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19 Dating Spots In Chennai (Includes Private & Lonely Places For Lovers!)

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If you haven't tried it ever then you can begin your journey of choosing your date online with this list of 7 best dating websites in India. There are dozens of villages and communities throughout this area which you can visit and get a real sense of everyday life and culture in this interesting place. Know the answer to that question and take it seriously. I have always found women from India beautiful. Young men and women in Chennai are trying their luck through dating apps and there are plenty of apps to choose from.

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Thanks for sharing it. A Desi Indian dating app which lets you connect to Desi people based on interests. So always believe in your ability and efforts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A great place to discover culture in a serene and calm surrounding!

A couple of hours at Muttukadu can get you hungry before you head out for lunch or dinner. Remember to avoid boating during the hot summer.

This is the second largest brackish water lake in India and has a bird sanctuary. Get yourself a pair of binoculars if you would like to watch birds! You can hire a boat from the local fishermen and enjoy the sunset while enjoying the boat ride. There is no better way to break the ice and know your date intimately by taking up a challenging task together. There are a couple of surf schools in Covelong a short drive from Chennai that offer short courses for beginners as well as advanced multi-day courses.

They are not cheap upwards of Rs. Check out their websites — here and here. Mahabalipuram is a short drive from Chennai on the way to Pondicherry. Here is a great description of what you will find here.

It has a group of sanctuaries, which was carved out of rock along the Coromandel coast in the 7th and 8th centuries: There are world-class restaurants that serve you amazing food on the beach and to top it all, there are live shows. Because this is a private resort, you will have acres of clean beach all for yourself. Sport fishing is a great option for an exciting and adventurous date! There are a couple of companies that offer sport fishing trips.

They have modern boats and all the accessories you will need and they will also arrange light snacks for you on the high seas if you book in advance. You can book 2-hour or even 8-hour trips depending on how serious you are with fishing. A 2-hour boat ride and fishing should be good enough for a date though. Beware of sea sickness! If you are both adventurous, sport fishing in Chennai is a must! Among the best dating spots in Chennai if you enjoy the adrenaline rush. This is a great place for a date if the two of you have tucked in a heavy meal at a restaurant and you want to continue the date and at the same time burn some calories!

Located close to the airport, St Thomas Mount has a church on top. You can take the stairs for a nice workout and once you get up the hill soak in the views of Chennai or enjoy the beautiful sunset! You should count St.

Thomas Mount among the best dating spots in Chennai if all you want is a heart to heart conversation. The Egmore Museum is at the heart of the city and is a great place to get away from the crowds! During the weekday, you will have plenty of privacy to admire art and also get to know your date. The entry fee is next to nothing. Avoid going there on hot days as the air conditioning at the museum is not up to the job!

The Egmore museum will count among the best dating spots in Chennai as it is close to a huge selection of restaurants at a walkable distance in case you have to take a break. You will have plenty of space to walk around the zoo or even hire rickety bicycles to check out the vast zoo. The entry fee is affordable Rs.

There are plenty of amusement parks in Chennai along the coast as well as along the Chennai — Bangalore highway. They are not comparable to the Disney Worlds or Universal Kingdoms of the world. However, they provide a convenient place to just chill out, spend some quality time together, and if you are done talking, enjoy some of the rides. The entry fee could range from upwards of Rs.

Interestingly, Chennai was once the retail capital of India and still continues to be a leading centre for retail businesses. The mall culture came to Chennai way back in the s with the Spencer Plaza opening its door. While Spencer Plaza now resembles an abandoned relic, the mall culture in Chennai has gained a lot of traction with mega malls like Express Avenue and Phoenix Market City. These malls boast international restaurant chains and world class multiplexes and are by far the most pleasant dating spots in Chennai with air-conditioned comfort!

Not a bad idea if you have a date during the weekday. Here is why we think Luz Avenue should be on this list. It has a 0. There are plenty of fine dining, chic cafes, and stalls that serve a wide variety of cuisines dotting this area. So finding a place to grab something to eat is a breeze. Of course, there is the historic Church of Our Lady of Light and the Kabaleeshwar Temple if you two are the spiritual type! Consider renting a cosy homestay through Airbnb!

Interestingly, you will find hidden gems located in good neighbourhoods with gracious hosts on Airbnb. With no one to bother you and your sweetheart, you can spend all the time you want in a relaxed setting. Click here to start a search. Stroll through the Boat Club road. So where do you ladies recommend is the best place to meet and hopefully date an Indian woman in a serious relationship?

White boys are a big NO for most Indian girls I know. Even American Asians are a bit touchy about their daughters dating only "our kind" but there are a few Indian girls who date white boys Indian girls truly are brillaint. Come down to India: There are plenty of Indian Girls here: P Dont know about others but I personally don't think that race or religion to be such a big issue.

It would matter to the girls who live with their parents though! A lot of indian parents are very old school and would prefer their son or daughter to marry another indian although there are some that are quite open minded! I think you can meet Indian girls at places where Indian festivals like Diwali are celebrated You can come to India too. Parents can have a problem with such union but depends on how conservative her parents are.

Well you're looking for an Indian girl, being white guy you shouldn't reckon that, there are amazing chicks there in US, and apart from the fact am gonna spoil your vivid imagination. I don't think that it'll be a good option for you. We dont really have the freedom to "modern" and kind of have expectation to be smart and intelligent and growing up in a western country broadens your mind anyways

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best place for dating in india

Auroville is an amazing place.

best place for dating in india

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best place for dating in india

During a invia, espec…. Young men and women in Chennai are trying their luck through dating apps and there are plenty of apps to best place for dating in india from. The dating places in nagoya ensues that all members maintain a quick and rather regular response rate. Indian dating sites are the best way to find someone special in your life. The Amethyst Cafe in the heart of the city is an oasis of greenery that not only serves food but also sells cool stuff from leading fashion designers in India. So finding a place to grab something to eat is a breeze. Watching the latest bollywood films is also something I enjoy.