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Haven't been on line for a while, but saw that the Duck was being remodeled and it brought a lot back. I was at Chix from ''77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I want to close by giving a big thank you to all of you for your service. I remember Chicksands was in the middle of a big area of Brussel sprouts. I'm currently in a few Chix Alumni groups on Facebook where I've reconnected with quite a few friends from Chix. Designated as the TA series, the new range were mechanically very similar to their predecessors, but featured a new Chevrolet-inspired cab. I have fabulous memories of our time there - too many to recount here.

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From there on in, the Bedford name continued as "badge engineering" on smaller light commercials only, with the car based Astravan, the CF van until , and finally the Suzuki-based Bedford Rascal microvan and Isuzu based Bedford Midi van range — later to be called the Vauxhall Midi. Just looking to connect with some old friends. Will miss him, as I miss all other dinosaurs from those earlier years. If you remember him or me, please e-mail me. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find this it would be much appreciated. Also another good friend Ron Kabza passed in May.

A beautiful and pleasant land indeed.! Many, many pleasant memories. Would love to hear from others from th, Charlie Flight - - It was a much more pleasant and peaceful world back then. Get in touch, please, if you can. I am trying to organize a reunion of members of Charlie Flight from the th Security Group who served roughly from See if you remember some of these names: These are just a few of the names I remember If you were on Charlie Flight at Chicksands, AFB in England from roughly to , please contact me at the email address above or at Was there with my high school sweetheart Sheila.

Still married after 46 years in a row. Was a good place to start a family, our daughter Christy was born at South Ruislip closest military hospital. All things considered it was a great time and we made many friends, both US and British. Lived off base in Barton-Le-Clay. Somehow I got quite good at darts and even won some tournaments when I returned to the US.

I was stationed at the 'sands from May until May I was assigned to charlie flight with the maroon baseball caps. I remember my time there as being very enjoyable as I found the locals - the "blokes" to be some of the friendliest people you ever would want to meet. We - charlie flight had the first female flight commander a Chicksansds, a Lt.

A very nice lady as I remember. Worked on Dawg Flt the entire time. Looking for teachers at Chicksands RAF: Any contact information would be appreciated as I taught school At Chicksands with them in The phone number and e-mail you gave me are not working. Call me at or I would presume that this coin is likely to have been available to personnel who were serving on the base at the time of its closure, but not sure this is the case for this one??

If anyone can provide more information, or can confirm how one would have been obtained, that would be fantastic. Just a change of email to azsoldierboy hotmail. Hi, I was supposed to be working in the Chicksands Accounts Office during to Wonder if anyone might ever have news from spellings are approx. Would very much like to hear from you. Does anybody remember him? He unfortunately passed away in He would have been yrs old this month. I was stationed from thru I have been in contact with Don Da Mon Evans.

I am looking for the following guys: Georgie is currently playing at Ronnie Scott in London. In or 2 I used to play with a family of American children who lived near me in Bedford. I was entranced by them, they seemed so exotic and different and have never forgotten them.

Theirs was the first house I had ever been in that did not have wallpaper on the walls but coloured paint! Possibly their father was an officer as they lived off the base in Elstree but went to school at Chicksands. Probably the family were reposted about 62 because they disappeared. All I remember is a couple of forenames but here goes. Jack the eldest around 11 or 12 at the time. Then possibly Hank 9 then Mervin or Marvin 7 or 8 and a sister of 6 with blonde hair.

The boys had crewcuts. I still have a friend in Bedford and we see each other every couple of years. I've only been back once I used to live on Castle Road. I was born there. Where can I find more info on his job during that time? Hi, I was stationed at Chicksands as a X2 twice from and again from I married a woman from Bedford in It was the best base I was stationed at in 21 years of military service.

Many in-laws still live in Bedford. Never worked at Chicksands. But as an 80's child I remember being taken on a bus with 9 other children at Christmas and the Americans used to take us Christmas Shopping. It was for poor family's at the time. I'm 37 now and still remember the times. I now as a fully grown adult would like to thank those Americans who read this who may of taken part. You made children of the times Christmas unforgettable without your help me and a few other kids wouldn't not had what we had and Christmas would of had no meaning.

So from me and the other kids you help thanks! Now living in the old Fairfield Asylum building near the new Fairfield Park. It's not haunted I swear! But they where Iris and Boyde. I believe Boyde was military police and Iris use to do craft fairs They moved back to the states and i would love to be able to trace them as i now live in the states I have such good memories of them Hope someone can help God bless.

Worked in Civil Engineers. Would like to contact Captain Walters who was my boss. I was there from until Great place to work, great guys too. I worked through BSO. I had great friends but have lost their names through old age!!! Dad was the Maintenance Manager on Chicksands in or thereabouts. I googled this site to look for the reunion day for my Dad.

I didn't realize I could put a message on it. I enjoyed many good Friday and Saturday nights at the "club" with my sister Kerrie, with our American friends, Fred, Dina ect If any of you read this note, hope you are well and that life has treated you kindly!!!!! I have seen several names on this web sight that I recognize. I am trying to locate Robert Richardson. If anyone recognizes any of these names please contact me at rgray28sc. I was a X1 on Charlie flight from May 64 to Feb Wonderful tour and I enjoyed copying the dits.

Just wondering if anyone out there knew them or knows where they currently are. I am trying to get in touch with some of the folks I was stationed with between This was lucky enough to do some searching around and locate this site. Is there any other sites out there with other information?

Loved the darts and the locals. RAF Chicksands - I have been searching for a long time to find details of someone who has been identified as having a link with my family back in He was based accommodation wise at Chicksands but might have worked at Henlow. He had a nickname of "ding dong" but I am not sure if his surname was Bell. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find this it would be much appreciated.

Stationed at the "Sands" from to on Charlie Flight as a ditty bopper. Couldn't have had a better time or met better people. I am particularly interested in contacting any of his family members.

Stationed at the "Sands" as a ditty bopper from to I really enjoyed the country and the people. The contemporary press gives no details other than the scoreline. Thanks Brian but I was able to find the address for Trip through other sources. He now lives in Grove, OK. And long time no see. I prefer "real" mail vice this digital stuff. Hard to believe it has been so many years as I prepare to end a 2nd career at West Virginia University.

I'm able to return every couple of years as my wife is British and her family still lives in nearby Milton Keynes. Kind of a shame that the fondest memories come so many years later. Salute out to all who have served! This is Brian Richards.

Trip was living in Rogers, Arkansas a few years ago. Went to see him unannounced while on vacation in Oklahoma but was unsuccessful. His wife, Kay was a local English lady and I remember one of their children was a son name Ray. Looking for any "old" friends from After reading most of the notes here, I feel like a dinosaur since most of the entries show assignments many years after I left.

First son was born at Ruislip sp? London to my wife Sarah and me in Haven't made any of the reunions because I don't recognize any of the names Haven't been on line for a while, but saw that the Duck was being remodeled and it brought a lot back. I was at Kirknewton for 18 months and then Chicksands for 18 months.

Have been in Arizona since discharge. There are a couple other sites of interest and enjoy following them. I have some old pics on www. Currenty an active member of SASS, gave up any serious Darts several years ago, but remember it fondly and played for many years. If interested in learning more about the reunion go to the FTVA web site and contact me at penelope vermontel. Reminiscing can be fun and it's been over 50 years since most of us have had an opportunity to recall those memories of the ladies, pubs, fogs, and lanes of the period.

John is now deceased, but was stationed at Chicksands from It seems like miles to get to the gate after walking to the bus station in central Bedford from our home.. There were many trips into London and lots of football games Sad to report that my best friend Jim Dilks's son Aaron passed away on June 8 Jim and I became best friends on Charlie Trick. Lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford. Little Aaron was born in Bedford. Used to bounce him on my knee. Also another good friend Ron Kabza passed in May.

We were at Keesler together.. He was on Able Flight and tended bar at the Club. He also married an English girl. Hello, I was at Chicksands from!

We was ahead by two points and backed up on our thirty yard line on the third down. Irby called a pass play , I caught the pass and advanced the ball to their twenty yard line where we kicked a field goal in the final minutes to extend the lead by five points to win that game. I took the football as a trophy.

Also that same year , we were scrimmaging and i recovered a fumble and BIG DADDY leaped on my back and rolled on to my right leg ehen I had all of my weight on my right foot. I wore a cast for six weeks. Shep ,Battle, George Greenwood who got into it with three Bobbies in town Speedo, i met him when i moved to Brookland. Joe Alexander from Port Arthur Texas. His RAF number is H I'm looking to reunite with him, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

My email address is stevenmayes hotmail. It was cool to be able to see the old pictures of the Sands - don't know when they were taken but looked the same when I was there, , on the Hill, and at the switchboard and Crypto Comm Room. LOL Sure have some great memories of the place, including the long walk down the road from the gate to the main road to get a bus or hitchhike to Bedford or the Smoke.

Happy Memorial Day to all those who and are serving! Stationed at Chicks from on Able Flight. Trying to contact Trip Lapham who was an X Just read an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch that mentions his name and am wondering if this is the same Trip from long ago. Always looking to hook up and chat with old buds from Chicksands era ''61 - ' We were young once and made the most of it in a wonderful corner of the world.

Was at the sands twice. I had roomed with Brent Gates, at new barracks. Carrington quarterbacked our team in Ditty Bopper on Charlie Flt Best friend Jim Dilks.

We lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford. Also good friends with Joe Christiano and Stu Neff. Anyone know anything about my first roommate Jerry Morris? He was a young kid from Boston. Grew up strong Catholic in schools etc. Always said he would probably go back and become a priest. That is after he sowed his wild oats. Sure would like to know what happened to him. Can't seem to find him. Jim and I have stayed friends all these years. Still talk and email often. He will be celebrating his 50 wedding anniversary soon and I am right behind him.

Good time in England. Have been back several times as my wife was born there but grew up in the states. We were highschool sweethearts. Have never made it back to Bedford though. Would love to see Chicksands. I was a "ditty-bopper" on Able flight and had a lot of fun in England.

I am looking for an old friend, Craig "Crazy Howie" Elicker. If you remember him or me, please e-mail me. Family members then were Joseph Joe W. I loved the base and the country. We made many friendships we will never forget. Wish I could still be there. Hello to you all and God Bless You. I was stationed Chicksands twice in the 60's and 70's it was a great place for a young airman to experience after a tour on St.

Lawrence island in the Bearing straits. I found an old friend Lizbeth on the old Chix site a number of years ago, but lost her email. I understand that she lives in Wales now. I was stationed there for only 8 months thru early 63 after 18 months in Crete. Left there to go to Kelly till I was discharged in May of When I was there I was a ditty booper on Able flight. I remember eating in the old building that you had to walk a ways to get too.

Also remember walking down the lane to get the bus to go to town and hang out at a dance hall upstairs in Bedford. Does anyone remember something about the swimming pool in town.

I think it was built over a stream or something. Looking for Solomon Bradley I believe his name was, late 60s maybe early 70s, please any one knows of him contact me, his son would love to connect with him, I think he used to box also. I'm looking for my grandad or his family who was based in Chicksands in the s all I know is his name was warren Goldsby and he was a staff sgt I think he was from New Jersey and was stationed in Texas after Chicksands.

If anyone knows or knew him please email me, thank you. I was stationed at Chicksands from July to January Like to hear from anyone who was there about the same time. Hi ya, like one of the other entries about 6 down i also recall some guys swallowing Goldfish at the 4 July fair. It upset my little sister and the rather sozzled guys all said sorry to her. His best friend George D Kelly unfortunately burst a boil in a rather delicate place taking my sister on a fairground ride that day.

Didn't live on base but it was like being in the US. Special treat being hamburger in NCO club. Unheard of amongst my friends. There was a wimpy bar in our town, but not quite the same thing. Also Budweiser was a special treat for adults I recall, not being able to get it outside of base. My memories seem a bit strange eh but i think Budweiser was a bit of a novelty back then.

Once i recall bringing some home for family, but every one in the car who was able to, holding them as we were not allowed to take them off base unless they were opened. Oh dear, my family sound like a right bunch don't they, but it was not very often we took some beer home I can assure you. This was mid 60s,the burgers are readily available now as whoppers from Burger King and bud sold everywhere. To me Chicksands was like going on holiday even shopping there was different, me and my sisters only ever went there on day visits but it was really great.

Never been to the US, but felt like we were there when ever me and my sisters went to Chicksands with our dad. Stationed at Chicksands July December Was clerk in Motor Pool whole time.

Looking at Chicksands on "google earth" it appears the the large "Quonset hit" motor pool maintenance building is still there. However, the base has totally grown. Based at Chicksands from August -August Major event during my tour was the installation of the FLR-9 along with a new operations building "up on the hill. Also, during my tour the chow hall was renovated which caused us a much longer walk to eat and which enriched the NCO and Airman's Clubs when so many didn't take that walk.

Great sports during that period with UK champions in both football and basketball. Many fond memories including the annual carnival that set up in front of the library and gymnasium. I recall guys, after a few pops, eating the gold fish out of the bowls that they had won at some game.

Be in touch if you were in the same era. Had some wonderful memories here. Graduated from central high Dad was Robert hart chief master Sgt hospital dispensary I was in supply and for about 3 weeks had absolutely nothing to do. So played bridge all day with 3 others, but. Was in charge of the 'gay' barracks down closest to the sprouts plants which smell horribly. Don't remember many names. Kirknewton was first on my list.

Married a Kirkcaldy lassie there and have had 50 happy years. Am now 85 and hardly remember my own name. But if anyone writes, I am pretty sure I will remember them. I was at Chicksands from and was an X2 on Able flight.

Just looking for anyone stationed there during that time. Hi, does anyone remember a roger from kansas and a wayne who used to go to the nazarine church in Luton? They were from the base. Also does anybody remember a black airman seriously assaulted in stopsley Luton circa He went with a girl named Ann. I wondered what happened to him Ken Allen. Was at Chix from till Was a Pub called the Hare and Hound just outside the base where we took newcomers for lunch.

They had a great onion soup that I would love to get the recipe for. Anyone who may have an idea of this would really appreciate it. E-mail me at npaulisczak roadrunner. I was stationed at RAF Chicksands three 3 times, - , - , and - - nearly 15 years total. Needless to say, we were very fond of RAF Chicksands and spent as many years there as we possibly could. We had many great friends there over the years, both on and off base.

Recently, I have been trying to locate a person by the name of Ernest R Burnette who was stationed there at least once possibly twice during our assignments there. He had an English wife named Kay and they had two or three children. If anyone knows or remembers Ernie and Kay and knows there current whereabouts, I would appreciate any information you have.

Please email me at CMSgtFrank aol. I had recently left active duty and found myself stationed in R. I am looking for anyone who may still remember those days? My father, Robert L. Benjamin, was stationed at Chicksands from late until the fall of We lived in Barton le Clay for the first year before moving on base.

I have great memories of living in Barton and on base. I was back in for a visit with our next door neighbour from when we lived in Barton.

I think in Spensley road? Does anyone know where to obtain an old typewriter of the style used by the 's during the late 's early 70's. I was a R linguist stationed there from to Mostly on Dog flight, and in ops. Loved living there, and living in the village of Ickwell. Would love to hear from any of the old gang I married a lovely English girl in October in Bedford and we had a wonderful life together for 44 years. Sad news to report that my wife of 57 years passed away on the 5th of June My wife Yvonne was born and raised in Hayes Middlesex and moved to Luton when her mother died.

Bedford for the first two years. Our 1st son was born at home there. If anyone is interested I have made a very good slide show for her. Was stationed at the sands from from Mar92 to Mar If anyone knows of a way to contact the owners of Angela's kebabs would really like to know: I soooo miss their chilli sauce on the kebabs. The World has lot a Great Man.

Managed to keep Amy Raslivich around. Hi ya, have some lovely memories of Chicksands back in the 60s 70s,especially 4th July get togethers. My dad was Staff sgt Melvin Brown and served there some years ,also his best friend george kelly. Me and my sisters called [thecage] the squirrel cage, have only just been reminded by looking on web that it was referred to as elephant cage nice to see photos also. Hi I looking for a guy called Bob Dice he was at Chicksands in the 70's we were good friends I would like to hear from him if possible.

I was stationed there from through and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Would love to hear from him. I am grateful for what we accomplished on the hill with Charlie Flight and think about it every time I watch "Bletchley Circle"!!! Haven't posted since Dec almost 10yrs ago. Played and coached HQ Squadron basketball team. If you remember me feel free to drop me a line.

Hope it won't be another 10 yrs before I post again: Just wanted to say hello to everyone I served there with. Best wishes to everyone who ever served there. Lived on Truman Pl briefly, then in Bedford and Ravensden. I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from Then base then set the crunched up VW at the bottom gate. I am looking for anyone that has any knowledge of this incident. I can't relay to you how important it is. My name is Kenneth KC Blake. Please help me out this is of the utmost importance.

I worked in the Ops building - job was Top Secret Control. He was shot down and was in prison in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped. Didn't say much about it. He had been a pro-wrestler in Chicago before the Air Force. Retired from AF in and became a school teacher after going back to college for my Masters in Education. Retired again in I now have a Celtic Band called Glodrydd and we play festivals mostly in Ohio. Hello, my father late Ralph Snell,Jr we were stationed at Chicksands from We lived on new base, growing up a military brat we've met lots of friends, most of us who grew up together at Chicksands still keep in touch via facebook, e-mails, or phone calls!

We've had 2 reunions and they we're very successful, even Alconbury!! What would it take for us to get a reunion for the families that were station there during that time?

Or what about a year book? Please inform me on what we can do! Thanks and god bless I really miss living at Chicksands, I really wish we could go back, I know not to live but to visit!! I worked in electronic intercept. Anyone around from those olden days? Miss all of you Tex. Had the fortune to have met Mr. Any others know or knew Alf local pharmacist. Hi, I was with the th, Dog Trick, from to Some good memories during those three and half years.

I was there in when an oblisk similar to the Washington Monument was dedicated for our centennial. I believe there is Budweiser sealed inside. I remember the friendship we had with the civilian GPO engineers, Stan and Brian and our competitive dart matches to win the honour of wearing a top hat until defeated. Those were good days with great memories.

I saw the names of Steve Vereke didn't post his email address and Donnie Hare in earlier posts. I'm still living in Lawrenceville, GA. They will both be missed. My tours at Chicksands were: My dad Ed Ryan was stationed at Chicksands from I would love to hear from anyone living or stationed there at that time.

Was a Rx0 down below and on the hill from Married a girl from Shefford and daughter born at South Ruislip. Retired in March of Love to hear from anyone that was sober enough to remember me.

Great country and great people. Didn't take long to figure out if I was respectful of their customs and ways they treated you as family. I was at Chicksands from - and have a lot of fun memories! I recall going to Wiesbaden Germany to play the army team for the Europeon chamapionship and lost big time. But I don't have a picture of any of the guys or any part of the doings in the early sixies.

I've met only 2 Airmen from that period.. My husband Conrad Fortney was stationed at Chicksands from Would love to hear from any of the guys that knew us at this time. We have been married for 59 years. Started in a Seco Hut then moved to the brick barracks.

The page book, which is only out in the US at this point - mixes history of the bases around London with memories of some of those who were stationed there from WWII until about when most of the remaining bases were shut down.

There will be dissenters but I think the feeling of many is that no matter where you were stationed in the UK is that it was a very special assignment. These among 40 or so interviews that cover the decades and many of those places.

Wallace West, served at Chicksands with U. I was on baker flight and my room number was I married an English girl from Dunstable Beds on May 1st We will celebrate our Golden Anniversary next year. We are now living in Georgetown Texas. Looking to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.. I am from Connecticut as well, I thought rosette was buried a lived in the wall and ever November 17th that when she came out looking for her lover as his head got chop off and throw in to the pond.

My father was in communication. My mother is Mabel beausoleil. My brother is Steven beausoleil and I am Tanya beausoleil we lived on hover st. Does it ring a bell to anyone. We are from CT be now living in San Antonio tx.

What's up guys and girls CHIX's. I would like to get in touch with anyone stationed at RAF Chicksands AFB, England between and that remembers a bad auto accident that killed at least four airmen stationed at Chicksands. The car was on display at the base entrance for a long time.

Just came across this site my family was stationed at RAF Chicksands from I have very fond memories of living at Chicksands and of friendships. We left my first year of high school to return to the states and have wanted to return to visit ever since. Would love to hear from others who I would've attended school with from that time. I am trying to trace any family member related to Capt. I was stationed at the chick from til My favourite Englishmen were Pete and Gordy who drove the cabs that took us every where.

I will never forget the hill, fish and chips, and the wonderful birds. If anyone remembers me, Stoney , Connie, Ackerman or others please shout out Baker Flt Apr - Mar X I live in Oklahoma, Maggie is in Yorkshire, England. Anyone knowing how to reach him, can call me in Oklahoma.

Please if you can, help Maggie to find her friend. God Bless You all. I was his supvr for sometime back Chix before departing in May '65 for San Antonio. I called him a couple of years ago and it required substantial stirring before he remembered me.

Your roommate sounds very much like someone named Redmond who also was a Nice to see people from that era are still around. I couldn't believe it when I saw all the names of people I remembered from my tour of duty at Chicksands. I was a from '65 - '67 on Dog Trick. I remember my room mate getting in trouble during the 4th of July holiday on the base.

I was there too! Who was the Sgt that owned a Rolls? I remember the car but not the man. Raymor was the CO. Great site and a cool read from days gone by. I lived on RAF Chicksands on and off base from I live in Florida now and would love to catch up with old friends.

Years to or 55 trying to contact a mr john william holton anyone with any info would be much appreciated. My name is Dean Peterson. I lived at RAF Chicksands from , and was in elementary school at that time.

Anyone with knowledge of either of these two gentlemen, please contact me, would be years of age by now. I have have a new address its bfullinfaw rocketmail. I was assigned to the th Security Squadron Able Flight from as a more systems operator, and later worked in base administration. I was fortunate to be given a private tour in 07 of the base with my wife and daughter, it was truly wonderful to see the the place and the memories it brought back.

We now live in Ft. I'm now living in Oklahoma,. I was stationed at Chicksands from as a First on Able Flt then in the day shop. Spectacular people both personnel and locals. Hope to return soon for a visit. Based at chicksands got married then went Mildenhall till 20 yrs in England!!!!!!!!!

Then to Andrews A. Now living in KY. My name is Glenn Burkand. I went to school at Chicksands from Eric Courville, and Mike Smith.

My Dad, Robert L. Burkland worked in Services. We lived at C Grant Place. I want to find my friend Mike Smith. His brother was David Smith and we played on the same soccer team. Mike, if you see this. Please let me know. Can you visit the base now. I was in the th and was a morse intercept operator. I would like to here from anyone who knows or remembers me. I have been looking for a friend I had named Michael Binsfeld if anyone should know of him.

Thanks and I hope to hear from people! My name is Glenn Burkland. I lived and went to school at RAF Chicksands from I have managed to reunited with most of my old friends from that time period; such as Kenny Melnick, Doug Stevens, etc. I have failed so far to find my buddy Mike Smith. His Mom worked with Nick at the Bowling Alley. I was on a championship soccer team with his brother David.

He was a Chelsea fan and I was a Liverpool supporter. Mike and I used to walk from the base to Clifton to buy candy, cards and goodies. Mike left in and his last address was in Altamonte Spring, Florida.

Mike, if you see this, please email me. My Dad Robert L. Thompson at the book store Stars and Stripes. They are made in U S A micheal. I lived off-base at 50 Fairfield Road in Aldeburgh. I still miss England a lot. Rock worked the emergency room and Candy worked for at the BX.

Would love to here from some of our old friends. We lived in base housing next door to James and Ruby Brown and across the street from Eva and her husband erma. I worked in the CBPO. Hi Lisa Copas and Kirby Wallace I was at Chix from ''77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I went to school with both of you. Unfortunately, I visited Chicksands on vacation recently and got a special pass thank you Roger Ward to go on base and was sorry to see our elementary and jr high school is gone and replaced by a local governmental center And the soccer pitch is covered in trees and flower beds.

But the footpath to Shefford is still there where we used to walk into town and buy killer chocolates and candies. The baseball field is covered by a parking lot. Let me know and I'll pass on my picturesl. Anyone recall me or these names? I was in grades back then. I do recall our classmates taking that trip to Portsmouth and we went sailing in the ocean as well as kayaking and repelling another trip to Wales through the DYA on base.

Lots of "puppy love" at that time and when we met a group of British lads and lasses on the Wales trip it got very interesting. All very innocent, of course, but I do recall lots of love letters being passed around. And who was the guy with all the puppets?

During my trip to Chicksands around ,I also visited my old home at Eisenhower Place and a resident answered who told me that what was once on base housing is now a private community, but the apt's haven't changed a bit! When I can remember more names, I'll make another post. I recall the Theroux brothers as well and we used to wait for the "fruit lady truck" and then the "ice cream float" to come by on base. I swear, British ice cream is so much better than stateside!

My father, Bill "Cowboy" Copas, was stationed at Chicksands from - He was with Baker Flight and worked at the Elephant Cage. I would love to reconnect with others that remember our family. I am also trying to find the McDaniel family. My father and Russ McDaniel were good friends.

Russ and Ann had three boys, Rusty, Robert, and Richard. If you know them please tell them I am looking for them. As I have said before on another post here, these were by far the best years of my life and wish I could redo them again: Take care all and stay safe out there.

Corresponded with Louis over the years after retirement. Will miss him, as I miss all other dinosaurs from those earlier years. My profound regrets at his passing. Please pass my condolences to his family. Life is the poorer with his absence. I was stationed at Chicks from to , with th Comm Sq. I have a lot wonderful memories of my time at Chicks and the local area.

Now living in Conneaut , Ohio my retirement home base. Law Enforcement, gates and patrol. What a great time and great place to be a kid. For you enlisted men, my father was Grover "Red" Wallace. He was an MP military police. He now lives in San Angelo Texas. Hi there I'm looking for my birth father, I wondered if anyone could possibly help me, his name Brett Hansen or Hanson he was an a1c at Chicksands Bedford in he is about 43 years old now and he was originally from Minnesota.

If anyone could help me I'd be very thankful I'm finding it so hard to find him thank you x x x. I'm an air force brat who lived at Chicksands from August to August , when I was years old. I went to school at Chicksands and Alconbury. I have completely lost touch with all of my school friends, and I don't even have a yearbook. However, they are not forgotten, as those were the best memories of my life. I would like to hear from them. Would like to contact Robert L Curtis who was stationed at chicksands and played football there in to and also any one who remembers him.

Some of the names --little qu- Peterson- George Beaty. It was a lovely time in the sixties. I am looking for my granddad I don't know if this page is helpful but thought id give it a go. My granddads name is Dale Sunday, he worked for the American armed forces but was based at Chicksands in or that Is all I know about him. I hope someone can help. I was at the coop from till , played football and worked in base supply. I have had some nice re-connections with some folks from Chicksands, it was my first base, and by far the best.

Hi im looking for a woman that gave her son up for adoption. He was born July 22 he was adopted through a catholic church in leakin heath england.

Please email me at tinajohnson Yahoo. I do now his mothers family was from California. Apart from vehicle manufacture during the Second World War, Vauxhall Motors produced steel helmets , rocket bodies , and top-secret components for Frank Whittle 's jet engine.

These were semi-forward control, having a short bonnet with the rear of the engine protruding into the cab. Engines were the Vauxhall-based 1, cubic centimetres The van initially featured a three-speed column gearchange, changing later on to a four-speed column change.

The CA was a huge seller both at home and in various overseas markets. Known affectionately as "the Tilley", the CA enjoyed a very long production span, with only minor tweaks throughout its life, including the replacement of the two piece windscreen of earlier models with a single sheet. Production ended in The CA was replaced by the CF , a completely unrelated vehicle using new overhead camshaft OHC engines, which was to have a much harder time proving itself thanks to the Ford Transit.

Perhaps the major event of the s, was the transfer of all non-car based commercial vehicle manufacture to the former Vauxhall shadow factory at Boscombe Road, Dunstable. Bedford Dunstable plant , dating originally from , was extensively rebuilt and extended between and , when all production lines were said to be over a mile long.

Subsequently, all commercial vehicle manufacture would be concentrated there, with only vans and car-based commercials remaining at the Luton plant. Production of the Bedford commercial vehicle range remained there until production ceased in the s. The s also saw the launch of the popular S type trucks , the so-called Big Bedfords, which brought Bedford into the 7-ton range.

The S series was immortalised in RL form — a four-wheel drive , high ground clearance version, as the " Green Goddess " emergency fire tender, used by the Auxiliary Fire Service until , then until over 1, were held in reserve by the Home Office for use in the event of fire-service industrial action or other serious emergencies.

They were disposed of by the Home Office in Several have found new homes in African countries that lack a developed fire-fighting service, such as Kenya. These vehicles were available in rigid and tractor units, with either petrol or diesel engines. Many RLs found their way into the armed forces of Commonwealth countries and later into civilian use.

The SB chassis was also used as a basis for specialised vehicles, such as mobile libraries, fire engines, and civil defence control units. The Bedford TK range replaced the S type in , but the RL continued in production until , when it was replaced by the M type, which used the basic cab of the TK and the mechanicals of the RL with minimal changes.

The pre-war K, M and O types continued in production alongside the heavier S types until Vauxhall had already gone for a transatlantic styling with its E Model Wyvern and Velox saloons, and Bedford followed suit with its mid-range of trucks in Designated as the TA series, the new range were mechanically very similar to their predecessors, but featured a new Chevrolet-inspired cab.

The 'T' designation meant "truck", so the range is generally referred to as the A series. Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5; as in A2, etc. A factory-fitted Perkins diesel engine was an option. The Bedford TJ normal control light truck was introduced in , available with either petrol or diesel engines.

Although never a big seller in the home market with the exception of Post Office Telephones , it was a big export earner in developing countries, due to its basic layout and specification, and remained in production for export markets only until production of Bedford vehicles ceased. The Bedford TK range was produced in large numbers since , and served as the basis for a variety of derivatives including fire engines , military vehicles , horse-boxes, tippers, flat-bed trucks, and other specialist utility vehicles.

Available with four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, the TK was the quintessential light truck in the UK through most of the s and s, competing with the similar Ford D series. It was available in rigid form, and also as a light tractor unit, normally using the Scammel coupling form of trailer attachment. The Bedford KM was a similar vehicle, using the same cab, but with a slightly restyled front end, and was marketed for heavier-duty applications than the TK, i.

Many developing countries still use ageing Bedfords every day, their robust nature and simple engineering endearing them as highly useful vehicles in demanding terrain. From to , General Motors Argentina manufactured Bedford trucks [4] and buses [5] based on a truck in a plant at San Martin. In , a Bedford SB3 chassis with Plaxton 's Panorama cab was used in the construction of seven custom mobile cinema units that toured British factories for the Ministry of Technology to "raise standards".

The body was custom fabricated from extruded aluminium by Coventry Steel Caravans. One of these restored units is used as a vintage mobile cinema. They showed their reaction and interviewed audience members about their often newly jogged memories of events.

The smaller Bedford CF was less successful, competing directly with the market-dominating Ford Transit , although used by many of Britain's major utility companies, including British Telecom and British Gas plc. However, the CF was much less popular with fleet operators than the Transit, which was more popular with its drivers and seen as cheaper to operate and maintain.

Part of the reason for the CF's relative unpopularity was the use of the slant 4 SOHC petrol engine from the FD and FE Vauxhall Victor — which was notoriously rough running, had high fuel consumption, and was susceptible to cam belt breakage. However, the CF became very popular as a base of special-bodied ice cream vans and mobile shops. The later CF2 used the more reliable Opel Ascona engine.

In Australia, the GM subsidiary of Holden began assembling the CF series with in-line six-cylinder engines borrowed from their passenger car range, in competition against Ford Australia's version of the Transit van which had been re-engineered to accommodate in-line six-cylinder engines from the antipodean Ford Falcon.

Bedford's smallest products, car-derived vans , were the Bedford HA van, which substantially outlived the Vauxhall Viva HA on which it was based, and the Bedford Chevanne , a short-lived variant of the Vauxhall Chevette. This was further developed into a camper van, the Roma, again by Martin Walter. The company also made a number of bus chassis, its low price catering for the cheaper end of the coach market.

In , the TL range was introduced almost completely replacing the TK, although its military equivalents continued in production for the UK Ministry of Defence. In reality a long overdue update of the TK, the TL was never as popular as the model range it succeeded. This was largely due to more modern products offered by other companies increasingly from the likes of Volvo , MAN and Mercedes-Benz. The TM was available with either GM or Detroit Diesel engines and enjoyed a small but loyal customer base, but could never compete with the volume producers, primarily Volvo and Scania.

Turkey's Genoto assembled Bedfords under license. A major blow came when Bedford failed to win the UK Ministry of Defence contract to produce the standard 4—ton 4x4 GS general service truck for the British forces, although in extensive tests the Bedford candidate had been the equal of the Leyland later Leyland-DAF candidate, and the British Army expressed a preference to continue the trusted relationship with Bedford trucks.

The reasons for this decision were seen by many as political, as the Army 4—tonner contract was seen by the Thatcher government as essential for the long-term survival of Leyland, and the formation of Leyland-DAF. The implications of the decision were also noted by GM in Detroit, who had already been refused permission to buy the Land-Rover division of British Leyland, which they had intended to operate in tandem with the Bedford Truck division as a major force in the military and civilian 4x4 market.

In addition to this setback, by the middle of the decade, the more technologically advanced competition from other truck manufacturers was eating heavily into sales. In reality, the Bedford truck range, still largely based on the TK range, had become increasingly outdated when compared with the opposition, leading to a deep decline in non-military sales.

It was therefore announced by GM that Bedford would stop production of all commercial vehicles, and the Dunstable plant would close in From there on in, the Bedford name continued as "badge engineering" on smaller light commercials only, with the car based Astravan, the CF van until , and finally the Suzuki-based Bedford Rascal microvan and Isuzu based Bedford Midi van range — later to be called the Vauxhall Midi.

Bedford's first partnership with Isuzu came in when it marketed a rebadged version of the Isuzu Faster pickup truck as the Bedford KB. In , the Bedford van factory in Luton was reorganised as a joint venture with Isuzu.

The Bedford name was dropped completely, as were all of its preceding range apart from the Midi , which was sold for a few years as the Bedford Seta. DJB was renamed Artix in when the trucks were rebadged as Caterpillar.

By marriage, he acquired property in London, known as Fulk's Hall, which over time, came to be the locality of Vauxhall , the original home of Vauxhall Motors.

The griffin returned to Luton in when Vauxhall Motors moved there. The Bedford version of the logo differed from the Vauxhall version in that the Griffin did not hold a flag — although later versions of the logo showed the Griffin holding a flag carrying a letter "B" for Bedford instead of a "V".

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