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Africans are celebrating this policy across the continent with a high expectation that other African countries will follow in the footsteps of Ghana. Economic Development and Democracy in Ethiopia: In July , sensing the disarray in Ethiopia, Somalia attacked across the Ogaden in pursuit of its irredentist claims to the ethnic Somali areas of Ethiopia see Ogaden War. The patent the CEO of the company, Dr. At one point during the next century, the last of Yodit's successors were overthrown by an Agaw lord named Mara Takla Haymanot , who founded the Zagwe dynasty named after the Agaw people who ruled during this time and married a female descendant of the Aksumite monarchs "son-in-law" or previous ruler. During the 6th century, the patriarchate of Alexandria encouraged the clerical immigration to Aksum and a program of careful recruitment of religious leaders in the kingdom to ensure that the rich and valuable diocese of Aksum remained under the control of the Alexandrian patriarchate. Best Porn Tube Sites.

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A peaceful tranquility flows in Ethiopia, a country known for its historical sanctuaries, temples, palaces and stunning natural creations. Ethiopian Calendar has day and month views and public holiday highlights. In some Ethiopian monks travelled from Jerusalem to attend the Council in Florence which discussed possible union between the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. We need to build a strong institution, where the tenets of accountability, responsibility and transparency are internalized to last longer than any individual or leadership. Building industrial parks and the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway are among the latest examples of how China's businesses in the country can drive economic development and boost employment. Due to migration and imperial expansion, it grew to include many other primarily Afro-Asiatic -speaking communities, including Oromos , Amhara , Somalis , Tigray , Afars , Sidama , Gurage , Agaw and Harari , among others.

An Environmental Impact Statement EIS currently required of large construction projects in Seattle, but they focus too narrowly on physical structures and traffic impacts, rather than including other social and economic impacts of development. The plan would go into effect in and last for 10 years. This will have a huge impact on UW employees, including many from immigrant communities in Southeast Seattle with more people needing housing, child care and transit, especially along the Light Rail line.

Please see the video how we rise the issues that impact immigrant community. Ethiopian Observer point of view. Benyam Kebede Ethiopia First editor his commentary, personal view on the Ethiopian anti-corruption is timely. Bribery is one of the important manifestations of corruption. It became clear the misuse of public office for private gain and these include the sale of government property, kickbacks in public procurement, bribery and embezzlement of government funds among others was rampant and overdue.

Anti-corruption strategies are effective if they are inclusive, systematic and structured. The independence of the anti-corruption body set-up by government is also paramount for the success of reform strategies.

If the independent bodies are answerable to parliament rather than the head of state, this could improve their effectiveness. As a good beginning the recent media expose can establish public confidence through regular updates in press conferences that reveal strides that are being made towards reducing wrongdoing, increasing accountability and transparency. Witch hunts on narrow subversive political agenda can create unstable crisis and slow the intense debate that is ignited to combat effectively.

VOA's Amber Wihshi has more. This is the exploitation of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. According to the article, Zionist racism is flagrantly applied to Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Racism has peaked, here. The Israelis are the ruler of time and the Ethiopians are slaves wearing chains. Here, top posts and positions, precious and luxury homes are given to Israeli Jews, after their slaves made and equipped it for their Sultans. Many images have been published on social media that indicate Ethiopians conditions.

They work really hard to make these houses in Israeli settlements, but these homes belong to white people who are opposed that the black folks have any home in their neighborhood. Negotiations on Ethiopian dam are ongoing: In an interview published on Saturday, minister Mohamed Abdel-Ati told Al-Ahram that talks have not been abandoned, adding that Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are also discussing when an upcoming technical and political round of talks between the three countries would be held.

The statements by the minister come as the three countries try to agree on a fixed date to hold a postponed trilateral committee meeting in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Biruk Lambisso is a senior consultant Orthopedic Surgeon by profession. I would say Ethiopia is very different at this moment in time. Our people should know the fact that modern health is better than unscientific and untested sub-standard ways of treatment.

Therefore, they should be able to know the huge potential we have in relation to orthopedic practices in Ethiopia. Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 1.

Introduction Many veteran journalists, but not only these, surely noticed that we are all of a sudden bombarded again from all-over with mentions of Watergate. While Gebeheyu asserted Ethiopia's commitment to the declaration of principles, which was signed by Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, stipulating that the three countries agree upon all measures regarding GERD. Ethiopia earned million USD exporting , tons of coffee during its last fiscal year.

Inside Africa 10 things that make Ethiopia extraordinary Or that Rastafarians regard it as their spiritual home? Or could it be the smooth, well-maintained roads, so rare on the continent, that make exploring the country by car such a joy? After a 1,kilometer drive through Ethiopia's Northern Circuit -- up mountains, through Mars-like landscapes, into lost kingdoms of yore -- we found 10 crucial things that define the country.

The best Italian restaurant in the world according to Bob Geldof, anyway The buzzing bedlam of Mahatma Gandhi Street in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, is the setting for Castelli's -- arguably the best Italian restaurant this side of Bologna.

Since then it's gained a global profile thanks to endorsement from celebrity diners such as Bob Geldof, Bono and Brad and Angelina. This article intends to address the current complex and complicated Ethiopian politics in Ethiopia and the Diaspora by way of infusing theoretical explanations and furnishing some ideological tenets for the sake of clarity and for overcoming the dearth of political culture amongst the Ethiopian political groupings at home and the Diaspora.

Furthermore, this article will attempt to diagnose the prosaic and disillusioning realities that have now afflicted much of the Ethiopian Diaspora and some opposition groups in Ethiopia. Ethiopia and World Bank agree five-year deal By: Vivienne Russell Ethiopia and the World Bank have agreed a new five-year partnership to build on the considerable development gains achieved over the past decade and boost institutional accountability.

The renewed partnership stresses sustainable and inclusive growth, placing a focus on education, increased access to markets and job creation for young people. Improved governance and social accountability to help tackle corruption make up another important plank of the agreement.

Let there be Light all Over Africa. It is also composed of wildly varying landscapes, and an incredible diversity of ethnic and religious groups.

Gathered here are a handful of recent images from across Ethiopia, showing just some of its people and regions. Djibouti opens new port for Ethiopia potash exports Thu Jun 15, DJIBOUTI, June 15 Reuters - Djibouti on Thursday inaugurated a new port that will serve as the main gateway for potash exports from neighboring Ethiopia, the second of four new ports that will boost the tiny Horn of Africa nation's position as a continental hub.

The port in the small fishing town of Tadjourah in the north of the country is the closest outlet for Ethiopia's Afar and Tigray regions, where a number of foreign companies are developing potash mines. Betray Not Tigrai Again! During my recent return to the Motherland, I visited several cities and development projects throughout Ethiopia. I gratefully thank those who guided me all the way through.

To learn what is going on in the social, economic, and political spheres, I spent most of my time in Mekelle. To my dismay, I observed a prevalence of maladministration, a chronic corruption, which manifested a failed governance system? The final outcomes revealed to me, however, that my hope was against hope.

I had a dream project, which was to invest in a small rural clinic in one of the Tigrean villages where my family roots start. But, I was frustrated extremely by: The country features beaches, stunning green valleys, as well as Fire Lake filled ravines. A peaceful tranquility flows in Ethiopia, a country known for its historical sanctuaries, temples, palaces and stunning natural creations.

Step into this paradise a natural extravaganza where you witness the country's rare and breath-taking destinations and lavish amenities in some of the world class accommodations in the most elegant hotels in the country. Do not miss out on Ethiopia's extreme locations as it takes adventure to the next level. Egypt and Ethiopia Still in Dispute for Dam on the Nile Cairo, Jun 7 Prensa Latina The Egypt and Ethiopia''s governments are still analyzing the preliminary report on the environmental and economic impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-hydroelectric station over the Nile, an issue that has caused a dispute between the two countries.

According to the spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation Hossam Imam, Cairo is negotiating with Addis Ababa the period of time during which the dam should be filled after is construction is finished, one of the main points of discord. In that moment, the Nile's water level will be necessarily affected, according to experts on the subject.

In statements to the media, Imam highlighted that the signatory countries to the Entebbe Agreement, which includes a framework to facilitate cooperation between the countries of the Nile basin, should apply the principle of cooperation for all to enjoy the socioeconomic benefits of the river.

The CIC will ultimately be comprised of 16 equity champions who will work to ensure that our City departments are creating and implementing equitable engagement strategies that lead to more relevant and impactful public participation.

All the appointments are subject to City Council confirmation. Bereket Kiros Mayoral Appointee: He worked at Seattle Center for 13 years as a lead and administrative assistant and was a team member for the advancement of Race and Social Justice. Bereket has spent almost 20 years working to build bridges between the City and its immigrant and refugee populations, and empowering those communities through candidate forums, voter registration, and rights trainings.

Forecasters Say Drought May Linger in Ethiopia Sora Halake Forecasters are warning that Ethiopia could face more rainfall deficits, deepening a drought that has left nearly eight million of the country's people in need of aid.

During the interview, Dr. Berhe, reflected his role and affiliations with the front that he co-founded and help build. He also shared his stand on the question of Eritrea as well as the roles of Ethiopian opposition groups.

Part I of 2 Enjoy. Message from the Director. Message from the Director Last summer when the Community Involvement Commission was announced, it was still an idea being formulated. Rather, we saw this as an opportunity to do something different, while also creating a tool to make outreach and engagement more equitable. That is what we were thinking, or at least what we hoped. Making it a reality was another story. In February, we launched our effort to promote the Commission and recruit applicants for this unique opportunity.

Our search for "Equity Champions" had begun. We went live with fingers crossed. Something worked and something resonated because nearly people applied, all wanting to be part of the solution. We had everything from seasoned volunteers to people who were just compelled to do something, anything. We had people driven by specific issues in their neighborhood to those driven by the national dialogue.

Every application was read, and every person had a story. Through many conversations, we quickly realized what a difficult task we faced. We had a wealth of talent and compassion…hundreds vying for a handful of seats. We are now at the point where the Commission is soon to be standing. Our Equity Champions have been found, and their stories are inspiring.

I encourage you to learn more about these individuals. We will be featuring each and every one of them on our blog. They have stepped up to be part of the solution, and I hope you will join the conversation.

Inspired by China's success story, Ethiopia modernizes its economy By He Wei in Shanghai China is a source of inspiration as Ethiopia modernizes its economy. Arkebe Oqubay, special adviser to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemaraim Desalegn, said he believes the Belt and Road Initiative will bring further tangible benefits to the East African nation through enhanced trade and investment.

Building industrial parks and the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway are among the latest examples of how China's businesses in the country can drive economic development and boost employment. For 4, years, ancient humans kept on coming back to one cave in Ethiopia.

It's a roomy enclosure at the base of a limestone cliff, but its natural qualities were only one part of the story. People used the cave to store reddish stones rich in iron oxide, and then they turned those stones into different colors. A new study suggests that the cave, called Porc-Epic, was the world's first art studio.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was nominated by the Government of Ethiopia, and will begin his five-year term on 1 July Young African leaders pitch innovative solutions to businesses to shape the future of Africa.

The search for the Director General of the World Health Organization has come down to three finalists, all excellent public servants and well regarded health professionals. The campaign, however, has taken an ugly turn as it heats up in the final days before member nations are due to vote.

The scurrilous and unfounded charges leveled by Dr. Tedros Adhanom, should be a matter of concern for the UN. The Federal Government of Ethiopia aspires to transform the country into a middle-income economy within the coming decade.

To achieve this goal, the government has adopted two successive five-year Growth and Transformation Plans GTPs , which are focused on industrial transformation. Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds? It is exciting to know that the honorable Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ato Haile Mariam Desalgne has laid down a commemorative monument dedicated to the establishment of the Adwa Pan-African University years after this historic battle.

The stone monument was erected very close to the statue and burial place of the known Ethiopian hero, Ras Alula Aga Nega. Sudan and Ethiopia on alert for Egyptian military strike May 5, at The two armies have been alerted that the Egyptian air force now has the capability to strike the dam at a distance of up to 1, kilometres, following the purchase of 24 Rafale fighter jets from France.

Ethiopia - Priorities for ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity: Achieving those goals requires a two pronged strategy of building on the strengths of past performance as well as introducing new elements. Progress in rural livelihoods drove poverty reduction in the past and will likely do so in the future.

The report identifies two key challenges to sustainable progress: Ethiopia needs sustainably financed infrastructure that enables private investment to flourish and reduces reliance on public borrowing. Access to modern energy is essential for the provision of clean water, sanitation and healthcare and for the provision of reliable and efficient lighting, heating, cooking, mechanical power, transport and telecommunications services. Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia: Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia meticulously and I gather painstakingly diagnosed the problem and shortcomings of the Ethiopian written system commonly known as Ethiopic or Geez in particular and the language in general, and came up with a radical departure from the traditional Ethiopian orthography.

The existence of too many word derivations, widespread spelling inconsistencies and a large number of characters in the Ethiopic writing system means only a small fraction of words in Ethio Semitic languages can be entered in any dictionary let alone to be ordered alphabetically.

Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD April 14, This article intends to critically examine the future relations of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the context of the prevailing complicated political scenario that has impacted on the respective foreign policies of the two countries following the Algiers Agreement and subsequent delimitation of the Ethiopian-Eritrean border by the Boundary Commission April 13, This article intends to critically examine the future relations of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the context of the prevailing complicated political scenario that has impacted on the respective foreign policies of the two countries following the Algiers Agreement and subsequent delimitation of the Ethiopian-Eritrean border by the Boundary Commission April 13, A growth engine Trends and outcomes of private equity in Africa A growth engine: It is informed by interactions with leading private-equity advocates and actors who support the asset class in Africa.

Prequin data for included reported transactions from January 1st to December 16th. Baker McKenzie sponsored the report. ECN performed the research and wrote the report independently. The findings and views expressed in this report are those of ECN alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor.

My not-yet-husband and several friends and I were on a four-day pass from our Army unit in Georgia and decided to drive to Washington D. By happy circumstance, my father a globe-trotting neuroscientist was in town for a conference so we agreed to meet him for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant he recommended. Its geographic position at the heart of the Horn of Africa has made it a crossroads for trade, helping it to maintain a continuity that has lasted from ancient times through the colonial era to today.

While modern Ethiopia's interests are much more tightly focused on its core than the far-flung reach its ancient predecessors commanded, its geography still makes it a key player in global trade and regional politics.

Although its importance in international trade has diminished with technological advances in transport and a shift away from the resources it provides or conveys, exports are still a focus of its economy. The power to destroy a nation is a lot easier than the power it takes to build a nation. However, when the news break out in Juba the majority of Ruweng people were very excited about the appointment of Governor Theji De Adwad Deng and assumed that it would only strengthen our relationship with the FVP Taban.

He said public servants and private employees have taken the leading position in materializing the donation they have pledged and purchasing bonds. Similarly, the Diaspora, private investors, merchants and all citizens across the country have played their own role in contributing financial support to the GERD.

Though Africa watchers trying to glean future policy leanings have examined questions on Africa submitted to the State Department by the Trump Transition team in January, and scrutinized pronouncements made on the campaign trail, if experience with previous administrations is anything to go by, predictions concerning the tenor of US-Africa relations at the outset of new administrations are frequently unreliable.

The challenges presently faced by people of African descent worldwide, require cooperation between Pan-Africanists on projects which are realizable in the short, medium and long terms; from political cooperation to lighting the fire of Pan-Africanism in youth. The support of a sympathetic American administration would be helpful here, but it is not indispensable to the objective of forging closer ties between people of African descent worldwide.

Ethiopia has changed beyond all recognition since the death of its last emperor, Haile Selassie, 40 years ago. Haile Selassie was surreptitiously murdered at the age of 83 by the military revolutionaries who had overthrown him a year earlier.

Though t-shirts bearing his familiar features are to be seen on the streets of Addis Ababa, the days of the empire have gone and there is no move to restore it. But he and McCormick complied, and their phones were searched. Three days later, they returned from another trip to Canada and were stopped again by CBP. Here in the words of respected and World renowned historian the undisputed facts, something that are testified to by many other historians: He wanted the promise rifles and more if possible.

It was in this situation the treaty of Wichale was conceived in Rome in August-September In the draft treaty, these concessions were defined by a line starting Anifilla on the cost, passing by and including in the Italian colony the village of Halay, Hebo, Akrur, Asmara, and Seazega and, after having followed the Anseba a short distance, running in a straight line east to west so that Bogos and most of other districts once held by Egyptians would go to Italy. It is no longer impossible for Ethiopian educators to close their eyes to the fact Menelik conspired with the Italians for rifles with Antonelli to stay neutral in the war against Italians and Mahdist.

When Menelik had been ordered by Yohannes to take position in the field against Mahdists after their retreat from Tana, Menelik agreed to act only as a peacemaker between Yohannes and Mahdists. Let me anchor facts from the slippery road of optimism of Menelik that parrot and advocate the detrimental and treacherous policies of the past as if they were conventional wisdom or fact is totally foolish pseudo intellectuals are otherwise engaged in creating their own version of history.

It is but a dangerous illusion. As evidenced by many shoddy publications and spiteful diatribes. But this is half of the truth often presented with distortion. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to educate the young Ethiopians and lead them by example so that they embrace the authentic history of their country and this would have a tremendous positive impact on the psychological makeup of Ethiopian youth.

To be sure, the young Ethiopians are not only the torchbearers of what we kindled but they are also the leaders of tomorrow. It is thus crucial that we arm our young citizens with Ethiopian historiography.

Will "African Lion" Ethiopia sustain fast growth? Building on decade-long double-digit growth catalyzed by enormous government spending on infrastructure, the size of the Ethiopian economy, in terms of Gross Domestic Product GDP measurements, will reach In , its GDP stood at Kenya's GDP, on the other hand, is expected to rise to If the projections turn out to be true, Ethiopia, hailed by pundits as an "African lion", will surpass Kenya.

Though the possible win would be by a small margin, Kenyans have echoed that Ethiopia is surely becoming a new superpower in the region. Alternative Politics of Renewal By Yossef Ben-Meir What does it look like when the local approach to achieving sustainable development projects guides not just how we govern, but is also strategically implemented by candidates to help them campaign and secure elected office?

First, let us consider which processes are most effective in advancing community initiatives that meet both socio-economic and environmental needs. From this vantage point, we can see how participatory development procedures translate into broad-based political movements. Dazzling jewels from an Ethiopian grave reveal 2,year-old link to Rome British archaeology team uncovers stunning Aksumite and Roman artefacts Spectacular 2,year-old treasures from the Roman empire and the Aksumite kingdom, which ruled parts of north-east Africa for several centuries before AD, have been discovered by British archaeologists in northern Ethiopia.

They offer evidence that the Romans were trading there hundreds of years earlier than previously thought. The international community should recognize this and support Ethiopia to help the refugees. The two leaders had held thoroughly discussion focusing on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD and building mutual trust, confidence and strengthening their bi-lateral ties.

NPoE stressed that Ethiopia has endured centuries of invasions and subversion by powers from far and close that aspired to control the headwaters of the Nile. Ethiopia has been prevented physically from accessing its water resources by keeping it busy with wars, direct or proxy wars. IRN's anti Ethiopia campaign is but a continuation of that history - by another means.

Dear Sir, The practice of genetically modifying seeds and patenting them as unique inventions has now been going on for decades. Farmers in the US and Canada have been sued and bankrupted by some of these greedy corporations because their crops had been inadvertently cross pollinated by the wind, birds, bees, and butterflies which carry pollen from adjacent farms with the modified crops. Richard Pankhurst British academic and true friend of Ethiopia passed away.

Too many foreigners have studied and loved Ethiopia but none like the British historian Richard Pankhurst. News of his death at the age of 90 shocked Ethiopians. He served as professor of history at Addis Ababa University and was a founding member of Institute of Ethiopian Studies — housed at former Emperor Haile Selassie Palace at the main campus of Addis Aabab University, an institution with great reputation which was engaged in the creation of knowledge base on Ethiopia through research and organized annual conferences that attracted researchers from other parts of Africa, Europe and North America -among others.

It is undeniable today that even during the time of the African kingdoms; African people lived better and were more in harmony with the environment. It is the "modern states" introduced by colonization that have had disastrous consequences on the social, political and economic life of Africans. Almost all European countries have done so and the methods used are almost identical.

However, other countries do not fully capture the wealth of the colonized countries. Fasil Amdetsion The eventual completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be a much-celebrated event in Ethiopian history for two oft-remarked reasons. As such, it is a remarkable feat of modern engineering. Heretofore, Ethiopia limited itself to assertions of its right to develop the Nile; whereas, Egypt reacted to any minor suggestion of the mere consideration of construction by upper riparian as an existential threat to be met by an apoplectic reply.

Construction of the GERD has pushed Egypt to grudgingly acknowledge that dialogue between riparian states is the only way to reach mutually acceptable solutions to competing claims over the Nile.

And the top 3 WHO director-general candidates are By Jenny Lei 25 January Tedros again took the lead with 30 votes, but Nishtar was close behind with a total of Nabarro received 18 votes from the member board. January 23, By Tedla Woldeyohannes. Now to one of the main points of this article. In my view, in our Ethiopian culture many people do not care about truth or the value of truth for its own sake; rather, many people care about what benefit they can get if they tell the truth about many issues in life.

This mindset, which is widely shared, makes it hard for people to value truth or to care about truth for its own sake or to stand for truth when standing for truth is important.

To care about truth for its own sake means valuing truth and speaking the truth whether one gets something or not as a result of speaking the truth. Inquisitive minds generally are inclined and want to know the truth about anything of interest to them, for the sake of knowing, period. Africa Speaks as African civil society organizations, we are raising our voices in solidarity with the people of the Gambia who have since the military coup, which brought Jammeh to power, endured decades of autocracy and systematic human rights violations under his rule, in particular stifling of freedom of expression, association, and assembly in the republic.

Journalist, human rights defenders and activists in the Gambia have continued to operate in hostile conditions, have been threatened by reprisals, abductions and experienced other gross human rights violations.

Over the years under the Jammeh regime, there has been much outcry from the people of the Gambia for the world to pay attention to the various atrocities inflicted on them. The regime further stated that it was dropping its stubborn demand from years past that MEDREK sign its civic charter as a precondition to negotiate. This is also a welcome sign. Obviously not all the legal opposition invited by the government to the negotiation are genuine opposition parties.

Some are clones of the regime, and still others have a high negative rating by the people. Africa has a very serious economic identity problem. When compared to Asia, the continent has made much less progress. China, India, Indonesia and Singapore largely only endured tourism for revenue in the s. Today, they are very technologically advanced and their banks and financial structure is more solid than the US and European banks. Malaysia, which targeted and emulated that of West Africa in the s, learned specifically the culture of the palm plantation and have polished, sustained and improved that industry.

End protections for young people known as "Dreamers. Scroll down to read all the stories, or click on the author's name to read their short essay.

Letters have variations for the vowels that go with them, meaning students have to learn 26 characters in seven different ways.

The goal of the class, which meets twice a week, is to get students on their way to reading. The line connects the strategic Red Sea port of Djibouti and Addis Ababa, the capital of landlocked Ethiopia, the fastest growing economy in Africa. Trial services began last October and regular services transporting goods and passengers are expected to begin early this year.

Here we take a look at why the project matters, to both the region and to China. What makes the meals special is their hospitality - Ethiopians feed each other as they dine, and not just themselves. Using injera, the staple bread in Ethiopian households, as a spoon for meats, vegetables, lentils, and sauces is an important part of eating and sharing meals.

Simply tear off a piece of injera, grab some food with it, roll it up, pop the whole thing into your mouth and repeat until finished. Apart from these, there are various stakeholders connected to the port militarization because this new development has huge geopolitics on the balance of power in the Horn of Africa and long-term security dimension in the region.

Government as Employer of Last Resort: The youth unemployment and idleness in Ethiopia has contributed to massive social unrest in several Ethiopian urban areas. To calm down the massive instability in the country that were precipitated mainly by the unemployed youth, the Ethiopian government has allocated 0. While you are wasting time squabbling with each other and not talking to each other, the governments of the Arabian Peninsula are eating your lunch.

Their interest is in Yemen, not in Eritrea or Ethiopia. There are reports that Saudi Arabia has taken a year lease on Asab. If that is true, the next step will be Sharia Law in the Horn of Africa big time. I think it is time for Abyssinians to take back control of the west bank of the Red Sea before it is too late. One way to accomplish this is for Eritrea and Ethiopia to finally end the war of and normalize relations.

It can be done as a win-win. African govts adopt Internet shutdowns to quell crises in Governments in Africa are becoming increasingly intolerant to freedom of speech, with Internet shutdowns now a common occurrence in many countries, a new report shows.

Ethiopia prime minister accuses Egyptian institutions of funding opposition groups This was not the first time that Ethiopia had made such claims, as Egypt's Foreign Affairs Ministry had previously denied Egypt's interference in the internal affairs of other countries Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that there are Egyptian institutions harbouring, supporting, and funding terrorist groups in Ethiopia, during his interview on Al- Muqabla show aired on Al-Jazeera on Thursday.

The plant has 10 turbines each with a capacity of MW, and will increase Ethiopia's total electricity output to 4, megawatts. It is located km southwest of the capital Addis Ababa and is expected to supply both domestic and export markets. The government plans to build Gibe IV and V further downstream. Economic Development and Democracy in Ethiopia: Introduction There are various debates about the relationship between economic development and democracy in developing countries.

Such debates were highly influenced by the political ideology or principle followed by the given person. Most of the people that influenced by the current western thinking of liberal democracy argue that economic development achieved only with the developments of democracy. Actually these people could not show any empirical evidence of the context of developing countries that achieve economic developments after building successful democratic system.

They usually use the experiences of the developed countries democracy that could not be comparable with the emerging developing countries. The other scholar or writers argue that democracy can be enhanced after certain level of economic and social development. These groups argue that the precondition for the consolidations of democratization practices in developing countries such as Sub Saharan African SSA Countries is economic development.

Bisrat shared his personal account of the EPRP struggle as he recounted stories from his book. Cairo and Asmara discussing the creation of a joint military command post in the Red Sea. President Isaias is expected to meet with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and other senior Egyptian officials to discuss ways to strengthen relations.

The visit aims to build on the historical relations between the two countries to develop bilateral cooperation and coordination of efforts and visions on issues of common concern. The visit comes amid rising Egyptian and Saudi Arabian tensions over Syria and the subsequent thawing of Saudi and Ethiopian relations.

Curbing Corruption in Ethiopia: Applying Democratic Autonomy at the Local Level. Ethiopia seems to be in a paradox. The ruling party, therefore, could hardly operate democratically. However, it does not logically follow that the seeds of democracy cannot be sown in the barren land of democracy-deprived Ethiopia. Ben's Point of View on Current Issues 6.

In fact, we strongly believe that demonstrations are an indispensable tool in the building of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We believe that informed protests or demonstrations are forms of feedback. Since just about every one of us has a blind spot and governments are no exceptions, feedback is a powerful light or a vital window into the universe around us but we cannot see. It was shocking to hear and watch through multiple media outlets Tigreans, in their own country, being harassed, bitten, and killed in cities of the Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia.

The mob-lynching crimes against Tigreans in their own country must be condemned in strongest terms possible. These historical tragedies will be recorded in history books. They are ultimate betrayals of the Tigreans-patriotic magnanimity. Major reasons for the lack of a more significant Italian corporate presence in Africa are the misinformation and biases that continue to color perceptions about the continent. Held at the cavernous travertine-laden Farnesina headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting was attended by high-level delegations from over 40 African countries.

Expose and fight the enemies of the Ethiopian people. Yohannes Kiros, No, the Ethiopia of today is not built on layers of straw but is a robust organic base bound by the blood and sacrifices of millions of peoples of Ethiopia. It is neither the TPLF nor the Tigray people that have been targeted, it is a target aimed at the freedom fighting peoples of Ethiopia, who would not allow any implanted hate-mongers with fascist ideas to make them stumble upon their hard-won victory.

This generation of Ethiopians should not be oblivious to the resolve, courage, bravery and sacrifice of the heroes and heroines to free and build this progressive, peaceful Ethiopia that today is marching towards prosperity. Ethiopia today is, whether its enemies like it or not, an oasis of peace in a region set on fire with clan, tribal and fundamentalist conflicts. Not only is Ethiopia considered a regional mediator and player but is the main contributor to the peace-keeping forces under the auspices of the UN.

Ethiopian observer Editorial It takes only a casual observer to note that the vast spectrum of lies and deception that has been deliberately infused to the public by fanatic groups in diaspora who are deeply resentful against Tegaru. The anti-Tegaru movement is supported and financed by opposition forces in the Diaspora.

For reasons that were never clear, the opposition chose to attack the people of Tigrai to further its political objectives. It is time for all Tegaru in diaspora, with the rest of our people at home, to set a clear agenda and roadmap on how to combat the lies that are being fabricated day in day out to avoid such heinous and satanic plots that can only escalate ethnic tensions. We need radical changes how we should work together it has both personal and nationalistic underpinnings.

Ethiopian Americans in Seattle met to denounce ethnic violence targeting Tigreans, formed a committee for further actions. Briefing on the formation of committee. Wednesday, September 7, The public meeting was prompted by the very few diaspora extremist group's recent wave of deplorable ethnic violence and harassment against Tigreans in Ethiopia and the diaspora. Call for pogrom-the verifiable attack of Tigreans by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch,. Tigreans could pay the price for Meles crimes — Gregory Stanton.

Wow, Professor Desta, this was a low punch. I heard it before from people who tried to muzzle Ex-EPRDF members and deny them credibility to cast or offer their views, but never expected it from a distinguished professor. General Tsadkan is a very courageous individual who has stepped forward to offer remedies because he believes that his country he risked his life for to liberate from brutalization is in danger. A Comment on Lt.

Recently, Ethiopia has been facing many kinds of surprising political activities. It was written by Lt. General Tsadakan Gebre Tensae, the former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces hereafter referred to as the author , who has dramatized the political crisis in Ethiopia.

However, it should be made clear to the readers that the Amharic version in the Reporter Hamli, 24, is slightly different from the English version posted in the Horn Affairs in English August 4, The civil society we want for Africa renewal.

Seife Tadelle Kidane, President of Africa Speaks There is this expansive understanding and perception that a strong civil society is imperative to fostering development, democracy and human rights that Africa desperately needs..

It is interesting to-see how it has been playing a pivotal role on the continent. However, the role of civil society organizations at national and continental levels remains blurred. It is clear that that the African civil society looks upon the developed world. Dear Ethiopian observer readers and followers,. It has come to my attention from close friends and ethioobserver.

Ethioobserver continues to navigate a rocky road towards securing the interest of every concerned citizen of Ethiopia who are considered on many issues to have their say based on the guidelines. We unify through diversification. Our diversity of ideas should be an advantage and allows us to big. Genuine participation on the cyber world does not unfold without at least initial support or oppose.

Sarah Marshall visits Ethiopia. Clinging like a limpet to the sheer sandstone rock face, I dig my toes into disconcertingly shallow foot holes. The victory at Adwa would later serve as an inspiration in the struggle against colonial rule to subsequent generations of Ethiopians and other Africans throughout the Continent.

In her four frontiers: Strategic vision entails a long-term comprehensive plan and its objective is essentially to promote the interests of a country without making worse-off the other country that is involved in the partnership discourse. The latter concept or policy is facilitated and translated into action via diplomacy, a fine vehicle that manages international relations.

Incidentally, Ethiopians are astute diplomats and suffice to read the letter exchanges of Emperors Yohannes and Menelik with foreign heads of states and dignitaries in the late 19 th century and early 20 th century, not to mention the clever diplomatic ventures of Emperor Haile Selassie. The legacy of these leaders is still visible amongst present Ethiopian diplomats.

African Union must investigate Eritrean crimes. Rights groups and activists welcome the UN resolution, but they call for concrete actions to hold Eritrea accountable. The United Nations rights council has called on the African Union to investigate Eritrean leaders over alleged crimes against humanity after a damning report by a UN commission.

Eritrea government commits crimes against humanity. In that report, the UN's Commission of Inquiry COI for Eritrea said the government of President Isaias Afwerki had committed heinous crimes since independence a quarter-century ago, including the "enslavement" of , people. Many of those abuses are allegedly linked to a harsh national service programme in the secretive Horn of Africa state, which for many is almost impossible to escape and which the COI compared to lifetime enslavement.

As some of you may already know four palettes of books, a total of 84 boxes were shipped to Tigray on June 29, , thanks to the donation of our late brother, Ato Tekle Haileselassie. Even though it has been several years since he donated the books verbally, the logistics did not come together until now.

Who are these good people who rose up to the occasion? At the time, the Security Council had setup a monitoring group that would investigate the situation in Somalia and Eritrea. However, the monitoring group has confirmed through a page report that the Asmara administration has ties with al-Shabaab and the regime follows an anti-peace path - which includes assembling forces of unrest that operate in the region - even after two sanctions were imposed on it.

Security Council over its human rights record after the U. Human Rights Council passed a watered-down resolution against the African state on Friday. The investigators, who published a page report a year ago detailing the crimes and the country's use of a "vast security network", recommended that the situation in the country to be referred to the International Criminal Court. The bank's board of directors made the announcement Thursday in view of the current drought, considered Ethiopia's worst in 50 years.

Besides the eight million Ethiopians who have been receiving food aid for several years under the Productive Safety Net Programme PSNP , an additional 10 million others needed urgent food assistance. Disenchantment grows in Egypt as democratic hopes recede AFP Three years after huge crowds of Egyptians rallied to oust Islamist president Mohamed Morsy, democratic hopes have given way to a spiralling crackdown on freedoms in the name of stability. On June 30, millions took to the streets of Cairo and other cities to call for the removal of Morsy, whose rule had been deeply divisive.

Their hopes were fulfilled on July 3 when the army stepped in for the second time in less than three years to remove a president following mass protests — only unlike veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak, Morsy had been democratically elected. Now that former military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has become president, the state tolerates no more protests, and little criticism.

Chairman, Members of the panel, distinguished participants: Ethiopia, under the ruling EPRDF which holdfast power for the last 25 years, is in a deep political and socio-economic crisis, with the people protesting their dismal conditions throughout the country day in day out and facing barbaric attacks. The regime knows no rational and peaceful means to resolve the plight of the people, but only resort to brute force to silence legitimate dissent.

It adamantly quells all the numerous nation-wide peaceful protests with street assassination, arbitrary arrest, torture, mysterious disappearances and mass killings. African Union should probe Eritrea violations: Geneva - The United Nations rights council on Friday called on the African Union to investigate Eritrean leaders over alleged crimes against humanity after a damning report by a UN commission.

In that report, the UN's Commission of Inquiry COI for Eritrea said the government of President Isaias Afwerki had committed heinous crimes since independence a quarter-century ago, including the "enslavement" of people.

In a resolution that passed with consensus by the body's 47 members, the Human Rights Council said it "strongly encourages the African Union to follow up on the COI report". Forces of destruction should be curtailed! By Yohannes Kiros, PhD. It was disheartening to hear several series of the online audio reportage recently by Aigaforum.

These hard working people, who have the full freedom of movement and work in any part of the country were assaulted and robbed of their homes and hard earned properties worth millions of Birr by a mob in full daylight and in the presence of the special police force, regional officials and kebele guards.

The irony of this tragic incident is that it took place at the very day of the celebration of the Nations and Nationalities day, where ethnic tolerance and coexistence marks the Ethiopian identity. One of the most egregious offenses, the United Nations commission found, was the forced conscription of young people in a never-ending national service program that has driven thousands of young Eritreans to flee, many to Europe. First, however, I like to present a brief synopsis of the distinctive history of Sweden that ultimately led to the Swedish Model.

Sweden is one of the most fascinating, prosperous, and peaceful country in our planet earth; and this is not a mere historical accident or coincidence. What makes Sweden one of the most successful and best countries in the world has to do with its long tradition of peaceful resolution to conflicts and its rich political culture in social democracy; admittedly, however, Sweden was engaged in wars with Denmark, Russia, and Poland in the 17th century and it even became a regional power in the Baltic zone in the same century.

The defeat of the Italian forces by Ethiopian patriots at the Battle of Adwa on March 1, , became a mountain of pride and inspiration to millions who cherish black heritage.

Later, in and in Jamaica and in the United States, Marcus Garvey, a well-known African nationalist, ignited his supporters against white racism by stressing emphatically the way the Ethiopian patriotic forces dismantled Italian aggression at the Battle of Adwa.

Linkages between Economic Growth and Food Security: An Eclectic Perspective We live in a world where of the 80, edible plants used for food, only about are being cultivated, and just eight are traded globally. In a world where we produce food for 12 billion people when there are only 6. That is, does food security contribute to economic growth or does economic growth result in food security; or is there a two-way causal relationship between economic growth and food security?

The causality has not yet been ascertained. Drawing on previous research and insights, this study attempted to find and understand the relationship between food availability and economic growth. The revelations, made in the Sunday Times newspaper, are based on an interview with ex-CIA agent Donald Rickard shortly before he died.

Mandela served 27 years in jail for resisting white minority rule before being released in He was subsequently elected as South Africa's first black president. Rickard, who died earlier this year, was never formally associated with the CIA but worked as a diplomat in South Africa before retiring in the late 70s. The interview was conducted by British film director John Irvin, who has made a film, Mandela's Gun, about his brief career as an armed rebel, the Sunday Times said.

Why Regime Change Won't Work. This essay intends to address the current Ethiopian affairs in the context of ethnocentric politics and Ethiopian unity, twin themes that I have discussed numerous times in my previous works, but it will also respond to some critics pertaining to my VOA interview on Wolkait-Tsegede district of Ethiopia.

The latter, though it unnecessarily stirred controversy especially among the disgruntled and misinformed Ethiopian groupings, it is very much relevant to the kernel of this paper. Ethiopians to transcend ethnic nationalism and embrace rather a pan-Ethiopian agenda. My recommendation then had resonated among the Ethiopian Diaspora because, unlike today, Ethiopians were not inoculated with the virus of narrow and sectarian ethnic nationalism. The difference between being an Ethiopian and being Habesha.

Lots of responses went out on media from Ethiopians all over the world about her win. Even though, most respondents seemed very knowledgeable about the differences between being an Ethiopian and being Habesha, few seemed confused about the differences.

In their writings, the confused ones, wrote as if they own Ethiopia and as if being an Ethiopian means being Habesha. This article seeks to show the differences between being an Ethiopian and being Habesha. No Ethiopian is more Ethiopian than the other.

One is only an Ethiopian, no more, no less. Some Habeshas, however, seem to see themselves as more Ethiopians than the others.

One can only be Ethiopian. Patent for Ethiopic Granted. By Staff Reporter, April 5, The patent the CEO of the company, Dr. Aberra Molla, received involves the typing of the Ethiopic characters with one and two keystrokes each in computers.

The patented novel Ethiopic character entry method known as ABSHA system is for typing the default characters with one keystroke and the rest with two keystrokes each. It is virtually similar to typing the English alphabet in computers and some other devices http: The invention by the Ethiopian-American scientist is also significant in that the patent application of July 16, , http: Over the years, the British system of government, a majoritarian democracy or the Westminster type of governance, has been criticized because it is constitutionally biased toward quick decision-making and its actions are based on a democratically elected majority in the government.

The invention by the Ethiopian-American scientist is also significant in that the patent application of July 16, ,. The Plan provides steps forward for the City to provide equitable technology opportunities for all Seattle residents and communities through device and technical support, greater Internet connectivity and skills training.

Djibouti and overseas military interests China's decision to build logistical facilities for its navy in Djibouti has been downplayed in official statements after it was announced last November, but it represents a clear departure from The mainstream discourse of Chinese experts stresses the key difference between logistical facilities and military bases overseas, and there is an effort to dismiss concerns that China is being assertive and expansionist. At the same time, the role of the Chinese military in helping support non-combatant evacuations has been welcomed in Europe as a new direction that offers cooperation opportunities on security issues in a volatile area.

Africans are celebrating this policy across the continent with a high expectation that other African countries will follow in the footsteps of Ghana. Let us Print the Entire Internet, Honey! H1N1 Vaccination — Is it Good for me?

Remembrance Day in Canada. Role Model Ethiopian — Daniel W. Is Greed Good Or Bad? Just How Big is the Internet in China? I plan to write some interesting topics in If you have any topic in mind that you want me to write about, please let me know.

If so, please contact me in the form below. My next blog entry will be on Thursday January 14, In this website, I write a weekly blog about Ethiopian life in the Vancouver area. I focus on issues that matter to Ethiopians, who reside abroad, especially in Canada. By writing my ramblings, I hope to bring some value to my community, and in the process introduce Ethiopian culture to others. Ethiopians in Canada, especially in the Vancouver area, lack a central location for information for everything local.

I aspire to write positive, encouraging, and educational weekly posts , regarding Ethiopian life in Canada. My focus is to raise the awareness level of Ethiopians residing in the Vancouver and surrounding cities, BC, and Canada in general. Please note that I am publishing posts out of interest, and all posts are my opinions. The posts I publish are for information only, and must not be taken as an advice.

For legal and professional advice, you will need to retain professional services of an attorney. If you are an Ethiopian origin, or any other origin, and would like to contribute an article, please contact me at the email address. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any question or would like to suggest a topic for future article s. You may remain anonymous as I am or reveal your identity when you contact me. You can call me at

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A similar protest, although not claiming as many lives, had taken place nearly 2 years ago in some areas of the regional state.

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