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I am a man has strong humanity and mercy and like open relations, I like reading more my clothes style is deference but I like blue with clothes as well as with clothes my hopes are reading and writing as well as. It can be a boon or a bust to a marriage. Many men died in the war, families lost loved ones, others were separated through immigration, and the collision between tradition and modernity became more acute. His family is royalty and Abdulhamid we call him Abdul for short is a prince.

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Voting My voting history My fans My mutual sympathies. My body style is fitness style When we travel, we always have to plan on extra time at airports. Last seen 14 hours ago Seeks marriage, Although I wanted her to succeed in her pursuit of education, her hectic schedule was taking a toll on our marriage.

He has 2 brothers who are also Abduls- Abdulmalik and Abdulfatah. When we call them all Abdul at family gatherings it's kind of crazy so we have to use the formal names. Their father was the equivalent to the US secretary of state and held other political jobs so they lived a very comfortable lifestyle in a villa in Mogadishu with servants, chauffeurs, and nannies.

Abdul and his older sisters attended Italian boarding school. It's odd that the teachers were catholic but they encouraged only Islamic religious principles.

His younger brothers attended school taught in Arabic. They are all well educated. He has 3 sisters too and among the 6 children there are 2 doctors, an actuary analyzes risk management , an engineer, a chemist and a business major. Abdulhamid's father at President John F. Abdul's parents died before I met him but his mother was the rock of the family. His father was put in prison for political reasons for several years when the government was overthrown and she was forced to find a way to support the family.

By the country was in civil war and all of them emigrated to the US with Abdul being the first to come. He came to Marquette University in Milwaukee to learn civil engineering. He didn't speak any English when he arrived but spoke Italian fluently. Fortunately he was a quick learner. He worked for the Dept. Now he runs a successful engineering company, Daar Engineering, in downtown Milwaukee and has ongoing work here in WI and in Iraq.

Abdul is a practicing Muslim. I didn't have any idea what that meant but for those who strictly follow their religions, it dictates the principles which guide your life and bring spirituality. He prays at least 5 times a day. He has a ritual where he washes his hands, face and feet. Then he rolls out a prayer rug and says a prayer in Arabic according to specific time guidelines.

So virtually all Muslims should be praying about the same time each day. There is a lot of kneeling, putting the head to the floor, and somewhat of a programmed movement. This kind of dictates our activities. He likes to be at home to pray so we center our outings around the prayer times. I have a few uncles who have marry white, non-Muslim women. In some cases, their family approved and in some they didn't. A Somali man is black that is like asking can a white woman marry a black man Black people no matter what nationality feel pretty much the same about their relatives marrying white It's almost as if the person has self hatred issues.

I think if it wasn't so common for blacks to date out for self hatred issues, then no one would really care. And they will raise their half breed children as white, and not as black.. The Art of Seduction http: Any one can marry any one they choose its a free world, but he might not b able to may be from his culture, but im sure you too will get married some day, if he really likes you he will try! I'm very unpopular at my wife's Lamaze class since I referred to the women there as "livestock"?

What kind of "man" does it take to stay with an atheist woman? Why do attractive somali gurls only marry white guys?.? Answer Questions Why do Jewish people have their own communities? If southern Europeans aren't white, why are white people blamed for the crusades, Christopher Columbus and the Atlantic slave trade? Why house keepers and floor care technicians are mostly black or Hispanic?

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Imsges: dating a somali man

dating a somali man

Fortunately he was a quick learner.

dating a somali man

I was equally to blame for the debacle of our marriage. Find many more handsome and eligible Somali guys inside looking to socialize.

dating a somali man

Last seen 11 days ago Seeks a lady, My marriage dating a somali man the Somali man produced three children who, not surprisingly, look just somai their father. Last seen 2 hours ago Seeks marriage, Last seen 13 hours ago Seeks marriage, We had a small catered dinner at his sister's place but he sent money to Somalia to buy several goats which were slaughtered and fed his distant cousins.