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Can we Celebrate Christmas? By: Rev. Fr. Paul Kaiparambadan

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This is not just about pointing fingers to whoever is wrong. It is closer to a symbolic connection to the spiritual realm and to show humbleness and respect in the presence of the secular society. Most visitors opt to travel by taxi, which is cheap and occasionally even fast. Condoms appeared in village shops and urban supermarkets, and frank H. Imports and unauthorized copies of foreign mostly American, European, and Japanese erotica are easily available and popular. The Court in Chavez [41] elucidated on the distinction between regulation or restriction of protected speech that is content-based and that which is content-neutral.

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When asked in the same survey if they engaged in cybersex, eight percent of males and five percent of females said yes. In the Catholic School, we have a regular first friday mass. Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia , located on the northwest of the island of Java. Before, everyone used to think sex was very important. And He saw a poor widow putting in two small copper coins. There are three sources of tap water in Jakarta: Be aware that many of the streets in Jakarta are divided by a median, and many others are one-way, so do your best to set your pickup location on an undivided, two-way street, and by an easily recognizable landmark or storefront.

But the celebrations narrated in Judges It was instituted by Judas Maccabeus and celebrated by the Jews, only as a custom! Anti-Catholics make a big issue about some of Christmas practices that are similarly to pagan customs Christmas trees, candles, December 25, exchanging of gifts etc. But all Christian practices that are written in the Bible, also have the same problem! They already existed in the pagan world, in different forms and styles! For example, Baptism by immersion in water for the forgiveness if sins existed as an old custom of ancient Hindu religion.

They believed that immersion in the river Ganges purifies them from all sins! Does that mean, baptism is pagan? As the pagans bowed their heads and prayed to their gods, should Christians not bow down and pray? Should we not use the word Bible then? Those elements which have similarities with the pagan culture and found their way in Christmas celebrations will never make Christmas a pagan celebration.

The scripture says that Zechariah received the message from an angel while he was incensing; which shows the feast of the Dedication of the Temple on September according to the Roman Calendar. After six months Mary received the annunciation from the angel Lk 1: Traditionally, the Church celebrates it in March The second reason as to why early Christians celebrated Christmas on 25th of December was to attract pagans to Christianity.

For pagans, December 25 was the birthday of the sun god. Thus, Christmas became a celebration of the victory of Jesus over pagan gods! Dictionary of Roman Religion. Oxford University Press, New York, Now, all over the world, nations and religious groups like Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, remember the great birth of Jesus in that day. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Courts subject content-based restraint to strict scrutiny. With the view we take of the case, the suspension MTRCB imposed under the premises was, in one perspective, permissible restriction. We make this disposition against the backdrop of the following interplaying factors: First , the indecent speech was made via television, a pervasive medium that, to borrow from Gonzales v. A view has been advanced that unprotected speech refers only to pornography, [43] false or misleading advertisement, [44] advocacy of imminent lawless action, and expression endangering national security.

But this list is not, as some members of the Court would submit, exclusive or carved in stone. Without going into specifics, it may be stated without fear of contradiction thatUS decisional law goes beyond the aforesaid general exceptions.

As the Court has been impelled to recognize exceptions to the rule against censorship in the past, this particular case constitutes yet another exception, another instance of unprotected speech, created by the necessity of protecting the welfare of our children. Despite the settled ruling in FCC which has remained undisturbed since , petitioner asserts that his utterances must present a clear and present danger of bringing about a substantive evil the State has a right and duty to prevent and such danger must be grave and imminent.

The doctrine, first formulated by Justice Holmes, accords protection for utterances so that the printed or spoken words may not be subject to prior restraint or subsequent punishment unless its expression creates a clear and present danger of bringing about a substantial evil which the government has the power to prohibit.

As it were, said doctrine evolved in the context of prosecutions for rebellion and other crimes involving the overthrow of government. To be sure, the clear and present danger doctrine is not the only test which has been applied by the courts. Generally, said doctrine is applied to cases involving the overthrow of the government and even other evils which do not clearly undermine national security.

Capulong [52] and Gonzales v. The Court explained also in Gonzales v. When particular conduct is regulated in the interest of public order, and the regulation results in an indirect, conditional, partial abridgment of speech, the duty of the courts is to determine which of the two conflicting interests demands the greater protection under the particular circumstances presented.

Among these are a the social value and importance of the specific aspect of the particular freedom restricted by the legislation; b the specific thrust of the restriction, i. If, on balance, it appears that the public interest served by restrictive legislation is of such nature that it outweighs the abridgment of freedom, then the court will find the legislation valid.

In short, the balance-of-interests theory rests on the basis that constitutional freedoms are not absolute, not even those stated in the free speech and expression clause, and that they may be abridged to some extent to serve appropriate and important interests.

In the case at bar, petitioner used indecent and obscene language and a three 3 -month suspension was slapped on him for breach of MTRCB rules. In this setting, the assertion by petitioner of his enjoyment of his freedom of speech is ranged against the duty of the government to protect and promote the development and welfare of the youth.

No doubt, one of the fundamental and most vital rights granted to citizens of a State is the freedom of speech or expression, for without the enjoyment of such right, a free, stable, effective, and progressive democratic state would be difficult to attain.

Arrayed against the freedom of speech is the right of the youth to their moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social being which the State is constitutionally tasked to promote and protect. Moreover, the State is also mandated to recognize and support the vital role of the youth in nation building as laid down in Sec. II of the Constitution.

The Constitution has, therefore, imposed the sacred obligation and responsibility on the State to provide protection to the youth against illegal or improper activities which may prejudice their general well-being.

Indisputably, the State has a compelling interest in extending social protection to minors against all forms of neglect, exploitation, and immorality which may pollute innocent minds.

The Constitution, no less, in fact enjoins the State, as earlier indicated, to promote and protect the physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being of the youth to better prepare them fulfill their role in the field of nation-building.

His statements could have exposed children to a language that is unacceptable in everyday use. FCC explains the duty of the government to act as parens patriae to protect the children who, because of age or interest capacity, are susceptible of being corrupted or prejudiced by offensive language, thus:.

Other forms of offensive expression may be withheld from the young without restricting the expression at its source. Bookstores and motion picture theaters, for example, may be prohibited from making indecent material available to children.

We held in Ginsberg v. The ease with which children may obtain access to broadcast material, coupled with the concerns recognized in Ginsberg , amply justify special treatment of indecent broadcasting.

Kalaw Katigbak likewise stressed the duty of the State to attend to the welfare of the young:. This is so because unlike motion pictures where the patrons have to pay their way, television reaches every home where there is a set. Children then will likely will be among the avid viewers of the programs therein shown. As was observed by Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jerome Frank, it is hardly the concern of the law to deal with the sexual fantasies of the adult population.

It cannot be denied though that the State as parens patriae is called upon to manifest an attitude of caring for the welfare of the young. The compelling need to protect the young impels us to sustain the regulatory action MTRCB took in the narrow confines of the case.

To reiterate, FCC justified the restraint on the TV broadcast grounded on the following considerations: It is appropriate, in conclusion, to emphasize the narrowness of our holding. This case does not involve a two-way radio conversation between a cab driver and a dispatcher, or a telecast of an Elizabethan comedy. We have not decided that an occasional expletive in either setting would justify any sanction.

The concept requires consideration of a host of variables. The time of day was emphasized by the [FFC]. The content of the program in which the language is used will affect the composition of the audience x x x.

There can be no quibbling that the remarks in question petitioner uttered on prime-time television are blatantly indecent if not outright obscene.

It is the kind of speech that the State has the inherent prerogative, nay duty, to regulate and prevent should such action served and further compelling state interests. Petitioner theorizes that the three 3 -month suspension is either prior restraint or subsequent punishment that, however, includes prior restraint, albeit indirectly.

After a review of the facts, the Court finds that what MTRCB imposed on petitioner is an administrative sanction or subsequent punishment for his offensive and obscene language in Ang Dating Daan. To clarify, statutes imposing prior restraints on speech are generally illegal and presumed unconstitutional breaches of the freedom of speech. The exceptions to prior restraint are movies, television, and radio broadcast censorship in view of its access to numerous people, including the young who must be insulated from the prejudicial effects of unprotected speech.

The Board can classify movies and television programs and can cancel permits for exhibition of films or television broadcast. The power of MTRCB to regulate and even impose some prior restraint on radio and television shows, even religious programs, was upheld in Iglesia Ni Cristo v. Speaking through Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, the Court wrote:. Its public broadcast on TV of its religious program brings it out of the bosom of internal belief.

Television is a medium that reaches even the eyes and ears of children. The Court iterates the rule that the exercise of religious freedom can be regulated by the State when it will bring about the clear and present danger of some substantive evil which the State is duty bound to prevent, i. While the thesis has a lot to commend itself, we are not ready to hold that [PD ] is unconstitutional for Congress to grant an administrative body quasi-judicial power to preview and classify TV programs and enforce its decision subject to review by our courts.

As far back as , we upheld this setup in Sotto vs. Persons possess no absolute right to put into the mail anything they please, regardless of its character. Under the decree a movie classification board is made the arbiter of what movies and television programs or parts of either are fit for public consumption.

Moreover, its decisions are executory unless stopped by a court. Thus, all broadcast networks are regulated by the MTRCB since they are required to get a permit before they air their television programs.

Consequently, their right to enjoy their freedom of speech is subject to that requirement. As lucidly explained by Justice Dante O. In this scheme, station owners and broadcasters in effect waived their right to the full enjoyment of their right to freedom of speech in radio and television programs and impliedly agreed that said right may be subject to prior restraint—denial of permit or subsequent punishment, like suspension or cancellation of permit, among others.

The three 3 months suspension in this case is not a prior restraint on the right of petitioner to continue with the broadcast of Ang Dating Daan as a permit was already issued to him by MTRCB for such broadcast. Rather, the suspension is in the form of permissible administrative sanction or subsequent punishment for the offensive and obscene remarks he uttered on the evening of August 10, in his television program, Ang Dating Daan.

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dating daan religious practices

Santa Cruz, Tangub City, named Nanin Alquizar, who was an active member of INC during that time, after witnessing the debate he was converted to Catholicism and he attended to our weekly bible study.

dating daan religious practices

Views Read Edit View history. Approximately 28 million includes urban area.

dating daan religious practices

Since parents are unlikely to display affection in front of their children, role-modeling salisbury md hook up affection between the genders is usually derived not from parents, but from literature or the media. The dating daan religious practices is non-refundable. More importantly, petitioner is deemed to have yielded his right to his full enjoyment of his freedom of speech to regulation religiou PD and its IRR as television station owners, program producers, and hosts have impliedly accepted the power of MTRCB to regulate the broadcast industry. Available on-line at Uchicago. They're a popular way to get around town since they can weave through Jakarta's interminable traffic jams much like motorbikes can. While adults may have understood that the dating daan religious practices thus used were not to be taken literally, children could hardly be expected to have the same discernment. Fishing is a major industry along the coast.