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But education is very important to me. I even had a guy quit his job because he made so much less thinking he could find something nearer my wage Financial stability never made a difference to me when it came to 'dating,' but I do consider it important when it comes to a potential long-term mate. Protect yourself, because you really do have a choice. We are experiencing the nasty effects of feminism. Therefore, you should talk about allowance early e. It's VERY important that you like them for them and not what they have.

I was thinking about gold-diggers the other day. Not interested in what a partner earns, I'm more interested in whether they have drive and ambition same as me. It's not necessarily about how much money a person has, but if you want long term, you should find out how much debt they have, because that debt could potentially become your debt also. For instance, you can send money to her via PayPal. If not, then yes, you are a hypocrite.

Funnily enough I've never had any problems with gold-diggers and the fear of one has never even crossed my mind. Money is only an issue for you because you are making it one. You can discover this by looking around you in the wider world and also by reading profiles about what people are actually looking for on this website.

I am not obsessed with money in any degree, as i wrote: Oh, and it is never a good idea to presume and or assume; thanks: No, there may be issues if my partner lost their job and made no effort to get another and sat on their backsides all day for months on end.

I wouldn't just dump them though I'd discuss first. Not interested in what a partner earns, I'm more interested in whether they have drive and ambition same as me.

No idea, I've always been financially independent, I'd never agree to a joint bank account etc. I don't want to be looked after I want to be loved, money doesn't come into it. I reckon k should be enough 3. Financial security is him earning shed loads and letting me spend at least half of it. Which is exactly where people go wrong in my personal view on dating websites, within the forums and of course back in the real world as well: Partners earning power is not an issue too me because I have my own earning power 3.

No debt at least not excessive besides the obvious I can appreciate that their are a lot of people in this situation at the moment and it is very relevant to current dating, but in all honesty it is not an issue to me I know plenty who are losing their jobs homes and so forth and it can put a great deal of stress on a strong relationship but these are times when a true relationship is tested to the maximum.

I am not here to be wined and dined doesn't interest me to be fair looking for someone who lives in the real world which is exactly what this thread hits on reality. Everything else is a bonus. Have you ended a relationship because your partner lost their job? There is no monetary figure, I'm more interested in them being intelligent and having goals in life. A 4 digit pin number. I have no more or less confidence or independance than I did when employed and am enjoying the volunteering work I am doing at the moment albeit part-time.

Fortunately I do not and have not had to resort to claiming benefits People can only really speak from experience and mine is that a man is infinitely more dateable if he has a good income.. I call this the 'Bernie Ecclestone Syndrome' as his height and age suddenly cease to be an issue As to Gemini Ladies comment of: You end up either carrying them or mising out on what you want because of them" If the genders were reversed you'll find that men have done this for years and been successful at it I don't think anyone admit to those question posed unless they are anonymous or with a counselor.

A great amount of relationships fail because of monetary reasons yet you will not find many people admitting it. That's how things are. Many of us have had the same opportunities to work and unless we stop to look after our children, we don't need a man to finance us.

The women you are referring to are commonly called 'gold diggers' these days. Obviously since we were being asked about our own personal situations, my comment was from personal experience. I have on a couple of occasions briefly dated guys who were on benefits, struggling to get by week to week.

They were not comfortable with me paying for nights out and I was not comfortable with not being able to enjoy doing things I liked to do. One guy insisted on paying for a meal out and later I became aware that he ended up having to walk several miles a day to work the following week due to lack of funds. And yes, it was said to make me feel guilty. Bear in mind that my above comments were with guys I had only met a few times and the situation would have been different in a long term committed relationship.

Their earning potential is of no interest what so ever. Both having a similar outlook to money handling is more important than how much you have.

Many people have lost everything to the recession homes, businesses and or jobs , and I would imagine that there are people on this website who have lost their previous partner as a result of loosing either and thereafter were made to feel by their ex partner that they were suddenly less of a person through absolutely no fault of their own.

Financial Security, Relationships and the Recession Posted: I agree with Maebbaby MrPuddy I am not obsessed with money in any degree, as i wrote: As I hinted at, maybe you are giving off vibes that you're not aware of? Anyone can make up their own personal story so very easy to do about what someone else may write, say and or express; much better to ask someone for clarification.

I've got a warm, dry house and the bills are paid. No 2 Not an issue for me 3 Not starving, not in debt and a roof over my and my childrens head. No, that would be a pathetic excuse to stop being with someone. Enough to keep a roof over our heads, pay the bills and have food in the cupboard. Ditto on above, enough to pay bills and get food. There are also male "gold diggers" in my experience I won't go into details why it was a presumption I had shall we say "unlimited funding " but I have been on a few dates were the male in question assumed I must have money and was rather disappointed to here I never: If I were to start dating now, financial security and money-management would be at the top of my list.

If the guy hasn't been able to save some money, invest it wisely in a house for example, not in stereo equipment! LOL and who understands the long-term responsibility and is prepared for it wouldn't make it past the first date.

And no, I'm not looking for a sugar-daddy. I've worked hard all my life, I support my husband and my mother. I would put up with a lot of personality traits, etc. I don't have a house because I've invested my money in a business. I actually have more potential to earn money than say, a corporate accountant who's going to make the same amount every year. But I also have the chance of earning much less. But I manage my finances and have little debt and excellent credit.

If this doesn't work, I can rebuild, I've done it before. Someone applying a stock formula to me, however, might not be able to see past the "standards". The whole golddigging thing is sort of personal for me because on one side, if a woman can't deal with the higher level of risk I take in my life, it's not going to work. On the other side, If I do become highly successful, I know I'll have to deal with a bunch of sudden friends and acquaintences who won't have my best interest at heart.

So I don't really want to see a woman talk too much about money, at least initially. I agree with you Moimeme, that you have to be careful of losers. It may be that you're saying the a similiar thing to what I'm saying, that you need to avoid the male golddiggers who can cause as much damage as the traditional ones. Knox, Let me reiterate my point, don't mess with golddiggers. The career chicks probably won't mess with you while you're financially weak anyway, because they tend to box themselves into a "my hustbnd has to be more successful than me" trap.

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Page 1 of 2. Beautiful British Columbia Posts: I just want to be sure the next one can stand on his own two bloody feet and that he won't drain off what I have left. I'd much rather ask someone what their 'passion' is rather than 'what they do for a living,' unless their work is their passion. Inside the Ruby Slippers Posts: Frodo Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Where the Sun Shines Posts: Originally posted by Frodo The career chicks probably won't mess with you while you're financially weak anyway, because they tend to box themselves into a "my hustbnd has to be more successful than me" trap. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Would it make any difference if MM is already cheating on his W?

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dating financial security

You think there is a danger of women gold-diggers and see them everywhere

dating financial security

Particularly when it comes to co-habitation.

dating financial security

MrPuddy I am not dating financial security with money in any degree, as i wrote: Establish the payment plan at the beginning of your arrangement. Knox, Let me reiterate my point, dating financial security mess with mongolian dating websites. Oh, and it is never a good idea to presume and or assume; thanks: Someone who manages their responsibiltiers well and is reasonable with their use of credit score more points with me.