Ex-Navy SEAL Has Novel Idea to Defeat North Korea

The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me

dating a former navy seal

There were a few moments that were just intense and so honest and heartfelt. Like Liked by 6 people. It was good to get a different perspective, but I remain a little wary. Even though all that military stuff is beneath me haha.

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LazyTown actor, 42, who played villain Robbie Rotten in the CBeebies show reveals his cancer has returned I saw you there too! Tim, Loved this interview. I never miss one my friend. It was the United States that tipped the balance in World War 2, preventing Hitler from taking over Europe and Japan taking over the Pacific — so i disagree the world would unambiguously be a better place. Jocko Willink is speaking for himself…. Emily Ratajkowski showcases bare midriff in double denim look as she grabs coffee with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard Something caught your eye, boys?

By another co-incidence, on BBC TV, we have a series running — Ultimate Hell Week — very fit volunteers are put through two-day training from various special forces from around the world.

I admire anyone who puts themselves through challenging situations, especially if they may not be naturally gifted so to do, and I abhor those who would exploit that courage. In other words our politicians. I was and am against the Iraq war. We all have to keep our politicians and decision makers accountable — show them support when they deserve it and censure them when they are in danger of being lured off the rails.

The enemy is behind you. The guy was really bummed out because war was over in 72 hours, he wanted his chance to be a warrior. Their budget is too big, I guess, it had to happen. Jocko Willink is speaking for himself…. Jeez, the guy is a former SEAL…. Service members do not get involved in policy issues. Greatly appreciate your podcasts and the 5-Bullet Friday. Went into the investment sector with a string of deal and fund successes.

Former Chairman of Glencore. Holds record for oldest man to trek to the South Pole unassisted. I was wondering if you could provide more information about the pomegranate white tea that you two were drinking? As in which brand he bought? Does it matter which brand or type you get? Is it mixed with anything else?

Any special instructions for brewing? Big fan of your Podcast till day one. Everytime I Listen to one of your Interviews, I get out with at least one quote, next book I want to read, some tactic or routine to use…. Very intense point of views. Question for Tim, regarding wealthfront.

I love that Jocko referenced About Face by Col. What time does he go to bed then in order to sustain a living, working, training schedule of this type? Was there a discussion of this type off the air? Thanks for being one of the sheep dogs.

Tim, One of my favorite podcasts and I have listened to almost all of them. Thank you Jocko, first for your services and then your dedication to professionalisum and humanity.

It makes me proud and knowing there are people like yourself out there represent and protecting our country. Tim, can you please put me in contact with Dale Begg-Smith. Greatly appreciate the podcasts and the 5-Bullet Friday. After leaving the Legion he entered the Investment sector and had, and continues to have an extremely successful track record, including a stint as Chairman of Glencore. He also holds the record of the oldest man to trek to the South Pole unassisted.

There were a few moments that were just intense and so honest and heartfelt. How could you not follow a guy like that?! Coupled with humility and a servant-based mindset. Great podcast with Jocko and lot of really great podcasts across the board.

I like that you tie them together by asking at least a few similar questions for each one; gifted books, billboards etc. Is there anywhere on your website or elsewhere that you have compiled the answers by category? Hey, Tim, a thousand thanks to you and Jocko for this awesome podcast.

To me it ranks as well among my personal Top 10 of your shows. Right after listening to the Podcast I listened to an interview with him. Rollins is the man. Readers have suggested him before. His character and psyche and life is the narrative and the content. Which he does brilliantly and I admire him. He is already so transparent and available, we know him pretty well. Paul, thanks for your service and thanks for shedding more light on this situation.

I think what you bring up is a powerful point that illustrates how much as civilians we do not understand about what lies behind the scenes with all the military stuff. Thanks again and much respect to you and your comrades for all you have done for us. Brilliant episode, thank you. Learned a lot just from hearing him think.

Such a compelling interview. I soaked it up on a long flight to the Arctic for work. Heavy stuff and some great quotes: My question is Tim, where could I take a high entrepreneurship class outside of Princeton. Unfortunately I am not a student there. If you like the Band of Brothers series you should check out the series of books by Donald Burgett. His writings are the most unflinching first hand accounts of war I have ever read. He is still alive today at 90 years old and would be an amazing interview.

This book talk a lot about what John talks about when detaching your self from certain situations. Some NLP practitioners use this technique from my understanding as well.

Fantastic interview, regardless of your stance on war, or wars we have been engaged in. Some men are born warriors, others learn to be and some reject it as barbarism etc. Bottom line, we need warriors, Jocko is one of them and getting his insight is a good thing!

Really well managed through some tough detail. Jocko is a superb role model and character. Really looking forward to getting into his book. Maybe you can identify with this, but your conversation with Jocko gives me the same feelings and urges that arise after reading Hemingway, Montaigne, Camus, etc. I think it extends to certain screen productions as well, Band of Brothers certainly being a poignant example. Yes, I deprive myself intermittently in Stoic style and live a minimalist life.

McChrystal seemingly manage so well. After your psychedelic episode last week, a friend asked me what I would have to do to experiment within that realm again. Essentially, I would do my best to cultivate the mindset of these two great men — to look death straight in the eye, smile, and travel well. Connections continue to abide. Kudos Tim, and thanks for being courageous and vulnerable enough to go where you do in this episode. Tim, I learn so much about leading and developing leaders from your Podcasts.

Hey Tim, Loved your conversation with Jocko. Lots of good stuff here that can be applied to business and life in general. Looking from the outside in at myself and trying to be self critical has pushed me in the right direction to obtain not only success but the best success for me. I was really struck by the pauses Jocko would have before answering. Him being comfortable in that silence and putting thought into each thing he said is something that I think is lacking in a lot of sectors of society these days.

I will almost certainly be listening to this more than once because I feel there was too much to digest on a single pass. Very interesting podcast, thank you Tim. I had wrong preconceptions about the military — he is a very creative and open minded person that makes you rethink a lot of stuff. I have been a regular listener of your podcast since its inception as an experiment.

And I am a backer of your goal to be a teacher who inspires positive change to the masses. I suggest your podcast to anyone who I think may have an interest, I buy your books and I read most of your suggested materials. I thank you sincerely for making a lot of great resources and conversations available. However, this is the first podcast of yours that I have had to cut short and felt compelled to comment on.

Quite frankly, I found the message and the lesson counterintuitive to your goal of positive change through education. My impression of Jocko Willink is that he is a very capable man on a lot of levels. I think that he is physically capable, intelligent, introspective and thoughtful. I also feel that he is violently capable, extremely adept at steering conversation by affecting unease I have never heard you apologize so many times , emotionally compartmentalized and — at least from what I heard in this conversation — nearly devoid of empathy and humor, with the exception of his feelings for his fellow soldiers.

Jocko states that humans have been at war since the beginning of time human existence and that he felt his calling as a warrior, from a very young age.

I would argue that a minority of humans have been creating the framework for war since the beginning of human existence; war is very profitable after all. And that this minority has perfected the art of making young men primarily their instruments of war, by appealing to them at an age when they are unsure where they fit in in the world and are flooded with testosterone and the resultant feelings of false confidence and bravado.

This framework provides a young man or woman with a calling. The same can be said for the soldiers on both sides of any war. The fact that we continue to feed and glorify the war machine is probably the most visible blemish on our species as a whole.

The practice creates more problems than it solves and is a gross impediment to human evolution on a global scale. Jocko named his fallen comrades as the people he would define as having lived successful lives. Men and women from both sides trained, followed orders, killed and died.

By this measure, were they all successful? Are they not the most successful in a war time scenario? Who best defines a measure of success in this case is a very complicated question. No it is not. For that matter, no country is the best country in the world, any more than any person is the best person in the world. This world is currently a fucked up and broken collective.

But, it is a collective just the same. What America does have is the resources and visibility to become the greatest catalyst for a positive shift in human evolution that the world has ever seen. If America followed that up with the implementation of a living wage, the de-militarization of its police forces, a breakup of the corporate prison system, actual gun control, a federal referendum on the war on drugs, fully subsidized post-secondary education, direct voting and a ban on corporate lobbying, its people would prosper and its communities would flourish.

This is leadership and leadership is what the world needs from America. I stopped listening when you touched on what it means to be a man, from a feminine perspective. This is a question you have asked on a number of podcasts; referencing conversations you have had with several women and their observations that there are a lot of guys available, but not a lot of men.

What matters is cultivating the ability to look at yourself and your behaviors objectively, recognize where you need work and then address or seek help to address these issues and traits accordingly. In doing so, you will build self-confidence, independence and self-assurance. She needs to know that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin, that you appreciate her and care to listen to what she has to say and that you are a willing and contributing participant in your relationship with her.

In closing, I am sorry if my viewpoint on this episode seems harsh. I appreciate what you do and I appreciate that Jocko likely has a plethora of good traits and a lot of love in his heart. As individuals and nations, we have a lot of growing to do and this conversation did not strike me as conducive to inspiring positive growth. Like Liked by 5 people.

Mica, this is about the best reader comment I have ever read on this website after years of following. Thankyou for your honesty and insight. I disagree with one universal statement you made however The world is not a fucked up and broken collective.

Truth, beauty, love, honesty and generosity exist in everyone and everywhere. It all depends on whether we choose to be that, see that, live that. I liked the comment by Ramer Wellstone pointing out how low down the charts US is for education and healthcare.

These are about the two most important tenants of a whole and well society. Thank you for your comment Mica. You said everything that I was wanting to say, in a much more articulate way, and with less vulgarity.

Tim, you do wonderful work. This podcast was a giant fail re your themes around excellence in performance. What if a compassionate teacher had taken that energy and shown Jocko how to channel it towards truly helping others. The necessity for war is a reality. But the so-called wars the US has been in since WW2 were more and more unnecessary. Iraq was a travesty.

The UN likewise is a travesty. Haiti, New Orleans, Rwanda, American Indian Reservations, Sudan, West Virginia, Syria — we have such immense resources in the US Army, as we allow our infrastructure and educational systems to degrade, argue in our governance about climate change, and in fact our military is staffed by many religious zealots who are likewise science deniers.

Nor does being skilled at BJJ. Sorry, never been to north america. The fact is, the country needs people like this intrepid former SEAL officer.

Who else is going to hunt down the Bin Ladens of this world………you? The world is a dangerous place and we need more Jocko Williks in the game. Thank you for that, Mica. I just registered for a wordpress account for the sole purpose of commending you on your thoughtful, honest, and mature comment. I am a 10 year US military veteran, and it took me most of my adult life to figure out I was little more than a good-intentioned pawn, fighting for elitist interests.

Thank you for your insight. Loved the podcast with Jocko. As a civilian it gave me a glimpse into a world that I have never been exposed to, but feel like I should be aware of as a citizen. Health is not something to take lightly. So it is only natural to care about our kids health and do everything we can to make it right. That Episode blew me out of the water. It is humbling and grounding to hear stories from those who have lived such full and unique lives.

It makes me ashamed for complaining about my job on a daily basis. Last night I had a really great idea for an app to be sell to some company on Silicon Valley. McCarthy is a member of the Santa Fe Institute, his writing springs from talks with our brightest scientific minds, which is a little scary. Naming his heroes… big lump in my throat. Great interview Tim, lots of action points for me. Sharing with my team.

Thank you Jocko for your past and continued service. Keep up the passion and chasing your dreams!! You guys touched some points that hitted real hard in my mind. Check it out at 1: BTW, Thanks Tim — so much enjoying your podcasts! Jocko completely obliterated my preconceived notions about men in the military. Self-effacing, mindful, and deeply intelligent.

Aaaand now I want to learn jiu jitusu. After what seemed like a tough start in terms of questions to ask Jocko, this turned out to be pure gold. Your questions were super thoughtful and the content in this show is inspiring. The first is Willink and the second is Aristotle lol. Seems like a cool guy. Even though all that military stuff is beneath me haha. So many deeply impactful reflections here. It had me asking myself how I could experience that aspect of society and maybe gain some insight into why and how it exists.

Tony is the real deal. I had never heard of you so I searched for the podcast online. The rest is history. Your blog and podcasts have introduced me to a huge amount of information, ideas, books, philosophies and individuals etc. Each new podcast and blog opens the door to a plethora of new ideas and information. It truly has had a substantial and positive impact on my life. Hi Tim, Great episode, no doubt, both because of the life and eloquence of Jocko and the useful tips for the audience.

One point I disagree with though is the notion of selflessness of soldiers. Hey I just coined a word! I enjoyed this podcast in the beginning, but started to get disturbed near the end. He wakes up every morning with an enemy on his mind? Obviously he is effective at what he does, but maybe we are in an era that we should not rely on warriors.

He kind of scares me in that respect. And when are you going to ask questions about what you do before you fall asleep? Greetings from Tokyo and let me know if you ever visit here again. Tim, I really dug this episode! Being ex military and still working in public safety, as well as training in BJJ this one really spoke to my soul. I have absolutely nothing to sell you and nothing pitch! Honestly, I would really just like to meet you and it seemed like a pretty decent in!!

Its definitely a whole other side of life. I love how Tim attempts to inflate his ego, more out of respect and admiration than a seal fanboy way but Jacko deflects it in a sincerely humble manner. As a jits practitioner and have trained with spec-ops this guys is a true warrior in spirit, and in the field.

He admits his weakness, while we in the civilian world walk with such pride and vanity; we can all learn much from this man, mostly me. Very interesting topics that I wish I was acquainted with when I was 20… You two brought up some things I still battle with to this day, and probably helped me to structure them better. He lives in Colorado, and would be a fantastic podcast interviewee.

I am happy to connect you to him if interested. That was an incredible episode. Personally, I draw a clear distinction between the hammer men like Jocko and architects with their reasons for using it. This focus on a particularly gifted warrior is very eye-opening and is a perspective all of the architects should have when making decisions. I am a newcomer to the Tim Ferris podcasts, so I am starting to really appreciate his method of asking details about how a person works and thinks.

For this particular podcast, I was ambivalent. On the one hand, I respect and admire warrior types like Willink—this type of person is needed to take on the Ramadi-type situations,and all things military. So kudos to him for his accomplishment in that regard.

On the other hand, I was puzzled for a while during and after this discussion. I concluded finally that Willink is a little two-dimensional. That is, he expresses very fine sentiments in discussing his respect for fallen comrades, and he is very serious about the warrior side of things. And yes, he is self-effacing, but that seems to play out mostly in regards to his admiration of humility in a leader more about that later But, I sensed a gap in a third, more playful or joyful dimension.

I only recall a single instance of humor during the whole 2 hr talk, and that was only in passing, without any of a common light-hearted laugh, just deadpan. I got to wonder if this serious guy takes himself and his warrior mode in a civvy world a bit too seriously…? Dunno, but that was my sense. That sense was amplified when he talked about waking up in the morning and seeing the guy in the cave waiting to take him out—as his daily morning activity.

That was a little scary frankly, not in itself, but in that he continues to have those visions, and that is what drives him. And then, he talks about missing the action in a very wistful way.

Most conflict in the business world has to do with human factors or every-day differences in priorities—pretty mundane stuff. While taking oneself out of the situation can be useful, I wonder if a warrior mentality of survival and win-lose will work in a cooperative win-win business environment. Not all modes of leadership are equal. The oft-repeated discussion of humility being the 1 attribute of a leader also puzzled me.

Mostly, I see vision and courage to follow that through. Humility does come into play, but down the line. Tim, Absolutely loved this podcast from my home in Australia. Tim, your show, and of course your guests, are the catalyst for people changing their lives. Please keep up the great work! Tim Ferris, you just confirmed my love for you one more time. He gets his significance See Tony Robbins 6 human needs through killing the enemy!

I want to see in your podcasts heroes saving people and animals and environment. I would love you to encourage accepting and embracing the differences in heritage, language, culture and nations. Mark Divine was the first name i thought of after hearing this podcast. I know a few of the other comments mention him. From what i have heard about his work he works with civilians also to get the mental and physical toughness that you mentioned without actually having to try out as a seal.

I heard it described as hell week but they give you the tools to get though it as opposed to get rid of as in the actual BUDS. The part on discipline is spot on. Discipline does make you free. I thought Jocko did a great job of describing how this dichotomy is so powerful. Thanks and great podcast.

Hi Tim, in the podcast after Jocko spoke of his fallen comrades and was audibly moved I was a little startled at your response.

It seemed as if you changed the subject because you were uncomfortable? Maybe in future try to acknowledge the emotion you are seeing and pause, the conversation may go to a much deeper place. Willink for your service and sacrifice. Also for those of your comrades. My family is lucky to have servicemen like you guys defending freedom for us.

It is difficult to read some of the negative comments here. I think it must be easy for some folks to forget that freedom is what allows people to make them. Thanks Tim for the podcast. Indeed, Blood Meridian is a brilliant work of fiction. Beautifully written yet terribly violent.

Not for the faint of heart. This was my favorite episode of this already excellent podcast. I appreciate the diversity of the guests Tim Ferris interviews, but more warriors would be my suggestion to really ramp this Pod into next level awesomeness!

The takeaway here is how can we apply the lessons of what makes one successful in such a field successful into other fields and our daily lives. Are you an environmentalist, surgeon, politician whatever, there are lessons that can be applied. We all work with people. Occasionally we work with someone that is a complete standout, not only obsessed with what they do and doing their best, but also great leaders and inspirers that show us how to take ourselves to the next level.

Bottom line, we are all accountable, whether we succeed or fail. Only by accepting our failures can we improve and learn. Great podcast as always and I fully support giving guys like Jocko a platform over the media darlings. And What He Taught Me. Facebook Twitter Email Reddit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Mark Like Liked by 1 person. What was the brand or special composition of the tea? Yes, would be great to know! Cool, Will have to give it a try. Did he find the WMD? No worries brother, we will help you make him famous! And of course you always makes us smile Mrs. Here is the video that YouTube removed after Nikko complained. I think that Don Shipley and his wife need a weekly TV show. It would sure be better than Honey Boo Boo and any Kardashian crap!! I do believe that Mrs.

Senior Shipley should be in all of them from now on. Damn, that dude left out a few stories, like the time he and his buddies went to space so they could place an old Soviet Union satellite back into orbit, only to find out that the satellite was a nuclear missile launching platform, so his one buddy strapped himself to the satellite and flew it out into space, away from the Earth to prevent major death and destruction.

Or how when he was younger he and his friends along with his dog used to drive around in a van and solve different mysteries. I think it would be hilarious. Thanks for outing this guy Don and thanks to you and the wife for giving me a great belly laugh- you two rock! Best to you both. Oh and he got the Navy Cross too???? Come to find out…I still have low friends in sorta high places…this POS never served a day in his life???

He has a criminal record as long as my arm.. And to think they just let a guy like this wander around in public unsupervised. He is obviously mentally ill.

Thanks for pointing out this poser, Don. I was one of the Marines assigned to help with the training and you look familiar. Were you by any chance one of the SEAL instructors there? I saw you there too! Hey, everyone knows there is no door gunner on the shuttle. Uh…what was this dude jabbering about? Not to mention, him being a police officer, and a fireman, and a medic, and having like kids and shit like that.

Love you Don as a fellow combat veteran and as I wrote to you in a personal e-mail why do these assholes always have to be spec ops guys? They could never be just an average soldier or marine ect. Yet most of these clowns make it out like they have had five kills with an MRE spoon and wild shit like that.

Nikoo was also a Shaolin Monk mastering Wushu in China. Holy crap on a cracker…. This dude really thinks anyone is gonna believe he rode a dolphin into Iraq, then he tells the entire script of the movie backdraft LOL!!!

This dude has never made a wall sweat a day in his life!!!! Big ups to all of you who have honorably served our fine military in whatever capacity you did from retiring to serving 1 full term thank you for your service. It is sad when someone imitate and fabricate stories of bravery and honor.

Imsges: dating a former navy seal

dating a former navy seal

Have a great time! I totally appreciate why Tim would wish to interview.

dating a former navy seal

Tim, I really dug this episode!

dating a former navy seal

By this measure, were they all successful? The fact is, the nafy needs people like this intrepid former SEAL officer. Their budget is too big, I guess, it had to happen. Bottom line, we are all accountable, whether we succeed or fail. au pair online dating there anywhere on your website or elsewhere that you have compiled the answers by category?