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Richmond man missing after skiing in Bear Valley. April 30, at 8: Regardless of how you feel about it — articles like these are finally confirming what we locals already knew. I might also enjoy a rabbit friend, if you're looking to bond your bunny! Hantavirus costs State Park worker his hearing.


Or maybe it's to tell you how much he would love a forever home and why hasn't anyone swept him off his fuzzy little feetsies yet to take him home?! Here's what Calafia's foster family said about her: It beats you down. So there are two web sites: I must say it was hard to find your website in search results.

The course opens at 9 a. There are 14 bottled beers to choose from, and by the time you've finished your beer, you'll undoubtedly have made some friends at this quirky spots where old-time locals like to hang out.

Walk through fields of native plants and grasses and be awed by spectacular views of the Pacific on this trail that's named for a Portuguese dairy rancher who once owned a large piece of land in West Marin.

Start at the Dias Ridge trailhead on the Panoramic Highway in Mill Valley and drop feet as you hike to Muir Beach where you can stop for a drink at the Pelican Inn and then hike back up to your car. It's about 6 miles roundtrip. You can also cut the hike in half by running a car shuttle. Walk through fields of native plants and grasses and be awed by spectacular views of the Pacific on this trail that's named for a.

This mountainside way station dating back to the s is popular with motorcyclists, bicyclists and hikers. All the beers are from breweries around California including. If you've ever hiked in Europe, then you know what it's like to crest a mountain peak, meander through a grassy field or circle a pretty glacial lake and then stumble upon a little pub where you stop for an ice-cold beer.

In places such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, these cafes and bars appear seemingly in the middle of nowhere like mirages in the desert, and they offer charming moments of respite. The experience is harder to find in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, there's not a village with cobblestone streets and a population of 10 goat herders tucked away in the Marin Headlands.

But if you know where to look and know how to map out your hike, you can make that walk involving a refreshing drink happen. In the gallery above, we've come up with some specific trails that you can walk and, in most cases, grab a beer without having to hop into your car and drive down a windy road to enjoy a relaxing moment.

We like to call these excursions "hikes that end with a beer," but some of these trips involve beers midway, depending on how you do them. And, of course, we advise that you enjoy your beer with some hydrating water and limit yourself to one drink — or even share with a friend — and order some food if you're hungry.

Image 1 of Image 2 of Your jaw will drop again and again on this vista-filled trail that hugs the craggy northwestern corner of San Francisco. You'll get views of the Pacific, the Golden Gate, the storied ruins of the Sutro Baths and pocket beaches tucked away among the rocks below.

Start at the Lands End visitor center parking lot. You'll get views of the Pacific, the. Image 3 of The Cliff House, San Francisco Bypass this iconic restaurant's formal dining room and pull up a stool at the more casual Sutro's Bar and Lounge where dusty hiking boots are completely acceptable. If you time your hike right, you can be sipping a cold one while gazing out at a Pacific sunset painting the sky pink. Image 4 of You'll pass through groves of Image 5 of Image 6 of Image 7 of Dias Ridge Trail, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County Walk through fields of native plants and grasses and be awed by spectacular views of the Pacific on this trail that's named for a Portuguese dairy rancher who once owned a large piece of land in West Marin.

Image 8 of Pelican Inn, Muir Beach This half-timbered pub looks as if it were plucked from the English countryside and dropped down in this blink-and-you'll-miss-it coastal town down the road from Muir Woods. You can drink a beer inside the cozy bar paneled in dark wood or sit outside on the grassy lawn.

You might also want to order some fish and chips before hiking back up the hill to your car. Image 9 of Start at the parking lot off Portola Road to follow a wide trail that travels along a grassy ridge. You'll pass Sausal Pond that's popular with ducks and frogs and take in views of the Bay Area. I'm happy to say that I am feeling good and ready for my forever home, thank you very much. Maybe one with a race track for me. I'm starting to blossom here, and I'm a people person.

I'm super curious, some might even say nosy, but I just love to explore and climb and check everything out. Come and meet me soon! HRS took great care of removing Errol's injured leg. Now you really wouldn't even notice it since it doesn't stop him from hopping around just fine to his litterbox, onto his bed and over to those Oxbow timothy pellets.

He has excellent potty skills. Given his circumstances, he can be skittish only at first, but he is warming up to affection and after a really good session, you can get some bunny purrs out of him.

And like any youngster, he loves to eat in bed. This brave and sweet boy is bound to win many hearts. Side note, I think he is interested in having a friend!

I bunny-sat a cute lop girl and they were in eye sight of each other. Errol noticeably perked up and would sleep up front as close as possible to keep her in eye sight, whereas before her arrival he would just sleep in the corner in the back under my bar stand. I bet he would love a friend to help groom him. My mom is just a tad shy, but I will help you get to know her. We like to play with our toys and love to explore. Come and meet us and take us home! Here's what Calafia's foster family said about her: What is fun is she circles your feet as you hold the pellet bag!

She has a lot of spunk, personality, loves to eat who doesn't? Here's what Francis' foster family says about him: Francis is an active rabbit who enjoys chewing on and digging in many things including cardboard boxes. He enjoys having his head pet the most especially when sitting next to him! These two ladies are gentle giants who love to explore. They love to binkie and play hide and go seek, but their favorite part of the day is snuggling up together after gorging on fresh hay.

Here;s what Gabriella's foster person has to say about her! She was one of our most favorite bunnies. It took her about a week to warm up but once she did, she was very inquisitive and loved to hop over to us for snacks and head scratches. Even living with a noisy kid, she adapted and soon let him pet her head.

She would lounge in the enclosure with her tail sticking through the wire and it was the most adorable thing ever photo attached. Meet Pogo, an acrobatic bunny with a spring in her step. She likes to run, binky, climb, explore and play almost as much as she loves to cuddles.

She'll give you a little nudge to let you know it's cuddle time and might even climb up onto your lap. We welcome new and experienced bunny guardians. Frannie and Flynn are an adorable bonded couple who find comfort in each other. They are little shy however are very curious about humans especially ones with treats! Shy at first, this bonded pair likes to stay close to each other until Frannie signals the coast is clear and it's time to find someone for pets.

They love playing hide-and-seek, getting lots of pets, and being the calmest bunnies around. Tillman is a sweetheart, well-mannered and quite independent. He is a lovely house rabbit-- he is happy being able to run around the carpeted family room and also enjoys relaxing under the coffee table for a nap.

He eats hay like a horse quantity wise! It is quite entertaining to watch him. He enjoys being in the company of people-- he does his best hay eating when there is an audience. And he eats pellets from our hands all the time.

He has also learned that we bring his greens in from the garden. So, anytime we come in from the backyard, he runs up expectantly to see what we might have brought him.

I am not sure if that means we have trained him, or he has trained us! Rascal by name but not by nature. She is a full time lover of cuddles and snuggles. Her ruby red eyes are full of sparkle and light. She is affectionate, trusting and gentle. A gorgeous bunny inside and out. Here's what her fosterer has to say about her: She is inquisitive, fun and charismatic.

She loves to roam various rooms in a house while alternating laps with human interaction. Rascal is a snuggly bed bunny what a treat!

Like their namesakes, they enjoy being in the spotlight. They are adventurous, inquisitive, and love the attention of their audience. Why don't you to come up and see them sometime!

This adorable and sassy bun is a top contender for the most fabulous hairdo in all of bundom. Active and curious, he loves exploring his space and rearranging all his possessions to suit his liking.

While a little shy at first, Xander is sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you. Jedda and Wombat are a gorgeous mother and son bonded pair with excellent personalities and appetites.

Jedda is a stunning looking bunny who enjoys cuddling with humans as well as playing, digging and exploring her environment. Wombat, like his namesake, is a little more reclusive, that is until there are treats in sight. You will find wombat on your lap in an instance if you have his favorites - freeze dried banana and pineapple. He loves doing high speed laps and binkies and cuddles before bed.

Jedda and Wombat have great litter habits, are friendly, happy bunnies who would be the perfect furry addition to your home and family. She is rambunctious and full of spunk and enjoys her nightly binkying and scurrying time. She is also extremely affectionate and will give you tons of licks to say love you. She is also a strong independent woman that knows what she wants and how to get it!

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dating bay area ca

So there are two web sites:

dating bay area ca

She enjoys to be pet on the head and comes when called.

dating bay area ca

Rascal by name but not by nature. Along the coast dating bay area ca temperatures are nearly constant, year-round. However, such laws apply only to the food-handling staff. Cancer diagnosis has man yearning to reconnect with One time, I went there with my then-young son daging we happened upon some German tourists who had been skinny-dipping.