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Newer Post Older Post Home. I will change my article and give you credit if you can. Mine doesn't have the sling swivels on it, never did? It was an exciting event. The front sight has a bead with fluorescent plastic.

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Apparently, according to the boards, when Browning went to the aluminum receiver they also changed some the materials for internal parts and forgot something about QC. The first year the bolt or pinion started to rub on the hammer and the hammer would not come all the way back. I was actually able to carry it twice before I was deployed twice to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. Fit the bull pinion in and out until the lever is all the way closed and the large gear is meshed with the rack gear in the bottom of the bolt carrier and the hole in the center of the gear is in line with the hole in the receiver. Any ideas how to come up with one out there?

All my BLRs except one have been short actions though. The one long action one I had was too long with too long a lever "throw" for me after using my short actions. The added length of action, plus the added barrel length 4" the 7 mag has makes it a completely different feeling rifle IMHO.

You can actually get a SM chambering that's got the short action and a 2" shorter barrel than the standard magnums. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it. I like the straight grip of the '81 much more than the pistol grip, to me it makes the gun much quicker handling. Also, the short action of the is much better balanced for me anyway. I never was a fan of the long action BLRs.

Like Tnhunter already touched on, the short action lever throw is great when in the field and you are in need of a fast follow up shot s. I love mine as a drive gun - short, light weight, fast handling, and fast shooting. I did not have time but to shoot 5 rounds with the win. Originally Posted by TreeRat. Rate This Thread Excellent. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Add Thread to del. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

Switch to Threaded Mode. A rack and pinion system, no less, to work a rotating bolt. I just have to feel that action. Don't get me wrong. I love my Marlin , but I can't resist a lever action that shoots a. I will sound a bit like a fence rider, although I am not. My BLR is a longer action It is a fantastic hunting rifle. Since I bought it, I have bought numerous Marlins, and find them to be a bit more adequate for my "plinking", Mine is accurate, and I reload for it using small base dies.

I don't have problems with it, but it would not be my first choice for shooting cast bullets. Also, it is not my first choice for heavy duty shooting. My BLR gave me one of my longest shots, and accuracy is very adequate. Strangely, if you look at the Postal match, Jayhawker seems to be the only one with one entered.

My experience is that it is adequately accurate, but not overly so. I know there are many that claim great accuracy, but I have not seen it. I think I got one group under 1 inch for last years match. It was a fluke. I do like it better than my Savage 99 in I am not a true traditionalist.

I like scopes etc , but do like my Marlins more. Just chalk it up to they fit the type of shooting I do quite a bit more. There is nothing else like them. I may still get one in A - I just noticed that there aren't any Winchesters in the scoped postal match yet. Wonder what that means?

I just wanted to add that I have 15 Marlins and only 1 BLR, so that sort of defines my preferences too. None of my three short action steel frame BLR's are for sale. With handloads and no tuning other than triggers two. While one chamber is minimal, none have ever required small base dies. Personally, I could be talked into a. Still have a crazy idea to build a BLR. Last edited by Blackhawk44; at It does have its issues, the trigger, surely, mine is long but fairly light.

And that magizine, I'm not very crazy about it, the thing sometimes has a mind of its own. But, overall, its excellent. The action is smooth and lightening fast, the gun handles wonderfully, and it heck for accurate, at least mine is. I came aquainted with mine because it was a , and to be honest if this caliber was offered in a 20" model 77, or a Model 7, I think I would have gone that way, but I am very happy with the rifle.

I have let some of my wrong-handed kin shoot this gun, and they are sold, I reckon if I was a left handed shooter it might be my one and only. Good shooting fellows, Steve. I like what I'm hearing. I'm debating between the BLR and the Marlin stainless in I'd probably go with a.

Like I said, the thing that pulls me toward the BLR is its unique design. The way rifles work fascinates me, and I like to collect rifles with as many different action types as possible. A lever that shoots "normal" rifle cartridges and spitzer bullets is pretty irisistable.

Plus, to my eyes, the BLR is a beautiful rifle. What the has going for it is probably obvious. It's a Marlin , and that stainless model is like looking at a fine piece of jewlery. This aluminum alloy receiver is refined and heat treated same way aircraft parts are made.

I doubt very much that you will ever have a problem related to the receiver. Browning builds a very good product. BLR's hold their value quite well. I'm not really clear on why some good rifles sell for so much less on the used rack.

BLR makes a good base for a custom rilfe if so inclined. I had a rebarreled to 9. The Swede is my wife's rifle and she loves it. This unique rifle has transformed many elk, antelope, and mulies into neatly wrapped packages of frozen meat. Mykal, you will not be disappointed in your BLR! It's my fave rifle, I leave the Weatherby parked usually now. I mounted mine last year with a detachable Leupold mount and a Weaver 1. In the dry or a tall stand, I put it on.

Thanks for all your input, gentlemen. TR - that custom work sounds pretty interesting. Where did you get that. JR1 - pleasant suprise to see you chiming in in the lever side of life. Man does not live by bolt guns alone, eh? Also glad to hear you think so highly of the BLR.

It's expensive being an addict. Thanks again to all for your experiences. The to 6. Barrel was made in Montana. Chamber specs matched original long throated Swedish Mauser because I wanted to handload the extra long grain soft tip for elk hunting.

Yet we use grain Nosler Partition because it is more accurate for those long shots beyond yards. I'm not sure the conversion was so wise after all. But operated by a lever. No kidding, just remove the clip and hold the rifle upside down. When I was looking for a woods gun I was looking at a more traditional style lever gun such as the Win 94 or Marlin. I was looking at different lever guns from the different makers and stumbled upon the BLR.

I didn't like the look as much as I did the Win 94 but I noticed it was produced in Winchester. I looked more into the caliber and liked what I read about it and thought for what I was looking for, it would be hard to beat the Thanks to Whitehunter recommended some loads, I've shot tighter groups than I have with my Rem M off the bench.

I've even thought of getting another and if you got one in a. I to bought a BLR two years ago and had problems. The first year the bolt or pinion started to rub on the hammer and the hammer would not come all the way back. The rifle was sent in the early summer and returned for the last few days of the deer hunt.

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M BPCR in and calibers introduced.

Which if I read your article right it's year which would be impossible? I had a Pre in Win as well. Thanks for the responses, gentlemen.

Find all dating browning blr started by Marine All my BLRs except one have been short actions brownning. I hope I got everything right and I really strove to verify any information that has been presented. It is a fantastic hunting rifle. I have not shot eather yet but I am sure being Brownings they will shoot well. Actually, it is the reverse: Embarrassing dating profile pictures, truly hope they have your BLR dating browning blr out.