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Why Colt Will Never Build Another Python

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I have a Taurus Judge and I love it. Excellent bore, perfect tim The Colt Pocket Hammerless. Pictured below is the Armi San Marco reproduction of the Richards conversion of the open top Colt Army--note the rear sight on the barrel not on the hammer per the Army and the Richards-Mason conversion. A clean python in blue with 6" barrel.

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Just like you could do with a. The gun became the standard weapon of the Union Calvary during the Civil War and, after the war, was used by gunfighters and lawmen alike, including the Texas Rangers. But having said that; We talk big bores and shoot nines. So after thinking about it, I decided against getting the gun. April 23, at This is another gun that was designed by John Browning. Massive Tits on Colt 45 cowgirl courage makes her flash.

Checkered walnut thumbrest grips. Rifling in the bore is excellent but there is a slight ring about an inch Colt Official Police Mk.

This is a manufactured revolver that has retained practically all of the original blue finish with only a minor turn-ring o Colt Official Police 4" Colt Official Police in 38 Special, 5" barrel,wood grips. Pistol is in good condition, finish has light scratches,bore is very good,tight lockup. Comes with a copy of colt letter. Gun has been re Pre War, blued, Colt revolver is a. Serial Number is dating the gun to Gun has service hammer and trigger with excellent correct s Serial number 36xxx from Chambered in 38SPC, in excelent condition with mint bore, has F.

D stamped on the butt of the grip. This Colt is a second year production pistol made in The pistol's serial number is This is an all original unaltered Colt.

The letter states that this pistol was shipped to Erb Hardwar Pre-war revolver made in Excellent condition with light wear. Good looking revolver with a fair amount of the orignal blueing left. Colt's "Bankers Special" 2". Colt's Model Bankers Special two inch Blue.

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Huge boobed Blond Colt 45 uses a Toy in her Twat. View all hot Colt 45 Sets at Score Land. Massive Tits on Colt 45 cowgirl courage makes her flash. You can also contact me directly. The pistol is in the hands of a gun dealer here in NY city. This shows you when a lib gets in control. Then blame someone else or sell it off. Colt just started to dust off the tooling for the phython…keep eyes peeled. No doubt I would be one of the many waiting in line at my favorite gun shop to buy one or more!

I started tuning my own Pythons when a factory-tuned one came into the shop with a horrible action. The store owner asked me to open it up to see if it could be fixed. That was in when Tedford was there. They all use the same lockworks. Never had a bad Officers Model Match, and few owners complain about them today. It was a pretty gun, and reasonable price. Just got off the phone with Colt today Sept. I returned my Python for repair and refinish in October Called several times for status and they kept telling me they had not gotten to it yet.

Customer service informed me today, they would be returning my gun unrepaired and unrefinished. No longer working on any double action Python revolvers. They suggested I call Turnbull, which I did. They do not repair or restore any Pythons at this time. Call back in about nine months. Called Cylinder and Slide in Nebraska. Another case of a piss poor management decision. What do you need?

Not sure what parts it may need but the problem is that the cylinder release is not as smooth as I think it should be Feels like it is hanging up a little when sliding. My Python is an earlier model in the cardboard wood grain box but with a lime green label designating Custom Shop work. BTW, called Colt again to set up a date for return shipping. A more informative customer service employee said that the problem mostly is not the parts availability since most internals can be made by a competent and or qualified Colt gunsmith.

However, in , two of three double action gunsmiths retired and really slowed things down. Hence,a decision was made to return all of the Pythons that were not started which he said were several hundred. Ok, behind the cylinder release is a small coil spring over a pin-like guide. The spring may have gotten distorted, or the ratchet could even be binding from working loose. More likely, some debris got under it. A quick fix if you can get the sideplate off without buggering the finish.

He may have what you need. I would have to make a spring from stock. I might be able to send you a part. He must have a ton of old and new parts. Thanks again for the heads up. Finally had gotten my Python back from Colt, unrepaired and unrefinished. I shipped the gun out to Glenn Custom. He had it maybe two weeks before returning it repaired.

The cylinder latch pin was the problem. The small protrusion on the side, which is pressed in, came out. He had another, no problem. He checked out the entire gun and lubricated it. I have a comment for LibTards who are anti liberty and anti 2nd Amendment …. You know they are working on a Python right now. Kind of embarrassing when you say never and write such a long article with your opinions to find out a year later they are making it again.

There needs to be no proof. DId you not see them shake off the dust of the cobra. Yes I heard it is confirmed by Colt themselves that the Cobra is back now. The reason for my doubt is I kept reading from numerous forums and places saying that the Python machinery is scrapped and long gone and the smiths that assembled them are not around anymore that they are discontinued for good, not just from this site.

Are they just false rumors? I had a brick and mortar gun shop from until when I sold the business. When I got pistols from suppliers I had to buy their junk to get the good stuff. A lot of work for little in return. Even in those days you had to purchase a lot from Colt suppliers and that meant whatever junk they were peddling.

I never said anything to the guy but I thought he was nuts. Little did I know at the time the way snake gun prices had sky rocketed. But there was some kind of magic they possessed and have followers all over the world. If Colt wants to, they can build Pythons. Not sure I buy the claim about missing tooling. After all, the SAA was resurrected from the worn-out pre-war tooling. The problem at Colt is the lack of a progressive management.

You never stop inventing,improving and expanding the line, by selectively dropping the loosers. Colt Python, Anaconda,Cobra and Diamondback, all serving a specific, already segmented marketplace.

The Python could easily come back. CNC, less hand fitting, even change the internals. Still a Colt, with that outrageous styling, it would immediately outsell all of the competition for 10 years or so. Or more, especially with a 2. Any durable goods, consumer goods, service companies, never stop testing. Colt should partner with Wilson Combat or Nighthawk Custom to bring back the Python as well as the other snake guns.

This article was incredible! So very well written and so informative. I worked for a short time in a shop near Middletown, NY polishing and bluing guns.

We did the right thing by Pythons. I think we polished them better than Colt to be honest. Anyway…I have a deep love for those old I frame Colts. Whoever owns the investment cast, or wants to start an improved version in Stainless, Nickel and Blued finishes will do well. I think they were forged, no? One is near mint the other was shot a lot but still tight. It has some holster wear but still nice. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Serial numbers then skipped to C and restarted.

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Armydropped production of the. Good ideas but companies are run either by beancounters, investors, or elitist martinets who ddating the country is an army camp writ-large and the people and employees are raw recruits who need a good dose of discipline. Buyers and sellers colt dating required to know and comply with all applicable local, state and federal firearm laws. Wilson, Colt dating Arms, Colt Official Police Ser.