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I was surprised to see no Socks on the kit list, but remember, you're going to get a lot of kit issued as well. The only reason I've stayed in the Navy for 34 years is because we get free socks.

OK, the job's not bad, but the free socks are mega. They give a chance to get odds and ends from the naafi too don't they? Or have I just made that up You get the exact same kit list at your final brief and your afco even runs through and explains it all. In case there's any difficulty. Thanks for your replies. You do get supplied with socks Obviously you're not supposed to wear your own and you'll need the issued ones for kit musters, but When you finish your training you all go out for a meal.

You have a chance to go on shore leave weeks 7 and 9 before then and can obviously buy civvie clothes to go out in, but I wish I'd known beforehand and could have taken an outfit - we did have one guy that just wore the suit he turned up in.

Civvie stuff gets locked away in a baggage store while you're in training, but you can usually get to it at various points if you need to. Another tip - take small towels or one useful sized one and two thin ones you need to display. Three full sized fluffy towels is a very tight squeeze in that locker!

The naffi sells most of what you need, but it's more expensive. Sorry to jump this thread, but is it the same for trainers? The almighty one-percenter comes out and rips Trump for his immigration plan and pontificates that refugees should be able to come over at will. And then, the cherry on top? Many of these neighbors have ancestral rights to their property dating back to , but hey, who can make do with only acres these days, am I right?

Since everyone else is putting up walls, I decided to make one of my own! So I pulled them apart carefully and used compressed air to pop the piston out. There are 2 seals for each piston plus a metal retainer ring, so those came out as well. To make the calipers look like new again, I turned to POR again.

Their standard POR offering was perfect for the floorpan, and they sell a complete caliper painting kit. So I ordered it up. They really do give you everything: So with everything pulled apart, I popped everything into a bin and soaked it with the cleaner. With the parts washed off and dried, next step is the Metal Prep. This eats any remaining rust and etches the metal.

Nothing fancy here, just keep the parts wet with the Metal Prep for 10 to 30 minutes. Given that I also did this step in the kitchen, I wisely kept the prep time at the minimum of 10 minutes. Another wash off and dry, and it was time to build my own wall! I broke out some unused clothes hangers and cut them up as needed, and used them to hang all my components from the garage ceiling. I broke out my heat gun and made sure everything was dried well. The next step is to use standard POR as the rust-preventative base and allow it to just dry slightly tacky.

Finally, a coat of the silver ceramic caliper paint, and hours later the second and final top coat of caliper paint. There, who says you need millions of dollars to make your own wall?

When a vendor does a nice job, I always give them credit. And when someone screws up? I give them multiple chances to do the right thing. The insult to injury is that he would not make it right, even when confronted with his trainwreck of a product. With the rear axle back in place and new handbrake cables run, it seemed like a good idea to finally get cracking on running new brake lines. The original steel ones were marginally safer than a flight on the Hindenburg.

Apparently there are a lot of other people anxious to pay taxes in my name?!? So, late one Saturday night, I get home and decide to hop online and use the office locator.

The Social Security website made it sound like my visit would result in my being deeply questioned about my past and if I forgot something, it would be the equivalent of the Knights of Camelot trying to cross the bridge of death…. The brake line research was actually pretty interesting. Steel lines are cheap and readily available. Fellow Saaber Jonathan Knez had his old brake lines replicated in stainless, but even though they were prebent, they were a pain to install since stainless has zero give to it.

And since I was missing one of the old lines anyway note to future versions of myself that attempt vintage car restoration: The material that had the most intrigue?

This is copper and nickel together. Copper gives the ease of bending as needed, and nickel provides the superior corrosion resistance. I run into cupronickel often in the heating industry and usually with great results.

BUT, like everything else, even good material can be bad if sourced cheaply…. Federal Hill Trading seemed to have the most information about using cupronickel for brake lines, and it turns out their office was just minutes from my new office. He showed me some Chinese knockoff cupronickel brake lines that are typically sold online, and we got to compare sidewall thickness of that stuff to the UK-made Cunifer cupronickel he carries. I was able to run the lines in the factory locations with no problem.

These flex hoses have a tough clear coating over the stainless braids, and are DOT approved. I added stainless nuts and stainless washers too, of course…. Things started simply enough. When I pulled in the driveway, Mrs. Hosmer invited Roger and I in, and introduced me to Dave. I kept quiet for once in my life and listened, thinking that surely this longtime Saab purist would not approve of the plans I have for my Sonett.

Coming around the back of the house, I was surprised to see a half dozen Sonett shells laying about. Continuing around, even more Sonetts! On some, the floorpans were literally gone, simply rusted away. Father Time had claimed these Sonetts far beyond what anyone will be willing to do to save them.

Roger introduces himself and then introduces me. I think I need to hire Roger as my publicist. John introduced himself and let me know he was from Lunenburg, MA which is only a half hour or so away from me. Back down in the field, Roger and his brother Stuart had pulled his newly bought 99 out into the clear with the hopes of loading it up. The three of us spent an hour of so getting it loaded up into a dump-bed truck…?!?

A great day all around, and at the same time a stark reminder that I have to keep the pedal firmly to the floor on my restoration, or Father Time will come for my car too! Last, but not least, new KYB gas shocks and new hardware were also installed. While I was at it, I installed the new bumpstops and stainless washers on the front suspension too. Meanwhile, I had sandblasted the front spring perches and brake backing plates at my brothers house.

I promised my legions of loyal readers something different on the fuel side, and I hereby submit my custom designed fuel tank! I drew up a plan based on the factory fuel tank dimensions, but with a few changes. First, I specified marine-grade aluminum instead of steel.

It seems like every issue of Vintage Views has a part where someone struggles with crud in their gas tank. Going with the marine-grade aluminum should prevent that. In addition, the aluminum tank is significantly lighter! I also had the tank welded up with -6 AN ports on the back side of the tank to feed my eventual EFI system.

All good stuff right? Well, on the bad side, the fabricator was awful. In addition to taking 18 weeks he promised 2 weeks , he put the sending unit flange on the wrong side. He also forgot the fill vent, and made the fill pipe way longer than specified.

So now it hits the side of the car and I cannot fit the fill hose onto it. So, even when you have something custom made, it still has to be customized further to make it work.

Imsges: dating a black guy starter kit

dating a black guy starter kit

Apparently there are a lot of other people anxious to pay taxes in my name?!? All the co-signing needed to throw it in your virtual cart.

dating a black guy starter kit

Amazon page Discontinued by manufacturer http: You have a chance to go on shore leave weeks 7 and 9 before then and can obviously buy civvie clothes to go out in, but I wish I'd known beforehand and could have taken an outfit - we did have one guy that just wore the suit he turned up in.

dating a black guy starter kit

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