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So why to watch it??? It's joyful to watch, especially her partner was Hyun Bin Was future Shin just a figment of his imagination? The PD says their production relies on sponsors to be broadcast. That's why i enjoyed this first episode so much.

Åpne tjenester:

The storyline,characters, situations of this drama and others are alike. Big had me wondering how on earth it would resolve, and then never did. There were lapses in logic you could drive a truck through, a lack of passion, a lack of direction, a lack of theme. I no longer try to defend my oppa's acting aptitude!! Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I will be apparent as possible instead of sugarcoating it.

Koala…can u recap the rest episodes of the Miss Rose Taiwanese drama.. Koala, Have you ever thought about translating Eastern Palace?

Thank you for all the recaps you have given. I Enjoyed reading them. I would like to say that I sincerely appreciate all your hard work. Keep up your good work. And if you can give us the recap on the drama Pinocchio. I wish you all the best for you good and hard work. Koala, thanks so much for the translations! I really appreciate your beautiful words! I also wondered if you will continue Lost You Forever this year! Hope you have a happy new year and thank you so much for your hard work!

Lost you Forever is just too good!! Hi Koala unii…thanks for recaping Lie to me …I really love your style.. Please always do the best and fighting ….

Book list Speak! Hi ms kaola, thanks for the recaps. It is informative and well illustrated. Please finish scholars who walks the night and recap maids. I will be looking forward to it, thanks. I will be looking forward to it, would be glad to see your reply. Hi ms koala, thanks for the recaps. Please keep on translating lost you forever. I find them really enjoyable. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this beautiful novel! I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your information.

Your article has truly peaked my interest. I will book mark your site and keep checking for new details about once a week.

I subscribed to your Feed as well. Hello Miss Koala can please recap the chinese drama legend of mermaid i really love that drama even i cant understand it i watch the raw video of it. I would be so grateful. Did I miss out something? Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Korean Dramas 49 Days: Review Be Sociable, Share! Great recap for Drunken to Love You! Thank you for the enjoyable recap.

Ooops…that was meant for Best Love recap. I enjoy the other recaps too. I should watch it again. Angelitocurioso Just joking about it!! I will really be a great help.! It went downhill rapidly for me after ep I just wanted to know…: Thanks for all the other recaps unnie! Do you have any Hong gil dong recaps??

Im craving for it: The King 2 Hearts is definitely number 1 for me from this list of recapped dramas!!! Hi,I wonder where can I find the yzg chapter ? Can you please recap this Chinese Drama: Even though I'm a scaredy cat, this was one enjoyable hour. But I'm already liking the premise and the characters. Hopefully, this will be a good ride! I really hope that Hong Sisters will redeem themselves with this one so I can finally forget That Drama. What a special treat to find this recap post already up right after I finished watching episode 1!

I agree with javabeans - it seemed a much slower paced opener than other Hong Sisters extravaganzas, but still, there seemed to already be so much depth and heart from the start. I don't remember shedding a tear or having a pang of the heart over a first episode before, and I admit I had all the feels for this one.

I also love the richness and depth in the design and cinematography, all of those moody blues and greens really set a specific tone.

I had to watch through half-covered eyes a coupla times, but that quickly turned into real heartbreak for the spirits obviously in so much pain before they could depart in peace. I am not going to get too excited too quickly - once bitten, twice shy - but it seems like there is a huge amount of potential here, especially with the talent of all of the leads. The recap came out fast!

I thought I would check to see if it was here, just in case, and was surprised to find it up. JB and GF, y'all need to look after your health. However, a big thank you for turning these past couple of recaps around so quickly. I was hooked from the opening credits. Spooky and cool at the same time. I did not see the Hong Sister's last outing so I can start this one without the bad taste that it left. I am so happy with this crop of premieres.

I hope Two Weeks rounds everything out nicely. I have to admit, crime and mystery k dramas don't scare me and neither does Who are You but this one creeps me the heck out! I was about to go to sleep but then I remembered Two Week came out today too Soooo many new dramas! I really like all of them so far: It looks like most of the new dramas this season from Korea and Japan are all medical or ghosty stuff. A few exceptions, but those seem to be the headliners. Of the exceptions, the J-drama Limit is just getting a bit really weird, Her Legend is looking better than expected, and I am seeing nothing interesting at all on the Taiwan radar.

As for this ep, I loved it. But our heroine is so so sooo cute and loveable. I really really like her. Let's hope next ep will be just as good. I have high expectations. I just finished Coffee Prince this past Sunday. A word to the wise: I went against my better judgement and watched Big live in instead of viewing Coffee Prince first. The experience made to much of a lasting negative impression and the memory not easily eradicated.

Liked the first hour very much! Never saw these two together - perhaps it's GHJ's acting that makes her look great with anyone but it's just so compelling to see both of them share the screen. Not a fan of scary ghost dramas, nor those that take the supernatural too seriously, so this drama hits the right spot for me. The ghosts were kind of freaky at first but after awhile it got funny in an omg-still-scary-but-funny way. I can empathize with Gong-Shil and why she never got used to the ghosts - they pop up so unexpectedly and look different each time.

I think that Gong-Shil's reaction is also a reflection of her character - she's not the type who can just ignore stuff that's there or pretend to function normally if things On the other hand, JW blinks away the jumbled words, tries to use tape recordings to overcome the problem and keeps talking about how only the living matter.

He sounds strongly in denial of something - some memory or knowledge - that requires resolution. It's also interesting that Gong-Shil started to see ghosts after an "accident" and JW was previously involved in one from the flashback - it looked like he escaped but the girl didn't. I'm totally looking forward to the next episode.

Maybe Taeyang was really the girl who died in the car and she is actually a ghost which is why she can see them sorry, I've been thinking about The Sixth Sense lately This episode did not disappoint me.

I usually never watch the first episodes of dramas prefer reading the recaps first , but I only read halfway before watching the episode. With I Hear Your Voice over, this might be my new crack drama. I'm taking this drama a bit more positively, since I am pretty ambivalent towards the whole Big issue I still think it is a bad drama, nonetheless.

Let's hope it's as good as I think it will be! I dont really know about cameras or shooting, but i know when a drama looks different, and this one looks different. I feel Im wathching a movie more than a drama, but its ok, I liked it. Thank God this drama is on viki. In other sites its harder for me to follow and I want to follow a drama and be able to comment the same day the recap comes out, I miss that. Man, one really has to work hard to look as tired as Gong Hyo-jin looked in the opening scenes.

I actually didn't recognize her at first. So, two simultaneous ghost stories in kdramaland. In my head, I'm not really comparing them, but I like the sense of high quality in this Hong Sisters' drama.

I really liked this episode. Now I want to know more about our main characters and how they became what they are today. Tonally, this was alot more tender-hearted than I expected. I definitely didn't expect to tear up on the first episode! Good thing for me that I didn't watch Big. It didn't sound interesting to me, but this recap make me want to watch this drama. Still, I cannot watch this by myself. I'm too scared and I hate ghost stories. Ha, I never watched "Drama Voldemort", so I can watch this one unscarred.

Her character does have a bit of the same sad-sack -but-used-to-be-the-schiznit vibe as last time. I wonder, though, is idea copycatting a common practice in KDramas? Two I-see-dead-people dramas at the same time? Though I'm actually casually interested in Who Are You? And there were multiple time-travel dramas at the same time, too. That can't be all coincidence.

Everyone copies everyone in Dramaland I don't even know how a lawyer can defend a writer against another one, seriously and if something works supernatural in that case , expect to see little brothers very soon I am not sure if it is really copycatting, or just a dearth of new ideas. If you trace K-dramas back, more often than not there is a Japanese manga in the background. Apparently not much that is original has Korean roots, not sure why, but it could be the "the nail that stands up gets hammered down" effect.

But other than possible theories, I am not sure why so many of the dramas seem to be stuck in a rut using the same old plot devices, and very rarely introducing new ones. Just once I would like to see a sister-in-law that is NOT evil. It's not even k-dramas that are guilty of doing this. Even the US does that. I'm sure we all can agree when we say is the year for zombies. It's all about looking at it from a commercial standpoint. You see an idea that seems to work with the general public and you take that idea and try to get some money out of that.

Admittedly, I don't have the specter of Drama Voldemort borrowing from pogo hanging over me, so I'm going into this hopeful and happy. I think my only thing would be all the ghosts themselves--I'm such a scaredy-cat. Sounds pretty certain for me! BIG was a long time ago. Can we not forget about it and move on? Dragging it up to dampen expectations or excitement on this one seems like 'holding a grudge', which isn't at all big.

Hong Sisters, this pair or that, are human. Even the greatest writing teams falter sometimes. In BIG, they bit off more than they could chew by coming up with a premise that could not be logically or even illogically resolved. It didn't deliver on its promise but it had its sweet moments like when Gong Yoo sat up in the morgue.

But it was only one of their many dramas. I say, Let it go, and we can enjoy this one with fresh eyes! Same for Secret Garden. I know JB didn't like it, nor did a lot of Beannies. Let Bygones be bygones? I actually really enjoyed Big Bridge out" but apparently the writers didn't see it.

So far so good tho with Master's Sun. GHJ is really great. I loved her in Greatest Love. I was surprised that the soccer player story ending wrung tears out of me. I think I might have to keep watching. I have to agree with JB, Big was their latest project and it left lot of viewers unsatisfied If the Hong Sis were not the icon they are in dramaland the point would be moot but since they are we the drama watchers will automatically compare both dramas if you tell me you were not doing that I will never believe you.

Knowing JB's style she will not bring it up unless the comparison is warranted. In this case Big had a a great premise and so does Master's but we know where Big went and Master's we'll find put after a few weeks. In show biz and writing circles, you are only as good as your last project. I guess my sense is that BIG isn't as bad as all that, despite its unresolved dilemma n flower boy sleeping thru the whole series.

Carloads of dramas may be much more deserving of that title IMO, e. Let's give this one a chance, n not hold BIG against it or the Hong sisters, too much. I don't think bringing it up is out of order, considering it is their last completed project and this is literally the first recap for the new show.

I doubt you'd find people still bringing up the older drama on, say, the recap for episode And far from holding Voldramort borrowing from Men Boong against it, Master's Sun is being given an ample chance here - for starters, it is being recapped, and the pre-show comments about the cast and premise were highly positive. If it sinks or swims, it will do so on its own merits. I understand that your calling it Drama V was jokey.

I thought it was funny. It was the overwhelming no. All of it, but it did falter and it scared people away from the Hongs' writing all by itself. Plus, the writers on DB cannot be held responsible if their opinion sways people. I do understand that reading something negative about a show may affect how you see it, but reading anything about a show is completely avoidable.

If someone is that easily influenced, they can keep watching and avoid reading what others think until they are done. If the characters, story and tone make you happy, the who cares what anyone else says? There is a flip side, too. This site loves Bridal Mask. I couldn't get through the first episode, no matter how much love the fans on this site sent out over the interwebs to woo me. My Girlfriend is a Gumihoo? I tried, really really hard to like it even a little.

But this is exactly why I love DB- reading different tastes and opinions makes all of this drama watching that much more interesting, whether I agree or not. I liked Big, too, through to the end, but I think it's because between what I expected in the beginning because it was a Hong Sisters' drama and what I expected towards the end changed. I switched gears somewhere in the third episode This drama, too, feels like it's borrowing a little from Big in taking more situational and subtle humor.

There is very little crack humor this time around. But it's about what I predicted This is what I think: It is more fun to talk about things that are happening in This ep, rather than keep dragging up the other drama that wasn't so great.

Also, Greatest Love wasn't bad. Why not mention that to balance the scaredy feeling? Who said anything about holding DB responsible for swaying Beannies' opinion?

Or the effects of reading negative comments? There hasn't been any negative opinions on this drama anyway. Too early for that. I don't think her reply came across as vilifying you. To me it seemed that she was truly considering your comment about letting the past stay in the past, and providing context for her comments. In their recent podcast they talked about snark and the appropriate use of it.

I think she wanted to re-iterate that they do want to give every drama a fair-shake. However, they won't give a pass to talented people when they produce product that's inferior to what they're capable of. Additionally, their comments about being disinterested in actors' personal lives says they take pains to make sure they don't become fan-girls of anyone.

My takeaway was that - although they want to have fun with this site - they're careful to maintain professionalism in the work they do here.

So, the way I see it, both her reply to you and her comments about the writers have a subtext of respect. I think comments about 'A Thing' always have to be viewed in a more lighthearted way. Some folks feel that BIG was so bad that it scared them going into the next project of the same writers. I didn't feel BIG was all that bad. Nor do I think that there is necessarily a direction correlation between the quality of one writing project n the next.

Case in pt, Greatest love--BIG. That is an opinion that is pretty mild in expression and intent. Sometimes a reply, knowingly or unknowingly, adds spice where there was none in the original comment, by adding implications that were there.

That is never helpful in carrying on meaningful conversation. Not bad a first episode! Gong Hyojin is winning as always. Her hunched-back, head-down posture was great but as a character I'm hoping she gets some feist in her and stops being so scared all the time. The last 15 min did feel slow for me, probably because I couldn't get into the love story of two people we barely know anything about. And the cliffhanger wasn't great.

That's a great start and I hope it continues to rise in each episode. Super love this first ep! Tho I've had to avert my eyes many times when the ghosts come on, even while watching in broad daylight. Hope I don't think of those scenes at night! Super love Gong Hyo Jin! She brings this char to life! Seo In Gok hasn't done anything yet, but love that he is here.

Our friendly or sometimes weird ajumma, Kim Mi Kyung is also here. Happy that as So JS's aunt, she finally gets a chance to play dress up and look all pretty. Also like Jin Yi Han as the ball player.

He isn't a particularly good actor, but he is likable in smaller roles. SJS is just a cold chaebol jerk right now.

Waiting to see his char warm up, by his association with the very interesting Tae Gung Sil! My fav among the batch of new shows! I've watched a lot of horror movies and dramas, and this one isn't scary at all.

I guess because it is intermix with comedy. Who Are You is written more scarier and more suspenseful. She has been seeing ghosts for some time so I don't understand why Gong Shil just doesn't accepts the fact that those ghosts are like in purgatory. They are asking for her help due to some unfinished business because she is the only one who can see them. Kind of reminds me of the Ghost Whisperer.

Gong Hyo Jin is wonderful.. So Ji Sub has been is some serious dramas, so it's nice to see him in something else even though he plays an assh They started the skinship really early which was fun to watch.

Happy to see one of my favs,Seo In Gook in another drama too. A friend of mine insists she can see ghosts. I hate going hiking with her. She'd try to steer me in this side or that, in the effort not to let me walk right into the ghosts. She says they mostly stand around doing nothing, and that they esp.

Bcos she has been seeing them from a very young age, n they demand anything of her, she doesn't seem scared, acc to her. Abt 9 months after my father passed away, she came to my house, and proceeded to tell me that he was standing right in the living room!

She described the exact spot where he was standing, smack against the wall, 1 foot in from around the foyer. She said he couldn't move on bcos of my intense feelings of missing him, i. Asked her how she knew: She said by telepathy. He didn't have to speak to her, and she knew. So when I watch shows like this one, or Arang, I don't think it is just a big batch of bologna. I mean, if I were her, I probably wouldn't tell you anything unless prodded OR years later.

Not just cos' it's a sensitive topic but mostly because I don't really want you to feel guilty about your feelings for your dad: Sorry to hear about your dad.

I don't live with my dad because my parents are divorced so I can understand to a certain extent of how it feels like to miss a parent. The problem I have with the serious promotion of this sort of 'thing' is it always ends up with some sort of false-comfort, false-security or false-guilt being imposed on the living.

My dad's - spirit, I guess - would visit the house after he died. He would play with the dog in the middle of the night. He once left a special rose that he had given my mom made out of wood in the middle of the floor, and my mom found it when she got up in the morning. Sometimes she would hear a sigh behind her, when she was working on the computer. It was a little odd, but actually it did make it a little easier for her, to know that on some level he was still there. The occasions grew more and more infrequent, and stopped after about months.

Oh, this drama is much better than Who are you. I mean, it's not good, but at least it's watchable. The plot holes, bad acting and leads that share no chemistry were driving me crazy while I was trying to watch Who are you.

The drama is just rushed and the "coincidences" are annoying and predictable. For example, the fact that the doctor who was treating her ended up being the culprit in the first case. But here, the female lead being a school friend of the jilted bride, it doesn't bother me one bit.

It's just a matter of handling the story properly and keeping everything in balance, because if you screw that up, all the negative points of the drama just start screaming at you and there is no way you can watch a drama like that-it's too nosy, a thus too annoying to bear.

I noticed that the production value for MS seems pretty high on the scale of KDramas. I'm pretty sure that the fancy effects will be less numerous and polished as the show goes on. Not much you can do when you run against the clock and the wallet. Sigh, that would suck though understandably, of course. I rather it be consistent than be hyper-polished for the first four eps only. Thank you for the recap! I think this is looking good so far. And Eun Sang is the wrong one here.

How crazy is that? And Kim Tan is super flirty. The hell with love! The world is not everything about love! Yeah you're super in love with Eun Sang- Kim Tan pairing but if something like this would happen to you in real life, like a mushroom Eun Sang would appear and take your boyfie, you wouldn't like it.

Daxton May 30 3: A May 27 8: At the end they worked together to save their parent's company. And also how Eun Sang forgave her sister who has taken all of her money that she earned by working so hard and meant to be used as a start of her new life in US.

That's the thing that some people could not see. What I could not understand is that some comments say it was overrated So if you don't like the drama in the first or two episodes Nana May 10 7: Some people hate it, love it, don't care for it or find it overrated. I personally, myself can't get enough of heir! I was not a fan of Korean drama at first, but after watching " oh my Venus and man in love " I was hooked! Decided to watch movie heir and I fell in love! I may not know a lot about korean shows and dramas, but I definitely seen this over atleast 3 times and it still gets to me!

It's typical to some people, but I love the sadness, romantic parts, arguments and comedy in this movie. Yes, I do wish the ending could've been better or turn out differ, but I can say I hope there's part 2 for this.. Some people think she's not good enough or pretty enough to be main girl , but I love her and their chemistry is no lie!

Even, scene that weren't supposed to be in the shows were not edit.. So addicted to this show.. I'm glad park came back and realized what Lee was trying to do for her and what park was doing for Lee.. Islaha MT May 04 5: She succeed made Park Shin Hye weren't shining at all, if we compared to her role in Pinocchio. So did Lee Min Ho, he was little bit boring here. I always adore Kim Eun Sook's Work but this one is not her best.

Thanks to supporting casts whom made this drama worth to watch. This was the 3rd best drama I've ever watched!! Well it should be the 2nd greatest but DOTS became my first and ywcfts became my 2nd This drama is worth watching for! I watched this last and i currently watching it again this !! If you love teen romance with a bit of drama and comedy, you'll definitely love this! Licorice Apr 15 If not for Kim Jiwon, l would never even look at this. Skipped through all the scenes, only watched Rachel's.

Really love her with Hyo-shin. These two are cute in being push-and-pull, was hoping they could get better ending, but SJ Apr 02 4: I've watched it around 4 or 5 times since I love how this drama set a good scene, esp in US. A heroine suppose not to be like that, she has to be strong And the last EP also was spoiler Just they have to make scenes like that?? Just like the story was the half way and we did not know what's going happens next between Eun Sang and Kim Tan Even if you dnt have a storyline, they can pull it off and make the drama worth watching.

I stuck with this drama to the end cos of the acting - so many cute moments and all that. The story line was regular, nothing spectacular at all. Utami Mar 07 I believe we just have different taste of what type of drama we like.

PSH is the best Perhaps if there are more comments piling up Claire Mar 05 7: But i really cant stand with park shin hye. I can see where you're coming from, but I can't stand how people are calling Cha Eun-Sang the 'heroine' of this drama when she did nothing but cry and sulk throughout the whole thing.

To me, that's not heroism. Heroism is toughing it out, sucking it up and being strong, not balling like a little baby all the time. Utami Feb 23 I have many friends who come from a rich family due to their great grandparents businesses Chisomo Feb 20 6: Wealthy parents force their children to marry people of the parents ' choice.

They do this not because they love their children, but because they are protecting their business. As Rachel in this drama argued, children of wealth parents are commodities on the market. No wonder a good number of such families break up. Let us not forget that love is a fruit of emotions and feelings. Let the children marry whom they truly love. All in all, this drama is an eye-opener; we need to wake up from the sleep of riches. Riches should not blindfold us.

It's lucky they have Chanyoung-Bona Couple that give a piece of sweetness for this drama. I don't say bad, just bore and very mainstream plot.

Utami Feb 10 8: No matter how many times I watch it I don't seem to ever get enough! It was like a fairytale! Can't get them out of my head.. Also every single one of that actors and the actresses were perfect for their roles! I just can't find words to describe how beautiful this drama is Everyone sould definitely watch it As for the hate comments I get why there are so many of them.. When a drama becomes so well known and succesful there will be more hate comments than average kdramas.

Utami Feb 07 Even you and heirss don't like it This is not the only drama that has the older casts to become a high school drama, at least PSH was only 23 years old and LMH was only 26 when they played the roles So it is undeniable that because of The Heirs One, being they cast adults as high school kids. Isn't he like, 30? To cast someone of his age as a teen is pushing it.

Another reason I didn't like it was the horrible acting. It was by far the worst acting I've seen in a long time in a kdrama. I ask this because I didn't see a heroine in the show, all I saw was a big cry baby that cried in every episode.

Once or twice I would understand, but c'mon That's a bit much. Those two were the only actors worth mentioning. I was quite disappointed in Lee Min Ho, tbh. Since watching boys over flowers and city hunter, I was expecting to see him shine, but his acting in this one was a real letdown for me.

This drama has a awesome cast. The chemistry was there. But as for me, i stopped watching this when i found myself to be rather fond of park shin hye being with woo bin. Nevertheless, every other else is good!! Just dont caught up being in second lead syndrome. You wouldnt like woo bin hurt. Utami Feb 04 8: Yes I already watched Secret Garden Ha Ji Won is a good actress too. It's joyful to watch, especially her partner was Hyun Bin Still many to catch up Both drama has good soundtrack..

Utami Jan 26 7: I was mocking my niece as she was crazy about KPops and everything about it I can's stop watching Kdramas and K movies. Never missed a day without it And I've watched The Heirs already more than 7 times I hope there will be The Heirs Don't be jealous of the script Cringey Jan 25 3: Pffft i can't even finished watching it.

Natalia Jan 08 2: Alex Jan 07 I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. The good-looking casts made up for the cliche storyline and bad acting.

Neha Jan 04 4: Lee min ho I jst love u I luv ur acting.. U r jst superb I there could be a person just like Kim tan loved cha eun sung J Dec 27 5: Sandy Dec 26 3: I seen this drama this year This drama is not a piece of trash And there is so many dramas of Wealthy guy loving Poor girl. This drama shows more important of What a wealthy guy should have.

That quote is more important in this drama. I wouldn't say this drama is boring or time pass. This is something of what a Love means If still people who saying its bad let's talk about it. My Facebook ID is 'Sandeep. I want to why this is bad. Dec 07 2: Sam Dec 05 Unknown Nov 15 Listen Up Nov 10 5: Do not listen to anyone who says this drama isn't good. This is one of the top drama and sure deserves it. I enjoyed it so much and watch it all the time. It's really exciting and amazing!!

V Nov 07 8: The storyline,characters, situations of this drama and others are alike. Olugesin opeyemi Nov 01 1: Kim woo bin has really tried and I always forward the film to where Kim woo bin n Lee min hoo fights. Katy Oct 24 1: There are rumours that say Heirs will have a movie at the end of ! NANO Oct 20 2: Emma Oct 16 1: I don't like the heirs. Rita Kim Oct 15 4: Kindly read comment by Katy and you will know what this drama is all about.

There is so much to learn from this drama. If you say this drama has no meaning, then all the k-dramas are also meaningless. Why do you even watch k-dramas? Watch this drama and maybe you will learn something good in life! Mhizbabsthounique Oct 06 3: L Sep 30 Katy Sep 29 8: It's the best drama I have ever watched! Besides the storyline of the main couple which was plain but cute we should notice the stories of all the other supporting characters!

They all had a lesson to teach us and that's what I love about heirs. I mean this drama was full of life lessons! Even Kang Ye Sol: It was just amazing! All the scenes all the dialogues Humour in a good amount and enough drama to get you to feel how characters feel.

From the first episode I felt like I knew everyone so well! There weren't heroes and villains. There were just people all misunderstood who needed to be loved. I wish there was a season 2 so that we knew if Kim Tan's birthday wish came true and if the heirs ended up all happy. I would definitely watch it. Auntie Vee Sep 23 4: Anyway all korean dramas are lovable to watch. Yes "heirs" was all about childhood sweetheart,that it has a plain story line and i bet most teens loved it.

While my love from the star is a different story with a perfect casts,plots,pacing and writing. Kim soo hyun is such a versatile actor, he can portray so many challenging role,not just an action drama or a high school brat. He acted with full of emotion and His acting is beyond compare.!

Just my two cents though. As for me I like the most is the teen romantic love story where we can relate to each other of how we felt when we were still young. I like and super love the drama and you can never compare it to the other drama's because it has its own story telling.

But most of all don't like kim soo hyun acting. Everything was so predictable,or should i say 'spoon feeding', you don't need to use your imagination coz every episode is predictable. But good thing is it has a good rating b'coz of its cast not the story. And both lead actors have a huge fan based,big help though. I prefer My love from the star of kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun.

A way better and i recommend everyone to watch it, you can laugh, get mad and cry, all-in one story. Ashleigh Sep 09 3: I had watched it thrice since I can't help but missing the characters and the story itself.

So Iam hoping to be able to watched anotyher fantastic and well-written drama with this two loving actors as leads. It really breaks my heart because it means "end". Why Aug 15 1: You'll waste half of your life. Camille W Aug 09 4: I seriously remember gushing abt this show to my sister in the early eps. I was addicted and totally entertained. Plus, Lee Min Ho's staring was quite swoon worthy. However, I can't tell hw many times the episodes used the same cliffhanger where the three leads were standing somewhere looking all teen-angsty.

I thought this shw was going to be awesome. Park Sin-Hye's character cud have been really great as a heroine but she just got so candy-like. The father was a plot device and i only finished the show bc i had determined not to leave any more dramas unfinished. It was a chore to watch. But others may love it for its star-spangled cast.

They could have been better used. I kinda wished that i nvr wasted 20 hours watching this shw. One thing i can guarantee is that your either going to hate it or love it. This show is one of the more polarizing ones. Several followed it for the flower boys but even when a show has actors i love, i refuse to give it a pass just bc of that. I shouldn't be so blinded by the stars that i don't question the plot, pace and writing.

Diamond Aug 08 7: The story plot is cliche i know but there's just a few unexplainable factors that keep me hooked on the show.. Well one of the reasons must be for Krystal since she's just so good in it but yeah,i myself tho i stick till the end but it's the truth that it can be boring in many angles. Anne Aug 01 We have the same thought: Melissa Jul 30 First episodes were truly confusing because there are many characters to be acquainted with.

We have to understand who are who and how their relationship with one another - so it was kinda hard to digest at first. But this series really have some character growth in it. Characters I hated at the beginning, I ended up loving them. Speaking about chemistry, I think the main cast's chemistry in Pinocchio is still better than her chemistry here, but her chemistry with Lee Min Ho is okay too.

Immaculata Jul 29 4: Keep it up,the Lord is your strength I would love to learn how to speak Korea. Ren Jul 27 2: Praco ms Jul 21 Davia Jul 19 7: That the leads won best actor awards for their performances in this makes the KD industry look bad.

Sorry to be so blunt but their performances were not the best of No were near it in fact. I have nothing against either actor but neither were at their best in this. The best scenes were done by the two mothers who were thankfully a ray of delight. The progression of events throughout was poorly thought out, frustrating and therefore boring. There were many interesting characters and side lines that did not get played out properly.

Which I felt was just inane as to why they had the characters on the show anyway. Just to show them off? The director handled the scenes well but some of the choices made were really weak. The dialogue between the students generally was so awful also. Are these kids with rich parents really that stupid? Do they really have nothing else to talk about than about how rich they are. How unoriginal and sad.

And hard to believe. Usually people who are really rich don't care too much about it. Look at the four richest kids in Boys over Flowers. They didn't sit around talking about how rich their parents were. Mi Jul 14 2: Jack Jul 14 1: I do agree with you, I consider this one of the best overrated drama. The actors were all great but it's so disappointing how the story is written: I stop at ep Sue Jul 04 8: I love this drama.

Please watch it for yourselves and don't be discouraged by the negative comments. I loved the fact that the writer showed the stories of so many different characters.

The actors were excellent and are a major part of why I like this drama so much. I have lost count of how many times I YouTube certain scenes just for a laugh. Ri Jun 27 1: I personally adored it. It was addicting as hell. Plus there's a lot of pretty faces, scenery, and clothes. Two attractive men fighting over 1 pretty girl? Kim Woo-Bin stole the show though It's pretty simple but enjoyable.

A fun watch when you just want a pick-me-up and a good old simple love story. Daniel Jun 27 1: If you looking for good story drama then look elsewhere. Seriously bored me to hell to much dragging and useless scene just to woo the younger generation girl kyaaa factor you can skip episode and wont get lost in plot not that it really had a good plot.

This can be done in 11 episode and broadcasted by cable channel like OCN or tvn lol. Really disappointed by the same writer who wrote the same amazing drama Secret Garden and Gentlemen Dignity. By the way, on the same broadcast period there is really quite a few amazing drama with the same time slot as the Heir namely Secret Love. Recommend to watch that it had great plot and amazing cast minus off idol looking cast.

You won't regret it. Nana Ina Jun 19 1: This drama is away to basic. Rich man meet ordinary girl.. The reason why this drama got high rating only because their main character.. He looks so charming and good looking,, too bad he was taken.. I hope he can show more excellent acting in the future. Shannade Jun 01 This drama is overrated, predictable, boring, and cliched. While I was watching this drama this is what I Said along the way, "saw that coming, that was so predictable, that was so cliched, and when is something exciting going to happen".

The bottom line is the main reason why this drama is so popular is because of the actors that were in it. The actors in this drama are the most popular actors in South Korea and some of them are overrated because I don't get the big hype over Lee Min Ho because he's nothing special IMO. Niha May 31 Kowawa May 28 3: Jaci Yeo jaciyeo May 26 I couldn't imagine that twenty something and up being high school kids.

Very predictable plot and storyline. The actors on the other than are amazing and please use their talents in better drama. Lila May 19 9: The storyline is soooo mainstream, like, you can predict what'll happen next only with your basic imagination.

Wealthy man with poor woman fall in love, parents disagree, another rich man comes and has one-sided love to the poor woman and so on and so on. Again, thanks to all casts who helps this drama. Lalan May 17 The story is too old! Uthla May 05 I love the scenes in America cause they are very funny.

I love that guy. I like that girlish boy, myung soo too. Its a fan service drama, is what it is. I loved the character of Krystal, so nice to hear a bilingual actor. Minho's english just made me cringe-sorry to say. Now i feel like rooting for Young do.

Well for those who really like the chaebol kind of story, this is a very good series to watch, the very typical chaebol story with all the romance and just enough comedy the funny lines were very witty i must say to go with it.

Kiri Apr 25 8: I watched the first couple of episode as i was one of the many who had anticipated the release, but boy oh boy was i disappointed. The plot and writing is honestly a rip-off of american teen dramas particularly gossip girl obi there are differences but i find this drama to be kind of cheap in the originality department. Its so reminiscent of boys over flowers, esp with lee minho there. I loved the character played by Krystal, its so nice to hear a bilingual actor speak, i cant help but cringe at minho's english: Storywise, i think Pinocchio was better, because chaebol storylines like the heirs are just so common, but hey, i think most kdrama fans are here for the chaebol stories: Estephania Apr 22 TBH review my opinion Apr 17 8: The heirs is okay even though i really love lee min ho.

Another is when kim tan and cha eun sang make multiple eye contact that takes about 15 seconds and obviously that is just not realistic. What else is unrealistic is when cha eun sang walked inside the circle of crowded people while on the phone and standing between kim tan and choi yuong and everyone stares at her and everything Also, i think the ending was pretty upsetting because i dont think they put much effort into it.

It was plain and not much of a happy ending or ultimate. But the rest is good. Some actors play the characters really good and soundtrack was nice.

I like the story plot but like i said, should improve more. I know u must hate me but this is my opinion and im just expressing it out.

LeeAnn Apr 12 9: I love Lee Min-ho, really. This Korean drama is one of my favorite. Minho showed his emotions well. He has a great chemistry with Park Shin-hye. Nina Apr 06 8: Muna Mar 29 3: There were certain things that did make me cringe a bit, though.

Like the blonde American friend at the beginning

Imsges: cyrano dating agency eng sub ep 10

cyrano dating agency eng sub ep 10

I was not a fan of Korean drama at first, but after watching " oh my Venus and man in love " I was hooked!

cyrano dating agency eng sub ep 10

The Great Seducer by girlfriday. D The casts are really good. Gong-shil has an additional message for the son and grabs him by the lapels:

cyrano dating agency eng sub ep 10

Is there any other koream drama who does not involving the plot of a rich-cold-spoiled-boy who cyrano dating agency eng sub ep 10 on his parent's wealth, falls in love with innocent-childish-poor-weak girl? Really disappointed by the same writer who wrote cyano same amazing drama Secret Garden and Gentlemen Dignity. But the ghosts are never far away, and cayman island dating sites long the bride is back. Koala i totally agree with you on that parallel world thingy! Your email address will dng be published. It was a mind blowing drama series I do think, however, that you could get used to seeing the same ghost after repeated appearances.