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Five reasons to date a German (and five not to)

dating in germany reddit

I'm not sure if that goes for gay dating as well, but in Germany it's usually assumed that you're exclusive unless specifically stated. The scene is simply very open, friendly and flirty, and it extends outside of parties once you get to know the person. On the side note: What was my response?

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You kiss me, you get a free lesson. PES, join the club. Log in or sign up in seconds. We North American women are clueless when it comes to Germans. The damn millennials made it complicated. Of course in practice for just about every setup there is someone who makes it work, but you have to be prepared for it be read as a giant "fuck you". Get notified about breaking news on The Local.

Want to add to the discussion? All the women on tinder seem to hate him. It can be a very nice way to meet people, but can get awkward if someone drops the soap. Schaut auf den ersten Blick ganz gut aus. My brother and his SO found each other on that site. It also paved the way here for dating portals. Lots of shit posts here. I feel I did something wrong! In this week's Local List we look at five reasons you should and shouldn't date a German.

But we think on balance the pros - sports, beer and fun - outweigh the cons. Have a look at our list to see if you agree. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. From our sponsors Could this close the gender gap in the workforce? Is this the trick to launching your international career? Related articles Nine German stereotypes debunked. Top German lover's names. The most famous and infamous German kisses. The five painfully slow stages of flirting in Berlin. Moving to Germany - 10 reasons to think twice.

I don't have any problems with talking to really attractive girls. I don't fall easily. But when I do or did, I am married now thinking become really hard. Just be direct and honest, e. From there on it's pretty easy. I'm an incredible shy guy myself and know that this can be pretty hard, but it's worth it.

Otherwise I would never get laid. He wants you - thats without doubt to me. It took my far too long to understand how to "read". Usually even the most romantic guy will loose it. Also hes a romantic person, thats sure aswell. Hes a relationship kind of guy. I am one aswell, thats why i recognize his behavior.

I think it might be a good idea to play it over but make clear that you dont feel rejected even if you might do. Then stay off the topic and return to your course.

We spent the whole night on our own, dancing and drinking and flirting. We both had a great time. When I dropped her off at home, I made an off handed comment like "I hear some women think dancing is an indicator of sexual ability". She got a mischievous smile on her face and stared into my eyes and said "well if that's true, then I bet you're not any good in bed What was my response? I smiled and shrugged and said goodnight.

Because the first part of her first statement was false, so the second part was logically completely irrelevant. Didn't even occur to me she could have been hinting at something. I'm still punching myself for that one. But the good news is she kept after it, and we have been married for almost 2 years now: One girl I actually really liked was apparently extremely interested in me, at least that was what some friends told me 2 years later.

I never noticed it, haven't seen her since. Same thing happened to some of my friends, looks like Germans are actually pretty good at not noticing that kind of stuff. That's hilarious and adorable. Very glad I read this story. I'm a bit of a too-logical oblivious type myself, and my SO is the one who kept after it, so I can relate.

Make a move before you are both just friends while both actually would be interested in more that's what it sounds like. He offered and did drive you. It was a huge detour for him.

He misread the coffee part. Maybe he is not familiar with that part of american I presume culture. However, you mentioned social dancing.

Us dancing guys, barring homosexuality or gross social incompetence usually know a bit more about this. So I'm a bit confused. The thing is, most people only hear it in exaggerated situations where it's very clear what's meant, so hearing it irl sometimes confuses people a bit.

I feel like you a are fetishizing him as a German and not considering him as a person. Well, I wouldn't call him especially shy, since he went dancing with you, but I have to agree with the others. Without clear signs he might never do anything. When I look back, my SO did initiate the first kiss only that, since it's really not in her nature , I was way more reluctant to start anything and that was after being invited in for that infamous coffee.

Don't know why, but I laughed way to hard at this. I guess he was shy. This "come stay at my place, I make coffee for you" situation is something I've always recognized in American movies and series. I haven't ever had a similar situation without prior obvious signals. He most likely thought, that you wouldn't be interested and he would risk the chance of getting closer to you if he'd hurry too much.

Maybe he has personal reservations about such things? Honestly, I know it's increasingly uncommon today, but not everyone is comfortable with such activity after only knowing one another for five weeks.

You really think to much about that. Just keep it easy and show what you feel. Most communication takes place unconsciously.

Toss away the hints and little games. Fist to the face and win. God how many hints I have missed because I dont get these damn "games". Is she a friend? Does she want more?

Wtf, was that a hint? What did she mean? Am I reading too much into this or did she try to ask me out? These types questions always go through my mind when I meet someone new. Eventually I get so so confused with this all the time. I fell for a German man, he was on a business trip in Budapest, I was passing through to reach a wedding. It's such a weird game that we play, isn't it?

At the same time, I don't really want to have an one night stand. I rather have continual nights together even it means we're not going to be in a relationship afterwards. My situation differs from yours!

I'm still smitten over him, it's been over 4 months since I last saw him. I miss him and I'm always "wondering". As a German, no. Just a very dry humor that probably isn't funny to everyone, but not a red flag [disclaimer: My interpretation is, that he noticed her looks and felt like she might overwhelm him at any second and this was just a funny remark to address that. No need for red flags to be risen

Imsges: dating in germany reddit

dating in germany reddit

The problem lies in the translation of the word "date". Both ways ended for me in long-term relationships.

dating in germany reddit

Yeah, because it is quite easy for a guy to rape a woman and the reverse is almost impossible, so I think the bias towards what's cringier is justified. Posted 6 May

dating in germany reddit

English language content relating to Germany. Gives you a fresh view on what you consider to be normal. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. That must have been a little funny for the other seeing you. It is a dick move, because apparently you aren't being serious Dating in germany reddit same confusion comes with the word "friend".