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Looking for What to Do in Budapest? Take that Europe, you shit! Please prove me otherwise. Do they ever stop using any chance to nag on about women? I have had a little fling with one English lad and up until this day, he still writes to me and asks how I am doing.

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Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You may also like. He was more like a pecker. This is an actual quote from one of my male colleagues. Of course I'm attracted to you if I've said I'll go for drinks with you, but it doesn't mean I'm going to get into bed with you that quickly and the moment you take offence at that is the moment I lose ALL interest.

I would rather offer to pay for the guy than split my own side of the bill. In reality though, I am old-fashioned and truly believe the man needs to pay, at least for the first year or so. And after, just emotionally. I had a thing for him and he seemed to really like me. At least he was so nervous around me, I assumed he did.

I could practically see the wheels turning in his head as he debated whether or not it would be worth it to get me a drink. Would we have to pay two point five euros each?

How would we make it work? It took him about forty minutes as we went from bar to bar, to finally find a cheaper place and scrape enough cash to treat me.

When he did, he felt as proud as if he presented me with a bottle of Dom Perignon. He never did score, so maybe I should mail him a check for my part.

I am from Roma! Seriously, Italian men just love the fact that they are from Italy. So much so that they call all their cities by their Italian names. I am from Milano! Think about it — have you ever heard a French guy say he is from Pari? Or a Russian one that he is from Moskva? Italian men are so full of it, I can write a novel on it. The land of love and seduction. One guy actually presented me with this line after kissing me.

But if we go to the beach right now, I can be your man for this whole hour! What did I do to deserve this? French — the greatest lovers? However, he was one of the most amazing kisses I have ever experienced. Slow, sensual, made me feel crazy tingles. But I gotta say, they are damn sensual and pay a lot of attention to you. The last French guy I was with was a terrible kisser. He was more like a pecker. I felt like I was kissing a relative. After which I never heard from him again.

They are so damn horny and so bad at hiding it that it can get pretty repulsive. A few years back I went out with a Brazilian guy I kind of liked. I loved our kiss on the first date. By the second date, his hand was almost in my underwear.

I told him no. It is nice weather. In the end, I never found out how amazing he was in the sack, but he would make a hell of a beggar. Oh the things that Latin guys will say to you to get you in bed! But a lot of us have a soft spot for Latin guys. They are supposed to be the romantics, the lovers, the passionate seducers. A few weeks ago I went to a Latin Festival, where I ran into a Colombian guy who asked me for my number about a month prior to that, before I left for vacation.

Then, a short Latin woman joined him with another little kid. My daughters , he mumbled before I smiled to the family and politely excused myself. He was cute, tall, Chilean and we had a great spark. He eagerly asked for my number, told me he wanted to see me that week and I was convinced he was very interested.

EE men on the other hand tend to work in construction or the trades, which doesn't exactly render many opportunities to meet British women. I don't want to generalise, obviously this is just a minority of british women that do this and it's just my personal anecdotal experience. I mean my english isn't amazing or anything, but I think I'm at least partially fluent and they always just look at me like they're struggling to understand what I'm saying and stuff like that. Accents of course carry negative connotations.

I don't know, this might just be me complaining and sounding childish, but the whole atmosphere really makes me feel bad and makes me not want to interact with people, especially women. I was just joking about the stereotype that computer programmers aren't successful with women. It's probably out of date now.

I've dated one asian and one african girl, but that was really short term, meanwhile british women just seem repulsed by me and every single other eastern european guy I know. Absolutely the same experience here. I'm an Eastern European Software Engineer by the way. I can see I have a pretty good success with girls from anywhere else, but British girls. Also, I can relate to British people dismissing me as dumb or talking down to me.

Doesn't sound like complaining at all, when I do see Eastern European guys they're almost always with a woman from their country, maybe if the situation is that bad for you you might consider looking for women from your country plus that's just another thing in common. I personally find that there's a bit of a cultural difference sometimes that makes dating awkward, at least there has been in my experience.

I suppose everybodies different though. A few have been really pushy over sex, then can't figure out why they aren't getting lucky because they've figured that British women are really easy? They've pretty much assumed that because I've agreed to a date with them that I'm consenting to go back home with them later. Most of it isn't personality stuff. I've met with guys in a nice bar for a drink and they've turned up in trainers that really are meant for lounging round on a Saturday morning in your jogging bottoms while I've "made an effort" so to speak.

Also guys who have spoken on their phone and ignored me the entire date. It may be that this is how dating is in Eastern Europe and it may be that I'm just super picky, but it felt like culture stuff to me, like they couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to see them again when they've spent the whole date talking Polish down their phone and ignoring me.

I've lived here for 4 years and I don't really have any british friends, male or female. These are more personal things I feel like. It might be because eastern europeans in the UK are probably the poorest group of people in the entire country, so it's not that easy for most of us to buy nice clothing. I don't know, I'm not polish, but where I'm from it's socially unacceptable to even look at your phone if you're with someone you just met, especially if you're on a date.

I don't know, I always apologise profusely if I even take my phone out when I'm out with someone. That shit doesn't really wash with me though. Can't say I'm an expert in spotting it, but I tend to go with my gut - if he's ignoring me the entire time or spends more time on his phone than me, I'm no longer interested.

Plus he was the one who suggested that bar, not me. Of course I'm attracted to you if I've said I'll go for drinks with you, but it doesn't mean I'm going to get into bed with you that quickly and the moment you take offence at that is the moment I lose ALL interest.

Of course there's women out there who are happy to sleep with someone on the first date, whatever, more power to them. I don't know, I think you just had bad luck.

Maybe it's because immigrant feel like nothing really matters anymore, but I can tell you that in eastern europe it's really not acceptable to be even slightly disrespectful to a woman. I don't know where this stereotype of eastern europeans demeaning women comes from, but I certainly don't think that's the case.

I guess you could argue that it's slightly "sexist" that we treat women better just because they're women, but the fact that eastern europeans could disrespect women really just sounds bizzare to me. Of course men think that a woman is supposed to know how to cook, how to take care of a home and be a mother, but equally every single man thinks that a man needs to know how to cook, take care of a home and how to be a good father. I think maybe Eastern European women are seen as equals and respected and again, it might be totally just my experience, but I think there is this attitude that British women are easy compared to other Eastern European women.

I've no issue with people from EE, I would probably just be reluctant to date someone from there again. As I said though, it's just my experience. Well yeah, that attitude definitely exists, but it exists in terms of other british people. British women are perceived as "easy" in regards to british men, but like I've said - literally not a single person I know has dated a british woman and I know hundreds of eastern europeans living the UK. I suggest you don't stay with your Polish or Lithuanian?

Anecdotal, but one of my college teachers is Polish and due to me being Russian probably thinking that I was another exchange student said "oh it's good that I see you mixing with people, you know you have these guys who stay in their neighborhood and hang out with the same people from the same country and eventually the whole place sort of turns into a ghetto".

It's difficult to go out of "your community" when the "british" community doesn't particularly like you or want to mix with you, or talks down to you whenever they speak to you. Just my personal experience though, I don't want to generalise, I'm sure a lot of brits befriend eastern europeans, but it's not that common.

I thought leather jackets were fashionable, isn't this look rather appealing? That looks good, but as an Eastern European, the black leather jacket would make you look like a hitman. Avoid sportswear unless you're working out , racer jackets, and limit your use of black tops. Would it be right in saying that men prefer Eastern European girls in their looks, but women don't prefer Eastern European men in their looks?

Because even with cultural differences, the men will look past the woman's, but woman won't look past an Eastern European man's most of the time. I've always thought that EE women are amazingly good looking but the men look like potatoes on a stick. You're just generalising, that's really not true. Plenty of EE women look horrible and plenty of EE men look good.

Yeah it's a generalisation, Polish men tell me British women are far better looking so maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. I don't think either nation is better looking. I think the only difference is that you guys have a higher population than most of the eastern european countries, so you have more people who can be "average" and our countries tend to flow towards the extremes, there are of course "average" girls, but that's just a theory of mine, I don't have any actual experience or facts to back it up, I might be completely talking out of my ass.

I think Eastern European girls have been somewhat fetishized whereas the same has never happened for EE guys. In media they are represented as gangsters or gruff manual labourer types, with all the associated negative stereotypes.

It probably doesn't help that whenever I see groups of EE men on public transport they're usually in tracksuit bottoms and trainers, drinking a can of beer or already drunk and talking some kind of objectionable bullshit. I have never seen a group of EE men on public transport discussing the latest book they've read or the awesome restaurant they went to last night.

If the only contact Brit women have had with EE men is the same kind of oafish poorly groomed dude then, no matter how intelligent or well groomed you are, they'll probably just lump you in with same box marked "Nope" which isn't a judgment about Brit women, it's just human nature and we all stereotype and compartmentalise people. Actually, even just doing a google image search of 'Eastern European women' vs 'Eastern European men' shows the different way they are perceived.

My personal experience with EE men has been that the vast majority have been less educated than me, speak poor English and have some pretty 'traditional' views on gender relations and their politics is very right-wing and Russian guys seem incapable of smiling. Education, intellect, progressive views and liberal politics are all important to me and I seem to find that occurs more with British, American and Northern European men.

What EE men need is someone attractive to make it big the UK — like a hot Belarusian actor or a Lithuanian singer or something. That'd help change their image. I'll go as far to say you've never seen a group of british men doing anything like this either You've even go as far to say that you've been "fetished" in the eyes of westerners, so you agree they don't really see you as an equal or even as an actual person most of the time, so this whole "Fucking loser EE men" thing is just over the top.

Other than that I completely agree. It's snobbery to want to date someone with the same political and social views as me, who has completed the same level of education and has a similar background?

I took my date last night to an interactive lecture series on Corbynomics. I realise most people would find that incredibly dull, I've lucked out by finding someone who wants to spend the night discussing monetary policy and structural opression.

My dating pool is somewhat narrow I have, I have literally never heard a group of british men discussing an actual book. I'll take your word for it, but don't act like this is the norm. It's snobbery to say that most "eastern european men I've met" were "less educated" than you.

First off, most of the people you have met in your life have been eastern european, assuming you didn't grow up in Britain. Secondly, how do you gauge how "educated" they are? Because they don't hold leftist, SJW progressive views - they're less educated? If anything you came off extremely uneducated and quite dumb making a statement like that, grow up. If you actually understood anything about economics, you wouldn't support leftist economic policies over laissez faire policies.

Especially having grown up in eastern europe, which had it's economy completely destroyed by socialist economic policies and thought policing. Oppression is spelled with two p's, btw, mrs "My english is better than most people's". Yes, because most normal people don't hold progressive views or leftist economic ideas. Normal people see the benefits of both sides of the fence and sit somewhere in the middle.

Almost, most people grow out of feeling this sort of faux-moral superiority over others when they reach the age of 18, you should try it some time. Maybe you should try to feel proud of and honour your culture, not try to shit on it and your own people for cheap "upvotes" on the internet, just because you feel morally and intellectually superior to everyone else from "Ol' backwards Poland".

But of course, you're just like most eastern european girls here - obsessed with western culture and how much "better" it is than your own country even though it's not - you just want something to brag about. I bet you talk down about Poland all the time too. Grow up fam, srsly If this is how Eastern European men speak to women I think we've solved the question of why British women don't date them.

You are being a cunt. The fact you don't realise that is a big indicator that you are deficit in your self awareness skills. It's the strength of it. What was your age when you came over to the UK, and if early enough, what regional accent have you absorbed? That's quite cool" vs semi-unserious piss taking I had at years of age.

I was 18 when I came here, my accent is very noticeable, it's really hard for me to speak most of the time because I'm sure people will just get thrown off by my accent and will have a hard time understand me. Albanian guy here that's been on both sides. I've had British women just treat me like a normal guy. On the other hand, I've had some British women treat me as if I am a stereotypical Albanian, never usually positive e stereotypes.

That's the main thing, eastern European men are percieved to be aggressive, violent or criminals, especially Polish, Lithuanian, Albanian and Serbian guys, no idea why they choose to focus on those more.

More often than not, I've met people that ont care about where I'm from and met a small amount of people that are attracted to those negative stereotypes. Perhaps you're just in an area where the people there have negative views on eastern Europeans.

The shitstorm that's brewed in this thread is golden, I think OP's answered his own queries after all those comments. Are you an Eastern European guy? If so, have you thought maybe it's not the whole being an Eastern European guy that is the problem? I spent 2 years studying in Britain and didn't exactly experience a warm welcoming from British women either.

So once I went to a lounge bar with a friend, good music, atmosphere, I did not expect any acquaintances with ladies. When I approached a bar to order a drink, a good looking British girl approached me, started talking me in a flirty way. Since I was single, I responded in the same way. Everything when well until she asked me where was I from I do have an accent. Her eyes rolled and she departed immediately like if I said I was from Liberia during Ebola outbreak.

I've had a girl dancing and making out with me in a club and then asking where I'm from. Upon hearing I'm Eastern European, she just said "excuse me, I'm going to the toilet, I'll be right back" and never came back..

You're being downvoted because you seem very defensive. Lots of people have replied to you and given very sensible reasons, and your response seems to be "yeah - but no ". It's whingy and unattractive, to be honest.

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dating eastern european man

Grow up fam, srsly This is definitely seen in how they treat not only women, but everyone around them. Europeans dress to impress.

dating eastern european man

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dating eastern european man

Grow up fam, srsly Aim to highlight your successnot your financial status. This breeds a dating eastern european man of men who have habits of looking after their own needs versus the needs of the collective. Kind of like how you have a good sense of playing the recorder. And why would british women ALL eiropean want to date me because of this perceived attitude? I never said "You wouldn't understand" I never said "waaah I'm a dating eastern european man country" i just said - I don't have many friends datiny most of my dating eastern european man were from my own country and since I've moved I haven't made any friends, you're literally talking half of what I said - making up the rest as what you think I said, then proceeding to make up a tone in which I said something and then getting upset at this fictional character you've things to consider when dating a separated man and lashing out at me.