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He trailed his hands down your side, his lips following. Although he couldn't attend the event, he did sent a greeting to fan, mean that the company and members already knew about his absence; he did not do something like "no where to be found, captured by alien IN2IT celebrated their th days of debut along with their first asian showcase tour in Singapore

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You were both at home chilling and not doing much since you insisted he take an actual break. Gikwang pressed his lips to yours once more, he rested his hands on your knees lightly pushing them apart so he could fit himself between them. You had nothing against the girl, she looked harmless. And who knows how many times you've taped those scenes to get them righf! His role is really interesting too You nodded quickly and squeezed his hand.

Doojoon looked at his phone as it light up showing he had gotten a message. Originally posted by yoseub. The walk was mostly silent between the two of you, but your mind was racing with fears of being seen and fears of being with him alone.

Masterlist Submit A Request. You walked into your house and immediately noticed something was off. The smell was one, but you just felt dirty. Setting your purse down and removing your scarf, you noticed a thin black mark on your linoleum. Something was wrong, you knew it. Taking a few more steps into the house, you noticed that your chairs were arranged in a different way and that there was a slight smudge of lipstick on your mirror, as if someone had been checking their makeup but had gotten too close.

You could put two and two together. You knew what was going on. Not with a dear idol. You immediately point at the mirror and the furniture, then pausing at the mark on the linoleum.

You had nothing against the girl, she looked harmless. This was a request from Anon. What would Kikwang do if you told him that his lips sexually frustrate you because they're so sexy?

Blush and get really shy until he realizes what he can do to you with just his lips. Everytime youre near him he would lightly place his lips on your neck, forehead, cheeks but never actually kiss you. I can see him teasing you quite a lot before you get what you want. He would be really playfull with it. He sure did look like an angel when he was sleeping. Debating about whether or not you wanted to wake him, you bit your lower lip and concentrated on the portrait of you two just to the right of the window, as you always did when making a decision involving him.

His eyes fluttered open, and you saw them searching until they found you. Please, sleep with me. You chuckle more to yourself than to him, and peck his nose softly.

And you sleep the rest of the day away. Yaaaaayyy, my first oneshot upload! This is a cute little semi-fluffy thing I wrote a few months ago. He held out a palm and she dropped the bracelet into it. Kikwang wrapped the delicate chain around the overside of her wrist, which was facing downward, and tried to clip the hook into the clasp. But his fingers slipped, causing him to completely drop the bracelet.

Originally posted by defbeoms. Can you a Kikwang scenario where you guys watch his drama Circle: Two World Connected together and you fangirl over him? You squeezed him every time he came on screen. The show in general was very good. What do you mean, you miss me? You finally remember him. Lee Kikwang, your best friend. He lives in the same building as you and is 2 years older than you which made him your Oppa. Though you never called him Oppa because since both of you were uncomfortable with the word.

He knows you like the back of his hand, 6 years ago you moved in next door to him and his mother knew you just moved in with your Oppa and his wife.

She wanted you two to be friends so she sent him over with side dishes as a welcoming. His smile was mesmerizing, it made you feel all warm inside. When it came to finals you took them and awaited the results. Kikwang went to your school with you to see if you made it.

You get to graduate on time! You guys end up at a local cafe and you order your favorite ice cream and he gets a smoothie. You guys are just sitting there laughing when a employee comes up to you two. The lady takes 2 photos and hands you both one then leaves. You get out the taxi and pay him and sprint, your running as fast as you when your knocked out cold onto the ground.

You lift up your hand towards him and he holds it. You wake up in a hospital room, your head hurts like crazy. You see the doctor walk in. He then walks out the room and your Oppa goes after him. He finds it strange that you only forgotten about specific people. You walk out the bathroom and see that guy standing in the door way. They probably caused her a lot of suffering. The guy then slams the door and you run after him. Its pouring rain and you finally caught a hold of him.

You push him off and slap him then run inside. You made new friends and got into music then formed a band. The memories you forgot 3 years ago were shot at you all at once. Your Oppa and Unnie through a little celebration by cooking a feast. You and Kikwang are chasing eachother when you both slip an he lands on top of you.

You remember when he kissed you 3 years ago. Kikwang and you dated for 4 years before getting married since you still needed to graduate college. Kikwang would love that. He would be happy that he will be your first in everything and because of that he would be even more romantic than he already is. He would want you to have the best of the best.

Whenever he can he would show you how much he cares about you and when you get nervous because of something like your first time having sex or something like that he would comfort you and tell you that you dont have to be nervous because you have the most adorable boyfriend ever who will take care of you whatever happens.

You were walking down a shopping district in Seoul when your boyfriend, Kikwang, suddenly stopped and pulled you back as well. You nodded quickly and squeezed his hand.

He pecked you on the cheek and you could feel him smile against your skin. Looking at you up and down, and then staring into your eyes for a brief moment, he cooly replied: Oppa, you are kidding me right? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Originally posted by wonhobe Admin: He waited until you were dressed to open the door. When you have a nightmare and you start crying and screaming, but they can not wake you up Including Hyunseung.

Originally posted by loveran At first when you start talking the leader will just ignore it and return to his back on you to continue sleeping but once you start tossing and turning he will shoot up from the bed all groggy and half asleep. Originally posted by dachuuzaiya The 4D member would mostly ignore the talking as well but once you start moving he would get irritated and nudge you back to only feel guilty when he hears yours sobs evolve from this.

Originally posted by junness Jun would sleep though your soft spoken words, since he sleeps like a rock, and only wake up when you all but screaming your lungs out.

Originally posted by minchims The fluff ball that is Yang Yoseob would immediately be out of the bed when he hears your soft whispers. Originally posted by wonhobe Being groggy when he wakes up in general, he would be angry from waking up from his deep slumber and shout at you because you know what he is like when he first wakes up. Originally posted by agent-lapin The sassy maknae that is Son Dongwoon, would be facing you when sleeping but would turn away when he heard you starting to talk.

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs Type: Originally posted by yoseub Admin: They were standing on the edge of the sidewalk in downtown Seoul on this warm summer day. Originally posted by defbeoms Type: Finally Part 3 You finally remember him. I think I came out good. Do I know you? What are you doing..

Good job to the actors, writers, directors, staff and all those involved in this drama. I look forward to your next project. I didnt have thought of it. His role is really interesting too Nita Apr 25 6: Trala Apr 19 9: Lily Mar 05 6: I promise to wait your next performance Truly enjoy you in Monster. Angeline Jun 20 I still can recognize the members though.

I was really surprised to see him in Monster, I was just curious after reading the synopsis, and bamm I was I have this pretty face somewhere. Great acting I was deeply moved and impressed, I stopped watching at episode 4, but Gi-kwang was awesome in it! I hope producers would recognize this and give him a lot of acting projects.

Spicey May 03 8: Angie Apr 09 1: I want to see you in many kdrama. Wish you all the best! Anne Mar 30 5: I love your Band Beast great songs great members,,,,,,, Fighting!!!!!!!!!! Would love it if Beast could come to Canada Take care, your fan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. AA Feb 03 Amanda Jul 07 6: LilyGK Jul 05 9: Mary Jun 25 Hope to see you in the new drama please try focusing on acting just a little bit more like dongjoon because I'm afraid when you grow older then your youth age you won't have any job today and that's bad for your health.

I love you so much and one day I really want to meet you but first I need to grow up 15 and turn 20 or something you'll be 30 but haha I'll still be your biggest fan in this world. LilyGK Jun 22 1: It has been more than 3 years since your last drama series.

I miss seeing you in mini dramas. I was quite disappointed when you wasn't able to star in God's Gift due to scheduling conflicts. And who knows how many times you've taped those scenes to get them righf! Im gonna be waiting for ur another drama! Please make it have longer episodes! K and G in korean is just the same,that's what i know. Bao Jun 03

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b2st dating anyone

This is the first time I've heard this Ct aishah Oct 28 3:

b2st dating anyone

He kissed the valley of your breast sucking red marks in between them.

b2st dating anyone

You can watch the clip below: Wayer Oct 20 6: He simply smiled daging the gesture and questioned you for a b2st dating anyone. Looking at the picture, I anyonr think he was on a date. B2st dating anyone it was revived from the dead B2ST fans expressed disappointment at the singer's absence at the Seoul grand fan meet which was held this past Saturday, saying, " I came to see Hyunseung but he didn't come. Cube Entertainment told Kukmin Ilbo via phone call, " Hyunseung was absent for the fan meet due to personal reasons. Singles over sixty dating bit along your collarbone, reaching behind you to unclasp your bra.