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In August , the Iglesia ni Cristo sued Soriano for libel after Soriano accused them of publishing explicit comic books depicting Soriano having homosexual sex. Simple lang din po ang solusyon dito: I started to have a devotion of praying the rosary and I started to have an interest in reading the bible. Nang magtungo nga po si Secretary Procy Alcala sa Belgium, sabi sa kanya, huwag daw sasama ang kanyang loob, dahil baka tanungin tayo ng ibang bansang may yellow card pa. In , the church changed its name to "Members Church of God International". Mga estudyante nagre-research sa internet. Best of luck finding meaning in your meaningless world.

Philippine Largest Christian Denominations Established by Filipinos

Kapag pinagsama natin ang solicited PPP projects ng nakaraang tatlong administrasyon, ang suma-total: Dionisio Manuel Garrido says: Di tayo makakasiguro kung malinis ang intensiyon ng mga susunod, o kung nanaisin lang nilang habambuhay na maghari-harian para sa sariling interes. This certificate shows the income subjected to expanded withholding tax paid by the withholding agent. Napakalaking karangalan ang pamunuan po kayong lahat. Could we seriously expect a Miller-Urey type of soup to make them all at once, given the hit-and-miss nature of its chemistry?

PLS take a sit. Dawkins is not propounding a theory. He is presenting one possible hypothesis. There is a difference. I think Sir Fred already answered your question Perry. We need a lot of s donated and brought to the Midwest for testing. Are scientific theories shaped by the evidence, or motivated by philosophical biases, dogmatic pre-suppositions, and speculations to support desired narratives?

Instead of seeking the external cause, scientific elite discard theories beyond material naturalism, distain evidence of design, plan, or purpose, and adamantly deny implications that our finite physical cosmos is an adjunct to an infinite reality beyond space and time. Ninety-five percent of the cosmos is a mystery! Does delegating the quest for truth to scientific processes that cannot discern beginning, meaning, purpose, or destiny, and relegating God to the role of moral law-giver artificially limit reality?

Great scientists realize that purely naturalistic explanations cannot answer the essential question — why there is something instead of nothing. Not in conjecture, not in ambiguity not in suspicion, not in hope. Science is not a belief system, it is a fact. Also the terrible problems with the laws of thermo-dynamics and 4.

So believing in the poor science of unguided creation would leave me more miserable than you seem to be. Best of luck finding meaning in your meaningless world.

Non-believers are stuck with the old conscience problem. They HAVE to borrow the whole religious ethic as an argument that they are humane, trustworthy, etc, and ascribe to the same morals as religious. If there is no God, no purpose, why live ethically? Cheat wherever and when ever you can get away with it. Steal, lie, rape, acquire. But if you accuse them of this, they get all huffy and insist they are upright and moral citizens, but the question remains.

There is absolutely no justification for it in their philosophy, so why do they live opposite to their beliefs? For myself, I believe motive is everything. What does a non-believer get out of it? Seems to me, most of their motives are negative. Desire to be accepted among others. An overweening need to feel superior and intellectual, looking down on others.

Most likely though, is anger at God, and since they cannot get at God, lash out at His followers. If atheists were truly such, they would not be so hostile over something they claim to not believe in.

They would be just as upset over Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc. Arent they known myths that we teach our children? Isnt it harmful to poor children when they are good but get no presents? But not a peep. Having said that, I can say that this site is extraordinarily sociable about it. Evolution, God, Creation, will all start really nasty flame wars almost everywhere else. Until I found this author, and his very clear and elegant theory, I was of the opinion that science could not prove, or disprove Gods existence.

But with science being a wash, it comes down to faith. Their philosophy is no more scientific. By the established standards of witness and evidence for Historians, Archeologists, Statisticians and Lawyers. Maybe because its easier to argue the truth? Its a 3rd way of thinking on evolution, and it very elegantly explains Creation too, consciousness, morality, etc.

They run out of fuel, collapse, etc. This sort of ending requires a beginning. Even given a lifespan of billions of years, it has to end, meaning something started it. As I write this, I think again of motive. How much blinder can a faith be?

And yet those who do not believe the universe was created by some supreme being still care and love and fill their lives with meaning despite your despair at the notion you might not be the centre of the universe and the reason it was conjured into existence.

Argument from petulance is not very convincing. Putting words in my mouth in an attempt to impugn my argument by impugning me, wont work. So, we will do this your way. Atheists, simply because its easier.

Also, look at crime. Christians avoid committing crimes out of conscience, criminals avoid crime out of fear of punishment. But, will commit crimes if they think they can get away with it. You want to have your cake and eat it too. Throw away God, absolutes, right down to good and evil, yet claim yourself as virtuous. How then does your absolutism get you past the myriad scientific problems with everything from Big Bang to Evolution.

There is no science whatsoever disproving God. Although there is however, massive amounts of evidence from witnesses and history FOR Theism. Lets throw in all the inferential evidence provided by archeology, historians, statistics. Ok, show us your science disproving God.

You swallow that and dare to mock Theists? Atheists want everyone to reject God based on the fact gravity exists and your toilet flushes.

Its as gullible as anything I could possibly imagine. Atheism is not based in science. There is no evidence disproving god. Nor is there evidence disproving fairies. But there certainly IS proof of the supernormal within the known historical record! It took me over five decades to discover this fact and I am a speed reader! Reply to John Richard: It would take too long to elaborate! I was going to write a book, but it takes too much time at my age.

There are logically connecting sub surface patterns in the historical record unseen to us, until they are pointed out. These highly unusual patterns concern religion and the military. In a word, they are phenomenal. And their occurrence is way beyond random chance. Indeed, God is invisible to us. Nate, give us something different. Your post is nothing but Dawkins rehash. Damn, you God haters are so unoriginal. Well, atoms are a mass of protons and neutrons with electrons orbiting that mass.

It follows all kinds of rules with positive and negative charge, strong nuclear force, it has a gravitational pull. Dear Perry, In the beginning there was nothing regarding Life and now we have it all.

The previous will call for the next one and so on. No previous code was required but the will of those beings to communicate. Sounds first It just happened. Like boys talking today. Pathways are made as we walk- a print first then a path, a road to highway turned. Life started with one living cell which had to come from non-life Elements that polluted the planet then after formation- given the conditions. There were no Gods coming to earth to create life on.

Have to agree on this one. Recall what people say; the simpler the better. Or we believe we are so important as to make God come to this infinitesimal planet among Universe to say OK I decide to start life on this planet now. It even sounds vain.

Natural Evolution on one hand and Conscious Evolution on the other go the same way- step by step to eternity, and no motor is needed once the race is on. There is no code because this life would be a boring one. Life needs just chances to prosper. A code is something stable that never changes- in contrast to this, ever changing life? This simplistic explanation may help finding evidence.

Its the same reason used to justify the flat earth, and the sun revolving around the earth. If its so plausible, has it EVER been duplicated in a lab, using those chemicals? Given our resources and technology, it should be easy. Where did the chemicals come from?

You might want to dismiss it for that reason, but the fact remains, my analogy was perfect. Darwinian theory is no different than flat earth theory, and there is even a Flat Earth Society who believe in the fantastic, against rational evidence, just like Darwinians.

And Lots of elements were formed at the Big Bang, but last I heard, life never arose in the middle of a nuclear reaction, or a volcano. The Earth started as a sterile, molten ball. You can dismiss it out of prejudice, but the fact remains. My analogy was correct. There is even a Flat Earth Society, that believes, despite all rational evidence. Want to point out where I wrote those words? I clicked on the link for your comment, re-read it, and I never said that. Is that all you got?

You cant refute honorably, so you put words in my mouth? Or maybe another of those famous Darwinian miracles occurred? Either way, you are still wrong. Vague generalities are not a theory, regardless of vocabulary. Given that today, earth is bursting with life of all kinds, and is embarrassingly rich in the resources needed for life to begin, according to theory.

Newly created life should be popping into existence on the dinner table. Seriously, if sheer chance and random variation could cover the earth, why are we not seeing it now, with so many trillions more opportunities for random variation? Because the theory is wrong? Take a preposterous proposition, add infinity. You read a lot of the technical literature on this?

You might try exploring incipient speciation? Also, why would you think species have to be popping up rapidly? A natural evolutionary process only requires that speciation happens occasionally which is does, observably so.

And if you then look at the full range of the fossil record and have you bothered to do that? The interesting thing is that he knows science does not support spontaneous generation aka abiogenesis and thus is willing to entertain the thought of pan-spermia we were planted by here aliens … which of course just makes the origin question recursive.

That rules out free thought, reason, logic, purpose, love, and all that we take for granted. Dawkins is a very brilliant mind, but i think to simply say origin is happy accident is a simplistic approach that cannot be verify even to those who share his perspective in life.

Our universe is full of mystery but of the intelligent design of life, that shows there is a designer behind it. No matter how we deny the truth we cannot suppress the facts and evidence that suggested God behind it.

Chun author of when will the sun set in Africa? It also includes people who will no doubt share it. Pregnancy is a good example of a happy accident. Where is your evidence that such accidents happen?

Please provide other examples of life accidentally popping into place. Just on the basis of how scientific methodology works neither evolution nor dating methods can be called science. Evoution will always remain a wishful, get God outta here , speculation. At best you may be able to call it a hypothesis.

In order to come up with a falsifiable experiment one has to assume way to much, the main thing being uniformity. The best we can hope for is a working theory …. A theory remains theoretical in popular parlance because it proposes a model to explain observed facts. When it is successful in doing this, it is accepted as a working theory.

This is the goal of all scientific methods. Evolutionary theory is relatively successful in this. Even concerning your sacrosanct falsifiability, it is impossible to reproduce exactly identical conditions from one laboratory to another, from one researcher to another. But science advances using imperfect tools handled by imperfect people. By your criteria, all of the historical sciences geology, palaeontology, forensics etc would have to be dismissed as just working theories.

No scientist would deny that. Evolutionary theories are far from being wishful speculation. They are relatively successful explanatory models. Like absolutely all theories, they are liable to be modified as new facts come to light. The baby may have something very helpful to teach us. Even the bathwater can be recycled! Science compliments my faith, but my faith itself is the result of personal experiences that indicate to me that God is who he says he is; no means hinges on science.

It remains a failed hypothesis. It was never even a valid scientific one. It is a tautology; it it is self-reinforcing, circular. As such, it is not scientific, since unfalsifiable under ANY experimental test. The NS merry-go-round goes this way: Survival is proved by all the organisms that exist, or ever did. Darwin was an honest enuf scientist to face this deficiency, since he failed to identify any mechanism of speciation in his lifetime. After odd years, nor have his materialist disciples.

As a sophisticated dogmatist, he has talents, but AFAIK, he has not done hands-on biology research for decades. Hmmm… Old Git Tom…. But lets give it a go…. Agreed upon and accepted the world over for more than years by scientists time and time again. So as you seem to disagree with this universally within true academic circles accepted statement, I assume you have the links to all your peer reviewed scientific papers to back up your bold statements?

Or are they in fact just your ignorance of science produced as opinion? But there is more. As for your remarks about Dawkins.. That because his celebrated, well respected and still currently accepted body of work is in the past, he now knows nothing about evolution? Or is it that you want to think this simply because his real and applied knowledge on the subjects clearly and decisively destroy your own ridiculous position. Good for you, most people would be ashamed to show as much publicly.

Dawkins may well have your respect, but not mine, or that of many others. He would have earned some, had he honestly engaged with the genetics revolution, but no. Darwinism is a keystone of philosophical, materialist, orthodoxy in science. I respect real scientists, like the brilliant Fred Hoyle. He was railroaded out of Cambridge for questioning aspects of Darwinism.

I have words for the time-serving mediocrities who brought this great man down, but they are not polite. But please address my point.

Plump, well-funded academics of a feather DO tend to review together. Dawkins is indeed deficient in knowledge outside of Darwinism. His sallies against religion are embrarrassingly amateurish stuff. He plainly has plumbed no depths of history. Dawkins has obviously never plumbed the depths of the historical record. Yet herein is the secret — it is within all this recorded information that proof exists for the supernormal. And Richard Dawkins adopted A — Symbol is but one example. I have the full story of the extent of this mysterious phenomenon and it is quite alarming … for it definitely does not happen by random chance.

After 50 years of research, I can prove to anyone interested that certain events are directed in some way indicating the presence of a superior external intelligence!

That is completely untrue! Please, share some of this evidence? If you examine Jesus and His life, using the accepted standards of Historian, Archeologist, Lawyer or Statistician, you would have to conclude He is real and His claims are true. When no direct evidence is available, you use inferential evidence. There is quite a bit of it, which you simply refuse to consider because you need to feel intellectually superior, and cant let go of your security blanket.

And after years, and many challenges, no atheist ever has come up with any evidence or proof whatsoever. You claim science, but cannot explain your beliefs with it. So, your claim is false. Both the first cause for the big bang, and the first cause of life appearing are huge questions.

Dawkins is here in his finest dismissive form. This is what i would have said to him:. I prefer to interpret Genesis 1: Before you dismiss it, consider that modern physics has revealed that space time has waves gravity waves and in that peculiar 3D context, surface as well. If this is the case, and celestial bodies do not yet exist to produce any gravity waves in the space-time, is it possible that the spirit of God hovering over this primordial fabric of space-time, was powerful enough to produce gravity waves?

Who would have known years ago that space-time is like waters? Gravity waves were only confirmed Sept 14th , and not predicted until Einstein less than years ago. The best way to address one like Dawkins is to humiliate him the way Isaiah did when he was confronted by utter nonsense.

It has just been in the last week that I stumbled upon the possibility that Genesis 1 is this sophisticated, and i am trying to get the idea in the collective consciousness. Sorry it is technically off topic. Thank you, for allowing such an off topic post bound to illicit guffaws and stir controversy. But I do really want people to think about it.

Maybe it holds water, maybe not. History shows that sometimes crazy ideas pay off huge dividends. As a business consultant I can certainly attest to that, and no serious student of the history of science should disagree. As you probably know better than I, we have to be extremely careful with eisegesis. I just learned the term last night. It is highly dubious if not utterly ridiculous that the author of Genesis 1 had anything like what I am suggesting in mind.

What I am suggesting, if valid, would be another layer of information in the text. But if the bible is anything like DNA…. If such a thing can be seen in the text, it may be no more useful than to simply ask ourselves what the odds are that modern theoretical physics can be coherently read into the text at all? Life itself is a concatenation of happy accidents: The ignorance of evolution and the scientific method displayed in these posts is nothing short of breathtaking.

I fail to find a single scientific statement in your post. Where is your evidence? As in, proof of concept, that happy chemical accidents produce life or any sort of useful organization whatsoever? Everything that evolves, that humans have any intimate knowledge of like software evolves purposefully.

This is a very serious question that demands a serious answer. As far as the knowable universe goes, it seems impossible to ever possibly find an objective reason for why it exists. Actually, you are entirely wrong. In other words, things may recur in different settings. And it is way beyond random chance. In a word, the information I have is phenomenal. Hostility to the idea does not necessarily make the idea untrue.

But it does suggest that it might exist. You are trying to throw the error back. Flat earthers in What is scientific about forcing theories to conform to your beliefs, no matter how you have to twist reality? Thus, inevitably, the argument ends up with the same God vs Nothing points. Without Jesus, life means nothing. We are all just monkeys scrabbling in the dirt. All our achievements, our most sublime moments, all our love, pointless.

There is proof, in the written historical record, that there is a directed purpose! It takes a long time to discover this fact, however. It took me over 50 years of research — and I am a speed reader! One of the biggest differences between a Christian and a non Christian secularist is that the secularist can be wrong.

This willingness to question everything is the scientific bid you keep alluding to is simple honesty. The deists posting here have sacrificed truth for the egotistical comfort of saying that the whole universe was created specifically for them by their invisible master, and they cannot be wrong about it ever. What do you do with that but go to war with the stranger who claims the same thing but with a different invisible master? No argument Or reason can reach you once yous choose to be firmly be convinced in spite of evidence.

I find your comments to be no less true of secular fundamentalists like Dawkins, than Christian fundamentalists like Ken Ham. In fact I see little difference between the two. I was quiate willing to discard my Christianity if the scientific evidence was against it. I chose to follow the evidence where it leads. That decision took me down a very deep rabbit hole and led me to write my book Evolution 2.

The difference is Perry that if you started emptying hospital wards with your prayers and raising the dead in the name of jesus Dawkins and co would reappraise their position as opposed to the likes of Ken Ham who have stated explicitly NOTHING could ever change their minds.

I refer you to September , where the Southern Medical Journal published an article titled: The official publication can be found here and the original authored manuscript from Indiana University can be found here. Vision of some of the blind subjects also improved, ranging from none to 15X. I will look into that study, and add to my TIP dataset http: Prior work on such things have not fared well in the replication department, though.

I am afraid we are all in the same boat. The problem is that in order to objectively KNOW that we cannot know, Kant or yourself would have to get outside the system to verify that there is no door out, or in. Since you cannot know that and neither did Kant you must chose to believe. You can prove me wrong only by changing your mind and admitting the possibility even if only the size of a mustard seed that maybe, just maybe truth could be known.

It is then that we notice that if someone could come from outside, it would be possible to know truth, at least in part. Aliens would not qualify, it needs to be someone from outside space-time. Anyway, that is the basic formula. It depends only upon believing in logic. Personally the logos is the only thing I trust blindly even when it leads me to conclusion I once thought impossible.

Nate I wish to add one correction to my last comment. I do not follow logic blindly. That is the beauty of logic, it gives sight. And as we follow him the logos we move deeper and deeper into the light, not the darkness.

I misspoke because even logic requires faith. I cannot prove it is valid, but I look at logic as Lord. What I meant was, that at this point in my own journey, I trust logic almost completely. Faith has never been my strong suit even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

That goes both ways. Where is your science to disprove God? The incredible things atheists believe are as astoundingly gullible as any religion, ever. The lack of self-awareness is amazing. The second is a strawman claim. You presume I am a Theist? Is that rational and scientific? Since you cannot argue your point, you must attempt to denigrate your opponent? Besides, that is a HUGE logical fallacy.

Even if I were Adolf Hitler, it does not change the validity of my argument. If you want to make a rational argument, you must start with a rational foundation. Perry, I did not intend for you to publish my last comment as this site is for you to get YOUR book and ideas into the arena.

The link was for you. That was very gracious, thanks. But it is a holy suffering. A more adequate answer should be rolling of his tongue by now. He has been asked this question a few times, still he keeps given these inadequate answers. I wonder how much he hides his inadequacies with the attacking stance he adopts against religion.

It is nice to know we are not alone even though it feels like it sometimes. I am having a grand time with a couple boys on a philosophy forum about this very thing.

They really believe that empiricism is scientific, and forget that it is a philosophical position. Here is a snippet from our discussion. I have hope that this one will get it, but he is struggling:. Craig is right where he belongs, and so is John Lennox, and many others. Was it not you who admitted that philosophy is a school of science just a few posts ago? Whether it was you or M-theory, it matters not. In fact, philosophy is the FIRST science because science cannot proceed without a philosophical foundation.

But there is one significant difference: We agree on the first sentence, but your second is a centuries old contradiction made popular by David Hume as he attempted to exalt empiricism above everything else. And it was Ravi Zacharias who pointed it out to me and many others. If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number?

Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? Commit it then to the flames: It is like a universal solvent that dissolves itself. How does one make a statement that is metaphysically stated, in order to tell us metaphysics is meaningless? I like to put it another way… how does one make a philosophical statement, in order to tell us that philosophy is meaningless? You see logikos, Hume was incorrect. Philosophical and metaphysical claims ARE falsifiable.

If you can show that a philosophical proposition is incongruous and self defeating, then it is false. Logic works in philosophy the same as it does for empirical inquiry. And because of the contradiction, your claim to the contrary is false. Philosophical propositions are highly testable, and predictive, but not with the test tube or by way of mathematics. The same logos we use to do mathematics and test hypothesis in the lab.

Empiricists like Hume, Dawkins, Hawking, and the multitude of minions under their influence, are philosophers. As Craig points out, science empiricism cannot be justified by the scientific method.

The only way it can be justified is by rational method. You are kind of back to the trick played by James Randi that I mentioned earlier, demanding a category of proof to propositions that do not apply. Religious thinkers, however, have a bigger problem in that no one can disprove the other side.

As with Hume, his is a philosophical statement and utter nonsense. Hawking, I love your work. It is so frustrating being patient with people, but patient we must be even when they refuse to cooperate. Now another person has come to save the day and trying to refute that philosophy has anything to do with science. Methodological naturalism is merely pragmatic and useful he says. Mr Lockett, spot on: So, ultimately we must take it on faith that math is not just some clever but futile mental gymnastics.

Its just a lie atheists tell, like parrots. Its so full of enormous logical holes it could be Swiss cheese! Even their so-called scientific theories sound like childrens fairytales. Except, well, we cant find any! Even with hugely expensive, specially built, underground research facilities, over decades. Not a single bit.

Maybe its under the bed, behind a dust bunny, you think? This is brain-washed, mind-controlled, blind faith. Also proof of insanity. Dawkins is just a nobody, a hater, who has figured a way to become prominent far beyond his deserts. So far as his science, he has none. All he has is lies and childishness, and an eye for n easy scam. As such, digital—first systems as currently posed represent a rather trivial form of information processing that fails to capture the logical structure of life as we know it.

We need to explain the origin of both the hardware and software aspects of life, or the job is only half finished. Thus the famed chicken-or-egg problem a solely hardware issue is not the true sticking point. Rather, the puzzle lies with something fundamentally different, a problem of causal organization having to do with the separation of informational and mechanical aspects into parallel causal narratives.

Software and hardware are irreducible complex and interdependent. There is no reason for information processing machinery to exist without the software, and vice versa. Systems of interconnected software and hardware are irreducibly complex. Paul Davies, the fifth miracle page Pluck the DNA from a living cell and it would be stranded, unable to carry out its familiar role.

Only within the context of a highly specific molecular milieu will a given molecule play its role in life. Talagang napakalaki na nga po ng pagbabago. Ang iba nga, pagandahan pa ng insentibo. Merong magpa-interview ka lang, ililibre ka na ng almusal. Kapag na-hire naman, sagot na rin nila ang blow-out para ipagdiwang ang bago mong trabaho.

Nabanggit nga po sa akin ng ilang negosyante na pahirapan na ngayong makahanap ng accountant. Nang bumisita tayo sa Bicol University, naikuwento ko ito sa kanilang presidente. Di ba meron kayong accountancy program? Meron daw po, pero kahit sila ay nahihirapang punuin ang sariling accounting department. Sabi po kasi ng presidente nila, ang mga estudyante nila, 3rd year pa lang, nire-recruit na ng mga accounting at auditing firms. Nagawa po ito dahil sa pagtugon sa tinatawag na job-skills mismatch.

Dati, maraming nagsasabing wala silang trabaho, kahit napakarami namang bakanteng posisyong nakatala sa PHIL-JobNet na hindi napupunuan. Hindi tugma ang kakayahan ng ating mga kababayan sa hinahanap ng merkado.

Simple lang din po ang solusyon dito: Kausapin ang mga prospective employer, para malaman kung anong klaseng kaalaman ang hinihingi ng mga posisyong binubuksan nila. Dito naman tayo nagsasanay ng trainees, upang masagad nila ang oportunidad.

Ang prinsipyo ng ating pamumuno: Sa halip na bigyan ang kapwa ng isda, turuan siyang mangisda. Ang pag-unlad at pagkakataon, sinisiguro nating masasagad ng ating mga kababayan. Ang paninindigan po natin: Ang isa sa mga mekanismo: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Pinalawak natin nang husto ang saklaw nito. Ngayon, nasa mahigit 4. Nitong taon, , ang nagtapos sa high school; kabilang sila sa unang batch ng ating mga benepisyaryo sa pinalawak na Pantawid Pamilya. Ang lahat po ng benepisyaryong ito, tataas ang antas ng kaalaman; sa halip na menial jobs ang pasukan ay malamang makakuha sila ng mga trabahong maayos ang mga suweldo.

Income tax pa lang nila, bawi na ang puhunan ng estado, at maitutuloy natin ang siklo ng pagbibigay-lakas sa mga nangangailangan. Bonus pa po ang lalong magandang kinabukasang nag-aabang para sa mga honor students na pinagtapos ng programa. Ngayon, mas nagsikap ako. Alam ko po na maraming bumabatikos sa programang ito, pero gusto ko po na sabihin kay Pangulong Benigno Aquino na tingnan na lang po nila ako, kami.

Napupunta ito sa mabuting adhikain na alam ko na balang-araw makakatulong upang mapataas ang estado ng ating bansa. Sa Pantawid Pamilya, kapalit ng tulong sa mga benepisyaryo, pangunahin nilang dapat tutukan ang pag-aaral ng mga anak. May paunang bunga na po ito: Ayon sa pag-aaral ng Philippine Institute for Development Studies, noong , mayroong 2.

Lumaki ang ating populasyon, pero noong , ang natirang out-of-school children, 1. Para po nating pinuno ng estudyante ang humigit-kumulang 42, na bakanteng classroom. Siyempre, bukod sa Pantawid Pamilya, may kontribusyon din ang Alternative Learning System para masigurong pati ang mga katutubo at street children ay hindi napapag-iwanan. May mga nagtatanong pa nga rin po: Nasaan ang resulta ng Pantawid Pamilya? Nahahalata tuloy kung sino ang medyo matinding mambobola. Ang lakas din ng loob ng ibang ipagsigawan: May leakage daw ang Pantawid Pamilya.

Sa sektor naman po ng edukasyon: Sinisiguro nating napupunuan ang mga pagkukulang ng nakaraan, natutugunan ang mga pangangailangang dumarating sa kasalukuyan, at napapaghandaan pati ang para sa kinabukasan. Unang dalawang taon pa lang natin sa puwesto, naisara na ang dinatnang backlog na Pagdating ng , ang backlog na 66, classrooms, at ang kulang na , na guro, natugunan na rin sa tulong ng ating local government unit partners.

Sa estima ng DepEd, mula hanggang , ang kabuuang bilang ng madaragdag na estudyante: Bunsod po ito ng pagdami ng enrollees at pagpapatupad natin ng K to Para matugunan ito, kailangan nating magdagdag ng tinatayang , classrooms. Ngayong taon, nakasalang na ang pagpapagawa ng mahigit 41, pa. Ang natitirang 43,, nakapaloob na sa inaasahan naming ipapasa ninyong budget.

Tinatayang , naman ang kailangan nating guro. Nitong , ang na-hire na ay 29, Ngayong taon, ang kabuuang bilang ng guro na target nating ma-hire: Armin, ang suma-total ng naipagawa nating mga classroom at na-hire na guro ay higit pa sa pinagsama-samang nagawa mula sa nakalipas na 20 taon bago tayo manungkulan.

Naipamahagi na natin ang karagdagang Ngayong din, naihatid na sa mga paaralan ang 1. Sa budget na isusumite natin para sa ; nakalagay na ang pondo para sa dagdag pang Hindi na tayo mag-iiwan ng sakit ng ulo sa susunod sa atin. Linawin ko lang po: Nagpatupad tayo ng K to 12 dahil hindi praktikal ang pagsisiksik ng kaalaman sa year basic education cycle.

Kinukuwestiyon na ang credentials ng ating mga kababayan sa ibang bansa; mayroon na ring na-demote, dahil hindi raw sapat na patunay ng kakayahan ang diplomang tangan niya. Kung ang lumang kalakaran sa edukasyon ay maihahalintulad sa manggang kinalburo, ngayon, sinisiguro nating hinog ang kakayahan ng mga estudyante na magpanday ng sariling kinabukasan.

Father ko po, jeepney driver since bata pa po ako. Actually po, hindi ko na po tinanong. Alam ko po na incapacitated na po sila para po mapag-college po ako. Ang napili ko pong specialization is Drafting Technology po. Napunta po ako sa CLP metal, isa pong company ng metal fabrication.

Job description ko po ay mag-design po ng mga makina. Ang machine po na ito is pang-dehair po ng baboy. May nabibili pong ganyan kaso po abroad pa po. Proud na proud ako, kasi hindi po lahat ng year old ngayon ay kayang mag-design ng machine.

Kung sa tech-voc naman pumasok, nakahanda na rin ang ating pinalakas na mga programa para sa kanila. Sa Training for Work Scholarship Program lang po, umabot na sa , ang napagtapos. Ano na kaya ang sitwasyon nila? Ayon sa pag-aaral, Ang ilang industriya pa nga, talagang pumapalo na dahil Naikuwento nga po sa atin ni Sec. May OFW na napilitang umuwi. Akala niya, wala nang pag-asang umasenso. Kung susumahin nga po, halos pareho na nga kami ng suweldo ng benepisyaryong ito, [palakpakan at tawanan] kahit hindi parehong stress ang dinadaanan namin.

Sinanay siya sa bookkeeping, inventory management, accounting, at iba pa. Talagang bilib po tayo, dahil pati kung paano siguruhing mapupunta sa tama ang dagdag na kita, itinuturo din sa STAR program. Pareho po kaming mag-asawa na walang trabaho. Nag-training po kami sa STAR program.

Itinuro po sa amin kung paano ba mag-manage ng negosyo, kung paano mo palalaguin. Noong nagtayo po ako ng sari-sari store, gawa lang po sa kawayan. Isa po ito na makakatulong sa mga anak ko, mabigyan ko naman sila ng magandang buhay.

Marami na akong naibebenta. Dumako naman tayo sa sektor ng kalusugan. Sa maraming Pilipino, sagabal sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap ang pagkakasakit. Ang mga pamilyang umaasenso, back to zero kapag tinamaan ng karamdaman. Nauubos na nga ang ipon, nababaon pa sa utang. Dumating tayong 47 milyong Pilipino lang ang benepisyaryo. Halos dinoble na po natin ito. Nitong Hunyo, pumalo na ang saklaw ng ating PhilHealth sa Tuwing eleksiyon, parang kabuteng nagsusulputan ang mga bagong benepisyaryo ng PhilHealth.

Imbis kasi na pangangailangan ng taumbayan, interes ng kandidato ang naging basehan. Tinama na natin ang ganyang kalakaran. Noong , inanunsiyo natin: Kung kabilang ang pamilya mo sa lowest quintile o ang pinakamahirap na 20 porsiyento ng ating populasyon, at nagpagamot ka sa pampublikong ospital, sigurado, wala kang kailangang bayaran.

Simula po noong Lumawak na iyan para saklawin ang susunod na quintile sa ating lipunan. Ibig sabihin, para sa pinakamahirap na 40 porsiyento, libre na ring magpagamot sa mga pampublikong ospital. Di po namin actually alam kung papaano kami makakapagpa-opera nang ganoon. Hinihingan po ako ng P, Sa UST daw, P, naman po ang hinihingi sa akin. Pay patient po kayo. PhilHealth po ang magbabayad niyan. To be honest, wala po akong binayaran.

Nagpapasalamat po ako sa PhilHealth at siyempre sa gobyerno natin at mayroon palang ganitong mga proyekto ang PhilHealth na makakatulong talaga sa tao. Malaki ang naitulong niya sa province of Pampanga kasi before ang kapitolyo gumagastos siya ng P million a year para dun sa tulong. Pero noong nagkaroon ng Sin Tax Law, lahat ng mga mahihirap kinover [cover] nila na magkaroon ng PhilHealth.

Nagpapasalamat ako talaga sa kaniya doon sa pag-aalaga niya sa mga maysakit na mahihirap. Muli po nating balangkasin ang kuwento ng nakaraang limang taon. Hinabol natin ang mga corrupt at nilinis ang sistema, na nanganak ng kumpiyansa po sa ating mga merkado.

Pumasok ang negosyo, lumawak ang oportunidad, habang binibigyang-lakas nating magkatrabaho ang Pilipino. Sila ang tumatangkilik ng mga negosyo; ito naman pong mga negosyo, nakikitang meron nang level playing field; naaasahan ang pag-asenso nang hindi kailangang mandaya. Nagpapalawak sila ng operasyon, at umeempleo ng mas maraming tao. At hindi lang natin nakamtan ang pagbabago; ang transpormasyong ating tinatamasa ngayon, lagpas-lagpas pa sa inasahan noong simula.

Ang Cadastral Survey, na sinimulan pa noong , tapos na natin. Inabot ng halos isang siglo ang mga nauna sa atin para matapos ang 46 percent nito. Ang mahigit kalahati pong natitira, nabuno natin sa limang taon sa puwesto. Ito pong Cadastral Survey ang tumutukoy sa hangganan ng mga lupaing saklaw ng bawat lungsod, bayan, at lalawigan sa Pilipinas.

Sa ARMM, halimbawa, para bang nanganganak ang lupa: Sabi ng mapa, 1. Ngayon, dahil naayos na ang land record system, wala nang nanganganak na lupa sa ARMM. Noong po, inimbentaryo natin ang mga sitio; tinukoy natin kung sino pa ang nangangailangan ng kuryente. Gawa ng Sitio Electrification Program, nakapaghatid na tayo ng liwanag sa 25, sitiong natukoy sa imbentaryong ito. Dagdag pa rito, dahil sa paggamit ng solar at iba pang teknolohiya, kahit malayo o liblib na lugar, nagkakakuryente na rin.

Ngayon po, 78 percent na ng target ng SEP ang energized na. At tinitiyak sa atin ng DOE na bago tayo bumaba sa puwesto, lahat ng naitala noong , may kuryente na. Noon wala pang ilaw dito, kawawa ka. Nagkailaw kami noong July Tuwang-tuwa sila na ano, manood-nood na ng bala o makinig ng mga magagandang awitin. Maraming pagbabago ang buhay ng mga tao rito noong nagsimulang may kuryente. Marami po ang nadagdag na pagkakitaan katulad ng mga weaving.

And food processing kailangan ang mga maraming equipment run by electricity. Mga estudyante nagre-research sa internet. Madami ang naitulong ng electricity sa pag-unlad ng Bauko. Malaki ang tulong na nagawa niya, congratulations to our President for making Bauko a better place to live in. Sa aviation naman po, sunod-sunod din ang good news: Ang significant safety concerns na ipinataw ng International Civil Aviation Organization noong , natanggal na noong Sa parehong taon, pinayagan ng European Union ang ating flag carrier na muling lumipad patungong Europa.

Noong naman, isa pang local carrier ang pinayagan ng European Union, habang inangat na tayo ng U. Federal Aviation Administration sa Category 1, mula sa nangyaring pag-downgrade sa Category 2 noong Dahil dito, dumadami ang flights papasok at palabas ng bansa, at napapadali ang paglipad ng mga turista sa loob ng Pilipinas.

Ito po ang unang pagkakataong tinanggal nila ang ban sa buong civil aviation sector ng isang bansa. Ngayon, lahat ng airlines natin, direkta nang makakalipad papuntang United Kingdom, Italy, at iba pang bansang kasapi ng EU. Dahil dito, nagkaroon ng bantang hindi kilalanin ng EU ang ating maritime education certificates. Kung hindi tayo umaksiyon, may potensiyal na mawalan ng trabaho ang tinatayang 80, marinong Pilipinong naglalayag sa mga barkong Europeo.

Hanggang ngayon, kinikilala pa rin ng EU ang ating mga sertipikasyon. Tiyak, papasa na po tayo. Huwag ka sanang panghinaan ng loob kung tila nalilimot ng iba ang nagawa mo para sa ating mga marino, ang pagtanggal ng ICAO sa significant safety concerns sa ating aviation sector, ang pag-alis ng European ban sa ating mga eroplano, at ang pag-akyat natin sa Category 1 ng U.

Ipinagbawal mo rin ang pagpapalaot ng barko kapag may bagyo, na nakatulong upang mailayo sa panganib ang pasahero. Bihira na po tayong nakakakita ng balitang parating may barkong lumulubog tuwing may bagyo. Lahat ng ito, naisasantabi dahil sa masalimuot na hamong hinaharap natin sa pampublikong transportasyon. Pinakamalaking halimbawa na nga po ang MRT.

Bihira ang nagbabanggit na may katuwang tayong pribadong korporasyon, na naalala ang kanilang mga karapatan, pero tila ba nalimot ang kanilang mga obligasyon. Ang katuwang na ito, sagot ang maintenance. Dapat, noong , nagkaroon ng general overhaul ang MRT, pero nang suriin ng ating Department of Transportation and Communication, halos pagpipintura lang ang pinagawang overhaul.

Sa pagwawalang-bahalang ito, parang ginarantiyang masisira ang tren. Di po ba maski sinong kumpanya, dapat sinisigurong masusulit ang kanilang investment?

Pero hinayaan lang nilang lumala nang lumala ang sitwasyon hanggang umabot sa puntong ipinasa na sa atin nang ora-orada ang pagsasaayos ng MRT. Nang aayusin na natin, bigla naman silang humirit, sila na lang daw ulit. Pero ang mungkahi nilang pagsasaayos, di-hamak na mas mahal kaysa ating plano. Siyempre, katumbas nito, dagdag na gastos at perwisyo sa taumbayan. Hindi tayo pumayag, at kumilos na nga para makakuha nga ng ayuda tulad ng mga bagong bagon.

Kaya umabot sa ganitong sitwasyon ang MRT. Ikaw, ako, at ang buong Kamaynilaan, hindi natutuwa dito. Ang trabaho ng pribado, ipinasa sa atin. Ang solusyon naman natin, hinarang nila. Malinaw nang hindi magtatagpo ang agenda natin at ng MRTC. Humahakbang na tayo para i-buy-out ang korporasyon. Habang sumasailalim sa prosesong ito, nagsasagawa na tayo ng agarang maintenance. Paparating na rin ang mga mas malalaki at pangmatagalang solusyon.

Ongoing na rin ang proseso para sa mga bagong riles, at pag-a-upgrade ng signalling system at automatic fare collection system; inaasahan ang lahat ng ito bago tayo bumaba sa puwesto. Ang power supply para sa mga tren, maa-upgrade bago matapos ang May 12 escalator na ring maaayos bago matapos ang taong ito, habang ongoing na ang procurement para sa rehabilitasyon ng 34 pang escalator at 32 elevator.

Ipapaalala ko lang po: May mga nagsasabi nga pong may blinders daw ako para sa taong matagal na nating kasama sa Daang Matuwid. Ako, mulat sa maganda, pero batid rin natin ang mga hindi maganda.

Ako ba ang may blinders, o itong mga pangit lang ang nakikita? Sa Sandatahang Lakas naman: Noong Nobyembre ng , nagkaroon ng panibagong tensiyon sa pagitan ng North at South Korea; pinangambahang magkakaroon ng giyera doon.

Kinailangang magsagawa ng plano para ilikas ang lagpas 46, na Pilipinong nasa South Korea, pati na ang walong kababayan nating nasa North Korea. Nang tanungin natin ang AFP kung anong asset ang magagamit para sa evacuation, ang sagot nila, may nag-iisang C ang atin pong Air Force. Ano ang pinakamabilis na round trip? Lagpas 46, ang Pilipinong dapat ilayo sa gulo; ibig sabihin, sa pinakaepisyenteng kondisyon, round trips ito, na higit sa 4, oras o tinatayang halos araw na pagbiyahe.

Hindi naman maaasahang kakayanin ito ng lumang C Kung barko naman daw ang ide-deploy, 1, katao ang kakayaning iuwi sa isang biyahe. Suwerte na kung abutin ng sampung araw ang roundtrip.

Kung natuloy ang gulo, baka tapos na ang putukan, di pa tayo nakakapaglikas nang husto. Kumilos tayo agad para matugunan ang mga limitasyon nating ito ng sitwasyon natin noon hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Ngayon, ang dating nag-iisang C na nagagamit natin, tatlo na, at target nating makakuha ng dalawa pa.

May kasama na rin sila; nariyan na ang una sa tatlo nating binili nating C medium lift transports at paparating na po ngayong taon ang dalawang kapatid nito. Asahan na rin natin ang dalawa pang C light lift transports bago matapos ang Kung patong-patong na pagsubok ang ating kakaharapin, gaya noong nangyari noong , kailangan din natin ng mas marami at mas malalaking assets. Nang tumama si Yolanda , nasira ang mga daungan; naging limitado ang kakayahan nating magdala ng ayuda.

Sa ganitong pagkakataon, mahalaga ang tinatawag na landing craft utility na puwedeng dumaong sa dalampasigan. Ngayon, magiging sampu na ang dinatnan nating apat na landing craft utility: Mayroon na tayong BRP Tagbanua. Sa mga susunod na linggo, darating din ang dalawang Landing Craft Heavy mula sa Australia; napakagalante nga po ng pagkakabigay nito, pati spare parts at generator kasama.

Target pa nating bilhin ang tatlo; inaayos na natin ang papeles upang sumulong na ang proseso. Dahil sa mga ito, kapag panahon ng sakuna, mababawasan ang pangangailangan nating umasa sa kawanggawa ng ibang bansa. Kung pagtatanod sa ating teritoryo naman ang pag-uusapan, ang F5 fighter jet na niretiro noong , mapapalitan na ng 12 na bagong FA fighter. Sa Disyembre lalapag ang unang dalawang unit niyan, at makukumpleto naman ang delivery pagdating ng Nariyan na rin ang mga barkong pandigma na BRP Gregorio del Pilar at Ramon Alcaraz , pito sa 13 na in-order nating AW helicopters, anim sa walong Bell helicopters, na troop carrier trucks, at 50, assault rifles.

Target din nating makuha ang dalawa pang frigates, anim na Close Air Support Aircraft, armored personnel carriers, at iba pang makabagong kagamitan gaya ng 49, units ng force protection equipment, 2, na grenade launchers, at karagdagang 23, na assault rifles.

For the record, sir: Ang Air Force po ngayon ay may force na. At sa apat na taong iyon, nalaman namin na humihina ang Philippine Air Force. Pero luckily the long wait is over. Nabigyan talaga ng sapat na advancement ngayon ang Philippine Air Force, from its aircraft, its instruments. Nakaka-boost siya ng morale kasi gaya nga ng kuwento ng mga mistah ko na army. Sa kapulisan naman, sa unang pagkakataon sa ating kasaysayan, ang bawat pulis, may sarili nang baril.

Ipinamahagi na rin ang sa na bagong utility vehicles. Naipagkaloob na rin natin ang 12, na handheld radios. Nagpo-procure na rin tayo ng 30, na long firearms, 3, investigative kits, at dagdag pa ring 16, na radyo. Pakinggan po natin kung paano ito nakakatulong sa trabaho ng ating kapulisan:.

Noong naging pulis po ako, noong , naisyuhan ng. Ang ginawa ko po noon, bumili po ako ng sarili ko pong baril. Napakahirap po sa isang alagad ng batas kapag buhay ang nakasalalay. Napakalaki ho ng pagbabago simula po nang magkaroon ang mga pulis ng kanya-kanyang sariling baril. Lahat po tayo, nangangarap na magkaroon ng sariling bahay at lupa. Sa ating gobyerno ngayon naisakatuparan po iyon. Bilang isang alagad ng batas na nasa mababang ranggo, ramdam po namin ang ginagawa ng ating Pangulo na pagpapahalaga sa hanay ng pambansang pulisya.

Pinag-aralan natin ang modus ng mga kriminal, at estratehikong dineploy [deploy] ang ating kapulisan. Sa loob ng ating termino, halos , na wanted na ang nahuli ng PNP; higit 1, na gang naman po ang na-neutralize, at 29, na baril na walang lisensiya ang nakumpiska sa buong bansa.

Mula Enero hanggang Hunyo ng , nasa 37 ang kaso ng murder at homicide kada linggo. Dahil sa Oplan Lambat-Sibat, bumaba na ito sa 23 kaso kada linggo nitong Hunyo. Sa robbery, theft, at carnapping naman para sa parehong panahon: Nitong nakaraang linggo lang, nahuli na si Dexter Balane, na lider ng robbery and holdup group na kasabwat ng Martilyo gang.

Kinakalinga ng Estado ang unipormadong hanay, at sinusuklian nila ito. Sabay ng bagong gamit, itinaas natin ang combat pay ng mga sundalo at subsistence allowance ng buong unipormadong hanay. Nakapagpatayo na rin tayo ng higit 57, housing units para sa kanila; aabot pa ito sa mahigit 81, bago tayo bumaba sa puwesto.

Upang magkaroon ng partikular na tuon sa kanila, inatasan ko na po ang AFP na makipag-ugnayan sa Gabinete, upang magsagawa ng mga inisyatibang titiyak na magkakaroon ng disenteng pamumuhay ang mga nagsasakripisyo para sa bayan.

Dumako naman po tayo sa imprastruktura. Naaalala ko po noong Congressman ako sa segundo distrito ng Tarlac: Tinanong natin, sino ba ang in-charge sa flood control sa aming distrito?

Pagpunta naman namin doon, pinabalik kaming Pampanga. Kaysa tulungan kami, nagturuan lang sila. Tapos na ang panahon ng pag-iwas sa responsibilidad. Sa Daang Matuwid, isa-isang naipatayo ang imprastrukturang matagal nang hinintay ng Pilipino. Nabanggit ko na ang ilan dito: Nariyan ang Lullutan Bridge sa Isabela, na dalawang dekadang hinintay ng mga kababayan natin doon, tulad ni Rodito Albano; [palakpakan] ngayon, nabuksan na.

Ang Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project sa Iloilo, naisip ipatayo noong taong isinilang ako; nag-groundbreaking na po tayo para sa stage 2 nito. Ang Basilan Circumferential Road, taong pa sinimulang ipatayo, pero matagal nabinbin dahil sa kaguluhan sa lalawigan. Ngayon, tatlong tulay na lang ang tinatapos sa kahabaan nito, pero ang malaking bahagi, dinadaanan na. Nabanggit ko na po ang Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway na binuksan noong Biyernes. Para po tugunan ang pagbaha, mayroon din tayong pagsasaayos at maintenance ng flood control projects.

Ilan sa mga ito ang Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project Phase 2, na natapos noong ; ang high impact flood control projects para sa NCR at mga karatig-bayan, matatapos na sa Nobyembre, at target naman nating makumpleto ang Blumentritt Interceptor Catchment Area sa susunod na taon. Tiyak ko pong batid ng lahat: Hindi batayan kung kapartido ang pinuno sa lalawigan, o kung nanalo tayo doon; ang tanging tanong natin: Hayaan po nating magsalita ang ilan sa atin pong mga natulungan:.

Ang nangyari po kasi noong tumakbo siyang senator, natalo siya rito saka noong tumakbo na naman siyang presidente, natalo na naman siya. So with the construction of this road ang daming mabubuksang opportunities sa mga taga-Apayao dito.

So parang naging spur of the moment na, sige na nga, parang magpa-picture tayo dito. Candone used to be a very isolated area. But because of the good road as you can see, marami na pong dumadaan na mga public transportation. So because of the good roads, again, it will be easier, more economical, cheaper. President, on behalf of the people of Cauayan, Hino-baan, Ilog, Candoni, Kabankalan, and Sipalay, here in the Province of Negros Occidental, salamat po sa inyong commitment.

Salamat po sa inyong mga proyekto at programa. Kay Governor Bulut, ika ako sa puso ninyo noong Senatorial election noong , ikaapat naman ako noong Presidential elections. Sa mga ipinapatayong estruktura, di naman siguro ninyo masasabing malayo kayo sa puso ko at puso ng ating mga kababayan.

Kayo na rin ang testigo: Sa pagkakaroon ng proyekto, hindi boto ang basehan, kundi dapat, pangangailangan. Kay Congresswoman Alvarez naman, na ilang beses na nga pong nagpo-posing nang nakahiga sa mga kalsadang nakumpleto natin: Pasensiya na, Chedeng, pero sa susunod na humiga ka sa kalsada, ipapahuli na kita. Obstruction of traffic ang violation mo. Malinaw ang ating estratehiya: Sa pagpapagawa ng mga kalsada, tulay at iba pang estruktura, iniibsan natin ang dapat ibsan, at pinapabilis ang paghahatid ng benepisyo.

Ang panawagan ko nga po: Makiambag sana tayong lahat, at maging handang magsakripisyo. Para matugunan ang madalas na pagbaha sa Maynila, isinulong natin ang pagpapagawa ng catchment area; pero tumutol po dito ang isang malaking unibersidad. May lumang mga gusali daw kasi silang baka maapektuhan ng gagawing proyekto. Kailangan nang i-retrofit ang Guadalupe Bridge dahil maaari itong bumigay kapag lumindol. Puwede bang isara ang tulay na ito, nang dadaloy pa rin ang trapiko sa EDSA?

Kaya nga hindi puwedeng ipagawa na lang ang tulay nang basta-basta. Para magawa ito, kailangan ng alternatibong daan. May mungkahi at tinatayang 70, ang kayang dumaan kada araw dito. Kung magawa ito, ito pong tulay na alternatibo at parallel sa Guadalupe, mapapagawa na ang Guadalupe. Sang-ayon silang maayos ang Guadalupe, sang-ayon silang lumuwag ang EDSA, kung nagkaroon ng panibagong tulay, basta raw ang proyekto, huwag sa kanila itatayo nang hindi sila maabala.

Kung ganito nga po ang pananaw, talagang maaantala ang pagpapatayo ng kinakailangan nating imprastruktura. May mga pagkakataon din pong hindi na nga tayo tinulungan, naglagay pa ng balakid ang nasa lokal na antas. Halimbawa po, may tinamaan ng sakuna. Agad-agad tayong pumunta; sinalubong ako ng Congressman at ng Mayor, pero ang kumausap sa akin, [City] Administrator at Vice Mayor. Ang sagot nila, mayroon daw 30 ektaryang puwedeng gamitin.

Ang masakit, pagbalik ko, walang kahit anong ibinahagi dahil may paggagamitan daw sila. Isang horror story lang po iyan. Kami ay nandito para tumulong. Kung ayaw nilang makipagtulungan, ang masasabi ko na lang po: Eleksiyon na sa susunod na taon, at ang mga Boss natin ang huhusga kung sino ang nakabawas o nagpalala ng pagdurusa.

Tumungo naman po tayo sa Public Private Partnerships. Kapag pinagsama natin ang solicited PPP projects ng nakaraang tatlong administrasyon, ang suma-total: Sa atin, may 50 proyekto na: Ang sampu dito, awarded na; ang 13, nasa bidding; habang 27 naman ang nakapila pa. Kayo na po ang magkumpara sa pagkakaiba.

Dati, walang nakikisali sa proyekto, ngayon, nag-uunahan na ang mga pribadong kumpanya, at nagbibigay ng premium. Suma-total, ang primang natanggap natin mula sa mga kumpanyang katuwang sa PPP, umabot na sa P Ang pagtitiis ng ating mga Boss, maiibsan, kundi man matatapos na. Para naman sa imprastrukturang paparating pa lang, hihilingin ko rin: Kalma lang po tayo. Ang procurement, mabilis na ang apat na buwan para makumpleto.

Suwerte ka na kung ang in-order mong computer, mai-deliver sa loob ng panahong iyan. Paano pa kaya kung pagpapatayo ng tulay ang pinag-uusapan? Ang sa akin nga po: Di na baleng hindi ako ang mag-groundbreaking o ribbon-cutting.

Gawing pulido at naaayon sa batas ang mga proyekto, para oras na maaprubahan ito, dire-diretso ang pagpapatupad; maski sino ang sumuri, papasa ang kalidad ng ating ipinatatayo. Alam po ito ng ating Gabinete: Sa Cabinet o NEDA Board meeting, minsan na akong nagbirong dapat magdala ng kumot ang mga dadalo, dahil tiyak na gagabihin kami.

Napakalaki na po talaga ng pagbabago. Noon ang Pilipino, naglaho ang pag-asa. Kumpiyansa nga po ang ating mga kababayan sa estabilidad ng kanilang kinabukasan. Ngayon, maski bagong pasok pa lang sa trabaho ay nakakapaghulog na para sa sariling sasakyan o condo unit. Di na nakakagulat na nitong nakaraang taon, tumaas ng 27 percent ang car sales sa Pilipinas.

Kayang-kaya nang bayaran, di lang ang down payment, kundi maging ang monthly amortization. Sa sarili ko pong karanasan, noong una akong nagkatrabaho, kinalkula ko kung gaano katagal bago ako makaipon para sa sariling kotse. Dalawampung taon lang naman po ang aabutin, segunda mano pa. Nakausap din po natin ang mga pinuno ng dalawang malaking kumpanya; ang isa, mayroon nang mga pabrika dito habang ang isa pa ay gusto ring pumasok.

Pareho po silang nagpahayag ng interes na magtayo ng research and development facilities dito po sa ating bansa. Nakita nila ang potensiyal at talento ng Pilipinong makatulong upang mapanatili ang kanilang magandang posisyon sa merkado.

Kaya ba nating mag-supply ng daan-daang empleadong may masteral at doctoral degrees sa engineering? Ang tugon ng mga kaibigan natin sa DOST: Sabi ko pa po, kung may magbubukas na trabaho sa high-tech na industriya, baka makapagpauwi pa tayo ng mga OFW, na papayag naman sigurong tumanggap ng mas mababang sahod kung mapapalapit sila sa kanilang pamilya.

Ang sabi ng mga kausap natin: Hindi kailangang babaan, dahil handa silang tapatan ang suweldo nitong mga kababayan nating ito. Sa sektor din po ng pangingisda, nadarama ang pagbabago sa pagtingin sa Pilipino. Nitong Abril, tinanggal na ng European Commission ang ipinataw nilang yellow card sa Pilipinas. Dahil hindi raw ho dati maayos ang dokumentasyon at tracking, di sila makasigurong nahuli ang mga isda sa legal na paraan. Agad tayong kumilos ang Department of Agriculture upang hindi mapasama sa blacklist ng EU, at hindi mapagbawalang magluwas ng produkto sa kanila.

Nang magtungo nga po si Secretary Procy Alcala sa Belgium, sabi sa kanya, huwag daw sasama ang kanyang loob, dahil baka tanungin tayo ng ibang bansang may yellow card pa.

Tayo raw kasi ang makakapagturo sa kanila kung ano ang mga dapat gawin para maresolba ang problema. Naalala ko rin po, noong una, pakiramdam ko, kinakausap lang tayo ng ibang pinuno dahil obligado silang kausapin tayo. May ilang halos sermonan tayo nang una nating nakahalubilo. Nakikiusap pa ang iba: Wala na bang puwedeng magawa dito?

Kailangan naming tiyaking di mabubuksan ang pinto para maulit ito. Kapag sila raw ang naging Pangulo, sigurado, gaganda ang buhay. Para naman sa kabataan, iba na raw po ang tugon nila sa ganoong pahayag, iba na daw po ang uso ngayon eh: Paano nila gagawin ang mga pangakong iyan? Nasaan ang detalye at kongkretong mga plano? Paano ninyo ipatutupad ang inyong mga pangako?

Pakiramdam yata nila nadadaan sa basta-basta ang solusyon sa ating mga problema. Wala pa rin talagang gamot na naiimbento para sa mga nagbubulag-bulagan at nagbibingi-bingihan. Maganda siguro, kapag ganitong harapan nang iniinsulto ang talino ng Pilipino, ilipat muna natin ang channel, at baka may mas mapala pa tayo sa panonood ng sitcom.

Pangunahin siyempre po dito: Ang Bangsamoro Basic Law. Palagay ko, obligasyon ninyong magmungkahi ng mas magandang solusyon. Kung wala kayong alternatibo, ginagarantiya lang ninyong hindi maaabot ang pagbabago.

Ilang buhay pa ang kailangang ibuwis para magising ang lahat sa obligasyong baguhin ang sirang status quo sa Muslim Mindanao? Dati, mahirap lang, walang pagkain. Mahirap magtrabaho kapag magsasaka ka, kasi nahihirapan ka tapos kapag ibenta, maliit lang ang nakukuha mo.

Naaawa ako sa kanila dahil nahihirapan silang magtrabaho. At iniisip ko na sana makapagtapos ako ng pag-aaral para maiahon ko sila sa hirap.

Naisip ko, noong walang 4Ps, wala akong mga notebook o sapatos man. Pinagmamasaker, pinagpapapatay nang walang kalaban-laban. Naisip ko na sumali sa grupo ng MILF, ang prinsipyo namin ay ang nasshur awis-shahada. Halimbawa sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas, dahil doon sa panahon ni Erap pulbusin ang mga taga-Mindanao.

Siyempre kahit sinong mga Muslim makakaisip na ipaglalaban ang prinsipyo. Mas naengganyo po tayo rito kasi ang lecture sa amin, tapos ina-actual. Ang sa akin lang po, ito na po siguro ang daan upang mabigyan na sila ng tahimik na pamumuhay, mabibigyan sila ng livelihood para hindi na sila maghihirap. Since , hindi ko naramdaman, naranasan na maging isang mapayapa ang Bangsamoro. Eh ngayon, kung saka-sakaling matupad, Insha Allah, mamumuhay kami nang mapayapa.

Inilalapit din po natin sa Kongreso ang Rationalization of Fiscal Incentives. Kung maipapasa ito, maitatama ang papatsa-patsang sistema ng pagbibigay insentibo at magiging mas makatwiran ang pagbubuwis sa mga negosyo. Hinihiling rin namin ang agarang pagtutok sa Unified Uniformed Personnel Pension Reform Bill, para tuluyang maisulong ang isang makatarungang sistemang pampensiyon para sa kanila. Agaran po sanang maipasa ang batas na ito, dahil ngayon pa lang, trilyong piso na ang kakailanganin para pondohan ang pensiyon ng unipormadong hanay.

Kailangan ng awtorisasyon ng batas para matugunan ang masalimuot na sitwasyong ito. Bukas na bukas naman po ay makakarating na sa inyo ang panukalang budget para sa susunod na taon. Hindi pa po tayo nabibigong ipasa ito sa tamang oras; umaasa nga po ako, na mapapanatili ang tamang kalakarang ito ngayong nasa huling yugto na tayo ng ating administrasyon.

Naaalala ko rin po: Kumontra akong pagkaitan ang isang tao ng karapatang tumakbo sa puwesto, dahil lang sa kanyang apelyido. Bakit nga naman tayo gagawa ng batas para pigilang maglingkod ang gustong maglingkod? Pero napapaisip po ako: May mali rin sa pagbibigay ng pagkakataong habambuhay na magpakasasa sa kapangyarihan ang isang tiwaling pamilya o indibidwal. Ganyang kaisipan din ang dahilan kung bakit, noong may nagmungkahing manatili pa ako sa puwesto—kahit raw dagdag na tatlong taon lang—ako mismo ang tumutol dito.

Di tayo makakasiguro kung malinis ang intensiyon ng mga susunod, o kung nanaisin lang nilang habambuhay na maghari-harian para sa sariling interes. Panahon na para ipasa ang isang Anti-Dynasty Law.

Imsges: dating daan religious beliefs

dating daan religious beliefs

Non-believers are stuck with the old conscience problem. Like Dawkins, believing something he did not see nor can he replicate is faith.

dating daan religious beliefs

You swallow that and dare to mock Theists? Ang ilang industriya pa nga, talagang pumapalo na dahil

dating daan religious beliefs

May pumapasok nang madilim pa, at may umuuwing madilim na—pero lahat sila, naiwan dating daan religious beliefs dilim dahil hindi sapat ang oras ng pag-aaral. Sorry it is technically off topic. Sa atin pong mga sinundan: A complete turn-around from what beliffs have been used to. Lumaki ang ating populasyon, pero noongang natirang out-of-school children, 1. Reproductory success is, uncontroversially, a necessity of all bio-existence.