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Many were good but there were those who were, superior, arrogant and untrustworthy despite their high level of attainment and accomplishment. I've worked all my life, I've always been a grafter. That is the point. I prefer it when people are direct and to the point about such matters, I find it averts confusion. Most of these phenomenons are brought about through cognitive dissonance — confirmation biasm, social equivocations contrasted with cultural, symbolic or intersectional interest, and no doubt, two of my favorites: I think perhaps your article could be about the dangers of making assumptions during online dating, instead of your take on how dreadful educated women are. The issue here is not intelligence, it is personality and kindness — perhaps insecurities and anger issues that need clearing up.

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Smart women seem to talk exponentially more than that. She is rumoured to be dating a handsome dark-haired man 15 years her junior. And the smile creeps up again and again when you look back at the tale of two strangers — Yogi and Jaya — meeting through a dating app and going on a journey together to Dehradun, Rishikesh, Delhi, Alwar, Jaipur and Gangtok to revisit their past, and, in the process, discover themselves and each other. It is updated to the present and becomes a delightful and charming watch under the baton of her own daughter, Tanuja Chandra. He found it, then lost it himself, then found it again two years later and called her. Alicia Vikander knew she would have to change her body to play Lara Croft. Should i be concerned???

I was born just after Down won their second All-Ireland and before they won the third, making me a Sixties baby. I knew when to cut hay, when to turn it and when to put it in rows for the baler, all by watching the flow of the clouds and checking the strength of the wind. Growing up, I always wanted to be a radio presenter.

I never wanted to be a weather man, though I had managed to marry my radio work with some TV presenting when one day I was walking down a corridor to the announcers' studio in UTV and I was asked by a TV producer to do him a favour by standing in front of the weather maps while he checked some camera shots for a new programme called UTV Live.

The next day he asked me to present the weather. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time. He would have offered it to anyone walking down the corridor because his deal with the Met Office to provide both the graphics and the presenter had fallen through at the last minute, and now a new deal with the Weather Department in Birmingham provided the graphics but no presenter.

I just happened to be the first person to speak to him the moment after he heard he had no presenter. So I appeared on the programme for three weeks and eventually the then boss in human resources decided to ask me what qualifications I had for doing the weather. I explained to him that I did meteorology as part of my physics and maths degree. He was delighted and made me the official weather presenter. I actually did PE and English, but I decided it would seem daft to tell him the truth! Since that bit of fibbing, I've done over ten thousand forecasts - that's a lot of weather-watching teasers and a lot of conference calls with the experts who are now based in Met Office HQ in Exeter.

They provide me with all the data and the scientific detail. It's great craic being a weather presenter. People always speak to me in a friendly tone. If I had a pound for every time I was asked if it was going to rain I could retire.

The most famous person of all to ask me the question was, of course, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. She paid a visit to UTV on our 50th anniversary and appeared on the weather set as part of the visit.

My director William Scott and myself had the job of providing the TV material that was to be shown in every country in the Commonwealth.

Some days you are under slightly more pressure than other days, but pressure or not, it works a treat. The other great thing about weather presentation is the fact the producer sometimes decides it's a good idea to take the weather out on location.

I have done a series of weather specials from various parts of the country and even though the Queen may have been the most famous person to step in front of the weather maps, she has a few rivals when it comes to guests on the weather specials for UTV Live.

I've had Bono, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and, probably most amazingly of all, the late Nelson Mandela as guests on my weather specials. It is amazing who you meet when you're out and about and how much of an ice-breaker a chat about the weather can be. As for getting ready to go on air, I have two amazing make-up artists. Nadine and Jo pamper me for about an hour before I go into the studio. Nadine specialises on the top of the head to the tip of the nose, while Jo works from the nose down to my chin or, as they like to say, my "chins".

There is also a generous clothing allowance - which I need to make the most of, in order to compete with some of the older sharp dressers like Paul Clark and Jamie Delargy. I get slightly more than them as I'm full frontal, so even my shoes have to look good. The only rule is no green clothing. If I wear green, I disappear into the green screen along with the graphics and all you would see at home is a grey head bouncing about the weather map.

It really is an honour to be UTV's weather presenter; most of my working day is taken up by the production and presentation of the radio show on U but by evening time, it's weatherman time and time to tell the country to "take care, be good, bye bye". I actually chose Mitchell from the death columns of a local newspaper - Frank Mitchell seemed to sound quite good.

You do daft things when you're young and impressionable. Only in work am I known as Mitchell. Ulrika Jonsson 47 started the trend for beautiful weather girls on British television. After working as a secretary, the vivacious Swede began her TV career on TV-am in where she worked as a weather presenter.

From September 12, , she was also the weather presenter for Swedish TV3, broadcasting from London. After being spotted on a date with Prince Edward, she was followed relentlessly by the tabloids who, along with the majority of their readers, were more interested in her love life than her weather reports. For three and a half years I got up at 3. Again, though, that can't be the whole story.

Parvathy, as Jaya, holds her own confidently with her fresh, earthy, believable, un-heroine like air, complete with the glasses and the hair tied up in a bun. The original story penned long back by Kamna Chandra is hearteningly progressive in a casual than stated way — being a widow is no big deal, as is a man and woman splitting cost of a trip. It is updated to the present and becomes a delightful and charming watch under the baton of her own daughter, Tanuja Chandra.

But the takeaway is the dialogue. Here too the focus essentially remains on the two despite the many marginal characters. Both are fleshed out well as individuals without necessarily explaining every detail about them. What else do you do but smile? And then that disarmingly romantic morning chat between her in the bed and him on the couch, in the same room, fully clothed. Yet again, it found a happy end with the boarding of the train. Her name is Maria.

Anyway… This chick had two Ph Ds. Intellgent women are just like everybody else. Some of us are nice, some are not. The issue here is not intelligence, it is personality and kindness — perhaps insecurities and anger issues that need clearing up. And anyone can have those, top draw degree or not.

I know just as many women without degrees who are manipulative, aggressive and unpleasant, as i do those with. In fact those who are not qualified can sometimes be very bitter towards those women who are — something I have experienced frequently first hand. Is this the case with you Miss Solomon? I find my biggest barrier is what men and women it now seems presume about me because I have a PhD.

I am human, just like everybody else. We are all individual people but our habits and commonalities are what allow people like me to make observations then suggestions assumptive or not.

While you may not be guilty of the behaviors that I mentioned in the article, men have complained of the women who do act this way. My suggestion is to focus on the areas that do apply to you.

Enhance what you do right and eliminate what you do wrong. I just read that online profile pictures with women in glasses attract a different quality of men than those who wear contacts. Only to give an example of the assumptions that everyone makes when dating. Thanks for the comments and for reading!

And eliminate what I do wrong — which in the online dating context seems to be, having a PhD. Besides I enjoy my research far too much to want to. Plus, as I do that, I fear that men will run when they find out, on our first few meetings — especially as they will realise I have been not been entirely honest. I try not to generalise about people and make assumptions.

I think perhaps your article could be about the dangers of making assumptions during online dating, instead of your take on how dreadful educated women are. Given this reply is several years out of date, I must say that you are quite daft for a supposedly educated woman: So what should I eliminate, do you mean I should pretend not to have a PhD? Sorry about he poor writing — if it is not clear — am in a hurry! I prefer it when people are direct and to the point about such matters, I find it averts confusion.

Vague implications are never very useful when trying to make improvements. Now whether you like to generalize or not, men do. If a man had a bad or unfavorable experience with a woman with a Ph. D he might be skeptical of all women with Ph. Of course this does not mean all men. But the truth is, if the man you are interested in feels this way, it will affect the way he relates you to.

The most important element in dating, is making people feel good. If a man avoids you because you post on your profile that you have a Ph. But once a man agrees to go out with you, both of you should have a good time. There is no excuse, substitution for not having a good time. No man on earth will stop dating a woman he has fun with because she has an advanced degree.

What I suggest is to ignore the degree. Any resentment that you harbor about men rejecting you because of it may make the Ph. D more important than it has to be. On a first to third date, we should express who we are as people outside of labels. You might mention you have a Ph. D fine but talk about what you loved about research and your field. Talk about your passions and having a Ph. The bottom line is, if you meet a man that you really like, show him your best self, be exciting, interesting, funny passionate and positive.

Those should be your only goals in dating until you know someone a little better, start there then introduce your Ph. Hope this was helpful. Thank you for reading! I am a man, and why the hell would I not love to meet intelligent interesting women? These advices are ridiculous, stay true to yourself women! Dumbing yourself down is simply retarded. Do you honestly think us smart men want dumb women? NO, some of us are tired of that nonsense.

So, Mr Adam, how about fulfilling your quest to meet that intelligent, self-assured woman? Intelligence is of many different kinds. Aside from generalising people, we must also recognise that supermodels are intelligent in their own way.

It takes a smartness to know how the fashion industry works, how public relations work and use them to your advantage. I doubt any man would want to date you. And if you dating a man… my condolences to him. This exemplifies the basic female inability to take criticism. If I were to give examples of how much women generalize about men, it would take pages.

Buck up and take the criticisms and learn from them. Same goes for the reverse. If she IS booksmart, cool. The most important thing is common sense and ability to get along with people. The real problem both men and women have in dating is looking for the wrong type of person.

If the kind of men you look for do not appreciate your mind, the problem is you, not them. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you comfortable.

People respond to that. This is what they mean by feeling emasculated. Because so many women play stupid, many men are truly surprised when a smart woman can do things for herself. Fixing a tire, working on your car, knowing how to use tools or even taking out the garbage yourself. Men confuse being feminine with being stupid, because from what they can see, you are useless without their help. One started drinking Too heavily after 3 years of dating.

It broke my heart to leave him but I had to. There was another guy who I dated about six months as well, who misrepresented who he was as a graduate about to begin a professional career when I met him, then over the coming months gradually revealed that he was taking a gap year s to travel and party. He also would not introduce me to his family or even tell them about me because his parents would have taken his allowance away for dating someone outside their ethnicity.

All of them wrong….. All I was doing was keeping an open mind and taking the time to get to know people. How can anyone know what someone will be like without taking a little time to find out? Before a happy marriage there are often many failed relationships. I appreciate anyone who is honest about their love life before they were married. You have to break tradition sometimes. You have to be willing to make your own rules sometimes. Definitely consider that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the internet the easiest thing to have in mind of.

You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , other folks could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. I would like to say that I am the target demographic of the article. I went to graduate school on a full-scholarship and received my Masters degree in Economics. If someone in this thread made any blanketed statement towards any larger specific group for example, on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion many people would be outraged for lack of political correctness, yet you seemed to find a sub-group small enough that these blanketed statements have slipped by more easily.

You cite that you never attended college. Well, if you did take a basic logic class, you would have found that one counterexample is sufficient to nullify your basic premise. I am that counterexample. I was popular in a sorority. I had tons of friends. I was offered modeling jobs.

I have also had many awards in managing people. People who meet me often comment on my friendliness. I am well-versed with the stereotype of the educated woman; I fit very few, if any, of your aforementioned ones.

For example, would you ask a broke person how to become rich? Probably not, I really hope not… if riches are your goal. They might be a really great source on how to become broke, though, or what not to do. Along this same reasoning, if I wanted to find out how to be happily married, I would ask someone who is actually in this situation. You are writing about what an highly-educated woman should do to attract a smart man.

Yet except for your gender, you do not seem qualified to give an opinion that is really worth much weight. I would seriously question an article in which so many of your target demographic has issues. College attendance is personal issue. For some people finishing college is not necessary. However, I will say this, you state that you can make a girl that is a 6 and ll by putting her down. So why are you essentially guilty of the core of your own argument?

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agri dating lot

Yet everything sounds fine between us.

agri dating lot

Ulrika Jonsson 47 started the trend for beautiful weather girls on British television. I love other women and I would NEVER attempt to make one of them feel or look stupid — unless they had just stolen my granny etc.

agri dating lot

The most important element in dating, is making people feel good. Some people agri dating lot the agri dating lot thing. I hope this was helpful and I want you to remember that you are worthy. You are an exception trust me. Northern Ireland Champions League quarter-final draw in full and match dates: All of them wrong…. Being a great teacher and developer is.