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Widely known as Gibson's first successful single-coil pickup, the lean and mean P offers a stellar combination of high output and biting treble response. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. This can often account for how two PAF pickups can sound quite different. It should be a copper wire with a purplish hue. Guilford Zebrawood P Covers - 1 pair. Short magnet starting July , PAF sticker, purple wire, black leads on both coils, nickel covers, phillips screws on base, both bobbins are black again, PAF style bobbins "circle in a square" , "L" toolmarks on feet. Gibson P90 Single Coil Pickup.

Re: Vintage P90 Identification

The sanding process fills the gap between the screw boss and where it meets the ring. Just be aware that changes occur over time. Buy these and you wont be the least bit sorry. May fit many other applications. The original PAF decals will have clear yellowed borders because the original decals have a coating of clear lacquer over the decal , and often the fakes have a gold border.

Thus the signal noise of each separate coil canceled out the noise of the other coil. That is how the pickup came to be known as a "humbucker". Gibson added the new pickups to steel guitars in , and in on electric solid-body and arch-top guitars including the Les Paul Model. Seth Lover received his pickup patent 2,, on July 28, Interestingly the patent number listed on the decal was not for Seth's pickup design but was for Les Paul's trapeze tailpiece!

Perhaps this was a research roadblock for the competition, or maybe just a mistake? But Gibson randomly used Alnico 2,3,4,5 grade magnets in PAFs until remember the higher the magnet's number, the higher the magnetic strength.

This can often account for how two PAF pickups can sound quite different. In July Gibson began consistently using a smaller Alnico 5 magnet smaller as in the flat top side of the magnets were smaller length-wise. Since inconsistency was king at Gibson during this time, Alnico 2 short magnets are sometimes seen too. By though Alnico 5 was the standard for all Gibson humbuckers. The original PAF magnet length was 2. But the "short magnet" PAF can be seen as early as and is still original.

Just from a consistency point of view, July is the date considered by most as when short magnets were the norm for PAFs. Generally speaking decreasing the length decreases the power of the pickups, but this was somewhat counteracted by the Alnico 5's added strength.

When new, the shorter A5 magnet is more powerful than the longer A2 magnet. In fact, they may sound better in many cases. But there are lots of things that effect sound, with the magnet only being one piece of the equation.

Dimensions of PAF magnets follow measured using a micrometer, and obviously this will vary a bit from magnet to magnet: The "short magnet" PAF length was the a bit different: Another interesting point are the magnets in s P pickups remember P pickups are single coil predecessors to PAFs. Because of this, there has been a fair bit of "magnet hijackings" where players take p90 pickup magnets and put them into newer pickups, hoping to get that original PAF sound.

Pickup Wire and Winding Methods. The pickup were wound with 42 plain enamel wire. Gibson eventually switched to polyurethane coated wire around When wire coatings change, the sound of the pickup does change, contributing to the PAF following. The amount of wire and coating wound on each bobbin determines the pickup's resistance. When the bobbins are wound with more than a nominal amount of wire either on purpose or by accident , they are more powerful with fatter midrange but less treble. Due to the human factor and the wide tolerance of the manually-run pickup winding machines used by Gibson from , PAF pickups usually measure between 7.

By the end of the PAF era , Gibson was making pickups very consistently with 7. The separate bobbins of a PAF can measure very differently due to Gibson's manufacturing techniques. For example one bobbin could measure 3. This mis-matched ohms is actually a good thing, as certain frequencies will stand out if both bobbins have different resistance. This contributes to why two PAF pickups can sound quite different.

The coil winder was a Leesona , and did have auto stop counters to keep pickups windings consistent. But these winders ran using a fiber gear and were prone breakage.

The work around to fixing the counters is to time the winding process. That is one reason for the randomness of PAF pickup resistance. Around to exact date unknown , Gibson changed from a manually-run pickup winding system to a fully automated system.

Because of this their humbucking pickups all became a consistent 7. The manual-run system had a machine operator that decided when a pickup bobbin reach about turns of wire. So there was plenty of room for under and over-winding.

When the fully automated system came into place, the pickups were very consistent in their windings and hence total ohms. The to Les Paul Standard model is probably the most famous of the models to have PAFs pickups, though other models had them too.

Also since most of these models had gold plated parts, the narrow spaced PAFs would be gold plated except on some Barney Kessels. If the pickup cover is removed from a narrow spaced PAF pickup, the "normal" pole position tooling marks can be seen on the narrow spaced PAF pickup. The internals of a narrow spaced neck position PAF pickup.

Notice the tooling marks circled in red where the "normal" spaced poles would be. First and foremost, never ever remove the cover from an original PAF pickup, unless you have a darn good reason.

There is just no need for this, and it really makes the pickup "unoriginal" if you remove the metal cover. If you are dying to see the color of the pickup bobbins, just remove one of the underside bottom mounting screws and look in the hole, instead of removing the pickup cover.

This quickly changed to brass covers with a nickel plating. If the cover was gold, the brass was first nickel plated and then gold plated. Early PAFs also have four brass bobbin attachment screws, instead of steel screws. Note the lettering and style of the decals. The lettering is gold, and sometimes the gold does turn green just a bit. The clear edge decal border around the black PAF decal has a slight green tint to it.

Again remember very early stainless steel covered PAF pickups will not have any decal on the bottom. Also note the untouched solder joints holding the pickup cover to the pickup base plate. And the single stranded black cloth-covered lead wire, which is shielded with a braided metal wrap. The "L" shaped tooling marks can be clearly seen on the feet of these PAFs. Double black bobbin PAF. Note the "circle around the square" tooling hole at the top of both bobbins. Notice the hole on the adjustable pole piece side has a smaller circle around it.

The non-adjustable side always has a slightly larger circle. Reissue pickups copy this somewhat but don't copy it just right. Also on newer pickups the circle and square is very clean and crisp. On original PAFs they are less perfect. Also look inside the bobbin holes for the bobbin wire color.

It should be a copper wire with a purplish hue. One bobbin removed on an late PAF pickup, showing the magnet. The length of this magnet changed in summer from 2. Gibson also had PAF mini-humbuckers, used on Epiphone guitars in to Starting in early , PAF pickup bobbins started to be randomly white.

On all zebra half black, half white PAF pickups, the white bobbin is almost always the non-adjustable bobbin though there are rare exceptions. Picture by 58burst or johnnyjellybean? This picture shows the tape that is used to wrap the bobbins. It should not look like it was ever removed, unless the pickup was rewound rewinds are a bad thing. A double-white PAF pickup. Again in white bobbins were fairly common, and some pickups were Zebras as seen above and some were "double whites" as seen below.

For example, on Les Paul Standards around serial number "9 ", the plastic humbucker pickup bobbins can often be white. Again notice the "circle around the square" tooling holes at the top of both white bobbins. Ps are my favorite pickup and while the new Gibsons sound slightly different than the vintage Ps I've heard, they're not far off. Perhaps some sweat and age will make them even better. Thicker mids than a Fender style single coil, but brighter than a humbucker.

A mean, raw, and nasty sound. I can even get country twang out of mine with some amp knob turning. I put these babies into my old les paul deluxe which was in need of new pickups and they are very flexible with their tone.

You can go from country to death metal. Yeah they are noisy, but not as noisy as people say. If you dont like any noise just get a noise gate. I use a boss ns-2 and it does fine. They did really good without it.

Yhey sound like single coils when clean or with srv style distortion, and humbuckers with rock distortion. If you want a good sound pair these babies up with a good amp and you will sound perfect.

Buy these and you wont be the least bit sorry. These came standard on my Gibson SG Classic. Plus, they are the classic pickup that was used by so many guitarists in the 60's, including my favourite, Pete Townshend. You can not go wrong with this classic, vintage pickup! I was impressed cuz I have a stigma with single coils. The guitar was able to deliver punchy, thick not muddy , and rather crisp sounds through a cheap 15w Fender make the guitar work people!

The sound was impressive, no feedback, clarity, and no annoying treble sounds. Handled palm-mutes with ease, and power chords as well. Ran it through my Mesa for fun, and the guitar rose to the occassion. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

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dating gibson p90 pickups

Fits many and can be modified to fit Gibson El This can often account for how two PAF pickups can sound quite different.

dating gibson p90 pickups

Sonically the nickel plated covered patent pickups are excellent values, as they are very similar in sound to a real PAF pickup but are much less expensive. Chords are clear, not muddy, which having a lead bite at the same time.

dating gibson p90 pickups

The sound was impressive, no feedback, clarity, and no annoying treble sounds. Good Quality Improves Sound. These also had the decal with "Patent No 2," still the patent number of Les Paul's trapeze tailpiece. Gibson added the new pickups to steel guitars inand in on electric solid-body and arch-top guitars including the Les Paul Model. Dating gibson p90 pickups shipping to Belarus? This pickup came stock in a Les Paul Junior I dating age difference laws canada. The sanding process fills the gap between the screw boss and dating gibson p90 pickups it meets the ring.