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Now here is the problem. Perfume, Classification of Fragrances The first comprehensive method of classifying the fragrances of perfume ingredients was proposed by Rimmel at the end of the 19th century. I wore Black Pearls wearing black pearls! The fragrance itself quickly became a favorite. It reminds me of Magie Noir etc. She was desperate for her newest fragrance Black Pearls to sell. Gone were the typical holiday aromas:

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If placed on clothes even the EDP stays for days. Thank you for reminding me about it. But that's just me For all that Safari has enjoyed a great success in the States, just like the Polo and the game of Polo as those are topics that are dear. Arabia and nearby regions of Africa.

I blow my mind and I would recommend this to anyone who loves all Coach perfumes I love them all and the price is really affordable. My daughter has a sample from a friend so surprised her by buying a bigger bottle that will last.

Customer Comments This transaction went extremely well! Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Most Liked Positive Review. Most Liked Negative Review. Displaying reviews Back to top. Comments about Coach By Coach: Things great about it. About Me Classic Style. Anytime Daily Use Signature Fragrance. Draws Compliments Great Smell. Definitely liked the scent. Would not hesitate to continue using. Join Our Coupon List. June 22, at 9: Bought it last fall in its new form and was so glad to have found it again that I forgave the watered-down eau-ness.

It stays like the memory of your favorite garden walk, it refreshes with a tall glass of lemon-cucumber water, it transports to a hidden alcove of moss-covered fallen logs with miguet peeking through the forest floor.

What a lovely description! Do try it, if you have a chance. Back in the late 70s, my then-boyfriend USN submarine officer brought me a flacon of O de Lancome back from his travels in the Mediterranean. It was the spray version, with a burgundy cap, though the rest of the container was very similar to what it is today, just not frosty-looking.

I was very surprised that he gave me fragrance as a gift, and even more surprised that I loved it! Guess I favored chypres without knowing anything about perfume at the time.

Well, O de L has changed over the years, but I still wear it several times a week, especially in warm weather, and still love it. One of the reasons I love writing about older fragrances is because the discussion invariably touches upon poignant stories like yours. Writing about the new releases especially the dull, unexciting stuff feels like doing homework, by comparison.

Thank you so much, Zephyr! I wish you both lots of happiness and many other exciting new discoveries. Eau Sauvage is another classic and another perfume that has an arbitrary gender assignment. It works so well on women. I thought that the latter was a much better fragrance although the Lancome one was also pleasant. I was told that French women love O de Lancome and that it is a big seller in that country.

I agree with you, Anita. Eau de Patou is superior in some ways, and I still wear mine, but I only need to look at my almost empty bottle of O de Lancome to see where my true loyalties lie. Wait, one could actually drink cologne back in the day? Not that it stops the alcoholics in Russia, which is why perfume sellers there need to have a special license.

But yes, in the past, you could take cologne internally. After all, it started out as a tincture of various herbs and citrus rind in alcohol. I have several old cookbooks that list recipes for cologne alongside ratafias and liqueurs.

Here will be another re-visit on my part for O De Lancome. My memory of greeting summer was O de Guerlain a blast of sweet mint and a fragrance that is never worn out on me and for me. I must have used 5 or 6 bottles during my lifetime. I feel a purchase of another bottle coming on imminently after reading your column today June 21, at I have a large decant of Chanel Eau de Cologne, and while I like it, the heavy musky drydown is not exactly hitting the spot for me.

I miss the crispness and freshness, which is what I get out of O de Lancome. Eau de Rochas is still my favourite of these and these scents always make me consider inherited memory.

Today I use Kelly Caleche with gay abandon. The EDT that is. June 21, at 1: What do you think of when you feel nauseous? Since I was a child I think of a lime ice block.

Kelly Caleche is my lime ice block. Who described the EDP as suffocating wet rose blooms? Harsh, I thought, but accurate in a way. Layering seems to bring out the best in both. June 23, at 3: Thank you, it makes sense! Eau de Rochas is my biggest summer love. And recently I found out that Kelly Caleche edt in summer is much better than in winter. It sparkles in the sun. I have to give O a try properly. And everything with a mossy drydown. Must try it again soon. I can see that too.

That mossy-earthy finish does read retro, but it becomes addictive after a while. After your review and all these really fascinating comments I will back-track a bit when the warm weather returns here. And I had no idea there was an Eau de Patou. The house responsible for those symphonic floral masterpieces did stoop so low as to produce an Eau? Wonders will never … June 21, at 5: Plus, making a good cologne requires a considerable skill and I would argue, much more so than Joy requires.

But I digress, if you like the mossy-citrusy style, then O de Lancome is for you. And oddly enough, apart from the ashtray, I found it short-lived and in general hard to smell at all.

There are bits of it my nose just does not pick up. I so agree about the omelette and the consomme. Nowhere to hide your mistakes! June 22, at 5: Maybe an evening, more formal version of O de L for me? Hmmm… Much to play with here! June 23, at 7: Back in the day, I would never have worn a fragrance like this because I used to believe that a fragrance was a kind of statement about who you were, and I saw myself as more of a Magie Noire woman than an O woman.

Thank you for the review. O de Lancome and Eau de Rochas were my beloved colognes. I have a bottle of Caudalie Eau Fraiche now and I need a bottle of new colonge!

Kaori June 21, at Caudalie Eau Fraiche is another thirst quenching cologne for the summer. Thank you for reminding me about it. Thanks for this review, so nice to read about something different! I am looking for a versatile, fresh summerscent-I will have to try this when I near a Lancome counter. June 22, at 7: I loved it and sort of forgot about it. Your lovely review is making me consider buying it again for this summer. June 22, at 8: Every summer I try to pick a different cologne to give my season a new flavor, so to speak.

Last summer, it was Annick Goutal Neroli. I carefully chose one perfume to wear to bed wearing perfume during the day there seemed inappropriate. After much consideration, I chose Serge Lutens Incense et Lavande, because it was cooling, calming, and meditative. Now that fragrance will always bring back the magical hidden valley, with the sounds of the river and the monks chanting.

The notes look wonderful, and summer has arrived with high temps and humidity so refreshment is the order of the day. How do you manage? Drink plenty of water and take care, Victoria. June 22, at 3: O de Lancome is right up there in my pantheon of late, great, — colognes and cologne-style frags: Calandre, Eau de Givenchy, and Eau de Rochas. If I want to skip down memory lane to lazy summer days by the community pool and nights spent cruising the city, looking for parties and flirting with boys, all I need is just one sniff.

This is one of those fragrances that I will always smell whenever I see a tester. Whenever I encounter yet another overpriced niche version, my love for O de Lancome grows stronger. But I agree that it is very good.

June 24, at 1: Great to see this favourite has lots of fans! June 24, at 4: On the other hand, Lancome often has nice promotions, so it can be purchased at a very reasonable price. I used to work at a Lancome counter from My counter manager wanted me to push Magie Noire, so I wore it and was complemented many many times and sold a ton of it.

I gave my mom bottles of the perfume and the perfume oil. She liked it very much. But I loved the O de Lancome so much better. I was very young, and Magie just seemed so heavy to me.

Wish I would have kept some of that oil!!! I have had bottles of O ever since then, for it is one of my favorite summer scents. Thanks for reminding everyone of this lovely, and I think one of the best, Lancome fragrance.

June 26, at 9: I so enjoyed this story, Maureen. June 27, at O de Lancome has been discontinued in South Africa. There was no other perfume for me.

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dating caron perfumes

The amber is a tad creamy rich and vanillic or caramelized just like Charlie Gold. I started dating my husband back when it was great!!

dating caron perfumes

Australia and elsewhere for its oil. Interestingly, hers had my name crossed out and hers written over! Melilot was known to the Romans it is listed by Dioscorides for its medicinal properties and was used by medieval Arab perfume makers.

dating caron perfumes

I took it up in halifax dating agencies early 20s and I dating caron perfumes the benefits. Other reviewers have mentioned a smokiness or muskiness which can make it into a formal fragrance to wear in the evening, but I dont get this at all. As it dries down the sandalwood and the amber kick in, together with the peach not on your face peach, very subtle. Like a fancy scented soap in a box trimmed in lace and some white flowers dating caron perfumes with water color. The flask, made by Cartier, is decorated with gold.