Ever hooked up on Craigslist?


anybody ever hook up on craigslist

I met one girl off cl but she was not who she said. His attitude about it was a big turn off too. Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate!

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But the stories are great none the less. It was pretty gross. I met one girl off cl but she was not who she said. I certainly sent out more emails than I got replies for, turned down a few after seeing pictures or for other reasons. She was a little overweight, but had great tits and was extremely eager to please. Don't know how common it is on CL though

Who knows how safe, sane and disease free they are. So I've never gone that route. And there are plenty of pros. However, I did meet my Dominant lady friend on CL.

She replied to my ad and she's a real gem. First met her in the hospital when her kid was having serious heart surgery. Her and her poor children went through some tough times. I gave her space and corresponded with emails. A couple years later, im in her house, head on her belly while she's rubbing my hair. It's the start of something that's going to be really really good. Just depends what you want. I don't go the shallow route that focused on just my immediate physical pleasure.

Hey, what's your name, lets get off, just doesn't go with me. I want friendship at least, some heart and soul even more. But to get that I have to be real. Met a pretty older dark skinned black lady on AFF years ago. SHe makes me hot, but is a major pillow princess. I've just resigned that's what we do. I can really get into eating her pussy. Tunnel vision where nothing matters but my speed, rhythm, her movements and her breathing And she can do it over and over again.

Will go for 9 or 10 tomorrow. I'd love to take something that would really allow me to focus more, to be more "one with the pussy". Best I got is some 5mg oxy, so will probably do three of those and settle in for hours of licking. The first time was also my first time having sex with a girl. It was fun but I'm not sure I'd do it again hook up through CL, not fuck a girl. I was looking for just a new friend female and what ended up happening was we got drunk and we made out.

I am a married, straight woman so I got a little freaked out, threw up and asked her to take me home. I have to admit that I do think about it often and wish I would have not puked and just let whatever happen, happen. That was my only experience with CL.

No way, I would be far too scared to meet up with a stranger. Not felt like I needed to look online for sex though cos ive never exactly been short of offers in 'real life'. I have hooked up 6 times on Craigslist and so far, so good. I think that if you feel each other out a bit you can trust your gut feeling. Of course I'm always a bit nervous, but every hook up was exactly what I hoped it would be.

Middle aged married men seeking anon gay sex aren't into games and are pretty straight forward. They want to get in and get out There's something hot about meeting a stranger and just letting loose. No sexual encounters, but met a woman who was a gamer like me. After falling through the floor at her house, swatting a roach off my drink cup, kicking hard dried dogshit out the way to get to the bathroom, I never went back, or spoke to her again. Her panties in the bathroom floor, yikes!

Crotch was green, green! You guys crack me up.. Last edited by LilikoiMoon; at Originally Posted by LilikoiMoon. I hooked up with three chicks and rolled with them. One of them was a weird hippie not good looking, other one was a psycho bitch, third one i had some action. Hit up girls in the "Strictly Platonic" section. For one, they're hotter and more likely to post pictures.

For three, women post in platonic because it makes them feel safer and less like a whore. Bottom line, though, no one posts on Craigslist just "looking for some friends".

I've met countless people for one-time fucks. Most of the time, they are regular girls with busy lives, no time for boyfriends, and don't want to meet someone at a bar. Granted, the perfect 10's don't really frequent CL, but they're out there.

I've also met several FWB's on Craigslist, where we become sexual partners and pretty much nothing else. Some of the coolest women I've ever met were FWB's I met through CL, including one woman who is potentially the most gorgeous specimen of a single mother I think I have ever met. I met a 33 year old FWB when I was about 22, this woman would call me over, cook me dinner, swallow my load in the kitchen, finish dinner and ride another load out of me. She would text me in the wee hours of the night "You awake?

Commendably, all 3 chicks I met up with were into safe sex, as am I. Don't know how common it is on CL though Originally Posted by AnnieGram. But I made the mistake of not getting a pic. I met him on a public place, gave him a look and old him I had to go. Dude looked like Whitey from Fear and Loathing. He kept trying to get me to "just go inside for one drink, one drink". I explained, through my car window, that I didn't come there to make friends and have friendly conversation.

Last edited by nuttynutskin; at I haven't had much luck. I did get a few responses that were real, once, but the girl just seemed really inexperienced, and like she might become attached.

I wasn't that attracted. There was another girl. And then there was a couple who wanted me. Then a guy who wanted to suck me off. I'm primarily straight, but I can enjoy other stuff, or have. I've really only had luck with dating sites. Just recently hooked up with a girl who happens to be a teacher in my hometown new. But heavier than I really like. But she is a freak. Got her off 6 times. Might see her again this weekend.

But nothing from CL. Was your choice to not get his picture. It's not like you couldn't have asked him Kind of hard to know if there's any attraction or not, much less who the hell you're trying to find in a public place if you don't even know what they look like in the first place.

But anyways I'll quit clogging this thread up now. Nah I'm not worried about anything or have anything personal with anyone. I just find it hilarious someone would meet someone blindly off Craigslist and then not like the outcome. All of that would have been easily remedied if he would have just sent me a pic. If he had i would have never even agreed to meet. If I was being set up on a blind date and that happened, of course I would have politely followed through with the date.

This guy looked 15 years older than the 28 he said he was. He was not honest about his appearance. Considering I was on CL to be anonymous, I had no interest entering a public place with someone I had no intention of hooking up with.

Also, please let me know what the polite way to get away would have been. Sorry but for me a casual hook up is attraction first, personality second.

His attitude about it was a big turn off too. That kind of attitude will send a girl packing even quicker. I really don't see what "following through" would have don't except given him the idea I was interested in fucking him. Which I was not. Originally Posted by nuttynutskin. Sex, Love and Relationships. Not everyone is a 40 year old man in his mothers basement. He didn't want his face out there because he was worried about being recognized. He had a girlfriend and I live in a very small area.

That was the "story" anyways. So you basically were going to help him cheat on his girlfriend This just gets better and better.

Imsges: anybody ever hook up on craigslist

anybody ever hook up on craigslist

I always imagine the possibility of someone with a knife on the other side who is going to chop my dick off. Last Thursday was our 6 month dating anniversary.

anybody ever hook up on craigslist

I fell asleep early. So I got out the belt and hit her with that too. I mean I wouldn't try to convince a gay guy to let a girl go down on him to turn him bi or straight, or try to convince a gay girl that she should let me eat her out because she "might like it.

anybody ever hook up on craigslist

No one has ever been scary or dangerous, although the act of all this obviously is. One anybody ever hook up on craigslist the guys I hooked up with for almost a year. I must have lucked dating emirates flight attendant never getting majorly sick or hurt by anyone. Thankfully I think I've shaken them off b y changing my name and number Wow Just depends what hoo, want. She craigslidt a very pretty lady in her early 40s I was Nothing wrong with bigger people, I've had sex with many people who weren't skinny and that's perfectly fine