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What does seeing dead birds mean?

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Of course, the raffle tickets are very important. It's hard to find someone, honestly. Then, I come to these things and get like two girls to give me a try. Companies hosting more traditional types of singles parties also appear to be enjoying continued success, despite turbulent financial times. Yet the overall crowd lacks appeal for Tay, who is making her debut at a Lock and Key Events party.

An attractive woman who keeps in shape by hiking, Tay stands out as one of the younger party-goers at the event for singles who are at least Yet other women, like Barbara and Helen, find lock and key parties to be a great fit for helping to improve their dating lives.

For Warren Patterson it's just another day, and being single doesn't bother him in the least. For Dawn Fortune, it's a time to reflect, perhaps with slight melancholy, about why she is still single and the eventual possibility of love. And for Ray Walters, being single on Valentine's Day is a matter of calculation.

So if I'm not dating somebody by February 1st, I probably won't be. Valentine's Day is approaching, causing many singles throughout South Jersey to pause and consider the nature of being partnerless during a "holiday" that pays homage to all things amorous.

And it seems as though many are going to let the Saturday night pass with an unceremonious shrug of the shoulders. Take Patterson, for example. In between sit-down sessions at a Friday night "speed dating" event hosted by South Jersey Java in Voorhees, Patterson considered what it will mean to be unattached on the night of Feb.

Since finalizing his divorce in October, Patterson has been taking it slow in trying to find new love, and there would be no point rushing it now, he said, just to have a date for one particular evening.

Believe me, I've got more than enough to keep me busy. Others are little less nonchalant. Fortune, who hosts a regular South Jersey singles group through Meet Up. And you'd like to have somebody. But I would still say I think of Valentine's Day as a positive thing.

You still have to believe there is a chance for love, right? If national statistics are any measure of that hope, it appears wannabe romantics are the rule and not the exception.

Moreover, Hallmark claims V-Day is second only to Christmas when it comes to greeting card sales, with at least half of the U. On the flip side, approximately one in four Americans said they didn't celebrate the holiday at all in I don't go for all that cliche," said Cindy Campizzi, 47, of Washington Township. Having been divorced for three years, she said it was finally time to start getting out and enjoying her freedom as a single individual.

I love where I am and who I am right now. I get to be me. I did the wife, mother, raise-a-family thing, and now it's my time. And I'm having a good time with it.

Michelle Mayza, 47, of Woodbury, also attended the singles night at Taylor's and said she is equally comfortable in her single life. But I'm back in the game now and I'm cool with it," she said. But it's good now. And as long as I'm happy with myself I can be happy in a relationship. At 36, Dianna Dawson of Cinnaminson said that while she is finally at peace with being single after her divorce two years ago, the most difficult part is relating to her non-single friends.

Then you become single and it's like you're suddenly in a different place," she said at the close of South Jersey Java's Friday night speed date outing. If I don't I'm good with that, too. But what about the approaching V-Day? That's when everyone will remind you that you're alone and don't have anyone significant.

And that kind of makes you feel a little bummed out," she said. A present to myself. Social party presented by www. Every guy gets a key and every girl gets a lock with the goal being to interact and match the correct keys to their locks. The process then repeats, giving participants the chance to meet lots of new people.

The evening also includes appetizers, cash and prizes. To make reservations, call or email charlotte lockandkeyevents. Women get padlocks and men get keys, then the phallic-symbol hunt is on to find some matches. Those who find the most matches can win prizes such as a bar tab, hotel stays and cash. To register go to www. Every woman gets a padlock. Every man gets a key. Your goal is to match the right key with the right padlock.

Every time you unlock you get a ticket that enters you into the drawing to win great prizes from our party sponsors. Prizes such as cold hard cash, hotel stays, dinners, tickets to popular things to do and more. After every unlock you get another lock or key so you can get back into the fray and meet more people! South Bend, IN www. Sometimes sitting around at a bar waiting to meet that someone special or even that someone special enough for the night can be downright depressing.

There are a lot of creeps out there, and the only thing worse than being hit on by them is not being hit on by them. Well, the Lock and Key parties held at bars around town make meeting people a lot easier and pretty entertaining as well. All the women get little diary-style locks and all the guys get keys that they spend the evening trying to fit in the women's locks.

Sure, it's absurdly phallic, but it's also an easy conversation starter that keeps people mingling and moving--which is great, especially if the guy trying to stick his key in your lock is a total bore. Best of all, when we went there were a number of attractive, interesting people in attendance. Oh, and there are also prizes--you know, beyond the prize of potentially meeting the person of your dreams.

You can change yours By Jocelyn Voo LifeWire -- For singles suffering from Goldilocks syndrome -- this person's too beefy, that one's too scrawny; this person's too rich, that one's not rich enough -- niche dating may help you find a match that's just right. Whatever your aim or interest, dating trends such as these go beyond wine tasting events and friend-of-a-friend referrals. At lock and key parties women wear small padlocks and men wear keys around their necks, with the goal being to find your match.

Typically, a key fits a couple locks. If a couple finds that theirs match, they get raffle tickets for a prize drawing, but the main point of this gimmick is just to have fun and break the ice, organizers say.

What started as an updated version of a college theme party has become a bona fide business, with parties thrown in more than 60 cities nationwide, many on a monthly basis. And to give this mixer its due, the events actually have success stories: LifeWire provides original and syndicated lifestyle content to Web publishers.

Jocelyn Voo is a freelance journalist and relationships editor at the New York Post. Not the key to her heart, but the actual key to a lock she wore around her neck at a recent singles party. Next month, Miami-based www. Upon arrival, women are given a necklace with a brass padlock; men are armed with keys. Both sexes work the room trying to match the two to four keys that go with a lock. Heart locket "The locks and keys make for a great ice breaker," says year-old Cloutier who attended the first Lock and Key party at Trocaderos in March.

Cloutier, a payroll specialist who lives in Minneapolis, finds the parties less intimidating than the online and speed- dating services she has tried since her divorce three years ago.

Chris Pokladnik liked the fact the event attracted mostly professionals in their mids to lates, but he wasn't crazy about the prizes. They interfered with what could have been longer social interactions, he says. She says participants are forced to take more initiative at Lock and Key parties than at other dating events.

They have an hour and a half to find matches. When a cover band starts jamming to Prince songs, that's the cue for the minglers to wrap up and exchange phone numbers if they haven't done so already. Lock and Key party for singles in their 20s to 40s When: May 19 , Trocaderos Nightclub, Third Ave.

Lock and Key events. Here are a couple of tentative dates for future Lock and Key Events. The concept is simple and just perverse enough to grab our attention: At a Lock and Key party, each man is handed a key and each woman is handed a lock.

The curious singles are encouraged to whip out their tools and try to open as many locks as they can in two hours. Every couple who finds a match is rewarded with raffle tickets, and at the end of the night, prizes are given away during a drawing. Some of the prizes include spa treatments, cold hard cash twenty-five big ones and passes to future Lock and Key Events. Here's the unlocked truth on what happened: Easy like Sunday morning. You enter the room and there's great trepidation because all eyes are on you, you're wearing a nametag and you've willingly put yourself into a pool of singles in quest of someone special.

As all eyes are on us, I think, "What am I doing here?! Suddenly a handsome young man emerges and I forget my unease. Still, others are staring. During the initial minutes, it seems we've forgotten how to socialize, but once armed with lock, key and mission, we commence "small talk. These gentlemen were in good spirits, the wallflowers bloomed into forward types, and being approached with "Hey, Courtney" instead of some half-baked overused pickup line made me feel comfortable.

There seemed to be an even ratio of men to women in the room of around You learn who was born and raised here, the new transplants from the East Coast, Midwest or overseas. For many, me included, it was their first time at an event like this. Approaching a woman or man is definitely nerve-racking but this event proved an easy way to socialize with a lot of interesting people at once. Though he hasn't made a love connection, he admits his friends have done pretty well for themselves.

He suggests if you simply approach the evening with an attitude of having fun and an open mind, leaving with a new friend, at the very least, is a plus. Here's one lady's total for the evening: Are those keys in your pocket? Our group hit the scene at about 7 p. The crowd was sparse.

I ordered a rum and coke; I knew I was going to need it. It must have been pretty strong because I turned around and the room was suddenly buzzing with singles of every age, race and creed. It was tempting to jump the gun and start mingling, but I waited patiently. Finally, the event coordinators handed out the small locks and tiny keys.

Hey, it's not the size of your key, it's how you turn it! It's hard to believe that hardware so small could break down such huge inhibitions. It didn't matter who I was talking to, any apprehensions or thoughts of rejection vanished as soon as my key slid past those tumblers.

It was like breaking the ice with a blazing, hot ice pick. Easy and oh, so smooth. Two locks in and I made my first match: Lara Tucker from Murrieta. Lara and I made our way to the front of the room, grabbed our raffle tickets, new hardware, and parted ways after a brief chat. It's true what they say: You never forget your first.

Lara and I would see each other throughout the night and continued to try for another match with renewed vigor! By the end of the event, I only matched two locks total, but I did meet a few nice women, went home with a phone number, and was even searched by a rather frisky girl looking to steal my raffle tickets.

My totals for the evening: Losing lock and key virginity. The night started like a microcosm of my love life. It's not like I had to find someone who shared the same interests, wants and needs.

I just needed to find a lock that fit my key. I tried unlocking the locks of about 30 women in about 25 minutes and didn't find a single match. Some of the ladies were even wearing two locks not quite sure what that says about their sex lives. I started to think my key was defective, or maybe it's my destiny to be lonely. People around me were unlocking each other like they had skeleton keys. Like most of the women I met that night, she stuck her lock in my face. I stuck my key in her lock, turned the key and BAM!

I felt this overwhelming sense of relief. Does anybody have a light? I need a cigarette. This was the first time Melissa was unlocked, too. This is very creative and it's easy to interact with people.

It far exceeded my expectations," she said. After Melissa, my confidence got a boost. I approached every woman again with my new key. I'll admit that I wasn't attracted to everyone - some were just another raffle ticket to me. The night was definitely a success, even though I didn't leave with a phone number or a lovely lady from the event. I did get to practice my mack skills and had a good time meeting other singles in the no-pressure environment.

My totals for the night: Who cares, it's only another night engineered by Hallmark anyway - right? Check out these spots whose mission it is to celebrate V-day singletons. Libation Ludlow St. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to deduce what comes next.

For every match, the couple is given raffle tickets for a chance to score cash, a cruise, dinner, spa treatments and more. Space is super-tight, so check out www. Doors open at 7 p.

The store shelves are packed with chocolates and teddy bears, leaving singles feeling left out during this holiday of love. Census Bureau estimates that more than 80 million adults are single on Valentine's Day: With so many singles, the mission of matching mates has transformed into an industry, finding love for people with different lifestyles, schedules, professions and interests.

Here are some of the services, events and programs to help in making that special connection. Can't see spending an entire dinner or movie with someone that isn't a match? Speed dating was designed to create mini-dates, giving singles several chances for a match in one night. Pre-Dating organizes monthly speed dating events in more than 85 cities across the United States. Depending on the group size, 12 to 16 tables are set up with the men rotating every six minutes to the next table and date.

Each member fills out a match sheet based on their conversations during the dates and at the end of the event each single is given a list of matches. A pre-Valentine event is scheduled at 8 p. This will be one of 85 countrywide meetings that night in an attempt to become the largest simultaneous speed-dating event.

For more information, or to sign up, visit www. Singles will have several minute dates along with a wine and cheese reception. The evening continues with a mingle session and program and every participant leaves with a list of "matches" from the night's dates. JCC speed dating is an exciting, quick and pressure-free evening for daters. Held at the Jewish Community Center in Margate, the event begins at 7 p. Prior registration is required. For more information, contact Josh Cutler at ext 38 or visit www.

Looking to meet people and promote your business? The Atlantic City Singles Networking Group does both with its combination of a social and professional group.

Geared for a toyear-old age range, AC Singles Network offers monthly social events for business people of all types. Socials include free appetizers, an ice-breaker activity and door prizes. Each event brings in people and approximately one third are casino employees ranging from slot technicians to executives.

Events are held from 5: The theme is Ravishing in Red with all participants wearing their most radiant red apparel. Since its introduction in May , there have been 10 success stories and countless professional contacts have been made. Lock and Key introduces a more outgoing approach to making a match with a party atmosphere at game-like events.

Offering a different feel from formal speed dating, at Lock and Key events women are given locks while the men have the keys. The goal is to walk around and find a fit.

Each key matches three locks and vice versa. With more than members at each event there are dozens of match opportunities.

Every time a match is made and the set is unlocked, members get a raffle ticket entering them to collect door prizes including hotel stays, dinners, entertainment tickets and even cash. I am looking forward to the next one. Plans for events in the Atlantic City area are currently under way. Created in and now with more than 90 locations worldwide, It's Just Lunch www. Located in Marlton, New Jersey, the company is a specialized dating service for busy professionals.

With 30, members worldwide, approximately 95 percent of its clients are college graduates and 80 percent have post-graduate degrees. The process begins with an one-hour interview to find what a person is looking for, his or her own interests and what has and has not succeeded in past relationships.

This information is then used to pair clients based on personality and physical requirements. It's Just Lunch staffers arrange everything from casual meetings between individuals for a simple lunch or drinks after work. The client's only job is to show up for the date and call the service with post-date feedback. Over the past 15 years, It's Just Lunch has arranged more than 2 million first dates and is responsible for thousands of marriages.

With millions of people searching the internet daily it is only inevitable there are website networks available to assist in finding the perfect partner. From Yahoo personals to Myspace, there are hundreds of sites designed to connect people together.

Online sites allow singles to break the ice before making the jump of meeting in person. The following national dating sites have strong Atlantic County memberships and love-match success. Neil Clark Warren using scientific research to pair singles together. Clients complete a question relationship questionnaire that is then used for a point Dimensions of Compatibility Matching System.

The system matches singles that share compatibility, using important life traits including values, character, intellect, sense of humor, spiritual views and passion.

According to the fall Harris Interactive study, "90 eHarmony members get married every day. Clients simply browse the site's database describing the type of person they are interested in meeting. Spanning across six continents, 32 countries and in 18 languages, Match. Members fill out a free personal profile including up to 26 photographs enabling other members to find them online. Upon subscribing for a fee, clients can send up to 50 e-mails daily to potential love interests.

Let's face it, a physical attraction is important in every relationship and the internet site Hot or Not www. The website allows visitors to choose "Hot" or "Not" for each member and even rate them based on a scale. Not a sophisticated matching method, the site is run by two guys in their apartment. The site is similar to other services by narrowing searches by age, location and keyword.

Under the user's picture is a brief description along with keywords that portray them. Members can then vote whether they would like to meet this person. A match is made when both members click "Yes" on each other's pictures. Since its launch in , the site has counted over 12 billion votes and numerous happy relationships. Below are five relationship tips to make the dating experience a little easier. Don't stretch the truth to impress your date because sooner or later the real you is going to come out.

Relationships should be based on trust. Speak clearly and don't mumble. Ask questions and try not to talk about yourself too much. Be a good listener. Never bring up old relationships on a first date.

Keep your relationship past to a minimum; talking about your ex is the first step to have your date looking for the exit. Never answer your cell phone on a date. Keep your cell on silent.

You have set this time aside to get to know another person, so do it without interruptions. If you say you are going to call, call. Follow your instincts, not "rules," when it comes to the relationship. We dare you to rev up your love life in February.

Take our advice for 28 days and you'll learn how to get a man's attention, land a great first date, even clinch a second. Sure, these tips from experts, real men and editors require a bit of boldness, but as the saying goes, Nothing ventured Get five friends to hook a sister up.

Since the root of each setup will be a trusted friend, chances are you'll at least have a good time - or even five fun outings. Check out a Lock and Key Party. You're guaranteed to meet many eligible men at these events, at which every woman gets a locket and every guy gets a key. Mingling is inevitable because the goal of the gathering is to discover whose key fits into your lock.

Find a party in your area at lockandkeyevents. That guy you've had your eye on? Give him a smile and ask him if he'd like to have dinner on Friday or go to a book reading this weekend. He just might accept! Need we say more? Make it easy for him to approach you. Mention activities you would enjoy with him, and tip him off to when you're free. Men fear rejection, big time. But you're assuring him there's nothing to worry about.

Flirt with men you're not interested in. Touch the postman's shoulder when you thank him for directions, tell the cabdriver this is the smoothest ride you've had all week, or mention to the operator that you think he has a great voice.

Practice makes perfect, and you'll want to be adept at flirting when a handsome catch walks into your life. Don't decide for yourself. Whether checking out brothers at a party, a club or online, let your best friend pick the guy you should go for. The pastor of your church is an unusual but excellent dating resource. Take an AP class in dating. Whether its experts are teaching you how to flirt like a pro in Dallas or giving a makeup makeover in Chicago, MoxieintheCity. With the number of guys you'll meet in just one night, you're bound to click with someone.

Get out of town. Hit a happy hour in a commercial district or a hotel bar that's popular with locals. On a solo vacation? Dine at restaurants where you can eat at the bar or there's open seating to up your chances of rubbing elbows with a single guy.

Travel broadens your horizons, automatically making you more open to new possibilities and people. Continued on Page 2 Read the rest of the story online at Essence Magazine or in the February print issue. If I'm not your type, then maybe there's some other totally good-looking lady out there for you, and you might meet her this Friday at Rise Nightclub , located at Blake Street.

The trendoid LoDo spot is hosting Denver's very first Lock and Key event, where singles mingle just like those lavalife. The concept is a social experiment that brings together speed-dating, the bar scene and middle-school kitsch. Ladies get locks and guys get keys; then the sexes consort in search of a match.

Waldholz, owner of LockAndKeyEvents. Since then, the love fever has spread with event coordinators now based in 21 cities -- from the lonely plains of Dubuque, Iowa, to the frat-dude territories of Tucson, Arizona. And every party, Waldholz assures me, draws large crowds of busy professionals ready to get biz-zay with it. They don't have to worry about coming up with creative pick-up lines. And women don't have to come up with creative ways to reject them.

If you unlock your lock, you get to turn it in for a raffle ticket to win posh prizes like spa packages, dinners or hotel stays. And love ain't free, either: To ensure an even ratio of birds to bees all between the ages of 21 and 49 , limited space is available -- so register now at www. By now, you know the drill.

The speed-dating event known as Lock and Key gives dating hopefuls the chance to take their keys and unlock the locks of prospective dates in a no-pressure atmosphere. The event includes a free cocktail, appetizers and samples of the hangover remedy Sober-Up. Raffles and door prizes will happen throughout the night, 7: Saturday at S. I inevitably start dating someone in between deciding to attend a singles event for this column and the singles event itself.

So, I have to admit that when I went to the lock and key party at Club One , I had visions of someone already dancing in my head. Not exactly a state conducive to dating games. The idea behind a lock and key party is that all the women get locks and all the men get keys.

The whole concept is almost ridiculously sexual--come on, men walking around trying to stick their keys in every lock they can find. But according to the promoters, it's just an innocent icebreaker to get people talking. Innocent or not, getting someone to go with me was challenging. I finally convinced one male friend who's usually game for anything, insisting that he would only go if he got an official nickname in this column.

I agreed and was going to crown him the King of Game, but the fact that he spent a large portion of the night sitting at the bar, nursing his free whiskey and text-messaging his girlfriend, dropped him a few spots in the line of succession to the Viscount of Game. So, the Viscount and I headed to One. When we arrived we were handed name tags, a couple of raffle tickets, one free drink voucher, a 50 percent coupon for SafeDate, a company that does background checks on potential dates, 'cause that's not creepy at all, and some Sober Up, a self-proclaimed hangover remedy.

Apparently organizers were expecting a lot from this night. The Viscount and I, not so much. He, too, had someone else he was thinking about--I swear I tried to find a single friend to go with me, but not-married or engaged was all I could muster. What an odd feeling to be cursing the fact that my friends are all happy. Anyway, the Viscount was concerned that by coming together we would look like swingers.

We took our booty to the bar to get our drinks before the event started. The Viscount got a rail whiskey, and I received the worst sea breeze I have ever had the misfortune of drinking. But once I sipped it down a bit, the bartender graciously agreed to add more cranberry juice, making it palatable. In the rock-paper-scissors game of mixed drinks, nothing beats cranberry juice.

As soon as the Viscount and I stepped away from each other, we started meeting people. A guy named Dave, who used to work in radio, came up to me. He was super nice, and we had a fun conversation about local media.

Meanwhile, the Viscount was continuing his long streak of being catnip for secretaries in their 40s. Finally, it was time to get started. Up on One's second floor, the hostess explained how the game is played and instructed us not to get too focused on just trying to win raffle tickets and forget to actually talk to people.

We lined up and got our locks and keys. It was a pretty interesting crowd, a mix of races and ages and levels of hotness that pretty much ran the gamut.

After a bit of initial shyness, people got down to trying to find their match. Dave tried his key in my lock, but it didn't fit. So did Marc, a bioengineer who likes to dance. I talked to a jocular guy from India with an infectious laugh. I told him I've never been to India. Another guy came up to me and, reading my name tag, said, "Anna like Anna and the King? And then there was Bernard, a middle-aged man who seemed wasted before the event even got under way.

Bernard was insistent that he was going to get my key. I just smiled and walked nervously away. Meanwhile, the Viscount also was making the rounds. One of his admirers told him, "Most guys I'm meeting here don't know how to put it in. A lot of guys fumbled around with their keys, awkwardly poking at the lock and trying to force their keys in the wrong way. There seemed to be an art to it.

The guys who did it best were the ones who took the woman's lock in their hands and then gently put their key in, giving it a firm twist. I know this all sounds ridiculously graphic. What can I do? The key is a penis, people. The lock's a vagina. It barely counts as a double entendre. Despite the hostess' advice, people were working for those raffle tickets like they were giving away a car, which they were not.

The best prize I remember was a hotel stay. Locks were flying open left and right, and I was still standing there with my very first lock. After a while, I started to get a reputation. One guy suggested my lock was too tight. Another said I should I stand closer to the lock and key table so I got first crack at the keys. Apparently, it's all about strategy. Another man tried my lock, and when it didn't work laughed and said, "It's not me. My lock is totally frigid. The Viscount completely abandoned me for texting his girlfriend.

Finally, I gave up on finding my match and got a new lock. This one was surprisingly slutty and opened for the first guy that gave it a go. My third lock took a bit more trying, and as the night wore on people seemed to be looking to couple up, so as I tried to get my lock opened, I had to judge when I had to leave a conversation to avoid getting asked out.

This task was particularly hard because there were a lot of nice, fun, good-looking guys there who I actually enjoyed talking to. Dave continued to prove funny and charming, as did Tom, a very handsome engineer from Catonsville, who told me that he once went to a speed-dating event and ended up on TV when one of the women turned out to be a reporter. Apparently, Tom's life has a few odd repeating themes of its own. As the end of the night neared, my third lock still hadn't been opened. And, once again, Bernard sauntered over to me, convinced he could give me some sweet key action.

I gave him a forced smile and offered up my lock, and wouldn't you know it, Bernard had the key to my lock. He then, of course, promptly put his arm around me and suggested we get a hotel room. Oh well, they can't all be Daves and Toms. So the verdict for lock and key? It was actually really fun. I talked to a lot of people I might never have met otherwise. And the lock-and-key action made it easy to keep moving if you did happen to get cornered by a creep. But the real moral of this story--and feel free to cut this out and tape it to your bathroom mirror, or perhaps stitch it on a decorative throw pillow--is: A lock and key party is a lot like dating itself--alternately fun and frustrating with a lot more misses than hits.

And the person who ultimately unlocks your lock often comes as a complete surprise. The women get locks, the men get keys and the goal is to mingle and meet people in search of unlocks," says Jaynie Beard, event coordinator. It's interactive, so people really get into it and have a good time with it," says Beard. The locks and keys give them a good reason to approach people, and they can approach someone without being embarrassed or worrying about how well they are going to be received.

It's really the greatest icebreaker for getting people to meet. A luncheon and soft drinks will be served, with beer and wine coolers available for purchase. The party is expected to attract approximately 75 participants, mostly in the suggested age range of , although all singles are welcome to participate. This party is the first time Beard has joined the Harrisburg Senators for one of her events, and it promises to be unique new experience. She plans to continue developing themed events in the future, including a Christian Singles Lock and Key Event, tentatively scheduled for late summer.

The price of the ticket includes admission to the game that evening. Her Lock and Key Parties often attract participants from her other events, as well as new faces. But even if Mr. Right is a no-show, it's still an opportunity catch a baseball game with some new pals on Date Night.

So if you're unhappily single, step up to the plate and take a swing at a Lock and Key Party. It's a better Date Night pastime than envying happy couples, and with the right pitch you find yourself seeing fireworks before the game even gets started. Check in begins at 3: For more information, visit online or call Jaynie at Singles ages are invited to participate, with the men getting keys and the women getting locks at the door.

The couples will then mingle and attempt to open the locks throughout the night. Prizes, donated by local businesses, also will be awarded. However, prepaid discounts and reservations are required online at www.

Tired of lame pick-up lines? Now there's a way to meet other singles without awkward introductions. Here's how it works: Each woman gets a lock to wear around her neck, and every guy gets a key. Insert your own suggestive joke here. Approach a member of the opposite sex to see if your hardware matches, and if it does, you each get a raffle ticket.

At the very least, you could each walk away with cash, a hotel gift certificate, a membership to the Single Gourmet Club in St. Pete, or another freebie. Once you've made a match, go back for another lock or key and try for another prize.

The more networking you do, the greater your chances of winning. Sundrea Ryan, event coordinator for Tampa Bay Lock and Key, said it is a nonthreatening ice breaker for shy singles. All participants receive a one-month membership for Cupid. Lock and Key coordinators monitor registration to ensure somewhat of a gender balance, and every key matches several locks. Ryan said about people, mostly from ages 21 to 45, are expected at Saturday's event. Thanks for the heads up on this party!

I have heard about this event from friends in NYC and they said it was a blast. Then you found the courage to attend a singles event, but that left you feeling like Molly Ringwald's character in Sixteen Candles, as you dodged a Farmer Ted-like geek all night. But don't give up just yet; you could meet your perfect partner at tonight's Lock and Key party , where the ladies wear locks and the guys have the keys. It did, after all, work for Chantal Conkling and Shane Valentine, who met at a Lock and Key event last year and were just married December 3, even though his key didn't open her lock.

In addition to meeting some cool new friends and a possible date for New Year's Eve, you will have the chance to win fabulous prizes like a cruise, Swedish massages, and dinners for two. Get keyed in from 8: It's funny how life puts you in the right place at the right time.

We have encouraged many of our friends to attend the Lock and Key Events and one of our best friends is still dating a woman he met at the Oxygen Lounge last Fall. It's a great way to meet singles in a fun, comfortable environment. If you would like us to attend any of your events, we would be happy to share our story. I'm sure our single friends would join us too!

Looking for a way to let off a little steam after a tough day's work, maybe even meet someone while you're at it? Care to have the entire thing captured by Dr. Phil's cameras so that the Bald Drawling One can then pour over the footage in front of a national audience, analyzing your every tequila-fueled, regretful come-on? Then our pals at LA. Yes, sadly, the women's spaces filled up quickly, with the word hitting some sooner than others we have it on good authority that Tara Reid's Blackberry is equipped to scan the internet every half hour for the words "free fun shots" and page her if there's a match , but there are still a few spaces for you local fellas!

C'mon, what are you waiting for? That salt isn't going to lick itself off of her lipo scars! Then he remembered the not-so-subtle nut and bolt events he had attended when he was a student at the University of Florida the men were given nuts and the women bolts, and the aim was to find the ones that fit together and, hopefully, a date.

Waldholz wondered, why not do something similar, yet a little less crass, with padlocks and keys? I wanted to start something where we had a lot of people and everyone interacts with everyone else.

The first one was in Miami. The men get keys and the women get locks, and the goal is to unlock. But it doesn't stop there. When a lock is opened the couple get tickets to enter in a raffle for prizes such as certificates for dinners and hotel stays, gym memberships, movie passes or cash; then they get new locks and keys with which to go out and meet more people. At the Lock and Key Events that Christan Marashio, the company's national program manager, has thrown in New York City, the number of matches a person can have in a night depends on the pace they set for themselves.

They say, 'I've met three really great guys, I've got three phone numbers, that's successful. It's that level of uncoerced participation that excited Waldholz and prompted him to launch the company. If you're a shy person, forget it, you're dead in the water. Those guys normally might not talk to anybody at a party and here they probably spoke to around 50 girls. Two of them actually hooked up. When Christian Call, a year-old banker in Manhattan, attended an after-work Lock and Key Event his first thought was, this is like high school.

The added enticement of an expensive gift helps too. The first Lock and Key Event four-year-old Jennifer Barr went to in Miami resulted in a two-month relationship, and at the one a couple of weeks ago her best friend met a guy.

Barr goes to the events with a few of her girlfriends and they view the events as a fun sidebar to a night out, and the locks and keys as a good excuse to go talk to anyone, such as the gorgeous guy Barr had her eye on the last time.

I obviously wasn't his type, but if I had been in a bar I would have never gone up and talked to him. I would have felt like I was giving a cheesy line; I'm sure guys feel that way all the time. The consensus, especially for men, is that Lock and Key Events work because the girls approach the guys instead of the usual vice versa. Call says sometimes the girls, who wear the padlocks on a string around their necks, just come up and stick out their locks.

No surprise the sexual innuendo gets everyone a little silly. We've got things like, Do you think I will fit? Or, Am I too big for you? Waldholz doesn't advertise the events as singles events because of the fact that once you unlock you don't have to spend the evening with that person, but instead you can say, See ya, I'm on my way to the next person.

And even if you don't successfully open the lock of someone who catches your interest, all is not lost, as Call found out when he hooked up with a fellow banker. I'd really love to talk to you. Join Our Mailing List! Just be sure to leave room for it to find you. Financially Prudent Letting Valentine's Day slip by might actually be better for the wallet.

Half the women surveyed said they would give their partners nothing. The same percentage of men surveyed said they would buy their partners flowers. The Ultimate Anti-Valentines Events If the finances aren't convincing on their own, maybe it's time to indulge in some fun of a different kind. Contact Elizabeth Mack at emack tallahassee. Consider newer strategies, as well as the more traditional ones, for meeting people By Sara Conrad , Story updated at 4: Lock and Key Party!

Ways to find a significant other in the city By Tracy Wallach Meeting romantic prospects in bars, online or on blind dates inevitably starts to grow old. Lock and Key Events How it works: Easy like Sunday morning Courtney Croitori: Losing lock and key virginity Brian Quines: The Online Scene With millions of people searching the internet daily it is only inevitable there are website networks available to assist in finding the perfect partner.

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Key to Your Heart Posted online: The key to finding the love of your life may just be a night away. Views and clues inside Detroit's party scene. Courtesy of Red Ox Tavern. Lock and Key events, described as a fun, interactive way to meet potential love interests, have been held at venues in nearly cities around the country. The Single File Orlando can be a good place to look for love.

Lock and Key Events gives back to the community it began in! Read the story above and more in the May emag online. Game Changed Dating rules may be different but object same T he dating game for those 50 and older is not played by the rules of days gone by. The number of single adults in the United States has reached million, according to the "It's Just Lunch" Web site, a national dating service that gets singles together for lunch dates.

Delray Beach, FL Getting back in the dating game Divorced and ready to start dating again? By Sara Conrad , Story updated at 4: New Dating Strategies Online dating: Guests at the Lock and Key Event try out their different locks and keys trying to find that perfect match, at Clydes and Costello's on Saturday, July 18, Bob Soni tries his key in Liz Jackson's lock.

Henry Nixon tries his key in Sharon Ochalek's lock. Bob Soni tries his key in Aimee Reed's lock. In the world that you have started thinking differently in — the spiritual world, we view death in different ways from those living in the fear based earthly world. Death is a term that is most often used metaphorically, as in the death of an idea, the death of a behaviour, the end of something and the beginning of something new.

You have completely changed your life around, in essence, the old you is now dead, and the new you is emerging, you are growing not only on a personal level but on a spiritual level as well.

You are thinking differently, starting your own business, moving forward into a new and exciting world.

The strutting in the window was really just to get your attention, crows can offer information about unexpected help with problems and let you know when obstacles are at hand and show you ways to get relief from those obstacles. It just wanted to let you know that your magic is calling you, and again I use the word magic in general terms, as we are all magical, we are all special, etc.

Search for answers and they will come go. Sometimes the search is from outside sources and sometimes you have to go into your inner self for the answers. The message for you is that you are on your way Ken, keep moving forward and do not let obstacles prevent you from reaching your dreams. Setbacks will occur, as they do for everyone, but with your new way of thinking, you will have the ability to weather through them instead of sliding back into old patterns.

Found this blog post earlier today. Yesterday, I found a dead mockingbird, victim of stray cats. And during my drive today, I saw a few birds smashed on road. I find myself at a crossroads, once again. I am trying to make changes and get rid of negative energies, useless thoughts, limiting attitudes, and feelings of worthlessness. I am slowly taking control of the direction my life takes. For far too long I have allowed myself to be a victim of circumstance, paralyzed and bound by fear. I still struggle to use my voice, and sometimes still find it hard to believe that I have one, and that I actually matter.

I am tired of feeling so fragile and susceptible to the negativity around me and of keeping myself in situations that make me feel bad. So it feels fitting that I found this post. I encounter many clients such as yourself, describing themselves at a cross road in life, searching for the road or path that would make their lives better.

In a world that is filled with others that often overwhelm us, it is difficult to find your voice, to feel as if you matter. Believe me when I say, that not only do you matter, but you matter in ways that you may never know and to more than you may ever know.

For each being on this planet, is part of the large jigsaw puzzle, and if a piece of the puzzle goes missing, then the picture is not complete. As part of this larger picture, you serve a purpose on this planet.

Now the challenge is for you to discover what that purpose may be and go toward it. Thank you for posting. Know that you are a divine child of the universe and as such are perfect in everyway and need not change for anyone or anything, except for yourself.

Question; I saw a dead bird walking home from school today. Will that bring any bad luck superstitions, omens, etc? I would like to know, thanks! Bad luck only happens if you believe in bad luck, same for superstitions and omens. As for it ending anything in your life that is happening, no it does not end anything. It is a message for you to take a look at what is happening in your life that might be in your best interest to release and leave behind, thus allowing room for new opportunities to come in, but that is your choice.

A dead bird does not control your life — you do. Actually, I was driving home from work today and as I drove down the highway, I saw a pigeon that was just standing, dazed, by the side of the road.

I turned around to go back in an attempt to help it, but by the time I circled back around, it had died. I knew there had to be a meaning, so I came home to look it up and I ended up here. I recently got my teaching license, but the opportunities in my area are very scarce.

I have started applying in Abu Dhabi and Dubai because of the very lucrative benefits offered to expats there. Or, perhaps it has nothing to do with either of these things, but something else……I wish I could get a clearer picture of what path I should be on. It is all about letting go of something you are holding onto. This is what you are being asked to let go off. It is what is commonly referred to as wounded bird symdrome. This takes an incredible amount of your energy. We cannot save others because we cannot do their work for them, they have to learn to save themselves by doing their own work.

It is our role to show them how, but not our role to attempt to do it for them. When we attempt to do their work for them, and by that I mean, doing what is necessary to advance them on a spiritual level, no body wins and you waste a lot of your energy which would be better used somewhere else.

The fact that the bird was wounded when you saw it and dead by the time you reached it, is a much deeper message than just finding it dead. Pigeons symbolize security, home, safety. When storms arise, which they do, huddle with your family, biological or otherwise.

If you wish a more detailed Intuitive Consultation around this, contact me and we can set something up by phone or Skype.

Over the past few years i have had a number of live wild birds come into my house and garden, sum have stayed and some have flown away, yet it always seems to happen to me, its like i seem to attract these birds into my life, from ducks to geese to pink small birds to large sea birds but today 2 small birds have fallen from 2 separate trees from 2 separate parts of my large sized garden at different times of the day, both live but somewhat injured and i know they will not survive so ive put them in resting places in the trees, i was wondering if you could enlighten me on why this keeps happening and also why this has happened today.

I am going through alot of family stress and have always lived a stressful life but i have no idea why these birds are finding their way to me.. No one i know has ever had this kind of thing happen to them. They are both, particularly the geese, migrating birds so they are carring the message that it is time to pursue new adventures, travel, see and do new things. The two birds your found that fell from the trees and did not survive, is as I mentioned in the blog, your message that now is the time that you are being encouraged to let go of something in your life, probably, the family stress, and move forward so new opportunities, on a spiritual and or personal level, can now find a place in your life.

I see all these birds in your life as bringing you the same message. It is now time to focus on you. Make yourself a priority in your life, explore and expand your world and begin your spiritual quest. Hello Peggy…as if by Divine GraceI found this blog.. I can only see the negative aspect of it but perhaps you can see it differntly and enlighten me.

I recently had 2 back to back miscarriages one in Dec-Jan and another in March-April and it occurred to me that at sometime after both instances, that I had seen on 2 different occasions, a dead bird in front of my house and another in front of my workplace. It really cut to my very core just seing those sweet little things just lying there. I saw another dead bird! Your thoughts on this? Any would me most appreciated!

I sent your reply as an email rather than post it on the blog as it is so personal. If you do not receive it, please check yoru junk file, they sometimes end up in their. I found an injured pigeon two days ago. I put him in my backyard where he would be safe. That night I put him in a carrier and brought him inside so he would safe from preditors.

Let him out the next day and he continued to decline throughout the day. Towards the evening I wrapped him in a towel and brought him in. He was clearly dying. He kept laying his head down, eyes closing, beak opening and closing. Trying to stretch his wing and turned on his back. At one point he raised his head and appeared to look at me and not soon after he passed. The bird appeared to go through a dying process, With the labored breathing, moments of being lucid, and moving around.

What does all this mean? Pigeons are messages about seeking security through your home life and about gathering your family, either biological or otherwise, near you in stressful times. So for the bird to be pigeon, it means to me that there is something very stressful that you are going through that you have not mentioned in your post.

I work part time in a hospital sitting with patients in the palliative and hospice unit. As with the pigeon, all these patients are at the end of their lives.

To be there when they transition is miracleous. The pigeon did not strike out at you in fear, or pain, but according to your post, accepted your assistance and figuratively and literally, put itself in your hands. This is a great honour. This is also a message for you. If so, this experience was sent to you to illustrate to you that you still have all those qualities that others may be telling you you do not posess or that you may have been questioning in yourself lately.

It is sort of a reminder that as a being living on this earth plane, you are worthy of all the love, joy and abundance that the Universe has to offer, a reminder not to allow others to persuade you otherwise, and a reminder that all you have to do is decide to accept it, and once the choice is made, you will be welcoming love, joy and abundance into your life once more.

It may have been very difficult and certainly emotional to watch and assist another being to die, but what a truly beautiful gift you were given with this opportunity and what a wonderful message for you as well.

Hi Penny, thank you so much for your insight and interpretation! I have been struggling with the things you mentioned. I graduate this May. I have also lost my parents and a brother and sister over time and I am the only one left. People around me are supportive so all the self doubt is coming from me. I often wonder why im here and why everyone else has passed.

And trying to go on living without them. Thank you again for taking the time to give such a detailed response. You have helped me tremendously. It encourages hope and understanding in those looking to broaden their spirituality. I just wanted to thank you. I had a very similar experience with a chickadee that my cat attacked right in front of me, I ran over and scooped the poor thing up.

She died in my hands after trembling for about a minute. I was praying that it was just stunned but she then died. I think what you wrote about it being an honor to be with its spirit right at that moment was truly beautiful. And the symbolism of that was huge for me. Bless you Penny- thank you for your efforts and caring. Hey Penny, thanks a load for helping me understand that insight on such a crazy event in front of my door.

Hi Penny, Today this morning there was a dead sparrow right outside my back door and then latter today the life mate of our duck family was hit by a car infront of our house. Do different birds have different messages are meanings?

Yes, different birds to have different messages for you. However, the initial message is essentially the same. They are bringing you a message that what ever is happening in your life is now coming to an end and you can release it and move forward.

The differences in the species is that they can help you identify what that something is, if you are not quite aware of it, and some people are not. The sparrow brings with it the message that whatever obstacles have been challenging you are soon to pass, so it is emphasising that the turmoil in your life is coming to and end so you can move forward. It also brings a message of encouragement — to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself, fulfill your responsibilities, and trust in your nobility.

The duck is bringing the message that you can now easily handle difficulties when they present themselves. And urges you to stay in a comfortable environment where you can seek out emotional comfort and protection. Hope this helps explain things for you and that it is relatable to your situation. Firstly let me send my condolences regarding your miscarriage and the loss of your job. Whenever we experience animal beings, they are carrying messages for us. It is important to make the distincition between an ordinary encounter and an extraordinary encounter.

For example, if you live in a rural area, it might be common for you to see deer in fields everyday and that would be an ordinary encounter, although the deer would still be bringing you messages. However, if you live in a major city say like New York City and you see deer roaming around downtown, that would be an extraordinary experience, and the message would be extraordinary.

You seem to have had an extraordinary experience with your bird sightings. It could be just about anything and that is for you to determine.

It depends on what is going on in your life. When animals, or birds come to us to die, it is also extraordinary. These beings are at their most vunerable at the end of their lives, and it is an honour that they trust you so much to be with them when the end comes. These birds being in an egg is a message about rebirth, so the message they were giving you was that something major in your life was coming to an end so that room could be made for you to welcome the new.

They were preparing you for the loss in your life that was on its way — your miscarriage and your job. It may also be that you ex-partner is also preparing for loss in his life as well. As he was the father of your child, your miscarriage is also his loss as well, and he very well may be in line to loose his job as well.

They are merely signs that one part of your life has come to an end, and a new part is just begining. It is a way of preparing us emotionally and spiritually so that when things happen, we are better prepared to handle them. How we handle the loss is up to us, but remember that these tiny beings choose you to be with them as they crossed to the next life, a sign that you are a place of sanctuary. Although you mention the message is basically the same with all dead birds, do you have any additional thoughts about the birds being robins?

Hi Cindy, yes, basically the message about seeing dead birds is the same massage — something in your life coming to an end. The species of bird can help you identify what that may be. Robins are all about trusting in your new creative ideas, stretching yourself into new areas, the birthing of ideas, after a long winter of dormant ideas — spring is upon us. If you are willing to make the effort to trust in your creative ideas, then you will be rewarded.

The dead robin was a message that the winter of dormant ideas, is over. If you have a job in the creative fields, your new spring activated energy should now be flowing and any hard work you put into projects will be to your benefit. Hi Penny I went to look at a house for sale today. When we went in there was a dead bird in the passage. The house is not complete and has missing doors so I do believe it could have got out. Was wondering if this was a possible sign to not live here.

The house has been left incomplete since And I was thinking of selling my flat and buying a home for my future. The dead bird freckled me out though. It is an ordinary occurance to find dead birds in abandonded buildings. We think that they can find their way out if they find their way in, but that simply is not the case.

Once they are in an enclosed space they become frightened, disorientated, and begin to panic. Most often they do not intend to fly in there in the first place, and although we see open doors and windows as exits, they do not comprehend that as so.

That being said, when you read the blog you will see that any bird sighting is a message for you. It is not a message or omen of doom and gloom, but rather one that tells you that you are about to make a life change of some sort — that something has come to an end, and that now is time for something new to begin. It is also not a message that you should buy the house. If it were me, I would be using guidelines like: This actually makes a lot of sense!

Thanks I was worried it meant something bad! When my father, whim i was v close to, passed away, i arrived backi in the country for his funeral two days later and walked around the garden to the spot where he died… as i walked in the garden a beautiful cat appeared that my mother said she had never seen before. I felt a connection with the cat.. He was also a bird fanatic.

I went behind the hedge to the area where he died and laid flowers there. Funnily I had always worried about him pruning that hedge and used to watch him near that exact spot as it was v high and he had to climb a ladder to do it.

I then noticed a dead bird a metre away from where his body had apparantly fallen, that my mum had not noticed there. I have had many spiritual experiences over the past twenty years and have deep intuition and appear to be able to fortell a fair bit very accurately…sometimes its been quite eery in accuracy.

I felt there was some kind of spiritual significance to these animals appearing.. As if he was comforting me and his soul was at rest. Hi Hilary, Firstly, let me express my condolences for your loss. It is never easy when a parent crosses over. I believe you have interpreted the incidents correctly. Having the strange cat appear just as you entered the garden is an extraordinary experience. Cats are all about independence, mystery and magic. I feel it was a message from your dad to seek and develop your sense of mystery and magic, or in your case yours intuitive and spiritual abilities as well as learning to reach out a bit more embracing your independence.

The bird being there ties it all together, as dead birds bring messages that something in your life has come to an end and it is time to start something new. This would be a good time to use your intuition to determine what it is you are being asked to release, making room for the new opportunities to come to you.

If you choose, this can be a very exciting period in your life, and the message from your dad, through the cat and bird, is — reach out and grab it.

Hi just found a black bird just inside my French door which was open for my dogs. I heard a noise then the dogs barking came to find this bird taking its last breath on my tile floor with blood by its head. What does this mean? One is the ordinary, and the other is the extraordinary.

I have several trees just outside my office window, so seeing and hearing birds in them, particulary in April and May through to October is an ordinary experience and is to be expected really. However, the birds in them are usually robins, sparrows, starlings, and other small urban birds. She would pick up a few pieces, walk a few steps, drop them and pick up others which I presume she thought were better suited than the ones in her beak.

Even though she is a common robin, and robins are really all about spring, re-newal, rebirthing, rebuilding, and stretching yourself in new areas, she obviously also had another message for me.

So by paying attention to her and her behaviour and understanding what she was showing me, it went from being an ordinary message to an extraordinary message. Even though birds and animals die everyday, everywhere, to have one actually pass in your presence is truly an honour. For the bird to come to your home at this time in their life, when they are in pain, and really at their most vunerable, shows that you are person of compassion and that you can be trusted.

They know they have found a safe sanctuary and have chosen you. This is a gift to you really. To know that you create an environment, your home, in which others can come when they need a safe haven away from the storm of their lives.

This was the message for you. This bird really was acknowledging that and letting you know that the Universe has also noticed your compassion for others. This was an extraordinary occurance. Sparrows are all about responsbility. As I mention in the blog, dead birds bring messages to you that whatever is happening in your life right now has come to an end and it is time to move forward.

This sparrow is putting you on notice that you need to take responsbility for something so that it can be finished and done with so you can move forward by doing what you need to do. If you do this, the obstacles surrounding this will pass and you will see things from a new perspective. Hi I just had a quick question. So I was out jogging the other day and I went past a flower shop.

I seen a bird fly past into the shop then hit the window hard and passed out on the ground. I waived to the owner to come see what happened and he picked the bird up. I seen it all and was just out randomly out on a stroll. I got somewhat scared bc of the old wives tales you mentioned.

It made me cry bc I am going through a break up and have been trying to stay positive, busy, faithful and hopeful for better things to come.

And by looking up about birds and reading this really put a different perspective on my journey and choice to let go of something I felt that was not right for me! Hi Shannon, yes it was just one of the weird things we see. Think of it in terms of logic. Birds and animals die every minute of every day somewhere on the planet. There are not more people on the planet than ever before. More people mean more buildings, more buildings mean more windows for birds to fly into, so at some point, it is bound to happen, that you would see one.

However, it is not totally without a message. When a bird or animal is close to death, it is at its most vunerable time in life, and it is an honour that you are the one chosen to bear witness to its passing.

Just as you are bearing witness to the passing of something from your life that is no longer serving a purpose for you. It will help you to shift your perspective from what you have lost, to what you will gain, for when we release useless stuff from our lives, we create space for new and better stuff to come into them. The bird was a message that you are ready. Now is your time. Release, release, release and welcome the new.

Penny, what a beautiful post. I always get feathers around me but sometimes birds as well. Last year a pigeon flew into a window. A few months later one of our dogs jumps onto our bed with a dying pigeon. It was all about his ego not God. I think the bird was letting me know the relationship there is dead and to let it go. It was very sad. It was laid out peacefully. It had a little hole in it and was rotten inside.

We have stuff going on in our business life I feel this pertains to. The pigeons have two messages for you, the first is all about home and security, and the second is also all about home and security lol. Firstly pigeons have been used as messagers by humans for centuries, as homing pigeons, quite literally carrying messages from one person to another.

They were very useful in times of war before we had other methods of communication. The message is that you should seek security around and in your home — meaning focus on your family and make them your primary concern — not just your biological family, but otherwise too.

Coming across a dead pigeon carries one message, having one die in your home carries another. When a bird or animal is near death, this is when they are most vunerable, and for the pigeon to choose your home as a place to die, shows that it believes it has found a safe environment, a safe santuary. It is an honour, and show of great trust, to be selected by a bird or animal as a place to die. The message is strong — your home, whether it is your physical home, or your place of business which is home to alot of entrenpenures and their employees , is a place where you and your family, biological or otherwise, can seek shelter, comfort, compassion, trust and support, during these turbulent and uncertain times.

This is no small feat in the times in which we live. I feel you have made a great analogy, connection, between the broken, unhatched, rotten egg and the business partner. As I read it, I keep hearing messages in the form of phrases: I am also being told to look to the birds for the message — there are certain species of birds that will steal eggs from the nests of other species in order to help ensure that that species does not survive.

These two species generally compete in nature for the same resources, ie space, food, nesting supplies, etc.

Ravens and Crows are a good example of this. One of the two species is generally more agressive Raven than the other Crow and also usually larger. The less aggressive of the two will, in an effort to perputuate the species, will hide eggs in the nest of a third totally different species, so that the aggressive species is fooled into thinking that they have elimiated their competition. Your business partner is the Raven and you are the Crow.

So the message here to me, is clear, find a nest of a different species to hide some of your eggs in and the partner will be fooled into believing that he has suceeded in eliminating his competition.

But you will survive. The egg on your doorstep was dropped there by a species that had stolen it from a competeing species nest, dropped it to destroy it, but the plan, like the egg, is rotten — and will not hatch. I also just realized you wrote this in !

How kind of you to respond and with such insight. Employees are family, they are the ones who make the business move forward. Treating everyone with respect and doing the most you can for all is. Interesting you mention security. I kept finding things that were showing me I needed to be more active with this. The biggest thing is a bag of items which belonged to my grandfather; his police whistle, his NRA card dated , the year he passed away, his wallet and handkerchief.

I LOVED your thought about the rotten egg and we are hoping this is how it works out in the long run. We will definitely keep your thoughts in mind when negotiating.

My husband is always fair and some people take it as a weakness, they will be mistaken when all of this is said and done. Just found your blog. After an intense prayer session on Wed afternoon I found a dead sparrow on the threshold of my front door Thur. Is there a specific significance to the type of bird and where I found it? Sparrows bring messages focused on fulfilling your responsibilities by pursuing and doing what you need to do for yourself.

By doing so, you will soon see obstacles passing out of your view and being resolved. Entry ways, or doors, or thresholds to the out-of-door, signify new opportunities, entering a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. So my interpretation of this experience that you had is that you are now ready to leave your old life behind and being a new one that focuses on your wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of others, and if you do so, you can expect any obstacles that block that from occuring to give way to the new opportunities that are presenting themselves to you.

The choice is yours. I saw a small baby bird who got kicked out of the nest literally on my front door jamb.

Then the next day I found two larger birds , one looked almost dead and the other semi dead. I took pics and the humane society said they are babies and the other should come back for them. Then the third day my coworker found a bird in the very same place I found the two birds the day before. This was yet another species than the other three i saw in the last two days, and this one was even larger.

It was where I would have walked passed and seen it myself but she got to work before me and had picked it up to move it to the grass to rest in peace. I just find it interesting that its 3 days in a row, and each day the birds health declined and the size got notably larger. And the fact that I believe death comes in threes, and these are four birds.

Any ideas on the meaning? For all birds, dead or alive, or in the process of dying are messages for us. As mentioned in the blog, finding dead birds is a message that there is something you are dealing with in your life that is coming to an end, and it is reassuring you that not only is it ok for you to move on, but that it is important that you do, that you release that which no longer serves a purpose so you can make way for new things to come into your life.

When birds come to us near death, it is a special honour. For this is the most vunerable time in their lives. It shows that they know you can be trusted, that you are a caring, compassionate person, and that you and your home is a refruge and a safe place — a sanctuary.

Knowing this, it is a place where you can go to when you are in times of distress. Now lets look at location — the front door jam — this signifies that you are entering a time of new opportunities as you release the old, and that you should take a look around to see what these opportunities are that are being presented to you.

You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. In particular, a door that opens to the outside, signifies your need to be more accessible to others.

I really needed to see this. Been seeing dead birds all day. Came home and there was an injured bird in my yard. I have been stressed out horribly but after reading this I felt like everything was ok.

Thank you so much this post. One day I walk out of my house and found dead crows all over my front yard so I walked to the side of the house and found more dead crows so I proceeded to the back of the house and found more black crows dead so I investigated and looked further away from my property and saw that they were only around my house so what does that mean can somebody give me a logical explination.

As I mentioned in the blog, seeing dead birds is all about something in your life ending. For example a job you hate, an unhealthy relationship with someone, stress over finances, etc. The dead birds tell you it is time for you to move on from that, to move forward and to release that which is no longer serving a purpose in your life.

The crows are messengers bringing you magical help. When I use the word magical, I am not referring to witchcraft, but rather to something wonderous and unexpected. So when you are seeing dead crows, the message for you is: Wow Penny you made me feel better. Saw a dead baby Dove on the sidewalk in front of me on vacation. It was my first sober vacation in 37 years.

It was soooo hard for me as everyone with me was drinking. I hope that bird repressed the death of my old relationship with alcohol.

The site of the baby bird hurt me so bad. I felt his beauty would never be appreciated. His life never realized. So I took a picture of him. Later in the hotel, there were beautiful colorful love birds trapped in a cage. I took a picture of one of them too. Somehow , the picture of the caged bird was sadder than that of the dead one. I continue to think of the two situations. Freedom in death or trapped in beauty. Thanks again for the wonderful insight.

You made a correct interpretation regarding the dove, but I want to expand on it a bit. Doves are a symbol of peace, and in this case it is also bringing you the message that you have entered a new cycle in your life and opportunities are at hand. These opportunites, particularly the ones associated with spiritual and personal growth, will bring you a time of peace and prosperity as you have finished mourning and releasing the old behaviour patterns and have passed into a new birth.

I felt MY beauty would never be appreciated. All those years that alcohol had control over you, this was how you felt but never expressed it.

The dove has come with this message so that now you can express it, heal it and move forward with the new opportunities that are coming your way. Crows represent unexpected help with problems and obstacle, coming from unexpected places. In this case, one of those places is from within your own heart, as the magic of your new life is calling you to move into your new life.

The ducks message is to seek out emotional comfort and protection by staying in a comfortable environment. Or more simply put, if being around others that drink makes you uncomfortable, then seek out a more comfortable environment, remove yourself from the situation into a more comfortable place, ie by the pool feeding birds, and these difficulties will be easily handled if you keep the ducks in mind in the future.

Lastly, the bird vacation was for YOU. I sent the birds just for you. Funny for days after seeing the dead baby bird, a crow kept coming to me on my terrace and at pool side. I fed the Bird each time. My sister was terrified saying it was bad luck.

I felt peace and awe of his beauty. So black and shiney. I also adopted two ducks on the premises. Guess my vacation was for the birds.

My sisters were calling me Tippi Hendren. I too thought is was a bad omen until I found your blog. We are in Escrow on our new home, and we are here with the inspector and there is a dead bird in the pool. I especially loved my message from Alfred as I am a total fan of all his work. Even studied him in college.

I stay up late every night watching his TV reruns. Everything you said hit a cord in me. My sister and I read you answer over and over. Drinking in all the analogies.

I am going to apply all your knowledge to my current situation. I never realized that how I was feeling and mourning over the birds were really my repressed inner feelings about myself. I live in NY. Are you in England? I will be contacting you about a phone consult real soon. Blessings and hugs are coming your way. Hi Kate, not sure how I missed this entry, but I did. I am glad I was able to shed some light on your situation.

I am not in England, although when I speak a lot of people ask me which part of England I am from, especially the Francophones where I live. I live in the bilingual province of New Brunswick in Canada. You have my private email, just email to schedule an appointment. Penny, I am dealing with something right now that I feel that I could really use your help with. I was guided to this website because I found a dead bird on my door step this morning and googled dead birds.

I believe with all my heart that this is a direct sign from my angels in regards to something they know about. I need help with interpretation. Also, there is a bit more to it. I would be so appreciative if you could respond to me. Thank you so much for your time.

Hi Lynn, you really have not given me much to go on except it was on your doorstep, so here is what I have about finding a dead bird in your doorway. Finding a dead bird in a doorway signifies new opportunities that are presented before you. In particular, a door that opens to the outside, signifies your need to be more accessible to others, whereas a door that opens into the inside, denotes your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery.

You are need to be more open to new ideas and concepts. It is really all about how you protray yourself to others, how outgoing you are, your welcoming or unwelcoming attitude especially to new opportunities and new stages in your life. You said there was more to the story, feel free to private message me with the rest and perhaps I will have a deeper interpretation for you.

While I was sitting in my room working on my laptop I heard a loud thump on the roof of my apartment, I got up and looked outside of my balcony, and on I saw a big red tailed hawk standing on top of a dead grey catbird, the hawk eventually got up and flew away into a tree straight across from my apartment and ate the bird.

Hi Amarie, sorry to be soooooooo long getting back to you. I have had a backlog of over questions to respond to, and they take quite a while sometimes to channel.

Anyway, to your question. It has been more than a year since you sent in your request, so I am not sure if you have figured out the message by this time or not. But it is an interesting message, so here goes. Catbirds are all about communication.

It was necessary for you at that time to watch your words, as words have great power, and can actually manifest things into being on the physical plane. The catbird was encouraging you to explore new ways to communicate. I am feeling a book in the making. The hawk was a sign that spirit vision and guardianship are all around you and encourages you to be patient and observe because the signs are clear and when you recognize the signs, you will easily see opportunities as they arise in you your.

So what is the title of your book, the world is waiting for it. Penny It was a Blessing to find this blog. I am optimistic about some personal situations that relate to what transpired 3 years ago. Today I saw a bird, maybe a sparrow walking around my back patio. I went out to dinner, left the back patio open and when I got home I found the bird dead in my home office. I have a small pet, a maltese…. I am not sure if she brought the bird inside the house, which I doubt because she is so shy or did the bird fly or walked in to die in my office.

At first I freaked out because I thought it was a bad omen until I found your posts. What are your thoughts? If it was a sparrow, it is bringing you a message regarding the need to trust your nobility. The fact that it choose your home in which to take its last breath is an even strong indication that you are a noble person, meaning that you do what is right.

You do not take the easy path because it is easy and less of a bother. Sometimes doing what is right is a very hard thing to do, especially when being judged by others. Know that when you make a choice that supports right action, not only do you benefit but all beings in the Universe do as well.

In fulfilling your responsibilities, and pursuing what you need to do in any situation, especially what you need to do for you, all obstacles will pass. Hi Penny, I try to stay away from black birds cause they seemed to enter into my apartment on the 7th floor through the open window right around the death in my family. Literaly,days before someone dies. Right now, I am buying the house,that house is empty and there is a dead black bird in it. I want to ask you, is it a bad luck? Should I not buy this house?

Hi Anna, I never influence the decisions and choices of others, so I will not tell you not to buy the house and I will not tell you to buy it either.

It is completely up to you, your choice. What I can talk about however, is birds, and especially the bad rep that some birds have.

At one time, humans were all pagan, in that they were connected to the Earth, its energy, and all its other beings, including the birds, animals, trees, plants, and minerals. All beings lived in harmony, supporting each other and honouring each other. A human hunter would give a prayer of gratitude to a deer that they had killed before eating it. Birds were honoured and respected because they were the only beings that could leave the planet and reach the heavens. Through human history, the birds have always been a messenger from the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, assisting the humans to know what the Guardians of the Heavens were asking of them.

We could all interpret there meanings. All cultures on the planets had a bird mythology filled with legends and stories. This is how we lived for eons. Then just over two thousand years ago, Christianity arrived on the planet, and in its need to divert us from our nature based belief system to their fear based system, the reputations of certain birds were gradually over time converted into bad omens, death bringers, and forerunners of a mulitute of misfortunes.

Among thoses who were seen this way were the Owls and many of the black birds, both being associated with the night, the darkness, the blackness. And we began to fear them. However, with the new energy arriving on the planet, people are beginning to turn to the old ways, of being ONE with the planet, other beings and the Universe. They are looking at things from a new perspective. The birds have always been messengers, teachers, wisdom givers.

They do not bring messages of death and destruction. There are dozens of species of black birds, but if this was a blackbird, black bird, its message is about protecting what is yours, and is usually a good sign of promise telling you that the forces of Nature are with you now. It is important to stake out your territory, so if you want this house, stake your claim on it without fear, the Divine timing and Nature are supporting you.

If it was not a blackbird, but rather a different species of black birds, then the message may be of a different nature depending what is going on in your life.

Yesterday, I seen -in the same day, three dead baby cardinals. Does it matter what type of bird it is or is it any type of bird? Odd, initially I thought it meant something was wrong within the environment, but then it dawned on me heavily last night that there was another significance of the dead birds. They were featherlings and oddly, the first one I seen was way across the street from the first two, and I would have missed the first two had not my granddaughter spotted it hanging in a bush!

A tingly feeling came over me immediately. Thank you for your question Helen, and the detailed description of the sighting. It makes an interpretation easier to have all the facts. Cardinals are bright red, a flashy colour and are usually pretty easy to spot. However, you say in your post that you would have missed them if not for your granddaughter pointing them out.

This is part of the message — your granddaughter seeing them. It reminds us that often children see things that we as adults cannot, or things that we overlook and could see if we took the time to do so. It is also important in the interpretation that these birds were chicks and not adults — again emphasizing that adults overlook things. Would you have been as affected by the sighting if it had been adult birds as opposed to chicks? Having said all that, here is the message that cardinals carry to us.

Of course you are and that is why she was the one to spot them first, to remind you that you are a source of light in her life and to not overlook her, to see her as she truly is, on a spiritual level. Doing so will be good practice for you in coming to understand just how beautiful you are, for what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. So when you see the true her, you will see the true you, and as you see her as a loving source of light and energy, you will come to see yourself in the same way, as a source of loving light and energy.

When you have done so, you will move to the next level along your spiritual path of enlightenment. This was a very significant and beautiful experience. Hi peggy, i found 3 dead blackbird chiks on 3 seperate days in My bakyard. Then a day Laterne a dead pigeon and sparrow lying. On their back face up on My work journey, i have three children and im happily married, but i Do have a terrible selfdestruct character, drink, selfharm ….

I can feel your distress through your email. I hope I can help a little. If you read the blog, you understand that dead birds of any kind are a message that you are now ready to move forward in your life by releasing something that no longer serves a purpose in your life, or some aspect of your behaviour that is not in your higest good, and if it is not in your higest good, then it is causing pain — not only to you but often to others as well.

It could be a multitude of things, and often the species of the bird helps us figure that out. You, yourself have already identified what those behaviours are that are causing you and your loved ones pain.

We feel that it is ourselves that we are hurting. The three different species that you saw, have positive messages, guidance and wisdom for you. Sparrows bring you encouragement to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself. The blackbird is all about protecting what is yours. Ask yourself, is it in my highest good to protect this happy marriage; is it in the highest good to protect the relationship I have with my partner and my children.

Then ask, from whom does it need protection, and how can I protect it. The sparrow has shown you the answer. The blackbirds also tell us that surprises and new understanding are coming and that secrets will be revealed that give new perspective on the situation. Three chicks children and three children — a message that you can gain new perspective on this situation by seeing it through the eyes of your children — how do they perceive this situation, what secrets are they guarding that you need to know in order to begin along the path of nobility.

There hearts hold secrets that can help you along this journey. Pigeons are all about home. Home is where the heart is.

When storms arise in your life and you are feeling the call of the old self destructive patterns, huddle with your family — biological or otherwise, for they will not only support you and provide you with a sense of security, but they will continue to remind you on a spiritual level of your responsbilities and nobility.

Homes are built on foundations, and your family is your support system, your foundation. I also feel that part of the message is encouraging to have a look at people in your life that might not be in your highest good.

Are there people around you who would benefit from you staying in a place of self destructiveness, ie a drinking buddy who never wants to drink a lone and therefore recruits you to drink as well.

If you, it would be in your highest good, to recognize the role that these individuals are playing in keeping you in a place of self harm, and then choose whether or not you wish to have them remain in your life as you move along your journey. Remember, not all people are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. It is ok to let them go if they are causing you harm or pain in anyway. What do you mean by that?

Can you define what happiness is to you, and what consitutes a happy marriage. Is this a one-sided happy marriage, or is the other person in the relationship happy as well. This is not a judgement, it is to reveal those secrets we talked about in the above paragraph, to see things with new eyes, from new perspectives.

Can someone who is self destructive and self harming be in what is called a happy marriage, can the partner be happy in the marriage if they are constantly under stress and worried over their partner. Be honest with yourself. If you ask yourself these questions and you do not like the answers, this is your opportunity to choose to make changes in your life, and by doing so, making changes in the lives of those you love and who love you.

These birds are telling you — this is your time, your time to make choices that will affect the rest of your life, and to also let you know that you do not have to do it alone. You have the love and support that you need to make any choices that you choose to make.

Thanks for this, my sister opened her door this morning and it was covered in feathers and a dead bird head was on the sidewalk. The body was not there. She believes a cat was the culprit but it freaked her out initially. Glad it is a good thing. Glad to have been of assistance. It is always a shock initially when we see a dead bird, or any dead animal for that matter because of their beauty, and on a primal level, we intuitively know that it is a message of some sort but because of our disconnection from nature, we do not know what that message is.

Thankyou penny, i know what ive got to do, hard work and My families love are the things that keep everything in place, i will take Ur Kind words and use them to guide myself in a more constructive manner, im afraid ive been using My past as an excuse for My behavour! Thanku so much , i am going to change because i Do love My family and i want them to love me also, thanks penny.

Firstly, let me send your condolences on your recent loss, to you, your mum and your son. Please do not worry about losing your mom, for birds do not bring bad omens of impending death, on the contrary, this is a very positive sign, as it is a sign of promise. When you read the blog, you will see that finding a dead bird is a sign that it is time for you to leave something behind, and that you are ready to move forward if you choose to do so. The blackbird, talks about staking out your territory and recognizing that the forces of Nature are with you.

It is a reminder to look outside of ourselves for clues and meanings to see what is in store for us in the future. Blackbird awakens the mind with awareness as changes of perceptions are unfolding.

He stirs psychic abilities and brings to consciousness latent healing gifts and creativity. Blackbird shows how to move with determination, focus and tenacity and how to use your power to its fullest potential. At this time there is a magic of the unseen worlds coming forth that is paired with the balance of grounding within the earth as you walk your path. Blackbird will guide in this new awakening. Blackbird teaches use of intuition that will aid in understanding Mother Nature and the connection to all things.

Are you listening carefully to the seen and unseen worlds? Are you grounding and balancing your energy appropriately? Blackbird will teach much and bring new surprises when you least expect it. Pay attention and listen carefully for there is much going on around you that will show you the direction you should now travel.

So this was not a bad omen, as many people believe, but rather a message that your mom now has an opportunity, if she chooses to, to connect to others on a different level of consciousness. I am feeling that you mom is receiving messages from her husband, but is afraid of being considered ill if she mentions them, and this too is quite normal, especially among couples who have been together for a very long time as they have.

This blackbird, is simply a message to her that what she is experiencing is real and something weird or abnormal.

He really is trying to comfort her from the otherside by visiting her.

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