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Taking leave is a process that takes time and takes getting approval. Avoid the impulse to hide that from your sailor. He has changed his tune from talking about how this relates to us and just says that he needs to sort things out and feels too bogged down to really think of anything other than just getting to boot camp.

Tips on dating a navy guy

I have been dating a navy man for about 8 months now. They are also limited to where they can go, where they will be stationed, or how much free time they have on any certain duty. Additionally, talk with your sailor about the processing your communications go through before reaching him. Try to plan some regular outings with people every week to keep yourself connected. Address any conflicts that arise. How do I date a Navy guy? He is here for at least another year until he finishes his program but after that we don't really know.

Find out if the communications are subject to search or screening, and consider who might see what you are sending. This will help you decide what pictures to send if you want to include pictures, or what should go into a care package. Will packages be opened before they make it to you and searched for anything? Will letters be opened before you receive them? Does anyone screen the emails? Is there anything I shouldn't do or shouldn't send you? Address any conflicts that arise. Even though you do not see your significant other every day, you might still have problems now and then that you will need to resolve.

The best way to resolve a conflict over a distance is to talk about it openly and try to come to a collaborative resolution. Your significant other might have had a valid reason or he might have simply forgotten. To resolve the conflict, you might suggest a solution, such as deciding on a more convenient time for your significant other to call you.

Be sure to pay attention to cues on the phone that your significant other might be upset about something, such as staying silent or being less talkative than usual. You might address this by saying something like, "You're being more quiet than usual, are you upset or mad at me?

Encourage your sailor as much as possible. It's going to be a stressful time for you both. You can help your sailor through it by listening to him and encouraging him. With your support, he may be able to refocus, continue on, and hopefully return the encouragement along the way when you are struggling. Talk to him about how proud you are of him and what he is doing.

If he is worried about the relationship, talk about how it is tough but that you will be so much stronger as a couple for going through it. Help him come up with a detailed plan of action for whatever problem or goal he is having. Keep focused on the future. There may be days where your sailor loves what he is doing, but there also may be some days where he is unhappy. If you are facing a deployment or trying to make it through boot camp, make plans for what you want to do when he gets home.

If you are waiting until his next leave, have a creative countdown until the next time you can see each other. Depending on his assignments, commands, or duties, your sailor's ability to communicate with you or take leave may change with short notice. They are also limited to where they can go, where they will be stationed, or how much free time they have on any certain duty.

Try and remain flexible to help with stress levels and expectations in your relationship. If he is deployed, know that his deployment length will depend on where is he deployed, what type of vessel he is deployed on, and his assignment or command. He may have to stand duty for a certain amount of days at a time, meaning he may not to have a Monday through Friday work week.

Your ability to see them, how long you can see them, or where you two can connect may be different depending on the status of your relationship married, engaged, or dating.

His command may be on land or on a ship. Put yourself in his shoes. As you are both working through this difficult time, practice shifting your perspective and imagining what he might be going through.

He likely has to be away from and have limited communication with his family and friends who are not enlisted as well. Getting practice in doing this will help you: Help you both communicate better. Keep in touch with his family. This may be difficult if you have just started dating each other, but if you have been seeing each other for a while, then you may already be comfortable with them. Keeping in touch with his family gives you another source of information, but more importantly, it gives you access to a support system of people who understand how you feel.

You all may benefit from relying on each other a little and supporting each other during this difficult time. You may encounter some difficulty in getting information about your sailor from the Navy, if you are not married. Therefore, sticking close to his family can be a good source of information that you may not have easy access to yet. Find a community to connect to. The group of people who are most likely to really understand what you are going though are other Navy girlfriends.

Find an online community or a local community; if it is available where you live. As you make contacts and make friends, utilize these new friends for support.

They may have some advice, or are having the same worries and fears you are. You'll find that these friends will be your greatest asset.

There are also nonprofit groups such as Give an Hour. As much as your sailor will be on your mind, you want to make sure you continue to live your life as well. Keeping busy by finding a hobby, sport, or work task will help you to do something active to ease your stress and anxiety instead.

Pick up a new sport or fitness activity, like running or rock climbing. Spend some time with friends, playing games, going to the movies, or just hanging out. It may feel like there is a whole lot of "hurry up and wait" happening with your sailor and his schedule. Try and be patient with the Navy as well as your sailor because he is probably feeling frustrated by the same things you are.

Exercising patience will help with your relationship as well as increase your happiness. Taking leave is a process that takes time and takes getting approval. So if you are some of the lucky few that can plan a vacation or a trip, it may take a little longer than you'd like to get everything planned and everyone on board.

Mail may take longer to get to your sailor than you would like. Especially if he is on a ship, as you can imagine getting mail to him takes longer than regular mail. If they are overseas it could take up to a few months. Keep this in mind with care packages or mail. Communicate how you are feeling. Remember that there are going to be times when you are frustrated and sad. Avoid the impulse to hide that from your sailor. It is important for your relationship that you are both open and honest with each other.

It can be scary to discuss things like doubts and fears, but maybe they are feeling it too, and you'll feel better for talking about it. There are good ways to communicate how you feel and not so great ways, use these suggestions to help you. I just wish I could talk to you or hear from you more. I just think it is important you know how I'm feeling. Stay committed and faithful. It can be hard when you are working on a relationship long distance. Issues of jealousy, trust, and commitment may pop up on both sides.

Avoid this potential negative long distance relationship downfall by discussing your feelings with your sailor, and talking about your commitment to each other and the relationship regularly. Find ways to cope with loneliness. You might feel really lonely sometimes while your significant other is away. We have talked about kids and we both want them eventually.

The other problem is that there is a pretty big age difference between us. I am almost 21 and he just turned I am still in school and have two years left until I finish my BA. I plan to enter a one year program that allows me to get my masters in teaching right after my BA as well. He is here for at least another year until he finishes his program but after that we don't really know. Basically what I am looking for are some information systems that will allow me to understand what being a navy wife is like other than just being told it is hard.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I was in the Navy so i wasn't the spouse of a Navy guy. What you need to know before going into this is that he could be sent away at anytime and it could be for a while Are you a strong enough woman to take care of things and be by yourself?

Now the military will help you as the spouse with school, that's a benefit. You can finish school. Depends on what he is doing after OCS he may have more training before going to his first duty station.

You also have to be willing to move, pack everything in your house and go with him. That's one thing i always here people have a problem with, they don't want to leave their families. This you have to be willing to do. Heck i see it as an adventure, i loved being in the Navy if i didn't get injured severally i would still be there. Talk to him and tell him your concerns, its a hard life and a good one to.

Marrying A Navy Man. Recover Lost Marriage http: Well, my hubbys not in the navy but he is in the army and yes it is hard, the only main hard part is them haveing to go away for long periods of time, but if you really love him and he really loves you then there should not be a promblem, my hubby leaves for iraq in 2 weeks , he will be gone till november of a year and a half, i have to admit it's hard takeing care of the kids and the house and the bills and not haveing him here to help and it sucks not haveing him to hold and to talk to he is my rock..

I am from a 5 generation navy family. Everytime the Navy sends him out you will be waiting until he comes home. Use this time to become all that you can be. Do it for him and do it for yourself.

He is counting on you to keep the home fires burning. Sometimes, letting go seems like the easiest thing to do. But think about this: This website will show you how to save a marriage and avoid divorce, even if you're the only one trying https: I was married to an air force man. For me, no, it wasn't hard. We moved to another state and it was pretty lonely, but he did not get deployed and I saw him every day.

We pretty much just hung out we didn't have children.

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dating a merchant navy guy

I of course reply with being fine with it because I'm basically head over heels at this point and would probably follow him to the moon. If he is deployed, know that his deployment length will depend on where is he deployed, what type of vessel he is deployed on, and his assignment or command. Figure out how you can support him and he will be beyond grateful.

dating a merchant navy guy

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dating a merchant navy guy

Learning how to communicate effectively, how to help your datinv other with the separation, and how dating advice early days help yourself with the distance may make all the difference. As you make contacts and dating tickle friends, utilize these new friends for support. It can be difficult to know for certain, but there will likely be telltale indicators when he comes home and you're able to see him. You ghy finish school. Anyway I have noticed he has been pretty distant lately. Dating a merchant navy guy out how you can support him and he will be beyond grateful. About Me Vivek mumbai, maharashtra, India View my complete profile.