold weather, because the powdery, little bit peppery rose drying down gives me a warm, peaceful feeling, like my beloved one hugging me.

I must admit that I hate the opening so much, too strong and synthetic. It smells like peppery rose which is something new to my nose and that's why I like about it, I just like it for now maybe I need to wear it more to appreciate it more, Longivity is good with moderate projection. He did the original Declaration. This fragrance is the one I most regret buying. I thought it would be a good summer fragrance, a masculine rose scent with peppery overtones.

When I smelled it at the counter it captured my interest. After trying to wear it now several times, I am very disappointed. After the pungent pepper subsides, the rose takes over and is appallingly synthetic and ridiculously overpowering. There is a sickening sweetness that lasts through drydown and yields an "old lady" like quality and makes the scent smell "cheap".

Worse yet, the longevity and projection are massive, so there is no getting rid of the cheap sweet nastiness. I consider it unwearable and even have to lock the bottle in a box to prevent the aroma from filling the room. I tried this again since the buyer I had flaked I have a pretty broad palette, so it it says something that this is truly one of the only fragrances I cannot stand.

I found this Declaration flanker disappointing. Every time I used it, I felt there was somthing wrong in the composition. May be caraway and rose are not friends? After consuming 50ml, I gave away the ml bottle to a friend. Not my cup of tea. I have been dreaming about Declaration for several months, but found it to be really hard to find unless you make a blindbuy online. But I won an auction on eBay that featured many samples and among them this flanker to the original so I tried it out.

So what do I get out of this fragrance? I find this perfume to be a really fun experience to wear. It a spicy aromatic green scent with an exciting composition.

Even though the notes stated in here does not comply to what I expected I do recignise the spice ones. Also I get cypress and tonka bean, as well as dried green leaves. The longevity is decent - about hours and when sprayed it is quite intense but becomes more subtle and radiates within an arms length. Great silage for most occasions. The fragrance has a certain resemblance to Gucci pour homme sport but not as fresh as the Gucci. I don't find it to be a really masculine scent but more a soft scent trying to find itself in a crowded wheel of notes.

It is a very green scent almost like taking a walk in the park when it has just rained. Your cologne smells sooo good! It was my love at first sniff! Peppery rose with a sandalwood background is pretty hard to resist! Hands down my favourite from the house of Cartier. Looking at the notes, it reminded me of La Nuit de L'homme which I love cardamom, nutmeg, caraway combo.

I was actually looking for the original Declaration but they didn't have it in stock, so I said what the heck and went balls deep on this one. My first impression was "Mmm.. I have smelled this before Fearing it is too feminine, I asked the opinion of a waitress. She said it was ok, definitely masculine but advised me not to overspray.

Huh, and I thought it was weak! My nose must be numb already from smelling so many fragrances. The scent reminds me of wrapping paper, letter envelopes and the smell of new books, which I believe is the sandalwood at work. In all, i don't love it as much as La Nuit but I find it safer to wear in the daytime. It's also less "colony" with the exception of the initial blast. The sillage is relatively small and sits close to the skin. It is very harsh, synthetic and smell like chemicals. On top of that it lasts about an hour before I can consider walking out with it.

One word to describe this. Im hooked cant stop sniffing my wrist. Smells like sitting in a rose garden on a hot summer day wow. The best rose scent ive ever smelt. Declaration D'Un Soir is a nice, fresh smelling, spicy rose. The pepper and nutmeg keep this one slightly on the masculine side of unisex but a woman could pull this one off easily. The rose note in this smells like an actual rose on a stem rather than rose oil or extract so dont buy this one expecting a strong, oriental rose note.

Good projection and fantastic 9 plus hours longevity on skin for me and flexible enough to be worn pretty much anytime. And frankly I thought this would be one of those frags I would end up wearing purely for my own pleasure but surprise, surprise, I have gotten heck of a lot of compliments with this. All said and done, a rose for men done right. I started by liking it. Then it turned to love.. It projects a lot stronger than you think. Been getting a lot more compliments than I usually do as well!!

This one is a winner. I don't know if maybe the sample I received was old, or from a bad batch. This cologne smells like an industrial solvent and has a distinct acetone note. It is 'woody', if you're version of 'woody' involves wood alcohols and esters.

The blue gunk we used to join PVC pipe in our sprinkler system had less of a throat-hit and was only slightly more eye-watering. Opens really powerfully, spicy, with almost a dried fruit overtone, love the opening Took about 2 minutes. Twenty minutes later it turns into a forest floor. Pine, something mossy and earthy.

Kinda nice, but still not for me. This smells to me like the stem of the rose at least as much as the flower, with a bold but not overpowering Caraway and Pepper note.

The rarest of flowers,a masculine rose. Actually anybody could wear this it is just that good. I have not tried intense version yet but looking forward to it. Nothing at all like its namesake.

Universal versatility and one of the most original designer creations of recent years. It is difficult to make a masculine rose scent. Well Done Miss Laurent! Like making a good superhero movie,its difficult to pull off and great when it works. Reminds me of the roses that lined the driveway where i would ride my tricycle ages ago. Everything is more crisp when you are a child.

Just the right amount of spices,they play back up to the roses without taking center stage. This one will stand out. I got back to be a fan of Cartier after smelling this amazing fragrance. The nose under this cologne deserves my respects. I ordered a gift set with after shave balm and shower gel and it was a great value combo, and I've already ordered another one since will be wearing very often. I totally bought it based on the reviews here and it was a blind buy, and no regrets at all.

I would probably liked if it had a heavier sillage, no compliments yet since is my first time wearing it and oh what a delicious combination of scents; oh and other thing this is one of the colognes that you can spray generously with out worrying of offending any one, awesome!!!.

This is another fragrance that has the Rose accord in it. It does smell masculine and sort of earthy also. I can smell the Rose note. I wanted to describe the scent like a "dusty rose" as if it's almost as if I'm smelling roses that's been thru a dust storm.

I changed my mind later to think it's more of a rose scent in the middle of the woods a woody rose. I didn't think I would like it too well in the beginning but now after smelling it more times, I like it even more.!

I highly recommend checking this fragrance out, if you like woody fragrances or ones with a rose accord in it. You want a sensual rose? Not in face and masculine? You are in right place here. Pepper made rose to become masculine here. It is very a modern rose fragrance and does not like middle eastern rose fragrances. Don't worry and give it a try. I have to say that it is not as interesting as original Declaration. Actually the only thing that I do not love in this fragrance is linearity.

After 30 minutes of spraying, there would be no change in the scent. Longevity and projection is very good here. It last for 12 hours and project for 9 hours. It does not project like a beast, but you can smell good for whole day.

Spring, Summer, fall Type: Work, wedding, friendly meetings, official meetings, date. Heavy for first 2 hours, for next 8 hours moderate, the rest faint Totally 8.

Just ordered another bottle. I always get compliments on this one! A fragrance is going to do this? She must have added some "secret" notes as well. This could revolutionize perfumery as we know it! All kidding aside, this is a very nice perfume. I don't really pick up any of the spicy notes listed such as the pepper or nutmeg.

The cardamom and sandalwood settle down after 20 minutes or so and the rose becomes a little stronger. From here on out it remains pretty linear as it subsides to a skin scent. I think my only complaint is it doesn't seem to be as long and loud as I would like it to be. My dry skin sucks up perfume like there's no tomorrow so I tend to like it on the stronger side. Middle and dry down is exquisite absolute masterpiece highly recommend to sample Absolutely gorgeous fragrance the dry down is exquisite rose but the best rose you can smell very smooth and very classy this could easily be sold as a niche fragrance Very nice, but less sweet, and less of that "lemon pie" vibe the original Declaration has.

Just more spice in this version, but very familiar. I thought it was something like Vetiver or grassy green hay. Masculine, expensive smelling, long lasting. This is what it is all about. A Woody rose with spice, sharp, synthetic. I can see why some people around here talk about a grand mother rosy soap, that remind me this a little bit. It smell good, different for a man scent, but not a wow fragrance. It is a fragrance, IMO, that u get tire of wearing fast.

I don t put this very often. It does have a good longevity and average sillage. A fragrance good for spring, summer night or special occasion. I wouln t say that this is good for blind buy. Something to try, i m happy with it, but i wont buy another bottle. Here is the score: U need to love and be ready! That about all i see for that frag. A well balanced spicy rose scent. Superb quality and a great overall smell and performance. I get at least 6 hours of silage and 8 longevity.

One of the more masculine rose frags on the market. I also enjoy Dsquared Potion which is top notch as well. Very well priced and a great addition for anyone looking for a non traditional rose scent. Declaration d'Un Soir is a very nice well blended rose dominant fragrance complimented mainly by sandalwood and spices. On my skin it opens up with a rose and sandalwood combination before evolving into a wonderful, somewhat sweet because of the spices rosy scent that isn't as powdery as some rose frags tend to be.

It's like walking into a room with a bowl of rose potpourri. You get this thin, almost transparent rose fragrance that's not overpowering but very recognizable. I do like it a lot, the quality is unmistakable. This has to be one of the best fragrances I've owned in terms of longevity. On my skin it lasts from sun up till sun down and gives decent projection throughout the day.

It creates a nice aura that will be noticed once someone gets within a certain radius of your person. I think this wears best at work during the day or dressed up at evening however, it's more of an evening scent as the name suggests. For me it's not a casual fragrance so I won't reach for this whenever I feel like dressing down. Like some of the reviewers already mentioned, I think this is also unisex, so if you're thinking of making a blind purchase and that's an issue for you then I recommend that you get a sample before committing to a full bottle.

How this has anything to do with the original is a mystery to me, maybe the hints of cardamon, but it's like comparing a Mercedes with an Audi.

They both have wheels, engines, exhausts, etc, both are quality cars, they might even come in the same color, but besides that, they have nothing in common.

I don't really care about the name, it just strikes me as odd to name a scent after it's predecessor when its completely different. This scent however is so delicious, I think it'll become one my favorite scents pretty soon. Usually I find this type of rose too feminine, but mixed with the other notes it creates an incredibly fresh, light, but full scent, which is extremely addictive to smell. I think it should work perfectly for all seasons and all occasions, during night or day, although the name suggests it's an evening scent it works just as good during daytime of course.

It has a very distinctive character, instantly recognizable, extremely smooth and sensual. Also, good sprayer, but the plastic piece to prevent accidental sprays is annoying, I removed it. I finally got around to trying this one, and I am impressed with it.

I guess the rose note is what got me interested in it. Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir is a delicious blend of roses spiced with cardamom and pepper, balanced with a dry sandalwood note. The opening is what really blew my mind. The rose is so authentic and I could easily pick up the cardamom and pepper, which were so nicely done. When it dries down, it just gets more mellow and woody. I enjoyed this composition very much.

However, my only beef with this is the longevity. I got a sample of this from Sephora, and it isn't all that strong. I had a full wearing of it and it became so weak after an hour, which really disappointed me because this fragrance is lovely. I'll give it some more wearings to see how it does, because I'm not willing to spend that kind of money on it if it doesn't last.

If you are thinking of jumping on the rose bandwagon, look no further. It is a beautiful scent. Simply beautiful, very far from cheap and synthetic smells. I adore cardamom and pepper and here these notes are well blended with rose. I think that this fragrance is really unisex. Fresh, spicy and comfortable. A nice, sweetened, digitized image of a red rose bush pulled from the ground with well-tended soil still falling from the root system. But as compelling and aspirational as a 23 year-old Colonel Sexypants trying to convince you that he knows what you need in the love department.

It flatters you but you know you don't need it. It's a nice floral scent that should be marketed as unisex. It has some of the spiciness of the original with woody elements added. The rose is dominant throughout without being overbearing. Longevity is at tops 6 hours with moderate sillage. Wow, this fragrance is amazing! The rose and pepper in both fragrances create a similar blood red, almost metallic effect.

But here it is much sharper, much spicier. Then it dries down to a gorgeous spicy sandalwood, adorned by an almost green rose. The cardamom one of my absolute favorite fragrance notes just shines in this, adding cool freshness in a wonderful spicy way.

Like a starlit sky reflected by a small pond in a rose garden on a chill spring night. Then settles in, comfortably, like a secluded walk just after fallen rain in a wood, the ground covered in leaves, to come upon a lovely rose. This fragrance is like smooth silk on skin, quietly suggestive. At times it is present when absent, lingers for a time long after the walk is over.

The rose makes it feminine, but implied and understated. As a female, I enjoy it as a go to fragrance for day or night time wear. Sometimes when you smell things at the perfume counter the scent cloud that lingers around sometimes hides a few things - for the better some days but not always. I have mixed feelings about Declaration d'un soir - and these are not for the reasons you might instantly jump to.

I love the rose note - clear yet in the not so forward. That in itself is the masterstroke as it comes forward. At the 7min mark it is where I love it most. What I don't like is the opening - the spritzt spice mix reminds me of a good quality insect repellent.

Well at least on my skin. Than goodness that only last 2 to 3 mins until the rose start to take over. I don't get loads of projection. Longevity is good at about 8 hours. Don't be scared of the rose. It's not as feminine as you think in this treatment. Try it first - try it a few times in fact. Out of all Declartion's Declartion d'Un Soir by Cartier has to be the most unique frag and deserved a real high appraise.

I never thought I would say that I enjoy a rose aroma. Declaration is definitely a really well made fragrance with a pronounced rose aroma with a slight smokey scent giving it a real aromatic scent.

Both black pepper, nutmeg and sandalwood notes elevate this fragrances giving it a real spicy blend which is a real twist a pronounced aroma of rose coming through which makes it absolutely AMAZING!! I found a tester bottle, I found that longevity and Silage was definitely higher but not overwhelming Overall opinion, With Cartier frag's this one stands out the most!!!

Elegant, beautiful, a scent for the 21st century male who had an appreciation for the finer things of another era- not nostalgic mind you, but it does remind one of an imagined time when things were beautifully made, of polished wood and polished boots, genteel manners but wills of iron. The rose in this reminds me of the rose in Bond No. This is great for a warm evening around 70 degrees. Tonight, it made a woman stop in her tracks to ask me what I was wearing I can smell the pepper cardamom and a unusual note I guess that's the caraway in the heart a dominant rose note with a sweetness added to it which is the nutmeg with a woody base but still the rose in the backround this is a very sensual scent and is very much unisex in my opinion.

It reminds me of ck one really but of coarse with high quality ingredients a mature version of ck one. If ck one is for the younger crowd dun soir is for the more mature and serious side.

Overall a very nice fragrance from cartier although nothing ground breaking a solid release my rate. This is so exquisite to my nose. The rose note does not get boring, and the spices mixed with the sandalwood are the perfect compliment. Declaration d'Un Soir is very unlike the original in my opinion. Much more elegant and a tad formal, but I'd wear this whenever I want.

It's cozy but wouldn't be cloying in hot weather if applied correctly. Declaration d'Un Soir is classy but not restrained. It's exciting and enticing. If you want to wear something different than all the aquatics and citrus fragrances, this is the best floral choice. It opens with a strong spice smell cardamom and black pepper and it stays on my skin for about hours.

After that the pepper and cardamom wears a nice rose cloth making it floral and distinct for a gentleman. The projection it is great for about 4 hours and longevity is there more than 8 hours. I steal this from my beloved one: Ladies, this is a " forbidden" fruit you definitively need to try.

A real master piece! Fragrance with style, something different Longevity and sillage is very good, but i always spray more than 5 times so maybe that has also to do with it.. It's a love or hate this one! Magnificient it is a masculine Rose sparkled with cardimum and pepper. It may be perceived as a heavy cologne but is really attractive. As a female I was like wow. Rose is the most noticeable note.

It"s kind of rosy but in a masculine way. The rose domination may be considered floral. Impossible not to feel the pepper. I have read a lot reviews about it and a lot of women say they thought it's for females and enjoyed using it. My opinion is, females who like masculine type of perfumes can use it without hesitation. The best thing about is the silage. I have a sample of it and today just sprayed a little on my pinky it lasted for hours. I am quite sure that's gonna be the next gift for my boyfriend.

However, he said it's nice but for old men: I can't get enough of smelling it. Understated elegance , refined masculine scent.. I can't see myself wearing it though, this is more masculine than feminine!? Great Cartier for men who do not like heavy scents.. Definitely a light touch for a non typical masculine scent.. Dear readers, what can I say about the declaration of this perfume?.

This decration d un soir , is very crisp, aromatically, sexy male fragrance on its own that is sheer class and power without being haughty or obnoxious, its a very finely orchestrated handsome perfume that's made to win. On my body chemistry smells like the bottle but after half hour, it dries down to a very woody rose that is warm and confident , I love it.

All I can say is definitely Cartier is going to take us up residence in my altar of perfumes in the future! I can smell why people think it is unisex because of the spicy note in it, however to my taste it is not for me. It is too sweet and rosy, just too feminine. My girlfriend loves it and has currently hijacked it from my collection which I am grateful for. Not recommended for men. I dont know what it is about this scent, but it smells very earthy to my nose. I smelled it and thought, "Dirt" Its not horrible, but something is off with this one Or something is off with my nose.

Who will be remembered? The bard or the snoozer! Most people are asleep these days and being herded along like cattle, following the Big Nothing to that proverbial cliff. The bottom is littered with a bunch of punctuation marks, emoticons, and abbreviations that signify an inability to express oneself with any form of eloquence. Just for the record, my only criticism of CDS is that Cartier does not rein in on the distribution of its fragrances the way it does its jewelry and watches.

Imsges: dating lalique signatures

dating lalique signatures

After the pungent pepper subsides, the rose takes over and is appallingly synthetic and ridiculously overpowering. Surprisingly my OH said 'what's that smell' to which I asked what kind of smell and his reply 'something sweet, it's nice'. No there's no incense and flowers everywhere, everytime here, and no we don't add spices galore in our dishes.

dating lalique signatures

Like an exotic touch from a warm breeze. I thought it would be a good summer fragrance, a masculine rose scent with peppery overtones. Recommended for both day time and evening.

dating lalique signatures

After watching Fragboystewie's review on itI dating 3 months birthday present eager to try it. I read a lot of reviews saying that they smell lots of roses but for me I can't smell dating lalique signatures roses but loud woody sandalwood notes all the way sprinkled with spices which is a very dry and datong yet elegant oriental scent. I've bathed in the evening only to smell whiffs of it from my pillow when I wake in the morning. Totally agree with CoffeeCologne, smells like rose scented soap. The rose dating lalique signatures is not the playful bright sweet rose, it is somehow dull and smells acidic like olive oil when heated.