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caravan hook up wiring

Sep 09, Caravan Electrics by: I have just bought a Abi Ace Diplomat and one thing puzzles me: Comment by ModifiedLife on March 6th, It is important to ensure that the caravan is towed either level or slightly nose down. Good luck with your subwoofer install.

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Comment by Josh C. I need a wiring diagram for a dodge grand caravan with an infinity sound system. Aug 04, Electrics on van by: Lizzie, Hi, I had the same problems - your straighteners won't work from 12v unless your on hook up but don't try to boil your kettle or lighting at the same time or you will trip the fuse! Spare Wheels, Changing A Wheel In some instances it may be necessary to raise the caravan using a jack to make it easier to remove the spare wheel from the carrier.

A fuse has gone in our caravan and we have tried in vain to find the fuse box. Does anyone know where it might be???? Any help would be much appreciated! Does anyone own a caravan similar to Caroline's and might be able to help? If so, please contact us and we will pass on the information. Hi, just new to caravaning have bought a abi monza d mark2. Can anyone tell me if my caravan has mains electric and if so how to link it up? Thank You On the side of your caravan, there should be a socket where you insert your mains hook up cable.

I think it is on the none door side just below the front side window. To hook up, simple plug in your cable none cap end into the socket on the caravan and the the other end into the site power box. Next make sure that the control panel is switched to v.

Hi, Silly question I know but im going away for the weekend in a caravan for the first time and I'm wondering how I can use my hair straighteners? My partner says the electrics are only 12v and the straighteners take How can I get round this?

Not a silly question at all. My wife and daughter always take their straighteners and hair dryer with them whenever we go not forgetting the kitchen sink. Providing that you have an electric hook up and you don't have everything plugged in and going at the same time there should not be a problem and don't forget to turn them off! I have just purchassed a Fleetwood Colchester as I am unable to fund a newer van and I am having trouble with the interior electrics water and lighting. I will be able to sort it but it would be easier if I had a wiring diagramme,does anyone have one?.

Your best bet would be to contact the Fleetwood Owners Club to see if someone there can assist you. Hi, I am new to caravaning and would like to know if there is a way of having power in my caravan and the awning at the same time with out having to have the window or door open to run an extension lead, do they do a double headed hookup so I can attach one to the van another end into the awning.

As I have kids I would like to keep the door and window closed at night to keep the noise out so they can sleep well. The only way of doing this is to have an external power point fitted to your caravan.

I would suggest that you take your caravan to your local dealer and ask them to fit one for you. It is a relatively simple job, but showed be done by a professional.

However, always agree a price with dealer before they carry out the work. Do you happen to have a 12 volt wiring diagram for this caravan model? It's around year. I want to set up the 12 volt supply from a car to the auxillary battery. I am sure someone there will be able to supply you with the information you need. Their contact details are detailed below. I have only one socket working on the caravan. What can I do to get the other sockets working. Also I cannot get the caravan lights working they just flicker.

I am new to caravaning. My caravan is a touring caravan. It is a Marauder caravan. Have I got it on the wrong voltage. Because of the age of the caravan, I would suggest that you book your caravan in for a service at your local dealer. Explain to them the problems that you have and they should be able to fix them at the same time.

I have an ABI caravan and would like a copy of the v circuit so that if I get a problem I will be able to find the fault and repair it. Many thanks for your help. Your best bet would be to contact the ABI owners club direct. Hi, we have an ABI Airstream 97 we have used it with a gennie and everything works ok, also we had electric hook up until this morning when I pluged in a hoover and now nothing works on it!

The lead from the barn is a 25 meter normal extension then the caravan cable plugs in the extention which goes in the van When you say you have checked the trip switches, is that just on the caravan? Check the fuse box for your mains electric for the barn. It is more than likely that one of the switches has tripped on that. Will using a range of electrical items cause my electrics to trip out? It will depend on how many Amps are available from the hook up point and also how full the site is.

Try only running one appliance at a time. So, if someone wants to use the hairdrier, switch off other aplliances before using it. The same would go for the microwave etc. Perhaps someone there can either supply you with what you need or point you in the right direction. Not quite a caravan question but very similar. We have a Romahome camper - the cabin electrics of which can be run off either a leisure battery or mains hookup. Internal lights and the water pump run off a 12V system which is working fine on either hookup or leisure battery alone.

A plug socket and electric fridge run off the V system which works fine on hookup, but not off the leisure battery. It has a circuit breaker fuse box with a 10A and 5A fuse.

The 5A keeps tripping. It is the one that runs the lights and fridge. Does anyone have a diagram of the circuit layout for the van?

Also does anyone know where I could get a manual? I have recently purchased a smashing Lunar Jupiter SE caravan but when mains plugged in only one small interior light works. All the sockets and fridge work there is no battery connected. The majority of interior run off 12v. You will find that if you fit a leisure battery to your caravan, the rest of your interior lights should work. Just bought my first ever caravan and discovered that although the internal lights all seem to work, all the electrical sockets are dead.

Any advice would be appreciated. The majority of caravans are wired so that the lights will work of the 12v system and that the sockets run off the v system. I think you will find that once you are hooked up to the electrical supply either at home using a mains convertor lead or on site, your sockets should work. I am changing a faulty zig x70 charging unit on my Avondale Rialto , the old one was wired as follows, terminal 1 on x70 to blue wire with red trace terminal 2 on x70 to red positive from battery with inline fuse terminal 3 on x70 to black negative from battery terminal 4 on x70 to white wire with red trace The new x70 manual states the wiring should be as follows, aux battery connections terminal 1 on x70 to positive battery terminal via inline fuse terminal 4 on x70 to negative battery terminal 12S connections terminal 2 on x70 to pin 2 on 12S plug terminal 3 on x70 to pin 3 on 12S plug control panel connections terminal 1 on x70 to aux battery connection on control panel terminal 4 on x70 to negative on control panel can you tell me which is correct?

To be perfectly honest, I am not really certain. To be on the safe side, I would suggest that you ask your local dealer to fit it for you. By doing it this way, if there are any problems with it, they will be liable and not you. I am wiring a bathroom tap. Unless anyone knows any different. In the Clubman Lunar 2 there are lighting connections and we are thinking of adding a Car stereo - would the 12V cable be able to cope with that and which wires are what?

Thanks Mike Yes, the red and yellow wires on your radio to positive and the black to negative. When fitting a radio in a car one of them would be switched via the ignition, the other a permanent live for keeping the radio's memory.

In the caravan joining them both red and yellow together should be fine. If you are still uncertain, ask your loacal caravan dealer to fit one for you. I have a VIP Hobby caravan but the lighting, ariel and water pump are no longer working. I have been told it could be the dometic electric box. Could you tell me were I could get one from please. Thank you please get back asap. You could try contacting Hobby Caravans direct www. They might have what you are looking for. The main electrical board in my caravan trips when the air conditioner switches on, even when no other appliances or lights are on.

Does anyone know why this happens? You need to have this looked at by a qualified electrician. It sounds as if you have a loose wire in your air conditioning unit which is causing your electrics to trip. I have a Lunar Planet Jupiter caravan and last time I went away I was on electric hook up, there were problems and the electric kept going off. The site owner said it was due to overloading. Since then I can't charge my battery through my van and I cannot find any blown fuses.

There isn't an in-line fuse from battery to zig. My van is fitted withe a Polarity power modular system pms 7, can anyone tell me if there is a fuse or any way to solve this problem? A 12v circuit must be fitted with an in-line fuse. The purpose of an in-line fuse is to protect the 12v system from overloading.

It is normally located close to the leisure battery. It is likely to be inside the caravan. If you follow the live feed from your leisure battery into the caravan, you should find it. If you still can't find it, I would advise that you ask you local caravan dealer to have a look at your caravan.

The electrics work perfectly whilst the mains v lead is connected but as soon as this is disconnected everything stops working. Until yesterday I could work the caravan lights etc by switching on the master switch on the control panel and the appropriate light switch. Today they won't work not even from the car connection. Thank you for help.

The 12v circuit is protected from overloading by an in-line fuse. The fuse is connected from the positive terminal from your battery. If you trace the positive lead to inside your caravan, you should find it. Try changing the fuse and see if that works. What is best to use to lubricate the socket which connects the cable to the caravan socket?

Mine is very hard to dis-connect and I am worried that I will damage the connection by wiggling it all the time. I thought of vasilene but was not sure if this would be flammable or degrade the plastic sockets. It is important to keep these sockets damp and dirt free.

It is best to use a water repellent lubricant. Something like Tri-Flow would be ideal. I have a Lunar Lexon If I plug my van into mains not all the electrics work. I have no lights, no heater, water pump and no water heater. Also my 12v not working although I've fitted a new battery. It sounds to me that you have a problem with the 12v circuit. The problem could be that you need to change the in-line fuse.

This is connected to the battery's positive terminal and is likely to be inside the caravan. If you locate the wire from the positive terminal inside your battery box and follow it into your caravan, you should find it. It will not be very far from the actual battery box.

Once you have found it, replace the fuse to see if that cures your problem. If that does not work, I would suggest that you ask your local dealer to have a look at it. Hi, My socket fuse keeps tripping in my Elldis Avante. All other fuses seem fine but if i plug anything into the mains sockets, the trip switch goes in the cupboard. I have been advised that the trip switch may just need replacing, as it is What do you think? I always advise that anything to do with gas or electric, should be looked at by a qualified engineer and should NOT be done by DIY.

I would take your caravan to your local dealer and ask them to look at it for you. If it is your trip switch, one of their qualified engineers will be able to replace it for you. Please can anyone help me - When I plug in my fan heater and turn it on, all my electrics in my caravan trip. Any help or advice would be greatly received. The most likely cause is that you have exceeded the limit on your hook up.

You need to establish the amp supply at your hook up point. Some sites provide a paultry 5A supply while others can offer up to 16A. Once you have established the amp supply of your hook up point, multiply this by to find the rate of consumption in Watts. You should then be able to tell if your fan heater is pushing out too much power causing the electircs to trip. I need to make a lead of about 50m so I can hook up what will I need. I know I will need 2 plugs, but what sort of wire do I need and where do I buy it from.

This cable should be available from any caravan dealership. However, The longest lead that you can purchase is 25m and it is adviseable that you don't use a longer lead than that nor should you link 2 cables together.

I own a Lunar Planet Jupiter caravan and when I try to charge my battery it trips the switch on the zig unit. I have been told to check a 15 amp fuse between the battery and the zig unit, I have tried to find it, but cannot. Does anyone know where this could be located? I have a Europa caravan and cannot get a power supply from 12v. Please could you advise as to what might be the problem. The most common fault is either the battery itself or the in-line fuse.

The 12v circuit is protected from overloading by an in-line fuse which is connected to the feed via the battery's positive terminal. The fuse itself is normally connected close to the leisure battery. Try changing the fuse to see if that works, if not make sure that your battery has a full charge. Can anyone help, Baileys series5 Indiana.

Mains attached all interior 13 amp sockets working in caravan. Any suggestions It sounds to me that you have a problem with the 12v circuit. I have a abbey spectrum that ive just opened up left on a site over the winter. Rear roof lights, cooker igniters, hot air heating and toilet flush is not working but all other electrics are ok. I've swapped the fuses so they seem ok and all electric sockets and other lights are fine.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong? There should be an in-line fuse from your battery's positive terminal. If you trace that from your battery compartment to inside your caravan you should find it. Once found, change the fuse and see if that works. It is impossible to replace it without taking gas fire out! The 12V lead is already fused at the charger output. Good question and to be honest I don't know the answer. You could always phone or visit your local Bailey dealer and ask them to clarify.

There is one Bailey dealer that I know of in the Nottingham area. Getting no power to any electric lights but there is power to sockets using mains electrical hook up. Fuses all seem fine, is there a relay anywhere? I am no electrician!! Caravan is Pageant 2 berth.

Thanks You might need to change the in-line fuse which protects your 12v circuit from overloading. The fuse itself is connected to the feed coming from the battry's positive terminal.

If you trace this feed to inside your caravan, you should find the in-line fuse. I have tried to switch on the trip switch for the heater and fridge and it keeps tripping out all the time. Does anyone know what could be the problem? It could be anything from a loose connection, dodgey fuse or the switch itself could be over sensitive. I would advise that you take your caravan to your local dealer and ask them to have a look at it.

Anything to do with electrics or gas should be dealt with buy qualified engineers. I have a Abbey GTS The 12v circuits are controlled by a soft touch electronic panel which has given up the ghost!!!

I have been trying to find a replacement with little success. Is there anybody out there that can help please? I have provided a picture of the facia panel Try contacting a caravan breakers yard.

Most offer a mail order service, so everything can be done by phone. A list of breakers can be found on our website. Failing that, you could always try an Abbey dealer. They might be able to get hold of one for you. Hello I am new to caravaning and wish to understand how the electrics work. On the back of the car there are 2 sockets one black and one grey. I know the black one runs motoring lights but what is the other one for?

I am hoping that when connected it will charge the leisure battery, is that right? Thanks Paul Basically, the black socket 12N runs all your lights i. The grey socket 12S runs your reversing lights and allows you to run your refrigerator. It also charges your battery. Can any body help me I have a problem with my 12 volt elecs all the 12 volt system works when hitched to v but will not work on battery or when car is hitched up the battery is fully charged and I have checked the 12v fuses on the mains box is there an in line fuse i've missed or another reason Thanks Brian Yes, there should be an in-line fuse.

The 12v circuit must be protected from overloading by an in-line fuse. This is connected to the positive terminal on the caravan battery. It is normal located close to the battery itself but not in the battery compartment.

I have a Caravalair Hermitage and have put a new aph battery on but the 12 volt system won't work why? I am new to the caravanning world. Have you checked the control panel to make sure the switch is in the correct position? Also there should be an in-line fuse from your battery's positive terminal. Just bought a Elddis and yesterday the v supply worked fine. However, returning to the van several hours later, none of the v systems worked. Changing leads to one with a 3 pin socket proved the site supply was OK.

The leisure battery was fairly flat and the meter went into the red once a strip light was switched on. Do I need a charged up battery before the electric hook up will work? I pressume that when you say that you changed your lead to one with a 3 pin socket, you tested your electrics at home using power from your house. When you were on site, did you check the electric point you were hooked up, had not tripped out? If that was not the case and judging by the fact that your electrics worked with the lead with the 3 pin socket, I would think that your original lead is faulty.

Check both plugs to make sure that there are no loose connections. Does anyone know where the 12 volt fuse box is situated in a Bailey as title? We have looked everywhere! The local dealer told us that after a Bailey is 10 years old they keep no service and technical records! If so please let us know and we will pass the information on.

Hi, I have a new car with 13pin socket and an old caravan Corniche with 12n and 12s plugs. Have purchased 13 pin plug adapter to connect my existing 12s and 12n leads into. So far fine, but the caravan is wired with a blue lead for battery charging on 12S pin 2, for which there is no allocation on the 13 pin plug. I have learnt that ISO standards do not include this circuit, so does anyone know how I can overcome this problem? Could I for example connect this blue lead into the same pin as is used for the caravan power supply ie pin9.

Hope someone can help, Thank Ray Fisher This is a really good question, but sadly one I do not know the answer to. Your best bet would be to contact a tow bar fitter to see if the could give you some advice. Please let me know how you get on. My Avondale Rialto 6 is not working with battery.

Only works when plug in on mains. Help Battery is new and with a lot of charge. It could be your in-line fuse. The 12v circuit is protected from overload by an in-line fuse. This is connected to the feed from the battery's positive terminal. If you trace that, you should find it. It will not be too far away from the battery itself. Once you have found it, try changing it to see if that works. I blew a fuse in my caravan and replaced it. The lights came back on, but wall sockets don't work.

Is there a hidden fuse somewhere? It could be the in-line fuse from your leisure battery. Failing that, I would advise that you ask your local caravan dealer to have a look at it. Hey there everyone, I'm having a problem with my Sterling Elite Trekker caravan. Today I went into the caravan just to check everything was in order and for some reason the 12v power wasn't working at all All switches and everything are correctly positioned so any help would be awesome.

Thanks Guys There should be an in-line fuse from your battery's positive terminal. I have just bought an ABI diplomat caravan,but for some reason cannot figure out why none of the electrics will work.

We have purchased a brand new leisure battery,but even though its fully charged the electrics will not work. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you I know this may sound stupid, but have you checked that all the switches are in the correct position on your control panel and that all the fuses are okay?

Purchased a used two birth Adria it came with no electric diagram or information now I have an intermittent fault on the 12v system checked all usual things fuses etc.

Phil You could try contacting Adria Caravans customer services. They should be able to advise you. Their website address is http: I have just bought it and can't find it anywhere! Going to have to put this out to a wider audience because I am not sure. So if anyone owns one of these caravans and knows the answer, please let us know and we will post the information on our website.

Do you know whether and where I can get a replacement 12 volt charger for the faulty one in my Lunar Solaris caravan? Many thanks for your help with this. You should have no problem obtaining a new one. Either try your local caravan dealer or you could try a caravan breakers yard for a second hand one.

There is a list of breakers on our website. Your local caravan dealer should be able to supply you with everything you need or you could try a company like Towsure www. Ive got an Lunar Lexon EW model, had it for 3 years now and its developed a fault that when is pluged into the main v supply the aluminium strip round the door and awning rail become live its not a very bad shock more like a static shock.

I can put my hand on it and hardly feel it but the kids cry if they touch it the van is on our drive at the moment what is flaged but we are taking it away this week and we will be staying on grass.. Thanks If I was you, I would have this looked at by your local dealer. They should be able to sort it out for you. We always advise that anything to do with gas or electric should be done by a trained professional.

Hi, Please could you tell me where is the mains connection point located on an Abbey Freestyle SE caravan. Thanks The mains hook up point on a caravan is normally located in the compartment for the battery. I have recently bought a Swift Corniche caravan and have a fused rocker switch under the sofa on the offside. It lights up when operated but I don't know what it does. Does anyone have any ideas? I would imagine from its position, it is most likely to be the isolation switch for your water heater.

To test this out, make sure that the water heater is full and then switch it on and wait for the water to heat up. We have an ABI Marauder and as you enter the caravan, there are a number of switches on the right hand panel and we're not sure what they mean. One is a circule with 2 dots in the centre, another is a sun symbol. Below these is a picture of a caravan with a switch and then below that is a picture of a car also with a switch.

We are totally new to caravanning so are unsure what it is we're meant to be doing with them! I think the circle with 2 dots is likely to be for the sockets in your caravan and the sun symbol is for your lights likely to operate on your 12v system. The caravan symbol is for your 12v system allowing you to operate it via your leisure battery and the car symbol will allow you to operate your fridge and charge your caravan battery whilst towing providing you have the 12S supplementary socket grey fitted to your tow car.

I have a Lunar Delta I have owned the van for 3 years and all worked perfectly up until we went to use it. Does anyone know what to look for before we call anyone out. The 12v circuit is protected by an in-line fuse which comes off the feed from the positive terminal from the battery. If you trace the positive lead from the battery to inside you caravan, you should find the fuse holder close to the battery box compartment. Once you have found it, try changing the fuse and see if that works.

Hi I wonder if anyone can help Ive recently bought an Abi Brightsar 2 berth caravan the 12 volt systems was working for a short while then suddenly cut out ,we have checked that the 12 volt supply gets to the power centre but no further as we are new to caravanning we are a bit stumped anyone got any suggestions please the mains work fine.

You might find that the in-line fuse has blown and needs replacing. All 12v circuits must be protected by an in-line fuse to avoid any overload. The in-line fuse is connected to the feed coming from the battery's positive terminal and is normally located inside the caravan close to where the battery is housed.

If you trace the positve feed to inside the caravan you should find it. Once you have found it, change the fuse and hopefully everything should work. I have brought a Bailey Pageant Moselle model please can u tell me what fuses it takes. If you have the handbook, it should tell you in there, what fuses you need.

Failing that, your best bet would be to visit your local caravan dealer. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need. I have just bought a Abi Ace Diplomat and one thing puzzles me: Cannot see any outside connections and fathom out what it does?

Any ideas would be most welcome. To the left of the door near the awning rail on the outside of your caravan, there should be an awning light.

The switch inside your caravan operates this light. If the light does not come on when you use the switch, it is most likely that you will need to change the bulb. I have the caravan as above and find the battery is not being charged on 12volt and volt.

I have checked the fuse on the panel and that is OK. I have checked the terminals when on volt and cannot get a reading. Is there an inline fuse or relay that I am not finding? There should be an in-line fuse. The 12v circuit must be protected by an in-line fuse which should be connected to the feed from the battery's positive terminal and is noramally close to the battery itself but not inside the battery compartment.

Try tracing the positive feed from your battery to inside your caravan and you should find it. Does any body know where I can get it repaired. Try your local caravan dealer.

They might be able to either repair or replace it for you. Failing that they might be able to point you in the right direction. There is no need to change your lead. All you need a mains adapter 13amp plug to caravan mains socket. These are not expensive and you should be able to buy from your local caravan dealer or you could try Towsure www.

Could anybody please tell me what the first two switches near the door are for on my caravan. It is a Bessacar which is a model caravan. Does anyone own one of these caravans that could help with identifying the relevant switches? Click here to ask a new question. Jul 30, 12 volt probllm NEW by: Anonymous onley the rear inside lights work on the inside of my carravan.

Jun 23, roof lights fan and water pump notvworking NEW by: Mar 12, van battery fuse blows excessively NEW by: Aug 16, Lights not working while towing NEW by: Edith Anonymous Hi was wondering if anyone can help I have a caravan which I bought 2 years ago it is a sterling Eccles sport I bought it new but it's been back to the place I bought it 4 times because the lights are either not working while towing or partly working while towing it is now going back for the 6th time this week.

Jun 14, Running lights front and back not working on one side by: Niki Hi, My little ancient Abi Monza 3. I have eliminated the car from being the issue and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Jun 10, Bulb change - Ace Award Northstar by: How do i get the old one out? Any help greatly appreciated. Jun 09, Water pump - Elddis Xplore by: Bill Hardy My water pump on my Elddis Xplore is clicking on and off I have tried it on another van and it works ok so the fault must be on van. Any ideas would be welcome. I want to disconnect the alarm system permanently How do I do this please. Apr 28, Mains Tripping - Lunar clubman by: Browny Hello, I have had no problems at all for the first 12 months of owning my lunar clubman but recently the power has twice cut off by tripping fuses in the hook-up point.

I have tried to eliminate any possibilities and for some reason the problem can go away overnight only to occur again. An engineer was called and sods law the power came on again when connected back up.

Can anyone offer any advice or has anyone experienced any similar problem? Apr 02, Abi jubilee courier by: Jaym Why does my battery go flat whilst connected to mains power, is there a switch that I've forgot to change over? Feb 26, hobby vip by: Anonymous Getting electric in my sockets but not getting any lights. Feb 21, mrs j by: Anonymous we bought a bailey cordoba last year range and just noticed that the battery was flat altought it as a amp solar panel on the roof is there a problem.

Feb 02, electrics by: Jan 13, My little Vintage caravan - Windrush by: Michelle Hi, I have a Windrush caravan, which I am renovating. It's going to be my new business, a pop up vintage Tearoom.

It will be running off a generator, so I had the electrics rewired. They don't seem to be working properly, so before I get the electrician back, I wanted to understand what the problem might be. The wiring is ? My generator is , so it should be able to support the electrics, so I think it might be the choice of wire. What wire should the electrician be using to re wire the caravan, and should he have run one on each side of the caravan instead of just one going all of the way round?.

Dec 23, Hobby vip by: Anonymous Just taken ownership of this van, plugged in mains electric nothing, tried a friends caravan lead still nothing. Dec 14, Power supply by: Anonymous How can i power a static caravan off the mains? Can i use fork lift truck batteries and a generator to keep the batteries charged or is there an better way thanks.

Dec 05, Alarm problem by: Anonymous I have a Fleetwood Colchester, just plug it in to the electric and the alarm isnt working any ideas what might be wrong? Oct 28, Caravan lights not working by: May 10, Heater Fault by: Anonymous You could have a faulty element in the heater. I think there are two fitted. Some elements can leak to earth at high temperature and this may be your fault. I have found this type of fault in cookers.

Jan 05, Electric Hook Up to a caravan. Gill The first thing you must do is to make sure that the site supply box that you are going to use is in good condition and looks safe. Make sure that the switch on your contol unit inside the caravan is switched off. Next you must unwind your cable fully. If it is too long don't worry as the excess cable can be left under your caravan in loose coils. Never have your cable wound tightly together when in use as this can cause the cable to get hot and melt.

The first end you must couple is the one to your caravan. This is the female end it has recessed tubes. The input socket is normally located in your battery compartment. Once this has been inserted, couple the other end to the site supply socket. You can then switch on the supply at the consumer unit inside your caravan. It is advisable that you now test the trip switch to make sure it is working. Then all you have to do is reset the trip switch and away you go.

Oct 02, problems with electrics by: We are new to caravanning and we are having problems with 12volt electrics. It is intermittent as sometimes everything works ok and then nothing does. We were on a site last weekend with hookup but none of the 12v would work. We had no water as the pump wouldn't work or the radio. We have had someone out to look at it twice now and they can find no fault, as when they have tried everything it has worked fine. It is not, however, recommended to use bleach or Regularly check flexible gas hose, joints and sodium metabisulphite.

This Cylinders and regulators are also not suits the equipment in the caravan. Regulator valves should always be in of gas cylinder. A 6kg bottle is recommended for propane Caravan owners are advised to allow some gas.

Check the flexible hose frequently. Before turning on the gas supply, ensure that average temperature difference of at least all gas operated equipment in the caravan is 20k between inside and outside temper- d The gas is heavier than air and therefore turned off. An ALDE heater has a appliances except by qualified persons. It is, therefore, advisable to check the supply rating before switching on two loads items greater than the supply as this may cause an overload and the circuit breaker This battery condition meter indicates the Pump switch Battery Condition Meter power remaining in your caravan battery.

To This switch merely energises the inboard test battery voltage simply press the test This battery condition meter indicates the water pump ready for use. This switch should be pressed to the battery 2. Button II controls the isolation of the 12 V your caravan. The unit provides the following position to test battery voltage or the water systems. It provides all the necessary features For Abbey, Sterling and Swift models for control of the electrics in a caravan.

Fuses must be replaced only Caravan position - with the specified values. When in this position dc power is available from the caravan battery to power all 12 volt Distribution Panels electric circuits. Fuse 1 - Front roof lighting Telephone and ask for 60 or 90amp capacity is recommended. Your caravan has been fitted with an in-line Note: Electrics Set the lever mid way between the If the alarm is operating from the 3.

The caravan battery will be charged by the 4. The minimum cross car charging system independently of the If using a combination relay, ensure the supply fuse is the correct amperage.

While towing, the caravan battery will be discharged instead of being charged. Model specific component leaflet. If you remain in any heater is filling. The heater is filled when Fresh water is supplied to the caravan by a doubt, please contact the Swift Group water flows out of the tap.

This pump is a completely Drain the water if operating instructions of the vehicle the exhaust on the exterior of the caravan. Close quick-acting manufacturer or see switch labels. During the initial operation of a brand new Power consumption V appliance or after it has not been used Heating Up: Fitted Equipment Automatic Ignitor 3.

Repairs are only to be carried out by a duct connection to both the heater and competent service engineer. Prior to first ignition, make sure that the Do not operate heaters with incorrectly batteries have been inserted; Fitted Equipment Blown air of the instructions for installation and use well as their ends and connections, are made will result in the guarantee becoming from stainless steel, while the heat exchanger The air ducting outlets are generally of the invalid and no liability will be assumed.

These symptoms quickly The boiler does not start disappear if the sufferer breathes in ordinary 1. Naturally, it is inadvisable to 2. Is the main tap fully open? Alde's guarantee is valid for one year from be drained of fresh water when there is a risk the date of delivery and only covers of frost and when the caravan is not in use.

Fitted Equipment W requires a 6-amp fuse. Winter camping turned any further. The system temperature W requires a amp fuse. Using the jockey wheel, lower the system is in operation.

This front of the caravan as far as possible so will prevent the growth of bacterial in the that the rear is tilted upwards. Fitted Equipment procedure in this position. Then position the caravan horizontally and start the circulation pump. Check that the pipes and radiators around the vehicle are heating up.

Motor caravan or twin-axle caravan: The easiest way to bleed the heating system is to place the vehicle on a sloping surface or to raise one end of the vehicle using a jack. Fitted Equipment correct day. The unit will revert to Time setting 1 can be at any time of the day Set time Set day programmed temperature at the start of the Set switch B to position I.

Check that the switches for mains and 12V Operation When the caravan is on tow, the refrigerator 12V are off. If applicable, turn off the gas operation. Turn on gas supply by pressing knob D and turning it to the flame position. Adjust the temperature in the main When using for the first time or after 1. Set the energy selector switch A to refrigerator compartment using rotary changing the gas cylinder, the gas pipes The refrigerator will run continuously without switch B may contain air.

Fitted Equipment Never put bottles or cans of fizzy drinks in Do not try to accelerate defrosting by using Never use detergents, scouring powder, the frozen food storage compartment as any kind of heating appliance as this might strongly scented products or wax polish to they may burst when freezing.

It explains vehicle is on the move. Good ventilation is Cold space suggestions and advice for essential for the correct working of the Securing products for driving Freezer compartment - always cover liquid foods before placing One of the racks in your refrigerator has a The two-star freezer compartment N80 is them in the refrigerator; system for securing products for driving. Set the energy source selector switch A Tip!

After each contact the Customer Service department of inspection a certificate will be issued; If you do not expect to use your refrigerator for a lengthy period, carry out the following actions: Most of the refrigerator is 6. With the trivet removed the food is placed directly on the base of the grill pan, eg; when cooking dishes such as whole fish.

Always preheat the grill for 3 minutes for best results. When you are cooking, keep Any cleaning agent used incorrectly may damage the appliance. Fixed burners if fitted: Some versions incorporate fixed burners. These burners are Always let the appliance cool before secured to the hob with 2 screws. Do not add Aqua Kem 1. Open access door on the side of the Concentrate or Aqua Kem Bio directly into caravan and swing out fresh water fill toilet bowl while Cassette tank valve blade is funnel.

Pressure due to heat and altitude change can build up in the Cassette tank 2. Slide the Cassette, pour out spout facing To flush after use, turn the valve knob in outside into the caravan through access anti-clockwise direction and turn the flush door.

Never force insertion or removal of knob. This procedure results in the best the Cassette tank, damage to system can bowl rinse and most efficient use of water. After preparing for use, slide the Cassette into the caravan. Check to make sure that the retaining clip secures the tank in a locked position.

The pour out spout end of the tank should be visible through the access door opening. Replace tank inside caravan. Pour-out spout and vent plug can be removed. Seals should be greased if necessary with acid-free vaseline. Slide the holding tank into position The toilet section of the C includes a through access door fig.

Do not allow the holding tank to blade-handle anti-clockwise fig. See trouble shooting section for emergency emptying 10a. After use open the procedure. Remove the sliding cover. Open the When procedure has been completed valve-blade by turning the blade-opener replace drainplug and waste holding tank knob anti-clockwise.

Clean the seal with fig. Clean the seals and grease them water. Dry the seal and grease with silicone after drying see cleaning and maintenance.

In case of a defect apply to an original Models equipped with TV points in the dealer or Thetford Service Centre with 4. Open gas locker door on caravan, ensure battery box can be attached to a pitch proof of purchase. Unroll bed slat bundle and place between the recess in both seats.

Where a bed board is fitted, unfold and make sure it is secured by press studs 1. Release catches, one at a time. The bed board 2. Release press studs on the bed board. Always ensure safety boards The bunks if any fitted to your caravan are with cassette blinds, care must be taken to are located before entering the bunk.

Position 1 lifts the pane 12mm without replaces rooflights or Omnivents. The Omnivent is a double glazed rooflight Position 2 sets the pane to a mm opening constructed from a synthetic ultra-violet and locks with a bar. This should not detract from the Electrolux correct functioning of items fitted in the The air conditioning compressor runs during caravan.

A The pedestal table can be swung round for easy access to the seating and then re- positioned afterwards. B Tables stored in the table storage compartment must be securely clipped into place whilst in transit. In order to avoid puncturing the outer skin of cosmetic damage and dents from the awning the caravan wall, it is recommended that poles.

This is probably an opportune moment to Cupboard Catches Clean and dust the upholstery and if arrange for the caravan to have its annual It is advisable to lightly oil all cupboard possible remove before placing the caravan service at your appointed dealer. After storage it is advisable to air the caravan Drain water heater. Open yellow handle on The pour out spout and vent plug can be and clean throughout, especially cooking inline valve adjacent to heater.

Replacement parts are safety critical and should parts other than original AL-KO spares be used, warranty and produce liability become void. Repairs should only be carried out by trained and qualified workshop personnel. Please use the handles on the caravan or fit the AL-KO manoeuvring handle to your jockey wheel available separately.

During opening or closing, the AKS must only be operated by one person. Lubricate the drawshaft sleeve via the grease nipples.

Visit a specialist workshop to have the ball holding area checked for damage and the locking mechanism for function. If only a red indicator is visible Fig 9. Replace rubber soft dock, insert top a. Product Approval and is designed to provide 3. Place the key into the lock and turn to the protection against theft of the caravan and left and push in Fig Clean all parts thoroughly stabiliser device Fig

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caravan hook up wiring

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caravan hook up wiring

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caravan hook up wiring

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