Would you date a girl with bad acne scars?


dating acne scars

Do not directly link to comments in other subs. Also give up trying to get the most likes on your facebook pictures. I was also extremely vain: CattleRustler This post was last modified:

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As for the sub being "so toxic"? They have other qualities that made them attractive sexy bodies, sensual personality. Should I disclose something insignificant on my profiles; Ethics, really? I would think it'd be more attractive; You're not afraid to show who you really are. That's not some shit I'd like to wake up to in the morning. Unfortunately some tears might be shed in the process by her This post was last modified: Sign In Sign Up.

I won't feel bad on judging a woman on something she has no control over because women judge us all the time on things we have no control over either. I'm not saying she gets a free pass on attractiveness, believe me.

I don't want to sleep with an ugly girl. But I judge them less harshly than fat girls. I've got bad acne scars myself and have resorted to needling to soften them, been at it for a year and so far I've found very little changes. Maybe I'm a harsh judge of my skin or scar repair tech affects everyone differently, I personally will judge a girl for her scars even though I'm scarred myself.

The truth is if I don't find her attractive then we obviously have a problem. Before you drop her I'd say recommend needling to her, http: At least give her a chance to better he skin for the next dude.

I wouldn't ask them out, because I wouldn't want to be rejected by a deformed chick. When I was at uni there was a really cute blonde with one arm.

She had a really pretty face and a great, athletic body, but I would never ask her out, because I couldn't take being rejected by a girl with one arm. That would make me want to kill myself. I couldn't help but think, "Damn this chick has only one arm, and she just turned me down for a date?!

Why should your value be determined by one person? Why give her this power? The less you care about what others think and the less you want, then the less power they have over you.

There is no end to trying to seek validation from others to make oneself feel important and worthy. Also give up trying to get the most likes on your facebook pictures. I think it's a tremendous waste of time. I probably wouldn't even though I have them myself haha.

Wow, I didn't even know that Cameron Diaz had those acne scars on her face. Makeup and photoshop can be pretty powerful coverup tools. Significant acne scars are one of my only deal-breakers.

A couple of chicken pox marks is fine, but anything more than that completely turns me off. Men seem to do fine with them as long as they are fairly mild though. As for Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, etc. This is a players' forum. Agree to the relationship if you enjoy fucking her. Most relationship don't go anywhere anyway. Just bang other girls on the side. If you find one you actually "like" then dump the first one and upgrade.

That's how it's done. It depends on her and you. You should have your own defination of beauty and what you want which you should never compromise.

For me its a No because i rate a chick based of her face. I'm with Parlay on this. Find other options first tun dump her. If you can't upgrade stay with the best thing you have while fucking other girls on the side. Thanks, I was stuck in this for a bit and the bolded part helped me choose a decision. Relationships go nowhere so take it lightly. Dude, thats just being a dick. If you hate her face so much that you would actually consider "suggesting" her to get surgery, dont date her.

Do I like acne scars? But who am I to judge? I got scars of my own. Would I date a woman with severe acne? Posted May 21, Well, I have another date next week with someone new.

She hasn't seen my "bad" photos yet. Maybe I should just tell her that i'm butt ugly in person?! That way, she won't have too much expectations to begin with. But that kinda shows that Im not confident with myself, so I don't wanna do that either. I am trying mix it up a bit because I dont want it to end up like last time. I am thinking about telling her that we should just hang out as oppose to go on a date. Just keep it casual so that it's not too formal and we can still be friends even if it doesn't work out?

That's my current solution. That could buy me some time to allow her to know more about me, and she could see really who I am skin-deep.

Posted May 22, Let me tell u abit of my life and girls and whole dating thing neva actually went on interent dating I started having acne since I was 16 18 now it got worse but I got no scars or anything like that, only mild acne on my face not forehad You might say Oh its easy for me to give u advice I looked at girls which i found hot and when they looked back I sort of looked diff way She will just want to be around with u.

Sorry got carried away with this love crap here So my advice to u is dont stress too much, or if u really concernd like u cant even sleep Dont be hard on urself too Lol i really cant c how u can be friends with a girl u like He has acne scarring, but women still love his smile and charm. Give it a shot, John Dear. Even the best looking guys are going to face rejection at some point.

Posted May 23, I just need to change my mentality. I have to stop thinking that not everybody is going to like you no matter how you look. They have their own issues and come from different background. Next time I am going on a date, I'm gonna be myself, not look too desperate, and try to be more casual.

I dont wanna even call it a date. I wanna just hang out and watch a movie. Yea yea, people say watching a movie on the first meeting is bad because you don't get to talk to her as much.

Time to change it up a bit. Let me share my thoughts from talking to fellow online daters, message boards, friends and personal experience:. Through my own experiences, many people go into online dating with the online 'shopping' mentality. Many of these people women in my case were much less forgiving when it comes to reviewing you as a person. After all, when you pay certain amount of money per month, you expect some 'quality' right?

Height is important to many of them some denied this, some more politically correct, some were more honest I'd say it's number one physical characteristic that they constantly talk about. Some 5'3" women would like to pick guys over 6' because they like to wear heels and still feel that the guys would be taller than them and they are very rigid with this requirement..

Many would be ok with natural 'crowding' or just less than 'perfectly lined up' pearly white teeth Women like guys who take care of themselves but not showing it off by putting shirtless photos on your profile Women would turn their heads more if you have a fit physique more than a great skin with a beer gut.

Plus, I've had a few women say they want a 'man' not a 'pretty boy' who has better skin than they do. I'm pretty sure that these four things are much more important to them rather than your acne scars My suggestion to you is that as you continue to work on your skin issues all of us do , look for other things that may hinder your success Do you have a diverse set of hobbies?

What were your dating mannerism? Do you have good dating etiquette? EVEN after you check the boxes on those things, your date may still disappear on you for no reason You'd be surprised how many women would be very forgiving when it comes to a few indented scars on your cheek, but they will write you off because you are five minutes late to your date and forgot to call. Etiquette and other things matter more than your scars. Then again you will always come across superficial and picky people no matter what Of course your experience maybe different than mine Possible reason was because I've been under the sun this past couple weeks not sure.

Don't know why it was much more painful this time, even with leaving numbing cream longer than before.. Post a comment Gallery: I'd have no problem with it. I can look past that, deeply into her eyes and love her for the sweet and intelligent person she is.

Skin tells a story about someone's life. Seeing it laid out like an open book is telling me you trust me and want me to know your story. That's incredibly attractive, to me. Far more than any "imperfection.

When I was young, I would have said yes. My girlfriend struggles with acne, but I literally do not care at all. I look right past the acne, and I know that she looks beautiful still now, and she will look beautiful when it finally goes away. I want to take her to see a dermatologist as soon as we are both independent. I'm not that guy, but if he has a lot of options, he wouldn't want to settle for a sub-par face when a more attractive lady with a similar personality is within reach.

I personally value intelligence and personality higher than anything else, so acne wouldn't turn me away at all. After 30 years, everyone looks terrible anyway. How bad of scaring are you talking about though? Like can you link to how bad it needs to be before its a dealbreaker? I think the original question was misleading since scars can be anywhere from barely noticable to major.

Im not worried about my face. Most people here are saying scars wouldn't bother them, but I'm wondering how bad they're thinking these hypothetical scars are. There is a girl at my work who has fairly heavy scarring, wears a bit of make up to cover it.

That being said she still looks really good. Make's you kind of unique I suppose which I'm into. Honestly a lot of guys are saying no but this is completely situational. Without knowing how bad the scars are its like saying would you date a girl who's a little oversight?

How bad are the scars? Concealable with a little makeup or totally face disfiguring? Considering the strangely high number of girls with acne and acne scarring that I've crushed on in the past, I'm going to say "no". Here is female who has vitiligo Thank God, hardly on my face. The following spots are visible through the clothing I wear:. As said before you can see this spots straight away because of the clothing I wear.

Let met tell you men hit on me like a mothertrucker. And not just the ugly old ones but also the attractive and succesfull ones.

Appearantly, me not bothering hiding the vitiligo makes others assumes I am confident, which I am not.

I just find it too much of a hassle to find cute clothes that hide the vitiligo and I am to lazy for make up in the morning. There's a super cute girl at the local Dunkin who has really bad acne scars. Doesn't change the fact that I find her very attractive.

Imsges: dating acne scars

dating acne scars

Posted May 19, Use concealer and makeup to make it look as good as possible.

dating acne scars

I'm not sure what you're looking for in a woman, but a women with the qualities you're looking for can be found anywhere. Most likely if you saw Brad Pitt in person, up close, you would be suprised to see that he still has acne scars you did not see in the movie.

dating acne scars

Click here to review them. Dating acne scars will expect it so they won't run scrs. I also have acne scars - I don't like them but I am open to find the proper solution to them once more important dating acne scars get resolved in my life. My brother, how about you just all together stop worrying about finding a companion? That would make me want to kill myself. Most guys are'nt shallow enough to make eating a deal breaker!