Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

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I usually import into iPhoto and leave them on my iPhone. Finally, in , Kindle for iPhone arrived. You cannot simply start referring to an Apple as a PC now that it has an Intel chipset or because it is a personal computer. I am becoming extremely bored trolling through arguments, that are basically semantic, in order to have someone confirm an idea i have wether large or small is this an age thing? What a backwards way to import them. Hi, i am unable to transfer photos from my iphone to my laptop…i cnnected both via data cable.. It marked a major milestone:

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December 20, at 6: I gotta tell ya, I am frustrated…. It was helped along by challenging yet easy-to-play levels that could be attempted — and re-attempted — in a minute. The backlash was swift and intense — at one point the app was ranked No. Now the app itself will soon disappear — Dropbox announced it would shutter it to focus on the company's core products.

It will just transfer you photos into a folder on your computer automatically when you want it to. Its kinda like icloud but u can store lots more and its easy acess to them on your computer.

I needed to remove photos from my iphone to my computer. I plugged in my iphone and via windows I followed the instruction on the box that poped up and cliked to erase pictures from iphone when download was completed. I cannot find my pictures on the computer and they are no longer in my iphone. Can you help to find my pictures? Thank you for advice.. The easiest way I found to transfer as many photos as I want from Iphone into mac is to connect the phone.

Then, you need to launch the Preview application, go to file and export as many photos as you want to a specific file. Solved a big problem, now non-existent. Attached to pc, opened my computer, simply copied all to a folder…entire process took less than a minute!

Thanks for the great advice! My iPhone automatically goes to the document to place photos because it set itself to do that and I have no clue how to unset it. I looked at another website and it required to download some app or something, but your suggestion literally took seconds!

When I plug my iphone into my computer. Am I really going to have to import only one image at a time?? I gotta tell ya, I am frustrated…. How do I fix this? But preview was exactly what was needed. The thousands literally of photos I need transferring from my old iPhone 3 to my PC, are all in separate folders. My iPhone is unlocked when connecting to my Windows PC, and I can see all the pics in my Camera Roll, but not the pics in the other folder.

If the iPhone has a password locking the device it may need to be unlocked before the photos can be transferred. This depends on your security settings of course. Family sends me photos in messages. Plug the iPhone to computer and begin transferring photos to PC by treating the iPhone as a moveable disk is the easiest way! Install Dropbox app onto both your iPhone and your PC.

Then open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and switch to the Uploads tab. Thanks for posting this, so easy. Even for a long time mac user. Always used iPhoto but this is so much easier! I have too many pictures and need them off pronto. Yes the Photos app will attempt to import all photos from an iPhone or camera into the Mac, all you do is connect it then click on the Import button.

Maybe I should use some transfer tools. But I want much tools for instead. After I transferred my pictures from my iPhone to my PC they display sideways on my screen. How can I fix this? So, I tried third-party photo transfer app. Every photo can be copied to my PC easily. Thank you so much! New Mac owner, was being driven to distraction by the horrible articles Mac had on the subject.

These instructions worked to get the actual files transferred over. I had a old I phone 6s that I lost but when I bought a new I phone 7 all the old photos from that phone came up on new phone but when I plug the new phone into computer it only recognises the photos taken on the new phone not old photos.

Guys, just do us all a favor: Yes anne, if you read this article you will find there are different procedures for transferring photos from iPhone to a Mac versus to a PC. Mail will not be published required. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: July 10, at 8: November 14, at 5: January 21, at 3: October 11, at 7: April 20, at 9: July 9, at 8: August 26, at 5: December 5, at 5: February 15, at 7: June 2, at 1: October 21, at 4: January 8, at October 30, at 8: October 17, at 6: August 27, at 9: September 4, at 6: November 12, at 5: February 25, at 4: December 12, at 1: February 6, at 6: November 23, at September 15, at 7: February 5, at July 10, at January 16, at 3: January 26, at 4: February 12, at 9: October 24, at 4: May 5, at March 15, at 1: June 3, at 3: December 11, at 4: April 8, at 8: August 12, at 9: August 31, at 9: October 27, at 6: December 22, at January 2, at 3: July 19, at 6: July 25, at 7: March 2, at 1: July 22, at 5: February 1, at August 21, at January 9, at 7: This guys a dick says: February 19, at 1: April 10, at 3: May 17, at August 18, at 4: May 5, at 8: December 27, at 9: July 10, at 9: June 13, at 9: July 12, at 9: July 12, at 1: July 14, at 8: September 17, at October 9, at 7: June 28, at 3: October 22, at 2: October 24, at 2: November 5, at 6: November 21, at 2: July 15, at 6: January 12, at January 27, at 4: September 30, at 5: February 2, at 3: February 14, at March 10, at 4: August 22, at 2: December 14, at 4: November 16, at 2: November 22, at November 25, at 9: August 30, at November 29, at 7: December 2, at 3: January 7, at 3: July 6, at 1: December 8, at December 10, at 6: December 19, at 2: July 18, at March 28, at December 14, at 3: December 17, at 2: January 3, at 6: February 10, at February 11, at 2: February 20, at 4: February 23, at 1: March 5, at 3: March 5, at 6: March 12, at March 13, at March 15, at 6: March 17, at 1: March 24, at March 26, at 9: March 27, at 7: March 27, at 8: March 31, at 4: March 31, at 7: April 24, at 8: April 25, at 4: May 8, at 3: May 8, at 4: May 22, at September 19, at 9: May 10, at 1: May 11, at May 11, at 9: May 15, at May 22, at 7: June 9, at 1: September 26, at 1: June 14, at 9: June 21, at June 27, at 1: July 11, at 2: July 12, at July 14, at July 15, at 7: July 16, at July 24, at August 4, at 8: December 20, at 6: August 18, at August 15, at 9: October 11, at 8: August 23, at 8: August 23, at August 24, at 7: August 28, at September 5, at 4: September 7, at 6: How to download photos from iPhone to computer - Page 3 - iPhone Forum says: September 9, at 3: September 24, at September 26, at 2: September 30, at October 6, at October 6, at 3: December 29, at 3: October 14, at 4: October 19, at 7: October 30, at November 3, at November 11, at 1: November 12, at 3: November 19, at 5: December 13, at December 29, at 2: January 17, at 5: January 17, at 7: February 5, at 6: January 23, at 8: January 28, at 6: February 4, at 9: February 10, at 8: February 20, at February 29, at 3: March 14, at 1: March 14, at 2: March 19, at 6: March 20, at 7: March 28, at 6: April 10, at 1: April 12, at 7: April 15, at 9: April 19, at 9: April 24, at 7: April 24, at April 28, at 9: April 29, at 3: May 4, at 6: May 4, at 3: May 9, at 7: May 10, at May 31, at May 15, at 6: May 20, at 8: May 27, at May 29, at June 2, at 6: June 7, at 2: July 4, at 8: July 9, at 9: July 13, at July 21, at July 29, at 2: July 31, at 5: August 10, at August 13, at August 14, at 5: August 14, at 3: August 16, at August 22, at August 31, at 5: September 5, at 6: September 6, at 7: September 6, at September 7, at 8: September 19, at 4: September 26, at 3: October 5, at 1: October 8, at October 11, at 9: The app now works with a video database as well, letting users Shazam certain ads or shows to get special deals or specific information like cast details.

Its ability to pull a song title out of what seems like thin air never gets old. Forget for a moment that Tinder completely changed the dating culture for an entire generation. Before Tinder, most people had never experienced an app that relied so heavily on simple swiping.

But it was Tinder that started the trend. The benefit to the app is twofold: One, it makes it really easy for people to instantly understand how it works, and two, it's really easy to use one-handed. Speaking of which, Tinder pioneered a whole new type dating app. Arguably too easy — what started as a mobile dating service became the de facto hookup app of an entire generation.

Now Tinder had expanded beyond its initial swipes with tons of new features and a new premium tier that offers benefits like unlimited swipes and the ability to connect with people in other cities. Time will tell how these new features will play out but one thing is clear: Tinder will likely be remembered as the best and worst thing to happen to dating since the beginning of the Internet. Maybe it was the politics: Of course, Uber has never been a sticker for the rules.

The startup has plowed through legal roadblocks, taxi revolts, abysmally stupid PR and even the despicable criminal behavior of a few drivers, all the while growing larger and more influential. Driving it all is one of the best app experiences in mobile. Download, create an account, and your first car arrives in a few minutes. Because of surge pricing, that payment can sometimes be painful, but at least it alerts you before you call for a ride.

Uber has expanded far beyond its original tap-for-black-car vision, now offering SUVs, car seats, food how about a taco with that Escalade? Its long-term plan is to command a fleet of self-driving cars.

When the future arrives, it may well pull up in an Uber. It seems a red, round bird with thick, scowling eyebrows is destined to be just as recognizable as Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. Every platform needs that first game to push it to new heights, and for iOS, that game was Angry Birds. The simple idea of slingshotting disgruntled avians towards teetering towers of bricks, stones and pigs was the perfect fit for touch controls.

It was helped along by challenging yet easy-to-play levels that could be attempted — and re-attempted — in a minute. It changed the way mobile developers thought about games for years, with both a premium version and a free, ad-supported version available. While mobile game fads may change, it has stood the test of time. The app was simple, and its filtered creations easily shareable, which helped Instagram go viral almost immediately.

Like many apps, Instagram owes some of its original virality to Twitter, which helped the app take off seemingly overnight. Even as Instagram grew, it never got too cluttered with unnecessary features and updates.

Though some initially questioned the move, Instagram, which now counts more than million users, has only grown its popularity and influence. Its design isn't perfect, to be sure there's no way to zoom, for instance , but the app changed how we think about sharing experiences, and it's become one of the most influential social networks in the world. Those words were spoken by Steve Jobs when he unveiled the iPhone in He was partially right. SMS does a decent job of two-factor authentication for typical web users — where, in addition to a password, you receive a secret code via text message that lets you securely log into a service.

But Google Authenticator levels-up the idea in a few key ways: Breaking News is the app for the unapologetic news junkie. Staffed by humans editors based around the globe, this Twitter-powered aggregator delivers short, hand-curated updates on the world's biggest stories. The notifications that make this one a killer app: Tell it which stories you want to follow most closely and you'll never miss a beat.

Koi Pond , an app which highlighted virtual fish darting through a virtual pond, was a phenomenon back in It cleverly let you show off the device's multi-touch display and accelerometer still novelties at the time: Tap to make a splash, shake to feed the fish… and that's it.

No scores, no menus and no point. Which really was the point. Great Lightsaber , the most popular Lightsaber-themed app available, turns your iPhone into the humming weapon of a Jedi with customizable colored blades and different hilts. It single-handedly helped hordes of Star Wars fans live out their Jedi vs. But HiddenApps , which made a brief appearance in the App Store in , allowed you to hide those stock apps.

While the process of actually hiding apps was a bit wonky and the app was short-lived Apple pulled it , the app offered a useful look into the type of customization that usually requires a full-on jailbreak. For each route you search, the app provides an up-to-the-minute breakdown of the fastest possible route, taking all available transit options into account, even things like local bike shares and shuttles.

Map My Run is massively popular among running enthusiasts for good reason: It maps out the routes you take, keeps tabs on distance traveled, pace and calories burned, and tracks other activities as well.

The app has cultivated a large and engaged community too that lets users share stats to motivate or guilt friends off the couch. It was possible to filter by price, neighborhood, ratings and cuisine, and like a slot machine, the app randomly selected nearby eateries that matched those preferences.

It has virtual woodgrain, and what looks like a classic glass, liquid and bubble level on the screen. Eventbrite free , whose service date back in , reinvented how people put on events: The company eventually got so good it moved from small events like parties and company functions to bigger ones like Black Eyed Peas concerts. The interface is easy to use and smartly integrated with existing social platforms to help organizers get the word out.

Later, when Google killed Reader in , the service became more essential, adding more than half a million new users in the span of 48 hours as panicked Reader devotees flocked to the app. Meerkat It was one of those moments where everyone seemed to be talking about the same thing. While certainly not the first app to let users send each other money via smartphone — Google Wallet, PayPal and Square all did that first — PayPal-owned Venmo made the experience a social one.

Sure, Handy Light was branded as a flashlight app, but it had a hidden agenda: On the same day it was released, Handy Light was pulled from the App Store. On the surface, the platform and the app lets users create channels A. Personal finance is a chore, but Mint makes budgeting a lot less daunting. It takes your bank statements, credit card bills and investments and spits out gorgeous interactive charts and graphs, for free, and left-brainers quickly get addicted to the whack-a-mole exercise for putting expenses in the right category.

Managing money with Mint is gamilfied. A beat-based game similar to Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, it was later officially released to great acclaim.

But the fact that one of the biggest early iPhone game franchises started before the platform even had an official SDK makes it historic. If this is the new Microsoft, then count us in.

IFTTT began with a simple formula: Before anyone had ever heard of the Internet of Things, the company was helping users automate their online lives with simple recipes — if I post a photo to Instagram, then save the image to my Dropbox account, for instance.

Over time, the recipes grew more complex and connected to more services. Presaging Cortana and other "digital assistants," Sunrise connected with just about every account you had — email, social media and productivity.

But the sun is soon setting on Sunrise: Instapaper originated as a bookmarklet for web browsers in and later became a favorite app for enabling offline readers. Instapaper has faced fierce competition in recent years from the likes of Pocket and even Safari itself, but it remains one of the best tools to tackle your reading list. RedLaser , the barcode-scanning, price comparison app, was for many one of the first shopping apps ever used.

Roughly one year into development, a competing studio released a similar game in with the same premise, swapping out a grizzled Ridiculous fisherman for a ninja. Instead of calling it quits, the developers pushed forward and eventually launched Ridiculous Fishing in , to wide acclaim, even nabbing an Apple Design Awards at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Periscope was not the first mobile live-streaming service, but it may be the one we remember. It has since improved significantly and is now a more integrated part of the Twitter universe. The app has added solid features over the years too, such as the ability to sync up a reservation time with your mobile calendar to get notifications and pay the bill directly through the app. Need to dash off a quick note? Just tap the green elephant. That's a habit ingrained in the more than million people who regularly use Evernote , the little note-taking app that serves as a hub for to-do lists, business cards and collaborative projects.

It had syncing and other issues early on, but Evernote remains a key part of the mobile workday for iPhone power users. It was also the first iPhone app to be a South By Southwest darling.

In its original incarnation, the app deftly blended the innate location-aware capabilities of the iPhone with the very human desires to know what your friends are up to, and to compete with them. What many forget is that the app was essentially built on top of the Twitter API so you could connect with your Twitter friends based on location.

That feature was actually more important than, say, becoming the "Mayor" of your local coffee shop or office breakroom. Foursquare became vastly popular, but not vastly profitable, and, in recent years, has gone through a bit of an identity crisis.

In it split into two apps, Foursquare and Swarm, and even temporarily killed off location badges and Mayorships. Checking in, however, will be with us forever.

You can use the app to search hands-free, flip a coin and avoid lines at your favorite restaurants, but its neatest trick is Google Now. When enabled, Google Now can provide assistance — like letting you know when to leave to reach your next appointment on time, based on the current traffic conditions — before you even think to ask.

Songza , which Google acquired in and plans to retire in , helped bring the personalized mix tape to streaming music. Songza offers perfect playlists for every occasion and mood and, best of all, the playlists are curated by real people, not an algorithm. That concept of mood-based playlists has become more widespread now that competitors offer similar features. There have been plenty of photo apps, but Google Photos outclasses them all by offering unlimited storage for every picture and video you capture.

Good thing we had GroupMe , which made it possible for groups to seamlessly communicate in one conversation. Better yet, it was cross-platform, so you could message friends whether they were on Android, BlackBerry or who-knows-what. The Room channels the very hands-on puzzle-solving and photorealistic imagery that both games were known for, but shifts the setting to a single puzzle box.

Remember Bump , the app that was once hailed as a business-card killer? It was among the first apps that allowed users to share contact information by touching or bumping two devices together. Bump had a respectable five-year run, but it never broke out of its bubble of dedicated power users. The app was discontinued in after Google acquired it. Or Nicki Minaj trivia. Your friends might not by playing as much as they were a year ago, but it's still popular enough worldwide to get guaranteed matches with randos.

With a couple of dozen layout options and custom borders, filters and other effects, Pic Stitch has long been one of the most popular collage makers. Despite its beautifully minimalist design, the controls aren't the most of intuitive, especially for casual users. But with more than 70 million VSCO tags on Instagram, it remains one of the most influential photo apps to ever grace the iPhone. Ocarina Before Ocarina , apps were things you tapped and pinched and swiped. In , HBO did something very bold and forward-thinking for an old-media company: It accepted that on-demand streaming was the future and embraced it completely.

When eBay released its iPhone app back in , the whole concept of m-commerce mobile commerce was still new. The idea that you could find, buy and sell stuff through an iPhone app was transformative.

To its credit, eBay has kept up the innovation — it now offers an Apple Watch app for tracking transactions from your wrist. Once live, hundreds of thousands more got in line. Mailbox helped push the idea of inbox zero on mobile and its gesture-based controls made it easy for people to deal with messages fast. Dropbox acquired the startup just weeks after it launched, and the wait list disappeared quickly. Now the app itself will soon disappear — Dropbox announced it would shutter it to focus on the company's core products.

It pulls archives from your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to show you what happened on that same day in previous years. The app guides you through vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking lessons that don't feel like homework. Best of all, the app is completely free. Admittedly, its offerings could be more diverse — it mostly offers European languages — but there are likely a lot more lessons in the works.

MyFitnessPal launched its first iPhone app in and amassed a huge following thanks to its social features and simple design. Doodle Jump is still hopping, receiving regular updates and even inspiring a line of merchandise. Originally called Read It Later, the service accrued more than 4 million users. Today, Pocket is integrated with more than 1, apps and counts more than 17 million registered users.

Released in not long after the App Store made its debut, 1Password started out as a companion to the Mac app of the same name. The app makes it easy to access all of your passwords securely from your iPhone. Other password managers are available, but 1Password remains the best in class. Path offered a return to the original premise of a social network: The idea had merit, but Path was more notable for its design, brandishing animated action buttons and orderly layering long before the concepts went mainstream.

Path's premise was ultimately its undoing, however: One of the smartest moves Amazon ever made was to create an app that let your read your digital books on any device or platform you wanted, though the company took its time getting there.

Finally, in , Kindle for iPhone arrived. The app offers all the features of a Kindle reader and some more, like the ability to display color images and graphics. Tweetie was so good Twitter acquired the app in rather than trying to build its own. Though the powerful to-do and reminders app now commands more than 2.

Star Walk arrived in and gave astronomy neophytes a crash course in next-level stargazing. But Star Walk will always be the first and, perhaps, the best. For a grade-A example of how amazing augmented reality can be, don't look any further than Word Lens.

Imsges: best iphone hookup for car

best iphone hookup for car

Lets get on with it, shall we? September 26, at 3:

best iphone hookup for car

You are a lifesaver. No other utility app has had an impact on everyday life quite like Google Maps.

best iphone hookup for car

July 14, at Can you people be more civlized and not call each other names like idiots and morons and the like. November 16, at 2: Lets get on with it, shall we? Users chagrined when mobile ads arrived, but best iphone hookup for car unlocked lots of material that was unavailable in the original iOS app and, for content providers, a new way to make money. Hit a pipe and the game is over.