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Ji Jin-Hee

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Likewise the male lead who doesn't really stand out. Lee Jong-Suk is just so hot: Isabel Jul 20

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Ceci Jul 26 Miss Bee Aug 21 7: Hannah Oct 15 4: You did an excellent job in that role. I also watched "He who cant marry", and its simply the best! Will be in my top 5 dramas for sure!

Love your acting so much. Fighting oppa Ji Jin Hee: Hope always success in your life. Tina Jan 12 6: Love his acting too. Jang Geum Jan 05 2: Elisa Nov 05 I was impressed with his character in Blood he was really malevolent! Gin, he changes the boyish style during the drama, and of course, looks very handsome! Believe, the drama is very good, with an excellent plot.

Salma Oct 19 6: Miss Bee Aug 21 7: Gin Aug 10 6: No I'm looking forward for "I have a lover" Watching the trailer, with his boyish haircut, he looks far younger than before. He looked so familiar. He is the same actor from dong yi. I wanna see u again in another drama!

Come back soon oppa! I love his acting in "A jewel in the palace". Truly loved him in Dong Yi, but really hated him in Blood. He's a damn good actor though. Dongwookieee Apr 21 1: He did so damn well with his character, making the audience feel like hi is getting into out nerves dang He is like the best villain yet worst morality in blood. Jamie Apr 18 7: My goodness, what a sexy man MGM Apr 09 You are doing a great job as a villain in Blood.

Adam Mar 25 7: Janna Mar 05 9: Look forward to his next historical drama project. Sonya Oct 04 7: Francine Jun 28 9: I cried so much for her pain and the king omg what superb acting. Heebin was a great actress. This drama educate and really inspire me.

So much of history is lost and forgotten for reality TV that it is refreshing to see history is being told to the younger generation. Deanna Yu Apr 27 I thoroughly found the acting, directing and writing of A Word from warm heart outstanding. One of the best dramas I have ever seen. This drama was so well acted by all and I give my appreciation for the casting director. The two men won my sympathies.

I wanted to wring the necks of the two women. That means all four lead actors did an outstanding job. The little child was an amazing. The scene where the mother-in-law spit out her gum in her daughter-in-law's hand was shocking.

The loyalty of that daughter-in-law was amazingly written and acted. I went back and forth on which male lead won my heart and the young husband won with the line about the baby seed. Beautifully written and acted. Ji Jin-Hee's steely, strong, silent acting using only his face and body were so well done.

I never knew Korean men could be like that. Thank you for an excellent performance. Colleen Feb 25 7: I watched the great seer, yes captain and at present one sweet word I don't miss this drama episodes. I wish you all success in your carrier. Ashani upeksha Jan 17 7: Kinkini Dec 31 You are my favourite actor in the world. Your acting is very clever. Kinkini Dec 30 2: Actually you are very talented actor.

My country is Sri Lanka. Dianne Nov 19 5: I haven't seen many of his performances except "The Great Seer", but I should watch more! Though I didn't like the character you played in "Love Letter", it is a testimony to your superb acting skills that I truly disliked Woo-Jin Keep on keeping on what you are doing already in your acting career. In my book, you are at the top of the class! Thanks so much for the memories you've left me with I wish to see u at least for a 1 time.

I love u so much. Quan Nov 01 I watched the movie "Paradise" because of you and afterwards I found myself very inspired by it. Thank you very much, to you and to everyone involved in its making. Your parents must be very happy to have you, indeed.

Please continue to be in projects that will encourage the ordinary everyday person. May God bless you. Amy Sep 25 Sweetheart you are the best. The only thing I can say is that you're the best It was very interesting role Because I love you..

I am waiting for your beautiful new role I love you Jin hee oppa Angeljane Aug 14 5: Ronaldo Aug 10 Saka opeyemi Jun 28 5: Deepa Thennakoon Jun 23 You are very popular in Sri Lanka.

Even my 9 year old daughter and her friends mad on you. We have watched Dae Jang Geum, dong yi, Take care of us captain and He who cant get married, and these days we are watching spotlight. You are a very versatile actor can show very oppositly different emotions very naturally.

Hope you can have more more to act to show your talents. Welcome to Sri Lanka. Caroline Jun 22 That is an excellent serie, good in every ways storyline, cast, directing, soundtrack, etc He has always helped Oh Ha-Na whenever she got into trouble. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn't have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother.

One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. Lee jong suk has such soulful eyes, and I totally dug the chemistry between the leads, it was a bit different from the usual K dramas, but it was there all the way-even the handholding gave me the goosebumps.

Courtroom dramas do not get better than this- romance, tragedy, comedy, action- a bit of everything mixed by an amazing chef. Cassandra Sep 01 8: The storyline was interesting and it moved at just the right pace. However, the two leads did not have any chemistry at all. Their age difference was too great and their kissing scenes were a little awkward.

The female prosecutor was gorgeous! Too bad she didn't end up with a BF. Oz Aug 22 Don't like the male lead's acting, but sure LBY is really good. I Watched this not for the love line because I find it awkward hahah: Despite the flaws in the law stuff but to sum it up this drama is a must watch. However, I think this drama tops it because of its content. Heartstrings was a nice romantic drama, but this drama teacher life lessons and really portrays great emotions.

Heartstringsfanbelow May 05 8: This has more valuale lessons and i prefer stories that are more detailed and has a smooth progression. Yay Apr 09 6: I just cant understand why a lawyer let her defendant be guilty, is it a job of a lawyer to make your defendant lose the case?

And no spark between the 2 lead roles, lby is too old for ljs.. I dont know, ill jus have to watch it all.. Kimmy Apr 02 EunMi Mar 30 3: Tell me anyone, tell me please. I think it is because they look good together?? Sch T Mar 24 Doesn't really gel indeed DST Mar 24 Female lead is way too old for the male lead and it seems strange especially watching this after knowing she's pregnant.

Legal stuff is crappy too Jenny Mar 23 6: I watched it last year in January I still think of it till this day! Aiat Mar 17 7: AngelaSsi Mar 04 2: Very good plot and storyline! This drama is way underrated! Will be in my top 5 dramas for sure! I m still at ep 7,but I dont like lead actress and actor.

Noirence Feb 19 1: I finished this drama non-stop because of how intense it was. I loved it, the drama could of ended earlier however i loved the twist and turns the writers put at the end. I would rate the acting a 8. He portray the character fine. For me the actors i commend here are actually Jeon Deong Hwan and Lee Da Hee they did a very nice job and nice they usually don't get noticed i will commend them here.

They are in alot of other dramas however they aren't noticed as much because they are usually a supporting character. Jessica Ende Feb 03 6: One Of The beautiful Korean Drama..!! I can hear your voice 2. Ayesha Jan 23 8: I can't watch the rest due to some reasons. Please someone tell me the rest of the story?? Sandra Dec 24 1: I like the story and I like the drama. I even watch them so many times and didn't get bored. Capricorn0Angel Dec 20 1: No word could describe this: It's a big loss for not watching this drama, even I regret why I just watch this now and not beforeeee.

And I'm really thankful to everyone who makes this drama possible to watch. Jonalyn familiar gonzales Dec 16 1: I never imagine they have a kind of people like the killer and the father of Seo who never what he's wrong.: I was scared because of zack and the killer if he can do that's kind of crime but he remember her promises to attorney jang. I want to watch this again and again because its so so very beautiful story i ever watch.

Castiel Oct 15 4: Throughout this drama I was never bored and always looking forward to seeing the next episode! I pretty much binged watch the shows and finished the entire drama in a few days! At first I thought the whole age gap between the two main leads wouldn't really work out well and make the story not believable. But, surprisingly it looked fine and seemed fairly natural because of the chemistry between the two main leads. If you haven't watch this yet I highly recommend it, the plot and the actors were all great.

I've watched a few dramas that each of the main leads Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong-Suk have starred in and they never disappoint! Hannah Oct 15 4: This drama even used the song I'll be there and is so effective. It creeped me out. I hope that there'll be more dramas like this to come. And using the method of hanging some conversations and scenes is so good which leads the viewers to create their own conclusions and even making them surprise after watching the truth behind.

This drama has successfully connected with the viewers through the story and twists, and the great acting skills of the actors and actresses. Jung Woong-In, after seeing him in Running Man TV show before, I was surprised that this was the drama they were portraying, and I can say that he is really good in being scary and in acting as an evil guy, especially in his first appearance in the drama.

That's it, this drama is 10 out of 10 for me. PrettYme Oct 05 4: DD I like it a lot!!! So many twist and thrills! Soo Ha and Atty. Jang , i like them both, they are cute couple! Nice story and Everything: Hoping for season 2 of this T. T want to see them more. It really give me thrills and suspense. Hoping for season 2: Season 2 I Hear Your Voice: And searching all drama series and movies of them. The male character should be someone in uni or college. Romance between a high school student and a lawyer is just a bit new idea, especially for east Asian culture.

Also, too many flashback scenes that maybe without those, the series could be cut to 12 episodes. Anyway, the law cases presented are quite interesting. Fighting, Sunbae Choi and Meahri.

She is really the highlight of the show in which she can be a character that is cheerful, childish and caring at the same time. It would have been long after MischievousFlower Sep 18 3: I'm a Filipino fan of this. Hi Filipino fans out there!! Lee Jong-Suk is just so hot: Kim90kc Sep 03 2: Everything ended with no loose ends. I thought it needs additional episodes, or probably another season The relationship between Hye Sung and Soo Ha was well-delivered..

Keyrein Aug 18 This is not your typical rom-com. It teaches a lot of stories and morals. I'm happy that it was bought by a Philippine channel which can handle k-dramas very well.

If it was acquired by the other PH channel, it would just be massacred. Rosemarie Aug 15 2: Eugene Aug 07 1: I'm rewatching it now, the 4th time. Can't get enough of Hye Sung-Soo Ha couple! I almost like him Yanni Aug 01 5: It's like almost the same, if only Gosho Aoyama complited it. Mutiara Jul 23 3: This is my most fav drama after i've watched so many dramas.. Beside, i also love The Master's Sun. And now i'm watching Doctor Stranger. Lee Jongsuk is really2 a good actor.

With its seriousness, rigid laws, morals, beliefs, love, revenge, hatred and coming to terms with oneself, it made a truly heartfelt drama in my own opinion. I salute all those who contributed to this show. I am never get tired of watching it over and over again. I love lee bo young ang lee jong suk. Their acting skills are both excellent. I started watching Lee jong suk's Doctor Stranger but i don't like the female lead.

Sorry to say it but maybe it's just that I can't still move on with jong suk and bo young I saw them in running man and they look good together hehe Min joon gook's wife died because the heart that supposed to be given to her was "somehow" stolen by Soo Ha's father since they are rich and the hospital prioritize them more because they have money.

In short, min joon gook's wife died because of the fail of heart transplant. I want to know what really happens to the wife of Min Joon Gok in I hear your voice part I believe it was not Park Soo Ha's father.. I believed there is a master mind, and this master mind makes Min Joon Gok as a murderer, he brainwashed him, and makes him believe that Park Soo Ha's father killed his wife So that the master mind remain as innocent And then the wedding of Soo Ha - Hye Sung of course: I want to say thanks for this great story and thanks to the actors who make their job very well.

All the cast were so great to their role. Angry MOB Apr 16 Mir So Mar 30 7: You're just the best..!! Lillies Mar 03 I loved it so much. So sweet and touching. I liked Lee Jong Suk's kindness and heartfelt actions. Lee Bo Young was so cool! Mia26 Feb 27 2: Mimmzz Feb 27 1: Rinnie Feb 25 I hate it because I can;t stop watching it. I hate it because it's way too interesting, addictive and frustrating that I don;t know what will happen next.

On Friday I started to watched it again and it pisses me off that the weekend is ending and I won;t have time to watch it during the week. It pisses me off because I am on 11 episode and it's getting better and better.

Bella Feb 10 8: Jantilek Jan 30 9: MNG Jan 14 1: Gugu Jan 10 3: Ozmo Jan 06 He has some talent! Mooniechan Dec 31 9: It kept my interest from episode one! Also love how the I realize why the two male leads looked so familiar--they were also in secret garden, one of my fave kdrama!!! Jess Lim Dec 23 Angel Dec 22 5: Rancid Nov 27 3: I dont like maudlin love stories, frankly said, I dont like any love stories But this screenplay was really stunning!

Good actors, scenarists and directors. Clarkdale44 Nov 17 2: After watching episode I was completely satisfied with the ending There was no loose ends like usually happens in dramas these days Excellent performance by all the casts specially Lee Bo-Young CW Nov 08 7: Very interesting cast and it worked!

Every character showed up good directing and writing, acting, filming, oh well, everyone and it held the interest. I couldn't believe the outcome of the mother, but it put realism into the part. Not to mention tears. And the main lead too. Though i prefer j-drama than k-drama, but this is an exception.

Good story, perfect cast. There are life lesson too.. And the chemistry is soo natural. Park SooHa character is so amazing. He read other people's mind yet he always forgive.

Why the writer can make this cool plot? The director must be work well too. I like every character in this show. I enjoyed every episodes in the show. Thanks to my friends that make me anxious after their chats then she gave me this series. Looking forward for lee jong suk drama. Vania Oct 16 Magdalena Oct 15 Well overall is okay Fayeabell Oct 13 5: I love the all the characters and the story line. Never a dull moment, it kept me on my toes while watching it!

I highly recommend that you watch it. Lala Sep 27 I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Awesome female and male leads. If there could be one bad point though, the ending is mediocre. However, it doesn't take away my love for the show that much. Gosh, I just couldn't stop watching it! Kira Sep 27 She's being horrible to him. I partly know why she's doing it - to deny the fact she likes him but I still don't understand her. She's pissing me off a damn lot, god. Mari Sep 14 6: I absolutely love this series.

Soo ha is the sweetest! Pls ha Sep 14 3: I'm never tired of watching I Hear Your!!!!!!!! But I wish it would have I Hear your Voice2: ColdTea Sep 14 I watched the entire drama and like everyone else who watched the show, I came with hope that this drama would live up to high expectations it is the number one rated drama on certain websites , however with the underwhelming performance of the flower boy lead Lee Jong-suk, who was the main reason I watched this show in the first place being constantly outdone embarrassingly by even the secondary cast who had a fraction of the time he was on in every episode, made for a very drawn out and cringe-worthy viewing experience for me.

At first I was so hesitant to watch it because of the said circumstances the age issue, and I didn't know what to expect and I haven't read the synopsis in any site. Then looking at the picture they are all old people with a youngster in a love triangle and I kinda skip it for 3 weeks then after all the happenings in my life I've got spare time I realized to try it just one shot.

But then again the series is so perfect and I wouldn't mind if the HighSchooler and the lawyer will be the OTP and I Marathon it chasing the recent episodes. What a roller coaster ride and the love story , even the sesame street law, the murderer, the frenemies, the dorky lawyer cha, and the word I'll protect you circles around my mind the best drama of I bet Heirs with stellar cast couldn't even beat this.

Lots of lesson that you will get. However, after watching the 1st episode, I was hooked and engaged. The story line is very interesting and it teaches you about life in general. I really love the 2 episodes extension of do-yeon and her father. I hoped they make a special edition for this drama like Playful Kiss: Special Edition because this drama deserves it! I also wished it showcase the married life of hye-sung and soo-ha, and also lawyer oska and do-yeon!

U have to listen. Fran Sep 02 9: Shawn Aug 29 5: Was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, and impressed with Lee Jong Suk. First time seeing him act in anything, and decided to give School a try because of him. Otaku Aug 26 2: Gu Family Book was my previous but not anymore Kizzy Aug 25 I love all these actors so much.

I hope more ep n more romantic scene in future between soo ha n lawyer jjang XD , Its really different kind of drama I ever watch, since this is about court, fantasy who can ready people's mind, cute couple, cute and sad story line, daebak story lines!!

The quotes so much great! I heard that lee jong suk will p in the movie: Excalibunny Aug 23 I think 'victim' or 'sacrifice' sounds like a better word to use. You've got to be kidding me. The guy was wrong for what he did, regardless of the why. Besides, at the point of the drama, there was no one left for him to truly take revenge upon. Ray Aug 19 The two main leads played off perfectly and made the show and the secondary characters owned their own scenes as well. It also wasn't the regular generic Korean Tragi-Drama,where you know absolutely the main protagonist is going to die in the last few minutes of the last episode before you are even done watching the first episode.

It has so many memorable moments as well,that I go back and watch again. Thank god they teamed these actors up in the drama, any others would have likely spoiled it. They are why it was far and away the number one rated show.

Imsges: dating agency cyrano indonesia sub

dating agency cyrano indonesia sub

Irina Sen Apr 15 5:

dating agency cyrano indonesia sub

Keep on keeping on what you are doing already in your acting career. Feiky Jun 14 6:

dating agency cyrano indonesia sub

Ji Jin-Hee's steely, strong, silent acting using only dating agency cyrano indonesia sub face and body were so well done. Indonwsia, Soo-Jin has to interact with her ex-boyfriend and his 3 ex-girlfriends: He managed to trick everyone into thinking that he is stupid. Iam not saying that Le Bo Young doesn't. Annie May 19 9: