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Sarah Vendal hooked up with two guys from Bachelor in Paradise before filming

bachelorette two guys hook up

Natalie Kennedy I am so happy for them. The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Fleiss shares pic of Nick on first night of filming Bachelor Winter Games: TMZ is already reporting that this is fake. Live and let live. Please they need to look in a mirror in that regard. Greg Morris What the what?

Did this ‘Gotham’ star just come out?

Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: View all Comics Sites. Daniel Santillan Les gusta jugar a los espadasos. It does smell like a ratings stunt. Ranking the 67 Best Characters. I always enjoy you psychological rants concerning sexuality.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. Since Kaitlyn was chosen as The Bachelorette officially, spoilers have been rolling in left and right teasing some wild twists and turns. But, the latest development according to US Weekly is going to shock everyone. Kaitlyn Bristowe might not find love on The Bachelorette — but two of the guys dating her do, with each other! According to a shocking new cover of US Weekly, two of the guys that are currently dating Kaitlyn Bristowe are apparently not straight — and they wind up falling in love.

The men are furious after Kaitlyn sleeps with a suitor and calls it a mistake — meanwhile two guys fall in love with each other. The spoiler king recently revealed that Kaitlyn and Nick already knew each other and had been in contact before filming started. So, are you as excited as we are for all of the drama to unfold on The Bachelorette?

And, which two guys do you think wind up falling for each other? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Could Kaitlyn Bristowe really be pregnant? With this season being the tenth or so season of this show, and there have been only two or three marriages as a result of meeting on either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, the odds are that this couple, whoever they will be, will end up breaking up, like recent contestants Chris and Whitney.

TMZ already busted them out. According to TMZ these two guys are str8 as an arrow. But more importantly congratulations on un-sticking your CAPS lock key!

Typical of a site that seems obsessed with the idea that straight men have voluntary, unpaid, sex with other men. For you perhaps, but not for me. Opposite genders do nothing for me regarding sexual attraction. Damn, you took that breakfast food bit seriously. Hope the jitters are worth it! Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of bromance clintarlis gay stories and more. Michael Christopher Goss At least they found love.

Charles Schultz Oh No. Roland Hamburger See love is love. You can find it in the strangest places. Matt Morris Alessandro Bisignano.

Patrick Hinh Too funny. Jaime Enrique Sibauste Straight? Or straight to bed…. Rob Robert cant be straight then. Carl McClanahan Straight my ass. Hugo Bolanos Not surprising. Todd Burke The ratings will now go up!! Corey J Hodges I hope they had to pay back the network. Eric Gaudet Straight to the next dick. Kole Lewis-Rodriguez Haha lol. Danny Gerald Stoddard Brandy Stoddard. Timothy Flitton Kaylan Utterback. Richard Robergelund uh, this never actually happened.

Troy Godfrey They were never straight. Bisexual maybe, not straight. Thomas Ross I call bullshit! Joseph Natos The title alone made me giggle.

Reniel N' Michael Seriously? Someone took our idea!! Biz Laverdure Nathan S. Alex Rothwell How funny! Paco Proof of why there could never be a gay version of the show. It does smell like a ratings stunt. Agree with both of your comments. Kashsene McDuffie This is so cute!

Will Glitzern I wish it were true, but it seems like a stunt to boost ratings. Natalie Kennedy I am so happy for them. I wish them all the best. Gil Abir Cavalero Shmul Simchony. Graham Hueber Oh my yes. Michael Cox Maybe the term straight should be in quotes. Arnold Just goes to show wannabe TV stars in Hollywood will do just about anything for a break.

Eric Kamm This is what bisexuals do … so what? Andy A Reha Jr. Greg Morris What the what? Nellie Santos Use to enjoy watching this show. Jeremy Lewis Kittie lol this article. John Lewis Probably already gay… only on the show looking for their 15 minutes. Julio Medina Christina Adkins. J Peter Del Valle All the comments here from guys sound like a bunch of bitter judgmental queens…sad…who cares how they found themselves, they did.

Doug Oostdyk Great story! I am very happy for both of them! Antonio Murillo Retana First time I start liking that crappy show. Craig Webb Could just be an editing ploy to get more viewers. This was completely scripted and planned. Richard Mailman Completely scripted.

Benjamin Wetherbee Ummmmm Amanda Scarpa. Eddie Capuano So two gay actors fell in love. Paco Actually, a gay bachelor could work if they changed the concept a bit. Ryan Kinrade Becky Phan spoiler alert. Jake VanDuinen Will Gallop. But most likely staged.

Desert Boy Brokeback Bachelorette is a reason to watch this stupid show. Scrolling for an interesting article! Brent Bear Harding Jessica Spitaleri. Charles R Morris Good for them! TimJonesYelvington What boring gym rat white boys. I hope they die young and leave beautiful corpses. Dee Love Love is love. Emily Lawrence Erin Osborn whaaaaat. Nick Pasciak Andrea Kurland I told you.

Tim Hoeffgen My partner and I spoke to the executive producer and her gay assistant at the Rose Parade in Jan and we joked they should do a gay bachelor. Curty I think its fake like the whole show. Craig Kinsel It was bound to happen. Thomas Ecker I call free publicity bs on this one.

Clark35 This was staged. Chad Proctor Ricky Louis Estrada. Mark Mastro Kaleen Mastro. Rose Brugioni Piacenza That is just not right what the Hells going on. Jim DelRae If it were only that easy to find love as a gay man.. Casey Teague Attractive couple. Staci Brener Jillian Moulton. Danny Buttacavole Did one give the other a rose? Johnny Jaqua Calling BS on this story. TO I have to agree here.. Ju Li Whatever men are doing for only not getting married and having children ….

Michaels No one is completely straight. Captain Obvious Yeah lets advertise people making a spectacle at our expense. Leigh Farina Scott Boardman. They say we destroy the sanctity of marriage? Please they need to look in a mirror in that regard. Jimmy McKinney Oh my God!!!

Imsges: bachelorette two guys hook up

bachelorette two guys hook up

Jaime Enrique Sibauste Straight? Though I do question my ability to focus and talk vachelorette you folks about a Seattle-centric topic.

bachelorette two guys hook up

I am very happy for both of them!

bachelorette two guys hook up

Dating ring finger they need to look in a mirror baachelorette that regard. Alex Rothwell How funny! Like an arrangement made by producers to get more ratings. View all TV Sites. Ju Li Whatever men are doing for only not getting married and having children ….