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Dating Diaries: My date put his best foot forward — under my dress

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A week later, he texted that he could be in my neighbourhood in the next 30 minutes if I was up for it. Then, I met Hector at a talk at a university. I had dated, and did have one relationship recently since my divorce.

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Amanda is a year-old small-business owner who lives in High Park. By Special to the Star. This felt reasonable to me. I would add that I am a risk-taker. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. I felt disrespected, but due to the awkwardness and strangeness of it all, I laughed instead of challenging him.

Maybe he had been through something difficult too. We ended the date abruptly. He was far more concerned with getting on with his day than with learning anything about me and my world. My head was spinning. I left and texted my friend that it was the worst date I had ever been on.

I had never felt so demeaned on a date before, or since. After all that, I got back on the TTC to start the long trip home. Want to be a dating diarist? The Toronto Star and thestar.

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I tried to have a good attitude about it. I guess he was trying to be seductive. I could feel his toes rubbing my skin under the folds of my dress, which he must have thought was an oh-so-sexy move. It was absurd, and a total turnoff. I could feel my eyes get wide. Instead, I tried to reset the scene.

I told him that that was not happening. He just shrugged, non-reactive. Trying again to get something going, Rick complimented my looks, saying I was sexy and very obviously staring at my body. You need to stop it. After lunch, standing outside the restaurant, I tried to decide what to do. Ending the date right there seemed abrupt. I decided to give him a break. I asked Rick if he wanted to have a drink and some dessert, thinking a more casual environment might be more relaxing and help him knock off the machismo act.

We sat and talked and actually had a nice conversation. We actually shook hands after the date and he promised to call me. I agreed, and attempted to throw together a casual-but-cute look for our first official date. He looked 10 times better than I did, so it was necessary to start the date off with a couple of shots. We enthusiastically toasted to ourselves and proceeded to have the best first date I have ever been on.

After drinks, we walked over to The Horseshoe Tavern to enjoy some live music and conversation. I learned that he cared a lot about other people, was a diehard Beatles fan like me, and was really just an incredibly happy guy. He made me feel so relaxed. He walked me further south toward the CN Tower and we danced to him singing every romantic Beatles lyric ever written. Our night ended in the early hours of the morning with a sleepover at my apartment where we just cuddled — something new for both of us.

I surprised myself when it came down to admitting that I actually wanted something more exclusive. I picked a fight with him, and when the fight exhausted itself, I returned solo to The Village Idiot to soak in my embarrassment. I felt like I had cheated myself by breaking my own rules. I turned to my most trusted and long-term relationship with tequila to shake off whatever it was I was feeling, but this only resulted in calling him at 3 a.

I was unstoppable at this point and decided to get into it with his voicemail, and it just came out: However, that day he walked into my work carrying Starbucks and smiling and asked if we could go for a walk. But if love means wanting to wake up next to, and spending every day with the same person, and wanting to share all of your stories and dreams with that same person, then, yeah.

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dating diaries toronto star

I agree, but I also think social media is a great way to keep in touch with those you might not be able to see, support people, and engage and share in conversations. Diversions Horoscopes Crosswords Sudoku Comics. I ended up waiting for quite a while, and he arrived with a few packages and groceries.

dating diaries toronto star

A not-so-meet-cute at a bar.

dating diaries toronto star

When I dating diaries toronto star to the bistro that he had requested for lunch, I texted him, wondering where he was. Want to be a dating diarist? Want internet dating gone wrong be a dating diarist? Surprising results when compared to Haagen Dazs, our restaurant critic finds. The next two years I spent exploring the city as a serial dater, dating diaries toronto star and doing shots of tequila with men who, if they were lucky, I might get to know on a first-name-only basis.