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chapel hill dating scene

But yes, the prices in Raleigh are a lot lower on drinks, cover, and other things compared to Charlotte. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Such a big disappointment.

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I tend do disagree with a lot of the negative job-related posts in this thread. Is the dating scene good? View detailed profiles of: Charlotte The power of the panty 'Bachelor': A lot of New Yorker's moved here due to banking. I'm having a hard time connecting her statement to your assumption. But, Charlotte is definitely more corporate oriented and grown up.

You don't want to know how many Krispy kremes I've eaten to get this soft armor around my waist!! I've definitely noticed a lot of women in their 20s look for men in their 30s. How does the fact that she avoids dating in her own age range make her part of the problem? I'm having a hard time connecting her statement to your assumption. I don't think it's exclusive to Raleigh, it's tough everywhere. I lived in NYC prior to this and think it was worse because everyone was either a too busy or b thought there was something better out there because of the massive dating pool.

Finding "good" data about this would be a bit tougher than just going through census numbers. Have you tried meet-ups, or activities that might be conducive to meeting people Book clubs, run club, art classes, etc. I personally try to avoid online dating because of the less-than-satisfactory results. It's easier to gauge someone in person, I met my current SO through a friend by just hanging out with the group constantly and getting to know her after a while.

Some of the best dates I've been on have been running dates. Something a lot more natural about being sweaty around each other than at a coffee shop discussing your Netflix habits. Running dates are so fun and productive! It's comforting that you can be sweaty around each other and not care. Also, I like the idea that my SO and I kinda push each other to improve our pace.

What kind of person are you looking for, and how does that compare with where you're looking for them? I mean, I'm not gonna knock all 20s guys.

But most that I've met have been pretty damn ridiculous. Well, as a man in his 20s who is not ridiculous Trust me, I'm from the internet , I assure you it's not all bad. Don't give up just yet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. So Raleigh has fresh young innovations while Charlotte has more older sophisticated feel. That's probably about right. Both are great places. If anyone lives in Charlotte and they are single www. Okay first, I've never lived in either city. However you people are sadly confused, I live in Charleston and I am in my late 20's, I do not go out to bars looking for my wife, I go there because it's a meat market just like in every other city in americe.

I'm going to help all you people out, especially the women in there 30's that move to Charlotte and go to the night life scene and then complain because you cant get a date.

Theres a reason your surrounded by Pam Anderson types and the guy's there aren't interested in you, you simply can't compete. Furthermore, why would you, get out of that, go places that display your common interest's that you would look for in a suitable mate, I for one meet women at the dog park.

I love animals, I want a woman that loves animals, wow what a concept. However after spending 5 years as a bartender in Charleston's meat market for the 18 to 28 year old demographic, I have learned that your going to the wrong place and then downing the city for it's lack of a social scene.

Let's review, bar's are meat market's, guess what, a guy isn't going to hit on a girl in a bar that he doesn't think is attractive, he doesn't know you, he doesn't know you make mean banana pancakes while listening to Elvis Costello, naked on a Sunday mornings. All we know is were drunk and if we'd like to be inside of you or not. Does that sound like your soulmate, hell no. Does that mean your cities got a bad singles scene, know that means your not physically attractive at 35 compared to a bunch of 22 year olds running around a bar, espicially not to other 22 year olds, not unless you go under the knife on a monthly basis.

Men fall in love with there eyes, women fall in love with there ears, think about it and give my passed away grandmother credit for the quote, I'm out. There is nothing to do for someone in their thirties. Believe me, I was all gung ho about moving here and now I regret it.

Don't get me wrong it's very safe and beautiful.. There is no nightlife and everyone goes home before 2am. And yes this is a perfect place for someone in their 20s verses someone in their 30s. To top things off.. From what I've read Charlotte seems to be a better place to live. At least there is a "city" feel to it. I think I will check it out because Raleigh is for old retired people wanting a quiet life.

Such a big disappointment. I couldn't be more excited. Raleigh is where everyone in college hangs around waiting tables. Charlotte seems like it is for people actually doing something with their life!

Not to mention there is more than 1 street with bars on it. I am so sick of "Glenwood South" and ready to leave! I moved from NYC to Charlotte over a year ago. I love Charlotte and I love Raleigh. Dating in Charlotte is tough for me because I am very outgoing, assertive And, I must add that men from Charlotte want more of a "sweet and dainty" woman which is fine but not me.

Now, for some reason to me the men in Raleigh have a little bit more of a free spirit about them. I am in Raleigh at least once a month primarily because my boyfriend lives there. I would say Raleigh is better for dating simply because there are more men and they are a bit more open And, I know this is off the subject but the job market sucks in Charlotte and Raleigh One always thinks the place where they have the most fun and connect with people is the better place to live.

I do agree Charlotte is a better nite scene where you can meet more singles who aren't college aged. It seems more hip here but I like the more casual and family-life scene in the triangle area. I think Charlotte is becoming like Atlanta so I am not a big fan of that. I hope Raleigh stays the way it is, highly educated and not so big, that way it stays manageable.

Once a city gets too big, you get the bad side of big-city urban problems like crime and such that big cities have to constantly battle. If I have kids, I would want to be in Raleigh. I moved to Charlotte in for change of career and be self-employment. If I was to return to tradition job of working for a company, hands-down I would be in the triangle area for the high percentage of educated people, research, innovative employers and casual laid-back people.

I am into outdoor and fitness activities. I think the triangle area offer more in that area. Charlotte has more fashion and pretty people that dress very nice. But I'm not really into the club scene or hip-hop so the bigger nite scene in Charlotte doesn't appeal to me. I like the casual atmosphere of Raleigh with the nice affordable unique eateries that it has to offer Bali-Hai and Dalat to name 2 very good restaurants. I think with so many good schools in the Triangle area, the city is influenced by the younger crowd who are the future, but also comes more innovation and more progressivenss type attitude in the city.

In Charlotte, it seems you have to make ALOT more money to be away from the undesired crime-ridden neighborhoods. And then in those neighborhoods are kind of stuffy rich people banker types. Being self-employeed these days are hard.

I am considering going to grad school next year and of course that means I would be relocating back to my favorite place to live in the South - the Triangle!! I stumbled across this blog while doing a Google search on both cities. Just wanted to add my opinion here. I'm a 30, single, professional hispanic male. I lived outside of Raleigh from I've now been living in Charlotte since so it makes it a year.

Charlotte by far is the winner here. Take it from a guy who has dated for a long time. In just 1 year here in Charlotte I have met more beautiful women with class than all my years in Raleigh. Raleigh has a lot of young yr olds who basically are there for school. A lot of that crowd comes from the smaller towns outside of Raleigh, like Fayetteville, Wilson, Dunn.

A lot of these people stick around a year or two and head back to their small hometowns. Raleigh has a lot more rednecks and hicks typical of the south. I have nothing against southerners, I love these people, I'm just telling the truth. A lot of New Yorker's moved here due to banking. There's more of a business mindset here, and a lot of people mistake that for being snobby, but look around Charlotte and you'll see how much it is prospering and how people here think big.

Charlotte is a bigger city. It takes an hour just to go from south to north Charlotte. I read a few postings here that shopping was better in Raleigh, but I have to disagree there as well. Charlotte has a lot more malls and shopping centers. You wouldn't be the only single person, but do you realize the population of Chapel Hill? It would be quite the culture shock coming from NYC. Originally Posted by poppydog. The graduate school and young professional population around here Chapel Hill will soon be more than the undergraduate population.

Believe me there will be plenty of prospects here in your age range. But there is a huge difference between Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Entirely different vibe, social scene, everything. The single scene is s much better for men than it is for women in the Triangle, I will say that. Originally Posted by Knowles-Carter.

I think people can make the single scene work anywhere, but I think you would be hard pressed to find someone say Chapel Hill is a better single scene than NYC. I'm not sure how you can say NYC is antisocial. I've only visited NYC a few times, but the city seems to be alive at all hours. Originally Posted by J.

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chapel hill dating scene

In Raleigh, Wilmington street is now a big hub of activity like Glenwood South, and Hillsborough street is making a comeback. Here is some side by side data between the two cities: I was born in Charlotte, raised in Gaston County, went to college in Raleigh, and have lived in Charlotte most of my post-college life.

chapel hill dating scene

Just wanted to add my opinion here. For those looking for relationships, don't use Tinder.

chapel hill dating scene

East Raleigh is talking on the phone online dating more chapel hill dating scene, but with a middle class twist. Who am I kidding? Time for us to wipe off that Carolina Blue face paint and get back in the dating game. I tend do disagree with a lot of the negative job-related posts in this thread. The atmosphere of college towns are always better simply because of the cnapel of people and things to do. Detailed information about all U. Datting I think people can make the single scene work anywhere, but I think you would be chapel hill dating scene pressed to find someone say Chapel Hill is a better single scene than NYC.