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This automatic locking mechanism also keeps the refrigerator door shut during driving. Unfortunately this question is outside of the scope of this service and therefore we are unable to give you a specific answer. From time to time things break or need replacing. Appliances with battery igniter: Branded Camping Accessories Though we specialise in selling camping and caravan accessories at low cost, we will not compromise on quality.

Camping Electric Hook Ups

Unhitching If you have no alternative but to pitch on a slope ensure that, for when you leave, you are facing down the slope. Turn the rotary selector switch A to position Turn the temperature selector B clockwise and push. Your form message has been successfully sent. Page of Go. I think they had used the two core 1. Page 3 Quoting ref:

Press and hold rotary switch B. Activate ignition by pressing the button C and keep it depressed. Check the inspection glass to see whether there is a flame the inspection glass is inside the refrigerator at the bottom left. Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Then wipe out the appliance with clean water and dry thoroughly. The refrigerator is equipped to operate on mains power, 12V DC or liquid gas. Select the desired power supply by turning the energy selector switch A.

The energy selector switch A has four settings: Caravan Equipment Prior to starting the refrigerator in gas mode: Appliances with battery igniter: Turn the rotary selector switch A to position Turn the temperature selector B clockwise and push.

Caravan Equipment Fixing and releasing the door lock hook when parking the vehicle If the vehicle is parked for a longer period of time, the locking hook may be clamped by means of a lockbar. The door may now be opened by just pulling it without need of pressing the locking button. Remove cap and exchange battery 1.

We recommend to contact your Dometic Service Centre. Caravan Equipment Open the valve of the gas bottle and the gas taps. Set the gas control button to the maximum position. Set the energy source selector switch A to ignite the gas flame. The door locks automatically when you press it shut firmly. The lock releases unnoticed when you open the refrigerator with your hand. This automatic locking mechanism also keeps the refrigerator door shut during driving.

The waste holding tank that is accessible from the outside of the caravan is located underneath the toilet and is removed for emptying from the outside of the vehicle through an access door. A rotating pour-out spout, automatic holding tank vent, air release valve, valve blade, carrying handles and hand grip are incorporated in the waste holding tank. Open the water fill door and add 50ml. This results in a better flush and improves the hygiene of the toilet.

Then fill the tank with fresh water using a jerry can or hose. Tank Capacity is 7 litres fig. Caravan Equipment and cover and the outside of the toilet. When the toilet is not going to be used for a long time, leave the cap off the pour-out spout and leave the blade open so the cassette can dry.

The removable Waste Holding Tank is located under the toilet bowl and can be removed via a door on the outside of the caravan or camper. The Thetford Cassette Toilet is the solution to the sanitary problem in your caravan or camper! Your toilet is now ready to use. Open the access door on the outside of your caravan and remove the Waste Holding Tank as described above.

Remove the filter housing cover and if no filter is present, place a new filter into the filter housing. Do not travel with water in the toilet bowl. Failure to adhere to this notice may result in water damage to your caravan or motor home. When activating the control panel this feature automatically lights up. The button will flash while the waste is being pumped and will stop automatically after approximately 5 minutes when all waste has been transferred.

Open the access door on the outside of your caravan or camper and empty the Waste Holding Tank at an authorized waste dump. Follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance. To allow the Waste Holding Tank to dry, do not place the cap back on the emptying spout of the tank. This can be checked with the use of a multimeter. Having lowered the jockey wheel to the ground, operate the handle as previously described. Lift the coupling clear of the towing ball either manually or by operating the telescopic jockey wheel.

Please do not use the stabiliser lever as an manoeuvring handle. Please use the handles on the Caravan or fit the AL-KO manoeuvring handle to your jockey wheel available separately. Jack up one side of the caravan see Jack Operation Instructions. If difficulty is experienced in this operation, try easing the caravan backwards with one hand while engaging the handbrake fully with the other.

This manoeuvre should not be attempted on a rearwards facing slope. Therefore surface conditions that would result in a lack of traction should be avoided.

The fly screen is operated by gently pulling down the handle nearest the window. It is designed to be either fully up or fully down. The siren will be triggered if the caravan is towed, moved or lifted onto the back of a trailer. The siren will sound for five minutes unless stopped by the user. The Tracker Monitor sensor must detect movement over a longer period before it will send an alert. Coaxial Plugs It is critical that all coaxial plugs in the system are fitted correctly.

Please check each individual plug ensuring it is wired correctly. Any damage as a result of neglect, i. It is important not to defeat or tamper with the safety interlocks. Then food can be taken out of the oven. Food at the outside of the dish absorbs more energy and heats more quickly, so stir from the outside to the center. Caravan Equipment Plastic - most heat resistant plastic dinnerware may be used for heating food. However polyethylene, melamine, phenol are unsuitable for use in the oven.

They become hot in the microwave. Wax paper - use as a cover to avoid spatters. Why do I have moisture in my microwave oven after cooking? The moisture on the side of your microwave oven is normal. It is caused by steam from cooking food hitting the cool oven surface.

Does microwave energy pass through the viewing screen in the door? To maintain a showroom finish one needs only to wash the caravan regularly with a car shampoo, rinse with cold water and chamois leather off. Do not forget to clean the roof. A good quality non metallic and non-coloured car wax that does not contain white spirit may be applied, which will make washing easier.

However if a liquid is spilt the following actions are required: It is therefore important that you carry out the following procedure prior to using the caravan each time, even if you boil or filter all water you use for drinking. Replace the filter Suitable sterilising chemicals are available from your caravan dealer, accessory shop, chemists or home-brew shops.

It is not, however, recommended to use bleach or sodium metabisulphite. A fat pan fire should not have an extinguisher aimed at it but be smothered with a fire blanket. It is advisable not to cook with a fat pan or deep fryer in the enclosed space of a caravan. Extinguishers containing vaporising liquids should not be used by a person inside the caravan or from outside whilst other persons are in the caravan.

Release retaining straps on the underside of bunk base. The second half of the bunk base can now be unfolded towards the caravan wall. Turn the turnbuckle catches located on the metal bunk legs to ensure that the bunk cannot be folded by pushing up from below. Air bleed pipe kinked or blocked.

Unkink or unblock pipe. Bottle temperature too low Check bottle and taps. See gas supply notes. Refer to lighting instructions. Free off cable or replace. Brake lining contaminated with grease. Replace brake shoe assemblies. After 45 seconds the alarm system will arm. After a further 5 minute delay the Tracker monitor system will arm.

The system will be triggered if the caravan is towed, moved or lifted onto the back of a trailer. The Tracker monitor sensor must detect movement over a longer period before it will send an alert. Please refer the first question.

If Tracker telephones me and I am at home why do I need to check my caravan? I keep it at a secure compound so it must be safe or stolen so why cannot they track it? Tracker can only activate on receipt of the crime reference number and confirmation of theft. No, the warning LED indicates that the unit is working and cannot be switched off. I keep dogs in my caravan and the alarm keeps going off, can I switch off the PIR? No, this is not a feature of the system and will always be working.

General You need to go to your dealer to purchase a replacement remote. He will de-program your old remote from the alarm then it will never work and at the same time re-program the alarm to the replacement remote I only have one Radio Remote. Can I obtain more? Yes, your dealer will be able to sell you additional remotes and program the system for them. Page of Go. Related Manuals for Bailey Caravan No related manuals. Page 3 Quoting ref: Table Of Contents On leaving caravan site Table Of Contents Contents 4.

Page 7 Haynes Publishing? Caravan Registration And Identification Scheme c. Safety of this handbook. Measurement Of Nose Weight, Towing Vehicle's Rear Suspension Another simple method is to use bathroom scales and a suitable piece of strong timber as a platform to rest the tow hitch on.

Recommended Tow Ball Height There are a number of suspension aids available and advice should be sought on which to use and how to fit. Page 20 The final positioning should be carried out by manoeuvring the caravan by hand. Towing 60 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.

Mirrors Reduce speed in high winds, cross winds, downhill or in poor visibility. Spare Wheels, Changing A Wheel In some instances it may be necessary to raise the caravan using a jack to make it easier to remove the spare wheel from the carrier. Unhitching If you have no alternative but to pitch on a slope ensure that, for when you leave, you are facing down the slope. Page 29 Caravan Service Systems 3. Page 30 WALL container.

Routine Maintenance This is located under the chest of drawers at the front of the caravan. Waste grey Water System, The Gas System Upon arrival at the caravan site advice should always be sought from the site manager as to where waste Grey water is to be disposed of.

Changing Gas Cylinders This is located in the caravan gas box mounted on the front bulkhead of the caravan between the gas bottles. If you turn it off at the socket on the wall, it still stops the current flowing down the Brown wire. If you turn it off by flipping the little switch on the circuit breaker, it still stops the current flowing down the brown wire to all the sockets. Now, if we plug into a continental bollard, that has the live and neutral the wrong way round and we look again at our toaster we see there is a problem.

If we turn it off at the wall socket, again we switch off the neutral side of the circuit, so the toaster still might have volts going to it. Even if we switch it off at the circuit breaker… it will still might have volts going to it. It can still be potentially dangerous. Now how can we correct it? Well, checking for reversed polarity is easy and simple. You can get them from various outlets, I have listed a few links at the bottom of the page. They are simple to use and will usually have three lights on the front.

Now, if it indicates reverse polarity, you must switch off and unplug from the bollard. Now we can correct a reverse polarity bollard. The best way is to have a short lead, like your 16 Amp EHU lead with the blue plug and socket.

This one only needs to be about a foot 30cm long. If you are unsure about this, please go to your local qualified electrician, they will be able to make it for you for a small charge. A note of caution. There are some of these leads available via on-line sellers at a well-known trading site.

The ones I have seen are made with 1. Any EHU lead that is supplied with a new caravan must be made of 2. It is however, not illegal to make one for your own use. Testers can be bought from these and other places: July 17, at 8: Very good informative post Simon, most interesting, I would think many would not give this a thought when plugging in abroad untill now! August 28, at 9: Hi Simon, I live abroad and my caravan has 2-pin continental earthed sockets internally and an external CEE plug for the mains supply.

Is reverse polarity an issue for me? The caravan is equipped with a two pole 13 A circuit breaker. Is an earth leakage circuit breaker a desirable addition to the mains electrical system? August 28, at Thanks Simon, I can stop worrying about reversed polarity.

We are planning a caravan holiday in the UK next year. Is there anything I might need? I was thinking about electrical adaptors. My wife was wondering if there is a site handbook avilable, either in book form or on the internet? Lots of questions there. Thanks for the wiring diagram for 13 pin towing plugs We have just returned from a 2 week holiday touring in Southern Norway.

The towing electrics worked like a dream, and there was no worry about the caravan fridge draining the car battery when the combo was parked. To research sites, the best way would be via the two main UK clubs…. You can find all the details about the sites and find things to do around the local areas. SOme of the sites listed in the two links require you to be a member of either club, the mains sites are open to non members.

Each individual site web page will carry this info. July 9, at 9: July 11, at If the generator is fairly new and been serviced regularly there should be no problems in using it with your motorhome. March 18, at 9: March 21, at 8: The UK wiring standard only requires switching on the live circuit at sockets, where as in Europe they switch both live and neutral.

As long as you understand this, then reverse polarity becomes less of a worry. As the motorhome is protected by a ELCB that will switch off both live and neutral in the event of an earth fault you are protected.

Imsges: caravan electrical hook up leads

caravan electrical hook up leads

Why choose United British Caravans? After 45 seconds the alarm system will arm.

caravan electrical hook up leads

Browse Related Browse Related. The Tracker Monitor sensor must detect movement over a longer period before it will send an alert. Manufactured from 5m of high quality 1.

caravan electrical hook up leads

Then wipe out the appliance with clean water and dry thoroughly. Barbecues Taking outdoor cooking to the next level. I think they had used the two core 1. Fault Finding Caravan Equipment 4. The ones I have seen are made with 1. We can only suggest referring to manufacturers instruction or speaking to them direct.