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Google is forwarding your search queries to Linkedin. The huge creatures may be the largest land birds on the planet, standing up to 5 feet 1. Yet I see that Linkedin is recommending all sorts of groups to me that are very closely tied to things I have searched for on Google.


Jul 6, - Reply. When they get a hit — you know the person, or you know someone with that name — then it seems creeeepy. Six months ago a complete stranger reversed into my car, we exchanged names, addresses and telephone numbers for insurance purposes. One of the most surprising places has to be on top of Mount Tsurugi , on the island of Shikoku. Aug 27, - Reply.

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My next login showed my profile had been viewed by a manager of a company in a completely different city and industry. At first I thought this was random as the company was a specialist firm and I had only vaguely listed the sector I worked in and had not said I was looking for work. It was only later when I remembered that years earlier I had applied for job at this firm by email. I never got past the initial application form and had no further contact with them….

Jul 14, - Reply. Thanks for taking one for the team but now what must we do to stop this breach of privacy??? To be honest, I cannot afford to NOT be connected in this volatile job market although I must mention that I have been against it from the start. Jul 19, - Reply. Jul 29, - Reply. I am a postgraduate student in London writing my dissertation on the way people make use of LinkedIn either in their search for jobs or in their social or professional networking.

I hope my research can provide new insight into the role of technology for employees today. I would like to ask you if anyone here would like to answer a few questions about how you use LinkedIn? I would very much appreciate your participation! It should take about minutes to complete.

I hope to publish my finding in an academic journal afterwards and if you are interested in reading the final research, I will be happy to send it to you. My finding will not be used for commercial purposes and you will of course be entirely anonymous. Please follow the link below to fill in the questionary and feel free to forward it to someone you know.

You can access the survey here please copy-paste the link into your browser: Aug 2, - Reply. Do you use the LinkedIn phone app?

It has access to personal info calendar events and confidential info and social info including call logs and reading your contacts. So if you have your android setup to auto sync your gmail contacts to your phone, Linkedin now has those contacts. And they definitely use web searches. I typed someone I knew from high school into google one day, and within a week it was suggesting that person as a possible connection.

I have all the privacy settings unchecked too, from day 1. Aug 5, - Reply. My theory would be that if someone searches your profile, LinkedIn will later suggest that person as someone you may know. I reckon this is a good way to see who is checking you out. It also means you will be suggested to people you have checked out blowing your cover. Also, if you search for say, Jack Jones, later LinkedIn will suggest to you people with that name, not necessarily the person you were looking for.

Aug 7, - Reply. My wife recently signed up to LinkedIn from my Mac. She used the email address — her. Meaning contacts from my. LinkedIn claims not to store passwords yet when she is logged in they have then provided her with full view of my personal contacts!!! In this case her. I have been freaked out by the connections that LinkedIn makes. And have come to similar conclusions to you. In addition, I believe there is a link to the PC that you use. For instance, as soon as I started using the web browser on my work PC, I started seeing suggested connections appear.

This is in spite of me not having nominated my latest workplace on my LinkedIn profile and never having connected with any people at my new work place. However, yesterday, I was completely freaked out which is what has led me to investigate a bit further and found your most informative blog on this topic.

I changed my password on LinkedIn which triggered an email to my nominated account. But it did not end there! I also received an email at my work email address. I have never nominated this company as my new employer on my profile.

I have never used my work email address to register on any websites for anything. I have raised this concern with the team at LinkedIn and am awaiting their canned response! However, this leads to some serious questions about what LinkedIn is doing when you are logged on to their website on a device.

And like you, I believe we have all assumed that LinkedIn is doing all of this to make our lives simpler ha ha!! Aug 16, - Reply. I have people suggested to me that do not have, nor ever had a LinkedIn account. I have never entered my Gmail password to look for people, as I was warned off by a friend who had sent invitations to around a people from her Gmail contact list. I have never synced my address book, and I have never used an Android app.

My question to the Help Center was how that had been possible. They kept going round in circles and I am no closer to the truth. One thing is clear: Aug 19, - Reply. Okay, this is super weird. Something happened to me, and it led me to this website. Oh, I wonder whatever happened to so-and-so. He was so cool, or she was so great, ect. Or sometimes I search because, so-and-so told me that they worked at this place, but I forgot what was the name.

They really liked this company. I did this once with my neighbor who does not have facebook. May have to use a public computer from now on when I want to engage on some google searching.

And they were NOT on my google contacts. At first I thought it was interesting. I was wondering what happened to them…until it hit me like a ton of bricks. Aug 20, - Reply. I accidentally used the import contacts feature once. It was at a time when my LinkedIn and gmail passwords were the same. I was in a hurry, and when I went to LinkedIn I got a page that looked like a login page, so I put in my email and password. Reminds me of the backlash when Target was using its shopping data to identify expectant mothers, and how creepy customers thought it was when they started getting ads for baby stuff.

Aug 21, - Reply. They are presenting people who searched for you on LinkedIn but did not make a connection request. Yes, it is that simple…. I live in a small pueblo in Spain, but I noticed a man with a raincoat and turned-down hat lounging in the entrance of a house opposite. Aug 22, - Reply. Here is one for you. I just found my daughter as a possible contact on LinkedIn.

It has an email address for her that she has not used in years but is still associated with her name. She is not a member of LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking site and has never given her email address to LinkedIn.

I have never knowingly loaded any contacts from any address book into LinkedIn or given LinkedIn permission to look at my mail or any address book. And here is something rather interesting. It suggests that she and I have three shared contacts but the words which are usually the link to find out who they are is not actually a link.

Is it possible that LinkedIn has access to email and is making possible connection based on her name and finding that my daughter has been emailing other people that I am linked to? Aug 27, - Reply. I do use the LinkedIn app on my phone and thinking about it, this has happened relatively soon three months? I have never heard of Rapportive.

I raised the issue with LinkedIn helpdesk. The point is that when new features arrive, LinkedIn tends to pre-configure settings to be as they would like them so maybe the setting snuck in via the back door. They also claim that I must have provided my email password at some point. I would never do this. But I have an email client running on my PC which the browser may have accessed to get email addresses.

Likewise on my phone. I only access linked in from my work computer, and my personal email from my iphone or home PC. The link was instant, so that tells me that linkedin searched yahoo without my explicit permission in order to obtain that information. Yeah that is creepy! I wonder if it shows my details to those contacts when they next log in to linked in?

For safety and privacy reasons I used an alias to register for a LinkedIn account. I also made up a fake job, a fake work place, etc. In all, all fake identities. I am actually a university student in USA. Out of curiosity, I viewed the profiles of several students and teachers of my school, but did not make any connections. And the profile does belong to the real him, not others with the same name, I checked. My dad works in another country, very far away from USA, in a different industry, and knows little English.

He might as well have a LinkedIn account, but throughout my life he never cared much about me, so there is little possibility that he searches my teacher on this website he might not even know their names! Only if I assume he searches my teachers does the whole thing start to make a little sense. But does that mean that they associate you with someone who viewed the profiles of the same people as you did?

But why did not other people show up? My dad was the only one in the column who is not a teacher or student in my school. Does this mean that the website has somehow figured out who I really am?

This is scary enough. PS I never used my real name except in really necessary situations e. I do not have ANY social media account. I might registered for Facebook long, long ago, but it was with the fake information and I never used the account. And I just found out that people whose profile you viewed can see your name?!

I did this just out of curiosity and I do NOT want to be seen by my teachers that I viewed their profiles!!! So I really want to know what is going on here. This is soooooooo creepy. I am totally freaked out…. Thanks for warning us all out about the danger of using LinkedIn and several others: You may have made up a fake name, work history, etc.

If so, have you ever sent or received an email from your dad using that email address? But I do use the same web browser to access my real email, in which I have very occasional connection with my Dad. Aug 31, - Reply. The comments about email contacts prompting the who you may know list is definitely true, I noticed this a year or so back.

Also, perhaps more interestingly, they are using the email contacts to create profiles on LI. My father never set up a profile but found one had appeared recently. I have also seen this for a circle of old school friends who most definitely do not use LI, their names are nick-names…as what would be listed in a contacts list.

Sep 16, - Reply. I had the same exact experience and tried something not mentioned in the article. It suddenly dawned on my that password for my account was the same as the password on my associated email.

It sounds absolutely unfeasible and outlandish that this would relate to the suggestions but oddly enough when I changed the password on my associated email account the odd coincidences stopped.

Sep 18, - Reply. Your article is correct, LinkedIn are data mining, absolutely no question about that. One suggestion was a lady who was the owner of a house I rented for a week, our only contact had been via email and at no point did I add her to my Contacts, because she was a temporary contact.

Not that I am particularly bothered, but it does shows that when you grant apps access to your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts, they are looking at much more than they claim. Sep 20, - Reply. It goes deeper than just email contacts.

I logged in to linkedin today, and at the top of my page I am prompted to complete and education field. Somehow LinkedIn knows that I went to this junior school, and the period I studied there. I attended the school for a short period of time in and had for all intents and purposes forgotten that I had ever even been there. No correspondence, no reunions or anything like that.

Immediately, the People You May Know section contained all my colleagues. I guess it does it on IP address. What would be really freaky is if I create a new account on a totally different computer and that still pulls up people I know. Using my real persona I connected to my fake persona and then did a couple of endorsements of real people and made a new connection with a colleague.

Surprisingly, these activities showed up in my fake profile. I tested it in my fake account and my real persona showed up as anonymous.

I turned them off because I had some overly snoopy employers. Sep 26, - Reply. Cookies, trackers et al. Do yourselves a favor and install Ghostery, then enable the blocking of absolutely everything it supports. Use only secure email client apps. Sep 30, - Reply.

Used address in Sacramento in apple maps while driving to sacramento 3. Used my credit card in Sacramento. Oct 2, - Reply. If someone views your profile on linkedin twice in one day does it show twice?

Or only once as it was the same person? Oct 15, - Reply. I gave up on all social website. The information mining and exchange of all information behind your back that is illegal but not acknowledged are too much. I feel so much better. Oct 22, - Reply. Please add another email to make sure you can always sign in and reset your password. Learn why this is important. Spying is spying whichever way you look at it.

What do you think I am, stupid? Oct 26, - Reply. MAN thanks for sharing it! I had the creepiest connection ever! At first i tought it way by IP address but it seems unlikely. And the same with 3 other persons also. By the way, do you have any idea? Do you think your neighbor has ever searched for you? Any connections, education, etc. Is it possible they are using your Wi-Fi? Oct 27, - Reply. In the message there is a button with a hyperlink to add the new LinkedIn user immediately to your network.

This had puzzled me especially because I am very strict about my privacy and I never import my address book on social network sites. The strangest thing was that these were people I had never heard of. Eventually I found out the reason. I share the use of an Android tablet with my wife. I have the LinkedIn app installed on the tablet configured with my LinkedIn account.

My wife has a hosted exchange email account, so she uses the standard Android mail client. That allows both of us to use the tablet without hassle.

Apparently the LinkedIn app has read the contact list on the tablet, and uploaded it to their servers, and linked the contacts to my LinkedIn account, as the app is configured with my LinkedIn account. As you can imagine, the LinkedIn app got thrown out as soon as I had discovered that. But not before checking the privacy settings just to be sure: I opened a new LinkedIn profile and linked it to a Yahoo email account which I use only for anonymous blogging.

I provided Linked In with absolutely no other information. The Yahoo account to which it is linked contains no contacts, is never used for emailing work colleagues, is never used for purposes related to my work, and bears no relationship to my real name. In other words, by linking an email account to Linked In, you are not only sharing your contact list, but also any other confidential information that may be stored in the account settings or personal profile for that account. The taking of this information is not covered in the LinkedIn Privacy Policy section 1.

Neither is it disclosed in any of the roll-over information messages which you can get in the process of linking an external email account to LinkedIn. I wrote back and told them that this was demonstrably not true, which received no response, and I then wrote explaining what the real mechanism was, and would they like to comment, which has also received no response.

Your final point was what I was thinking while reading the rest of your comment. Do you access your new LinkedIn profile from work? I only ask in case your work colleagues were suggested because you share a company or they searched for your name.

Oct 31, - Reply. Nope, never used LinkedIn from my work domain, so they would not have had that IP address. But as other people have noted, the use of IP addresses to link users to other users has some potentially very serious consequences. Nov 1, - Reply. So nobody has uploaded their address book and created a backwards reference to me, just not impossible.

Could you try requesting that from whatever similar law exists in the US? Same happened with facebook a while back… my phone did an auto update… and it stole all my numbers. Including people from 15 years back in my life that I only kept the numbers of so I did not answer if they called. Nov 5, - Reply. For instance, a guy I met in Spanish class shows up in my list. Only link is that both our names are on the password-protected site of the course organization.

Nov 7, - Reply. Nov 18, - Reply. Her work colleague is also in there. I sometimes have a nose at her public Twitter profile… Linkedin knows my secrets!! Dec 17, - Reply. Dec 30, - Reply. LinkedIn is super creepy. I have determined that LinkedIn will look at your browsers cookie history. So, if you have multiple LinkedIn accounts they are getting info from their own cookies placed on your computer for those other accounts.

Addition to my post. The main point, if you are managing multiple social media accounts or know someone that is managing multiple LinkedIn accounts for their job, LinkedIn will make recommendations based on log-ins from the same computer or IP address household, company, shared network….

You may use a friends computer to check your LinkedIn account and find strange recommendations start after that. You may use HootSuite to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts for clients and those clients may get clustered into a theoretical group of possible hits by LinkedIn.

Thus, start getting recommendations for everyone in your list of clients. Jan 6, - Reply. Go to your Google Security settings https: I had 2 access to LinkedIn granted. Google is convenient, but I guess convenience comes at a price. Feb 22, - Reply. Jan 10, - Reply. This one has me really freaked out.

I recently left my job. I returned my mobile, i have been disconnected from my old work email address for 2 weeks now, and the contact details and email account were wiped from my personal iPad through MobileIron. So none of the contacts, emails, etc are stored anywhere.

I deleted my work email from my Linked in account and replaced it with a personal one. I also deleted my former colleagues as connections, to remove any connection. I closed out of it so thankfully did not get to the point of it sending emails — that would be disastrous because i am subject to a restraint clause — but when i looked again today — it still brought up a whole list of those contacts in that dreadful screen where you can inadvertently spam everyone if not careful.

What i am most paranoid about is that some sort of notification will have gone to my old work email — which is still being monitored — saying i uploaded all these contacts.

You can imagine the fallout. I have emailed LinkedIn to ask how they could have mined contacts from an address book i no longer have access to, but not hopeful of a sensible response. Like others, i was alerted something was wrong when i got those alerts that my contact had just joined LinkedIn — that contact could only be from my work address.

That is certainly a touchy situation. Please keep us posted on what you hear back from LinkedIn if anything. I believe you are right, but do you have any documentation to confirm? To my knowledge, LinkedIn does not mention this anywhere and that is part of the problem. Apr 7, - Reply. I am certain you are smart and knowledgeable. You have my respect and admiration. You telling me that you are not aware that this happens?! Neel — First, thank you for the kind words. In my article above and throughout all of these comments from readers, we mostly only have anecdotal evidence.

It would be great if we could confirm beyond any doubt that LinkedIn is accessing data in ways we have not given permission.

I fully agree on your last comment , however, this would be seemingly impossible unless someone from Linkedin itself chooses to spill the beans. Yet I see that Linkedin is recommending all sorts of groups to me that are very closely tied to things I have searched for on Google.

Like several others have said I put in the bare essential information.. I have been pretty much inactive on them, until recently. The creepy strange part is, when I finally logged onto my pseudo LinkedIn account, most all my suggested connections are my real friends and contacts and people associated to them. But the people who viewed me my pseudo says 1in the last 90 days someone I viewed connected to that former friend and 0 searched for me my pseudo. I came across this blog while googling trying to find out if that box meant those were people who have viewed me or that I have viewed.

I do not own a smartphone so that is not an issue. And of course, all the ads that are on my facebook and google searches are a mix of what I have done exclusively in my separate accounts. I guess I should use the local library public computers instead … I think I will close down that LinkedIn account.

I have not gleaned anything useful and the thought that it is capable of doing a lot more creepy damage like spamming all my REAL contacts is not worth it.

So yep, they are monitoring a lot through our computers themselves. How do you EVER stop all that from happening, other than just disconnecting from cyberspace all together?? Mar 2, - Reply. As an experiment I created a bogus LinkedIn account using a bizarre random name generated by LastPass.

Now, when I log in to the bogus account I see the names of people who I have tried to connect to in real life under my own real account. I have never even imported my own E-mail contacts. Mar 4, - Reply. I have just created an account on their website using an email address i have -never- used anywhere online. Boom, do you know these people? Mar 6, - Reply. Mar 14, - Reply. This answer is simple in this error of data-mining and compiling. When you use Linkedin, Linkdin mines your Facebook account, your address book, and other apps that may have contact information.

They do this to you and every one else that logs in to Linkedin. Through a fairly sophisticated algorithm they compile the mined data that leads people to you and you to other people.

It really gets creepy when they track where you and these people are, and have been, and what you do when get there, and what you did when you were there.

The future is here. Mar 15, - Reply. I received an email with a former girlfriend and somebody I had a dalliance with along with a wedding planner as three people I may know. No other suggestions just this unholy trinity oddly ignoring my then girlfriend who I had not connected with since she was in a different industry. At the time I had just started using the site and had imported contacts which working in sales led to a large number of people. It singled out these three into a little triangle despite there being many other more relevant people from my list in my company and my contacts list.

A very well -written piece. I was googling to find an answer to a privacy issue I was facing. Many results came up! Rest all results that came up have the linkedin domain listed out there!

So much for better search algorithm! I would like to connect with you and stay in touch. Perhaps there may be something that we can work on together at some point of time. Apr 11, - Reply. I got an invitation to connect with a person I only ever contacted face to face or by phoning.

Last week while visiting the company I connected to their office Wi-Fi to check my mail. The only way they could get the name was by checking the IP address registration and by monitoring IP addresses from which I am accessing my Hotmail account.

They only could get this information by hacking. I do not think that Service Providers are allowed to sell the names of registered clients. I just came across a LinkedIn suggested connection that is my YouTube upload email address. There is not even a LinkedIn account with that address attached. The only places that email address resides are on my phone and in a Google database somewhere.

I never uploaded my email list with LinkedIn. Even if I had, that address is not in it. May 23, - Reply. LinkedIn is pretty creepy. I found 2 of my neighbors under people you may know. We are not facebook friends. No mutual friends or any linkedin connections. I believe LinkedIn is tracking my location and listing other people that are logging into linkedin from the same location?

Jun 9, - Reply. I came across this post when trying to figure out a potentially dangerous linked-in issue for a relative. My relative set up a linked-in account using her personal email address. The profile was blank; it only gave her name. She uploaded no contacts and had no connections. My relative has never searched for these people on google, nor viewed their linked-in profiles.

There is nothing to connect her with these people. I have no online interaction with him or anyone he knows, etc. Our paths only cross in the barber shop. Yet, mysteriously I get a friend request—my first one—from him on my secret Facebook account!

The only possible link I can imagine—just yesterday, he asked me to confirm my telephone number. That telephone number is linked to my secret Facebook account to use in case I lose my password or something. Aug 11, - Reply. I met the man twice in my life and had never communicated with him online. It very much weirded me out, because how the hell would this website know I know this random guy? We had no similar connections, he is 30 years older than me and lives 2 hours away from me.

I finally figured out how LinkedIn knew I knew that guy. Aug 14, - Reply. I have a similar story to AL. About two years ago the name of a neighbor down the street popped up on my LI contact suggestions. I had no personal connection to him, and only saw him once a year at the association meetings. When his name showed up on my suggestions was he had just recently passed away from a massive, unexpected heart attack.

The only explanation I can come up with that remotely makes sense is that one of the association board members had both of our email addresses in their address book and joined LI about the time he died and either uploaded their address book or LI had access to their emails and that made the connection between us. Aug 29, - Reply. Somehow, I type my name on a Google search box and guess what? My photo shows up publicly under Images.

How in the hell did that happen? Sep 24, - Reply. I had Linkedin, with minimal info and no photo, for about three weeks. The PYMK emails freaked me the hell out: Made my skin crawl just like Facebook did when I tried them a few years ago. Oct 28, - Reply. The list is staying the same, showing the people that I searched for that will be recognizable. Nov 10, - Reply. In before I even had email! How the hell is this possible??? Dec 2, - Reply.

Here is one that has me stumped. I use 2 emails, one of which has never been associated with LinkedIn in any way that I know of. I signed onto LinkedIn recently and they suggested a woman I know.

The only connection I can make is that my gmail account, which I use for LinkedIn, has a backup email on file for me in case I ever get locked out out my account. That backup email is the one which this woman has. Does that mean gmail is sending my backup email address over to LinkedIn even if I have set up my gmail account not to share that type of info? Dec 8, - Reply. So having avoided LinkedIn for years, I started a new business and hence I had a new email address.

Even if people had given permission for their email lists to be imported by LinkedIn, my new email address would not be in it. Privacy in the digital age is being abused and it is probably doing it with Government blessing, just as long as they can access the data whenever they want too. Dec 10, - Reply. I just closed my LinkedIn account. I had people who could only be associated with me if LinkedIn was doing something very creepy. A person who worked for my employer as a contractor years ago kept popping up as someone I may know.

I work for a very large employer. This person had no mention of my employer on her LinkedIn profile. This person had no way to know my personal email address. You get the idea. LinkedIn could only have any idea we had ANY association if they were mining data in some unacceptably creepy way. There was another person who I had no other contact with other than briefly being facebook friends before I blocked him.

Dec 15, - Reply. Many of you have suggested many souces for Linkedin gussing the names of People You May know. Most of you are probably right about all those possibilities. I am a rather late entrant to the social networks, including Linkedin I have still not figured out what one does on a Tweeter account! I have no doubt that Linkedin is mining your emails for suggesting People You my Know my email has hundreds of names, and they ALL show up in the suggestions by Linkedin.

I had just sent a feedback to Linkedin today, asking them if they are hacking my emails to suggest those names. Then I decided to search this topic on Google, and hit a gold mine in this thread. Thanks to all of you.

Jan 4, - Reply. Yes, I totally agree — Linkedin is really creeping me out now. So there should be absolutely no similarity between the guy I dated or even his father. So now Linkedin thinks I may know him. Jan 13, - Reply. I was wondering, if someone comes up as a suggestion on people you may know and I remove the suggestion by clicking the X next to their name, will I be removed as a suggestion from their people you may know as well?

Just wondering if anyone know the answer to this. Feb 14, - Reply. Her Facebook account was also logged in. This is way beyond creepy. LinkeIn is creepy in the sense of how they know what they know. Just today I was on my home page when I saw a notice pop up in this upper right corner area that I have never seen before: Never saw that type before. This particular new member works in the same city that I live in.

I know her, and she knows me, but we are not friends nor have we ever worked together. We are in completely different industries as well. We are unlikely to share any friends or co-workers she in government social services, me in financial industry…. As it happened, I was glad to see this message. Knowing about her arrival led me to alter my profile at once. If it were a tiny village, okay, but this is a good-sized city. Mar 3, - Reply. They have asked me if I knew a person or said a person wanted to connect with me when it was a professional I had never e-mailed or received e-mail from and I only recognized the name because it was a professional I had Googled in a search trying to decide if they were a dentist or carpenter, etc, whose services I might want to engage.

I think that the way they select people to try to connect to each other is scary and diabolical and I disassociated myself from LI in the past because of that. Since leaving LI I have dismissed connection offerings from people I did not know with a polite note thanking them for their interest but saying I have left LI.

These were all people unknown to me but working in my same profession. But recently three friends of mine all supposedly decided to ask me to connect with them on LI, all three in the same two week period. They do not know each other. But I wised up after the third one and will probably now contact each privately and explain that I would love to keep in touch with them personally but not on LinkedIn.

Then I will tell LinkedIn, again, not to contact me anymore as if that will do any good. Mar 11, - Reply. I had to disable my linkedin account.

I had an old flame write me on yahoo and i told her to never contact me again. She was very crazy then and now its been exacerbated.

The account on yahoo she emailed i had set up as a joke to see how emails were sent and track how i was being tracked. Has no name association and all misleading info. It was set up to see how my name would be found and all that jazz. I get an email two days ago saying my old flame will contact my wife and she knew her full name exactly as its displayed on linked in and even gave her new work address.

Its invasion of privacy and now i have to worry that this person is full blown crazy and will start something in my personal life. I literally have nothing else linked to that account and its scarig the heck out of me that someone would be able to glean that much personal info and make a mess of my personal life based on a linkedin profile. Mar 17, - Reply. I tried everything I could find to cut out their recommendations. With FaceBook it was easy: With LinkedIn, nothing seemed to be working.

So I had a thought, and I did it. I deleted every single contact in my Google gmail account. I am going to try to exist for a while to see if I can live with disconnecting, and leave all contacts out of my gmail system. Then, if I feel a need to, I will restore all my contacts with the google. Mar 21, - Reply. This morning I opened LinkedIn in one tab of my browser, and my Google Contacts window in another tab.

Less than five seconds later I switch over to the LinkedIn tab to check. It still takes an act on your part to get them to go away once they are there. So it appears that one could live without ever adding anyone into My Contacts, and instead just leave everyone in Other Contacts, and one would avoid the creepy LinkedIn recommendations.

It was hard to find. Hidden there is a statement—not an option, not a choice, but a statement—that by signing up with LinkedIn they will use your contacts that are associated with your email address to make recommendations of people you know. There is no way to not give that permission. They just do it. So, if you want a LinkedIn account, you have no choice but to permit them to directly link into your contacts list.

To completely end all LinkedIn recommendations of people you know, you do not have to go through the efforts I did. You do not have to delete all your contacts list. Use the single checkbox at the very top to select all that are visible. This will remove all these names from My Contacts, and will reposition them into the Other Contacts. I wish I had never signed up for LinkedIn. But was going to say: Why not create 2 anonymous accounts and then slowly interact with one another and see when that second person pops up.

Linkedin has revealed to me the actual identites of people with whom I had transactions via Craigslist. I used an email account not identified with my Linkedin and not even from the same provider I used gmail for Linkedin but Yahoo for CL. The people buying or selling on CL also used anonymous email addresses. Neverthless, Linkedin soon popped those people with real first and last names, locations, and jobs into my suggested connections.

From anonymous CL transaction to total knowledge in an instant. Apr 6, - Reply. Another caveat is that I legally changed my last name a couple of years ago and neither of those contacts would know that. My only guess is they may have looked me up on their end and found me based on my first name and industry and just looked at my profile. Apr 13, - Reply. David, I am tired of giving up my info for free and without notice. Do you know any organization that will help us get organized to pass laws against this kind of trick?

It is obviously a trick because they update they platforms so many times that one day we will agree to sign our life away without noticing it. I tend to follow all good advices and good practices. I was really an anonymous person in the virtual world when, for different reasons, I needed to have a presence online in social networks.

I always surf in ALL the options configuring and deactivating all the invasive stuff. So far, so good… Until I made a Linkedin profile. I have almost all my e-mails anonymous and without contacts. I have them locally in my PC with an e-mail client. Some of them I can understand how Linkedin figured out how are related to me, and others are not like me, and they sure synchronized their e-mail accounts with Linkedin.

That can explain it. I really need a new job, and Linkedin seems to be a very good tool to achieve that. But as they are using the information exchange in very obscure ways, when I reach my goal I will delete my profile from there. And an employee there may know how deep that goes….

Something like this never happened to me using other services. I noticed something really weird, I created 2 new emails, with no contacts and nothing in the in their inbox, and then I created new linked accounts with those 2 new emails, and the following happened every time:.

I will always get the same names: Aug 23, - Reply. This has to be just one of the things that they are doing. One things for certain, if there are any regulatory agencies with a jurisdiction to look into such things, after so many years of these goings on, they are not interested in doing it. Six months ago a complete stranger reversed into my car, we exchanged names, addresses and telephone numbers for insurance purposes.

When I got home I decided google his name and address, just to try and verify he had given me legitimate details. We never exchanged emails. So how the hell did linkedin connect us. Aug 3, - Reply. This morning I e-mailed my client about a subcontractor. They were, however, mentioned in the content of my body of text. I know them all, but only have contacted them via my old telephone number which I changed over two years ago!

Enemy of the State…. Linked In does not ask your permission. LinkedIn no longer recommends anyone I might know. Erik, I re-read your message. I had first thought you emailed someone with that domain name. If the recipient was not ABC Electric, and your only reference to ABC Electric was in the body, then I would say that I have read and am aware the Google does sweep content of emails and catalogs profiles in some manner or another.

I have been led to believe, but have not vetted the info myself, that free Google accounts are swept more freely than business accounts. My access is a business account. Aug 25, - Reply. A couple years late, but I joined linked in and one of the first people to come up was my estranged father. Not a single person in my contact list has the same last name. It is an unusual last name and may have come up through me or someone else looking at info on that last name.

Either way this is beyond creepy. There is a lot of growing pressure to use linked in if you wish to pursue career options and all it does is make me feel very uncomfortable… what is the world coming to?

Oct 13, - Reply. Thank you for writing this article. Oct 14, - Reply. Had call from my son asking when I had joined linked. Informed they had my name, where I work, and my position. Showed address of where I work. How did they get this information. Lady at work helped shut down the account.

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It also means you will be suggested to people you have checked out blowing your cover. I have a similar story to AL.

creepy factor dating

Yes, I mostly did. Linkedin has revealed to me the actual identites of people with whom I had transactions via Craigslist.

creepy factor dating

The list is staying the same, showing the people that I searched for that creepy factor dating be recognizable. I have never nominated this company as my new ron and hermione dating fanfic on my profile. The past being when I graduated college. Suspicious of the suggestions, I creepy factor dating out and later searched for an ex colleague who I knew to have Linkedin account. Neel — First, thank you for the ractor words. Bizarrely, however, the Japanese firefighting manuals and textbooks document the deaths.