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Why The No Contact Rule Is So Important After A Breakup

dating ex again after breakup

Since then she is not able to kiss me, to hug me because she is blocked. He kept it hidden for months instead of shouting at me, which I would have accepted. She still said she is not sure.

You’re Starting Out Way Ahead Of The Game

Where he has already cut me off? I had decided I will work on this relationship, and do what it takes to make her happy. I told him that I am fine with spending sometime apart but at some point we are going to need to come together and work on our issues. I told how I cheated my boyfriend to one of my best friend and this friend also travel with us before my bf found out all of this he found so humiliated again He originally gave us chance to try to make our relationship work out again, but after few days he said we are wasting each other time. He said he still likes me and cared about me and we agreed we were both confused and we needed some time apart.

Are you jealous of your ex? Sex with an ex can be a rather tempting proposition, and the breakup may renew all the passion and sexual attraction that may have been lacking while you were in the relationship with you ex.

Most people confuse this kind of an attraction with love. Getting back with an ex for sex ]. The only reason you should ever get back with an ex is if you truly love them and find yourself shattered after the break up. Do both of you want to get back together or is it just a one sided love story with no happy ending in sight? The only way you can date your ex is if both of you want to get back together and give the old romance another chance at being happy.

Signs your ex is missing you ]. This is treading on tricky grounds because both of you may not always be too keen to accept responsibility. But can you really pinpoint where both of you went wrong in the relationship?

Dating an ex is easy, but going through the same pain and frustrations all over again is just not worth the effort unless both of you avoid repeating the same mistakes all over again.

How to stay in love forever ]. Have both of you matured emotionally since the break up? Do you genuinely think you and your ex can look past the earlier errors and avoid them from ever happening again? If you want to date an ex, you have to be willing to take a chance together with a hope of something better the second time around.

But can you prevent the same mistakes that happened the first time around from cropping up this time around? And even if the same painful memories surface, are both of you ready to face it and overcome it? How to fight fair in a relationship ]. Dating an ex again can feel so good, especially for the first few weeks or months. The novelty of getting your ex back in your arms could seem intoxicating and the sex may be fabulous. But at some point of time, the relationship will start to attain its maturity, and it will happen much faster than a new relationship because both of you know each other so well already.

When the excitement does wear off eventually, would you still be happy to spend the rest of your life with your partner? Can you really see your ex as someone you can spend the rest of your life with, once the novelty and excitement wears off?

How to love again after being hurt ]. So should you date your ex again? Dating an ex is always tempting, but is it really worth the effort? Click here to continue reading about how to date an ex again. Liked what you just read? Temptation could force your memories to revisit your ex almost all the time. But should you date your ex? Read the good and the bad of dating an ex. Then i stop asking or send him any message. I dont know what should i respond?

I want to make him misses me and of course i want him back. Should i respond his random message or just ignore it..? Thank you, I really hope you can help me: I met the guy before I went overseas, so we only had a short period of time together.

Does he miss me and think of me? Is there a chance of getting him back? To cut the long story short I recently ended things because of the lack of effort and commitment after 7 months which breaks my heart because I truly loved him.

Ugh any advice am I doing the right thing??? I want you to please read this and get me a solution fory situation. I and this guy were good friends for 2years. But we were very close. I think u can know it.

We were again close like before speak like copules. Fight n and i would not speak n still after i get back we would get into our routine. But i feel he likes me because when i say i want him he shows the love but again asks me to be friends with him. Can i get a solution as to what i must do to get him back again: I was dating this guy for nearly a year.

We go to the same small college and he is in the grade above me as the same major. He would push me away, then show interest, have sex, show interest then push me away again.

It was a vicious cycle. I put him through a lot in the beginning of our relationship so he uses that as an excuse for the poor way he began to treat me. I was so vulnerable for this guy. I told him I would to anything for him, and I would change the things about myself that he did not like. We broke up and I finally started to just focus on myself again. My happiness is no longer relying on him.

What do you think is best? We love each other, but right now we are just toxic for each other. He never knew when he was with me and it killed me… I know I want him but his indecisiveness has caused this relationship to crumble.

It just all seems like a chase! Hey i have a similar situation feel free to email me maybe qe can text about it or something and help eachother. Hi, I was dating a guy for only two months.

We had the most amazing time together and a great connection. On date 6 we confided in each other about our traumatic pasts. We had incredibly amazing intimacy and fantastic dates. By date 8 I could tell that he was starting to fall for me. On date 9 he freaked out and told me that he had absolutely no concerns regarding our relationship and that he had no doubt about our connection and that if we continued to see each other we would have a wonderful relationship.

The fear that he was having is that I have a 5 year old son. He wants children, but said he is not ready to have a child in his life. I was not pushing anything and he was putting pressure onto himself. I told him that I was trying to focus on the present and that I was not ready for him to be a part of that either. I just wanted things to progress naturally. He had not even met my son. He ended things after our last date without giving us a chance.

Is there any hope for this situation? Hi, my ex boyfriend and i work together, he is younger than me and we were friend for 2 years, I have been supporting him during his bad marriage. Latter he got separated from his wife and contacted me 2 weeks after the separation and we became together very quickly and very intense, he initiate every thing and we were very happy he told me how much he loves me and that he wanted to have a future with me.

I gave him all the attention and care he needed to help with his separation. Then after that he start to change he started to disrespect me and became secretive than he dumped me because he is not ready for a relationship but he wanted us to remain friends. Afterwards he contact me via text in almost weekly basis for the following 3 weeks after the breakup checking on me and try to open conversation, also appreciating me at the office to check that i am ok.

I stoped all contact a week ago and started to ignore him in the office as well and tried not to run into him but in a cool way so I only smile and say hi if we are in the same place briefly. I am very cool, calm and smily in the office as allways which he can see which made him a bit uneasy and he tried to get my attention. I continued taking care of myself and having fun which he can see as well.

Can you please advise if you can? What if in dat 1st step.. Question is ur in a long distance relationship and ur ex has been acting shady. To get things to break up mutually between you both. And claims to stay as friends for the future … should you agree? He broke u with me in july. He ignored me after I did alot lf begging etc. But They are short answers from him. No saying he misses me. No inclination that he wants to work on us again. We split before 4,yrs..

I love him alot I am begging back of him to accept me for the past 4yrs.. Never beg… would you like it? Get on zoosk or some other dating website. The next bus is around the corner. You broke up for a reason. There are a lot of good men still out there. My ex 5 month relationship broke up with me two months ago and a week later went straight to a rebound relationship.

He text me out of the blue and asked me how I was and then said we should go get food. He also said that he wants to just be friends. I still have feelings for him and he knows that. Hence the reason he told me he just wants to be friends. I feel like he is playing games with me and going to get food is only going to hurt me more…. It is going to be a year that we broke up. He did introduce her to his family as a friend.

Our text messages were at first him telling me that he would never see or talk to me again. But will continue to text me some times during the day and mostly during the evening, especially after 11 PM.

Our messages have become very intimate. He asked me to come over 3 weeks ago for the first time since we broke up he had said he would not invite me over again with the excuse that his back hurt and that I was the only person that could help him. I stopped by it was after 11 PM and gave him his back massage for about an hour. I realize he was extremely turned on but we did not get intimate that night.

I went home after and he asked me to please text him to let him know I was home safely, which was our routine when we were together before. I texted him the next morning to ask him how was his back feeling but he did not reply, in fact he did not text me again for 7 days. His brother passed away and I sent him my condolences and had a sympathy card for him and his family.

Last Friday he asked me to come over again after 11 PM because of his back. I did it again, I went over his place and fixed his back, only this time we were very intimate, but he refused to have intercourse, only other things. We helped each other to a release, but when I tried to go all the way he said NO, we are not doing that.

Again he has not texted me back and it has been 4 days. I am so confused. I am not sure if he was using me or if he really did miss me.

I have no idea if he still with the other person since I have not asked him. We were together for 2 years before breaking up, we were the best of friends and talked every day and night.

He called me and texted me every day when he went away on a cruise with his friends. I am not sure what to think.

My best friends tells me he is using me, his son tells me he is confused. Please help me understand this man. I love him and I really believed he cared for me. I ended it with my boyfriend a week ago Friday…I have yet to hear from him. I want to sent him a text, but dont…its a sucky feeling.

About a month ago, my 2 year relationship ended with the love of my life. We were both madly in love with each other and very passionate, and the passion went both ways. I did a poor job of leaving no doubt for him to know how much I loved him, which lead to various problems. I never ever cheated on him or went behind his back, but there were stupid lies throughout that ultimately became too much for him to deal with.

He lost trust in me the past 6 months, even though I knew that in those past months were whenever I was the most trusting.

Anyway, we fought all the time and our lives were miserable, still loving each other immensely. I begged for a few days because I was so devastated, but I turned that around.

But he would joke with me, tease me, etc. His life before me consisted of having really good friends, women included but only as friends and I never once doubted that , and he would typically hang out at bars every other weekend, but he totally stopped that after the first few months of us being together. So I know that his wife was probably there which means that other women were not. I have felt better about myself and life in general, but the worriedness and anxiousness does not go away.

I know that no matter what our future holds, together or just friends, this will have been the best thing for us because we would have never been happy living and treating each other the way we were. This was during a slip up last weekend that I regret. However I feel in relation to that is going to be a natural thing, and right now I do not want to move on from him because I want to be with him so badly.

Hi my name is Tiffany. I have been with my man for over three years. I have a child with him and another on the way. He broke up with me saying he was just tired of it and just knows how to get in my head to where I feel so hurt and upset and hate myself for doubting him when I even catch him in lies. Since he broke up with me I have no right to say who he sees but it will make me feel like I was nothing to him! He says he loves me but not in love with me.

He gives me kisses sometimes but then ttys to not give me the wrong idea. I hurt so much! And what if he fell in love with someone else and had kids with them? I love him and he genuinely loved me. Please tell me what to do to make him come back to me?

I and my fiance separated after two years because of the many problems between us.. But the last problem was big and did not talk to me and I did not speak to him three months ago, and his father convinces him to return but he refuses to.. I knew that from the people around..

Is there a chance to return? He felt as if he was putting me on the back burner, which I completely disagree with. It was the healthiest, most amazing and fun relationship anyone could be in. What do I do now? We are soooo much alike and have so much in common. He was going through a tough time and struggling with mental health issues and decided that even though I was willing to stick by him and love him no matter what, that he needed to help himself before he could let anyone else help him.

I was so upset but understood that when he said he needed some time to get himself right, thats what he needs. So I am giving him some space, we spoke last night to catch up but it was him initiating it and asking how I was.. I left it a day before I replied and he seemed like he genuinely cared. I hope things work out, he is seriously the loveliest, most caring, generous and funny person I know and we got along so well.

I really hope that focusing on myself for a while and allowing him to do the same will be exactly what he needs.. I just hope we find our way back to each other soon as I miss him very much. I hope your situations turned out well guys xx. Hey I need Help!

I have been with this guy from 6months. We were in a more than friends type of a relationship coz we both needed time to commit each other and call it as a Love because love takes times. But we bith were very loyal to each other and everyone knew we about us that we are more that friends and dating sort of. We even physically intimated and were very happy with that also. He was very caring guy who us give me attention all the time.

But from past 1 month things were not ok because he was not able to give me time and then I started fight on small small things. In this mean while his father was admitted in hospital and my guy got very disturbed while that time. And in the last i got so frustrated that I spoke shit to him very badly in anger. I apologised to him after that but it was to late and he decided to end it. So he called me and spoke to me nicely and ended it.

Because he was the perfect guy i want. My ex and I have been through a lot. Everything has been amazing since day one. We recently suffered a miscarriage but he seems fine as we very supportive. I thought this was the man I was going to marry one day. They have had a toxic on again off again relationship and he was the one who broke of their engagement for good.

He met with here after 8 months of no contact to retrieve some important information she had of his. The meeting turned into her saying how sorry she is and she wants him to give her another chance and you know what he did….. They are no good for each other and everyone knows it. Do you think your methods will work in this situation and make him realize he made the wrong decision. I want him back not because I feel I need him but because I truly do love him.

This is one of the most thorough and worthwhile articles I have read on this subject and so thank you! Me and my long term boyfriend did everything together and we basically lived together.

He has a few mental health problems and a pocessive mother. We went to America on holiday a week ago and next week he starts his last year of uni. We did so much together we where like two peas in a pod as load of people told us. Is there still a chance? Please give some advice. I would ask him about it and one time we got in a huge fight about it because I wanted proof that they were over.

Anyways the fight turned bigger and he ended things. I used to use this formula all the time with my ex… but he was a narccisist and used devalue discard almost monthly for 18 years to keep me in love with him.

I used to think wow this stuff works, until I realized he only came back because I was what they call narccisistic supply. Make sure you are not in a situation like this before using these methods that absolutely work, but sometimes we should let them go and get past the pain of missing them. We shared every thing we eat everyday how close friend we were. I falled in love with him after 3 months of friendship. I felt so much pain inside because of insecurity because he did not know i am in love.

After many thought oneday i told him that I am in love with u so badly. I never said I love u. This is my last and final message to u. I cried a lot o got crazy but i had nothing to do.

But we ignored each other. I had no feelings that time. Then he didint reply. After 2 days he proposed me. He said he I love u. I want to be ur bf. First 3 months he didnt loved me that i realized. He fall deeply in love that he started give me Gold Locket…Gold Ring….

Gold earpin…he started spent lot of money…. His mom asked him about he has any gf or not. He told his mom everything. I am a good student 3. His mom bought jewelry for me for wedding. That is how much serious he was. The day i left my country that morning he came to surprise me with a gift hand watch.

After 2 yr rltnshp i got admission in canada for ms. One month ago we had heated argument also like always. He used a slang to me. I cut the phone. He then no reply. He was fire and said this is our last conversation he brokeup with me. He added so many girls in his facebook after he brokeup. I said sorry so many times. I called him 22 days but he didnt pick any of my call. From last 9 days idont call or msg him. He blocked me but he didnt block My best friend. My friend sometimes asked him that he misses me or not.

He says yes He misses but he wont back. Then my friend said then how u sure that u will forget after some days? My questin is why he talk to my friend? Is there any chance to come back? If he talk to another girl he will forget me?

Why he makes us confused that he loves me,trying to move on,but wont back,but recently misses me a lot…why all this things? We are both from the same city and then we both moved to the east coast for college and stayed together a year and a half, but started falling into communication failures and distance.

We have generally been very good at fixing our problems, but this summer we both were in the same city for two months, it was wonderful, then I left for a month to a different country and it started to happen again where we lost touch and communication became worse to the point where I would express my deep sadness and emotions about not being happy and all the things I felt were wrong in our relationship.

He wanted to fix it and admitted he felt the same and wanted to rekindle the spark, but then the last week before I came he became distant again and then I got back and we talked, cried and broke up. I regret losing him and I have followed all the steps and methods and in your videos. The ones about writing bullet points on what went wrong, his views, etc and I still feel lost, but I have come to terms with a lot of things I did wrong. He owed me money from a previous trip we went on and I was a bit rude about it and I feel it somewhat ruined the relationship after the break up, but then we started to slowly talk and I asked his opinion on something, he was kind, but stopped anwering.

I am now back in the city I study in and he is still home, but will be back soon, 3 hours away. It has been almost a month since we broke up. He broke up with me saying that he had enough of the small fight we had every month. Since our breakup , he show no emotions. He didnt try to reach out to me too. However he does constantly post on his facebook page. And it does seem to me he has already move on. Is there even chance for us to be back together again?

Hi, this is great and motivating article! He says love faded? Although we decided I will move out which is hard. I am having holiday now and after moving out. How long will it take to get him back? Will this really work? I dunno what to think!

My boyfriend and I were together for almost three years. We were pretty much a power couple, he was my first boyfriend, and he was 7 years older than me. Everyone who knew him before I met him, constantly told me he is so much better and happier with me and had never seen him treating anyone like a queen like he was treating me. He was good looking and smart and he knew it. We met each other at work, he was trying to move out of his apartment because he did not like his roommates, and he wanted to go back to school.

We were on a break after us talking to each other for about 3 months because he wanted to focus on himself and just pick up shifts, make money, and get out of that apartment. We were still speaking to each other, one thing lead to another, with my help, we moved him out and he got his new apartment. Few months later, when I thought we are still just friends he told me he loves me, like 3 times until I stopped pretending like I am not hearing him.

We started becoming more public about our relationship. He was so kind and loving and he did every single thing he could to make me feel special.

He was so respectful and considerate. He would even come help my mother with some of the manlier things around the house. That really upset him, he failed the first exam and ended up dropping the course which cost him a lot of money too.

So just being more in debt than before, and having a nagging girlfriend who kept trying to push herself on him and became more and more protective and paid more attention to him so she would get more attention, got annoying. He kept saying that all we do is argue now, and I kept saying it is always over the same thing, I just want to see you more. Anyways, 2 weeks ago he asked for some time and space, I got mad, then resulted in a break then a break up!!

All in matter of like 30 minutes because I was livid and confused. I thought everything was great. He said he feels like he is not good enough for me, I made life so easy for him he was letting go of himself and becoming lazy.

Which really pissed me off because last time we took a break while he moved out he said that same thing but then 5 months later telling me he loved me he said he didnt mean any of that. I am a very very hardworking woman, type A, I even made a to do list and plan of attack for both of us every day, so I know if he was even being lazy it was because he was just being lazy and had nothing to do with me. The last week, he got drunk two nights in a row even with me, he only drank when he was upset , he texted me often but I was sleep, my summer class had started, and he even called me.

He texts me every so often, maybe with a picture of a car he thinks we both like, and used to ask me about my class. I know we got back together last time, and I have a feeling he will come back this time too. This year, it wouldve been our 4th birthday and christmas together, he even said no one celebrated his birthday before me, and no one wanted to decorate the house for halloween and christmas like he did.

He did tell me he cares about me, but he did say that he wasnt happy with himself anymore. So I dont know. State fair is in a month and it is our tradition to go to it. We always had so much fun. I was wondering if it is okay for me to ask him to go as friends? I am going on another trip in a week to just get out of here and not let sadness come to my life.

I already signed up for some fun activities and new hobbies as well to keep myself busy and learn bunch of new things I have always wanted to learn. I do love him and I care about him. My boyfriend broke up with me early this month. We used to spend every night together when he was home from school, so I thought maybe we just spent too much time together doing the same boring thing everyday so he got tired of the relationship and not me?

I have broken up with my boyfriend since two months now,but then since he is not even texting or trying to approach. Later this week mistakenly I made a call the next day he reverted me but then again I didnt answered him.. My ex and I were in a long distance relationship for the past 15 months. He works out of town all week so we only saw each other every weekend but talked and texted daily.

The relationship was good, even talked we both wanted long term and eventually to live together until 3 months ago when he took a new job for his company. The demands of the job and long hours started changing him, which i told him that. He was becoming irritable, pulling away so I started pressing for him to just move in with me and my teen son so it would be easier on all of us.

He asked for his freedom even though he says he still loves me. We continue to text some for about a week after this but I still was doing all the wrong thing and my last text was I love you, to which he responded Enjoy your day. I have since stopped all contact and know there is probably no hope of him wanting me back even though I know he really loves me. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. He broke up 6 days ago n i m contacting him bt he blocked me frm everywhere!

Bt he talk to my friends n sayng them that this decision is better for us! M nt good for her! I want him back n i know he miss me alot bcoz v cnt stay widout each other! I tried to call or msg him bt he dint replied but then i told him reply once if u ever loved me he replied b safe b happy! I am confused will he come back to me?

M missing him alot! He told dat he is not happy but he is stress free leaving me! Will he come back?

What happens if they contact you during the no contact period? Do you reply or do you ignore them? Well, I have a question… and that is, how likely is it for him to come back after randomly breaking up with me? We had an amazing relationship, wow amazing.. I met him after a tragic tragic thing happened with his father… and I met him a month after… we connected right off the bat.

Throughout the months we were getting to know each other he asked me to be his girlfriend. Respectful, playful, honest, everything you could possibly ask for.. Now our priorities are more serious with life, we are both 20 and very Mature. Full time jobs but We both take care of the things we need to but we always made sure we made time for each other. That he needs to focus on himself and to take care of his family he has no children but of course his mother and sibling..

This article is mostly targeted to woman. So I ask a question on man side. I have lot of difficulties to start a new relation, because this give me anxiety.

My ex that I was with for 7months decided to stop the relation. Since we broke 4 weeks ago, we regularly see at beginning because we kept some feeling. She from time to time text me that she missed me. But since couple of day she is much colder in her message and when we cross each other. If someone cheats on you, speaks poorly of you, disrespects you, or makes you feel crazy, inadequate, or unloved, they do not deserve to have your love or attention.

There are so many other people and opportunities for you to find joy and happiness in this world. Seek positive relationships instead. My boyfriends mother passed away 5 months ago he took it really hard. I came home from work one day and he said it was over. No fight because we never fight. He said he wanted to go to school and better himself but he had to do it alone. We talked in the beginning. I decided to do no contact after 4 days he texted wanting to see me for lunch.

Everything went well a couple days later I asked to go to dinner. After we went to dinner I tried to put the moves on him. After being shot down he left. He texted me the next day saying he had fun. Feeling rejected I decided to go back to no contact. However he saw a friend of mine the other night and talked about how he misses me and my son.

He told her we still talk and see each other. It been more than. Last week he keep looking up on my status.. Do he miss me? But why does not he text or called me? If he missed you or just wanted to talk to you he would text you or call you.. If I was you I wouldnt even stress about it. I met this girl over fb. She is divorced with 2 kids and 32 years of age. We talked a lot and went to video calls. We never met in person.

She treated me awesome and we planned about our mariage and all. We dated for 6 weeks. Then after i pushed her out of my nonsense to her husband saying its better for her and kids to be with their dad. She refused and refused and i pushed and pushed. At the end she talked him and are now together. Now i begged and cried in front of her to come back. I tried no contact but after 2 week i couldnt resist. I texted her all that how i miss her and love her and sent her my poetry i wrote for her.

After 50 texts and many days she replied. She said i cant text her at night. He husband is by the phone. And said it cant be like early anymore and cannot love someone over internet.

And i like you as the person you are. And she wants to be with his husband now. She said she wants the kids to be with their dad and dont want to waste all years invested and cannot start afresh a new relation. I asked her at least be my friend. She said i can be a friend. But now i stopped talking her now about 2 weeks. Did i lost her forever?. Will she come back? Do i have any chance? So my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a month ago due to arguing. He is in the army and currently away.

I made the mistake of begging for him to take me back, before asking if we could still talk and saying I would leave things. Any advice on what to do!?!

Ex bf of 2 years says he does not love me anymore but wants to be civil due to our kids…we live together also…we are sleeps g in separate rooms…aftwr begging and asking for another chance, he has made up his mind that he does not want o because there is no more emotional connection….

I needed to say that to get some closure…. We have been together for10 yrs have 2 boys moved in and out with eachother n this time break up was bad i even said he was dead top me ….

And responds to anything he says or does he knows he had me like that …what do i do? So we have been together for two years and then my boyfriend left me and after some time he came back and he confessed he cheated on m when together and after leaving me at that time he was still with her. But then he begged for another chance so we started talking again and I was trying to make it work until I found out about something else he had done during that time.

And all the anger and hurt came rushing back and I told him we were done. And he got really emotional and he told me not to leave him and that he will change and he begged me. But I still rejected him. Will he ever come back now? Would he stop trying to win me back? Have i lost him? I was dating a married man off and on for 5 years. The last 2 years were very deep.

He gave me a ring and made moves to divorce his wife. We had a big fight and it got ugly. I of course chased him and did all the wrong things trying to salvage it. He went back to his wife. I gave up 4 months after the fight and worked on me and understanding relationships.

After getting myself in a better place and taking care of me. I feel I really want to show him I grew and would like to reconnect. So I planned a little run in after these 5 more months since no contact. He is talking to my friends about me but everything is negative or he is trying to check my motives. I paged him cause I was upset he was talking to my friends and not me. I praised him about changing me and my relationships and told him all good things but I also told him that I felt hurt and hate it when he spoke to my friends and not me.

I asked him to respect me and not talk to them about us. That I blew up his pager that week. I said all good stuff other then asking to not talk to my friends. What is he doing? I figure I leave him alone…if I see him just smile and love him so he can see the changes. Is he testing me? After 2days he called me and said sorry because of me your depressed, it all happened because of me.

After 2days he called me and sad sorry because of me your depressed, it all happened because of me. Hi I am Hninsimarn. What is this signs?

Resquest by full of respect.. My ex and i broke up 6 months ago after he moved across the country for his dream job. When he left, we were meant to do long distance for 6 months and then figure out what we were going to do.

We lived together and had been together for 1 year and a half. Two weeks after he left, we were both miserable and he started being overwhelmed with how hard work was. I felt like we were not in the same place in our lives and we decided to break up over the phone. We kept texting each other and updating one another about our lives and we missed each other terribly. I have been trying to go no contact for quite some time now but I fail every now and then. I miss him terribly and he told me he needed time and space to focus on himself and we would reassess in a few months.

I have decided to start working out, move apartments, plan a big trip… but somehow the only person I really want to share my stories with is him. I am flying through Vancouver where he now lives in August and I thought I would text him for a quick coffee at the airport.

I hope he will want to see me, I really do. I need some sort of closure and if not, a way to reconnect. Hey Cecile, I can relate to your story so much, especially this part: Your post is from the beginning of this summer-how are you doing now? I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months. It was going great until about March or April.

We would start bickering over little things and it started to happen not every time we went out but the majority of the time. Little did I know that a break meant breaking up. After three days I contacted to get some clarity on what was going on. I told him that I knew I had a lot to work on and I was willing to do it. I told him that I am fine with spending sometime apart but at some point we are going to need to come together and work on our issues. Is my situation even salvageable?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to not just get him back but truly work things out. We talked about a life together and having kids and that is something I want with him. I know everyone says it but I know he is the person I am meant to spend my life with.

I have tried other websites but I am just not financially in a place where I can just buy a step by step book. Then one day he decided to break things off. Days after we were planning future dates. He says I can text him about work stuff since we work together at different companies. But I rarely see him. Is he really busy or just not that into Me? Should I just move on or wait it out a bit? Hi, I just need some advice, couple of month ago me and my boyfriend had a big argument and he ended up texting someone else for sex and that, nothing happened but intentions was there and from then on things just got bad.

We discussed abt it n e promised to love me and b a beta man for me. A year after d relationship I noticed e stopped calling n neva replied my messages. Early January this year I asked him if we were still in a relationship n e broke up with me saying e needed space that I was too possessive.

I really miss him n I always feel as if my hrt is going to explode. Please I need advice on how to get him back or on how to forget him and move on. Hi tq for this post I am honey …last 5 month ago my bf did broke up with me..

I requested him I need u.. And without knows anyone he taking cares me.. What I mean by this is, for a guy whom you never officially dated but had a really amazing connection with? We got into a conversation and it quickly escalated into daily, almost constant communication. Anyways, we connected pretty deeply really quickly. He would say things like he had never been able to have a conversation with another girl like me before, and how he could talk to me all day.

I have been in a long term deteriorating relationship for years now, and he knew this and still expressed that if I made the decision to leave he wanted to date me and we even talked about marriage. It was all very fast, we probably moved too fast in the things we talked about but I really think we had a real connection.

Anyways I ended up making the moves to split with my current relationship, and when I told this guy he seemed happy about it. But because my situation is complicated and my partner was making things very difficult for me, and simultaneously, this other guy was having problems with work and was busier and busier, I started to get needy and anxious and would tell him too much about my problems with my partner.

This guy was always very sweet and listened to me, but over the course of a few weeks I could feel him pulling back and instead of giving him space I got more needy. We had had plans to meet, but I told him I wanted him to see me when I was strong and not vulnerable. He expressed happiness that I felt this way and he was confident in my ability to be strong, but then I got more anxious again and kept pressing about meeting he lives in another country.

He said yes he wanted to meet still,but I sensed that he was saying this to make me feel better and he was feeling a little hesitant about it at the time because of how anxious I had been acting. Over the course of the following two weeks, we communicated less but he would still check in with me every few days and had mentioned it would be hard for him to meet me because there was only one day which I could do so, but he said he was doing his best.

He also informed me at the time that he had had a major financial loss at work and I knew he was very stressed. I told him I was glad his tickets were refundable and that I was sure we could meet another time. No response that day, Saturday, or Sunday. By the time Sunday rolled around I had no clue what was going on and I sent about four messages throughout the day asking if he was still coming and that I was stressed not knowing. Then I sent another message a few hours later, admitting that I knew I had bombarded him with too many messages and mixed messages and that I knew I was all over the place, and how I wished we could have met after I was independent and after he had dated and they everything would have been magical.

I also said I wished the best for him and wanted him to be happy and that I would no longer anticipate hearing from him. Well that was about a month and a half ago. I know that I was too needy, all over the place, and gave him too many mixed messages. I know we had a special connection, and there is a part of me that is still holding on and hoping there is a chance down the road for us to at least be friends, but I am afraid I completely ruined it.

Do I try to make it right? Or do I give it more time and then try? Or do I wait for him? Either way, I do need to work on myself and I need to be able to be independent and amazing — this was part of the shakiness, I am not independent and I know I need to be if I want a real relationship.

How much time do I let pass? Do I go like 6 months, and then reach out and say hi how are you? How do I know whether to initiate something? Is it even possible he still thinks about me? So over the long weekend my boyfriend comes down to visit me.

He lives 2 hours away. On Monday morning, i could hear zippers zipping up downstairs at 9am. I woke up and saw him packing his clothes. I knew something was up with the way he just looked me.

He hugged me goodbye and left. When he got back home i got a phone call. He called and said he was not good and we needed to talk.

There was no signs showing a breakup since we never really had problems. We had a great weekend, and then he goes home and calls me to break up with me. It does not make sense? Anyone have any suggestions or reasons why he all of a sudden did this to me? So me and my were long distance. Not too far away from each other tho, about 4 hours. I had just accepted a job in the city he lives in and was all set for moving down and four days later he broke up with me.

I was worried about his behaviour that I looked at his phone to see if there was something going on but I found nothing.

But obviously he was. He kept it hidden for months instead of shouting at me, which I would have accepted. I forgot to add when we lived with his sister they would get into it and he would let it out on me then when we lived with his friend I would get upset and mad at him and let it out on him. When we moved in with my mom he was upset and stayed in the room all the time. So me and my ex- bf were together for over a year and half. We moved in after 5 months dating with his sister and her bf close to the end of the lease we started arguing, then we moved in with his friend and his gf.

All he started to do was nap a lot and play his computer with his friend all the time. He cut down on being sexual active with me and we would get into petty arguments over stupid stuff.

We only had a 6 month lease with them. Well ever since we moved in are fights became more frequent and he started to get even less sexual active with me…. It hurt and I would get mad at him all the time and we would dight all the time.

Then it got worse when he completely stopped being sexual active. Well he barely talked to me and I had to start begging for him to even hangout with me. Are lease was almost up and we were planning on moving out together then one night I asked are we getting a place together still and he kept saying idk idk then I asked him do you still want to be with me and he said idk I was hurt by this so I asked him again a yes or no answer and he pauses and quietly said no.

I asked him if he could please leave and he did.

Imsges: dating ex again after breakup

dating ex again after breakup

Or are you an action taker who take your education of getting your ex back seriously? So im a guy, and my gf of 2 years broke up with me. Learn how to laugh again, to have a good time and be in the company of others who you can truly be yourself with.

dating ex again after breakup

First, I want to talk about something that a lot of women worry about after a breakup.

dating ex again after breakup

For very obvious reason. No one would tell him. It is normal for people to go through an emotional roller coaster after a datinng. Dating ex again after breakup requested me to be her friend but i got annoyed and abused her and told her new guy our story. Congrats on that whole situation my man.