My Google Adsense Account Just Got BANNED! Now What?

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Google Adsense account banned is a common thing sir. Car Rental Booking System: It can be easier to block entire categories of ads, such as "dating sites".

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Whether it is relevant or not is controlled by the bounce rate. Because they know you are spending money and they lose out if they close your account. CPA was a bust for me, some clicks but no actions, ie, wasted space. But you must fight back. I got banned years ago, too.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wow…thanks for the success story with Media. I applied a couple of days ago and hope to hear some good news from them this week. Will keep everyone updated for sure. I think that it depends on the niche with media. My sites are in the natural health niche, and they do great.

I have a friend in the finance niche who earns more with media. I feel the pain. All were closed within 10 minutes by a push of a button by some unemployed pimp from Bangladesh an outsourced ebay worker.

If one goes down, you still have 19 left. I never realized the same thing happened to ebay accounts — a different world, but makes sense.

I agree with your thoughts. Amazon also can be viable alternative. Also, as I recall you are experimenting with iPhone application. In that case, you might want to build your own tech startup likes Instagram. Saw it in the newspaper telegraph the other day in the business section. I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. Google is just a mess right now.

Google Adnonsense is like a stripper, great while it lasts but after the dance is done they want your money…. I believe that once you have a basic strategy and have done well, you will find a way to replicate it somewhere else. Good luck Spencer and please keep us posted on your journey. I am sure you will be able to devise a strategy to overcome this, and take your income to levels higher than it was last week.

I am really sorry to hear about your Adsense account. Pretty much the same type of email you got from Google. I think my heart stopped for a few seconds since this was a big source of my income.

Yes, I did open up another account, but I too have been fearful of it happening again. How are we to learn from our mistakes? Diversify your portfolio so that when something like this happens, your business is still profitable and still able to pay the bills. As far as my suggestion Spencer on building small niche sites or larger authority type sites, I would build the latter. Google has been really cracking down on smaller niche sites and rewarding the more authority based ones.

I have shifted to this model and am working on my first authority site. Actually I have 2, but the second one is in planning. The one problem with authority sites, however, is that they require more time and more investment, especially up front. But in the end, they are more likely to sustain themselves and be better protected from these sorts of issues. I still believe in Adsense, but only on authority based sites. Good luck with your sites and restructuring.

I know that you will figure it out and get your income back up. Brandon — Interesting experience with Facebook. Count me in for being saddened as well Spencer — has really bummed me out all day so my main comment to you is just a general prayer of good vibes and peace to you. Having said that, let me make a couple of observations that I am convinced of having seen this happen to multiple people over the past 3 years.

To me the exceptions are those that make less money on adsense themselves such as Pat Flynn or those that stay quiet except to a members only type group. Wish this were not the case but it is. Not sure how this might work, but clearly to me this happens. Google feels they must protect their big time spenders at all costs — and obvously someone like Spencer or the ASF guys are making higher profile money and, thus, maybe they can gleen some type of reverse algo.

Thanks Kent for the well-wishes. I think your observations are pretty good. I guess nothing can be confirmed, but your points are not unreasonable. Not anywhere near your earnings, but would still hurt.

I did use Build My Rank, but only a very little. I took down all those links about a month ago when they were deindexed. Whilst I think I am in no position to give you advice from experience I think we can extrapolate on a few possible scenarios. I can only imagine how difficult it was and probably still is to receive that email from the Google Adsense team.

Google Webmaster Help uploaded a video on YouTube last year that I think may be one of the reasons why you were banned. Here is the link:. I thank you for making your situation public because I think it, again, reveals how important it is for internet marketers to diversify and not rely on one thing too much.

Thanks for the video Tasha. Maybe you are right, but even Matt Cutts says you can build microsites if you want. But lots of these sites likely did set off a redflag for adsense. Spencer, I guess its possible that it could have been the number of sites in your account but I think its an unfair ruling if thats the case. I think Matt Cutts video where he talks about not being able to support a large number of sites is right to a point, but at the end of the day how do they know how many people you have working for you in your business?

What if you had one person per site outsourced or within your company. They have no sight into that. So, how can they just make a blanket ruling and say you have to many. I think that is ridiculous. What i would like to know is how will this affect the use of your long tail pro business.

The reason is that the CPC is really just a value to help you know if there is money in the niche. This will still apply whether or not you are using Adsense. Generally speaking, if a niche pays well in Google Adsense it will also pay well using other monetization methods.

I was just wondering regarding Googles TOS as to whether you have linked to any of your adsense earning websites through this website. I know that you have posted your average cpc for a few websites but as well as that you might have linked to them as well. Sorry to hear about this as your blog was one of my inspirations to start niche websites. Best of luck for the future man! Happen to me 3 times!

Can you imagine a personal relationship like this? Best to you my friend. Spencer, sorry to hear it, but thanks for sharing. We can all learn from what has happened to you, and hopefully avoid the same by diversifying along the way. I know that you can find a way to recover from this, and become even more profitable. You have a loyal audience, and from the comments, it appears that you are not alone.

Iwhile this is a big inconvenience, it could be an opportunity for you. I read this news today as I was looking to purchase your long tail pro. I will still make that purchase, as I see value there for finding niches that can still be monetized through avenues other than Adsense.

I wish you the best and will continue to follow your situation. When the going gets tough, the tough finds another monetization method. Thanks Greg, yes Long Tail Pro is not for building adsense sites — it has many other uses for sure. Its an overall keyword tool — whether for bloggers, authority site builders, ppc advertisers, or others. I think Google is making it very difficult. Do you think PPV is a better way?

I followed you for a while and am blown by this dictatorial treatment by Google. Having said that, GOOG just announced a spectacular earnings, yet their stock unusually dropped 50 points in 2 days. No deed goes unpunished!

I have confidence a professsional of your stature and connection will bounce back to a new height in income. I deeply sorry to hear and feel for you. I know exactly how you feel now my man.

I recently lost my residual income from an offline business as well. Life is too short to live. There is always a way out buddy. Now with enough said:. Google has not been very transparency of why all the accounts got banned. I mean how hard is it to say hey we noticed this going on, how come is happening? We suggest you fix it. Here are some ways you can fix. Sorry to hear about this situation.

Google needs to check itself. They feel big and powerful and to many people relay on them and they know it. If they bit the hand that feeds them to much, people will revolt.

They are not the only game in town soon yahoo and bing will capture other people. Soon they will deindex everyone and then all they will have is worthless sites and wikpida. There are tons of horribly spun 2. What kind of legitimate company does that and expects to survive?

In both instances, though, the publishers owned quite large sites and were pretty well connected. To be honest guys Google randomly disabled my account on the 13th of last month and I found out many people got disabled between that date and the 16th. Now the same thing happening again this month.

I think so, I feel they randomly disable accounts and make a killing on all that money. If we hear about the same thing happening next month then it is official. After I read a post by some guy who was making k a month and got banned after always receiving certificates from adsense I knew no one was and is safe from getting banned. I have an honest question, will this be the downfall in the long run of google? Reading through the comments the common trend seems to be coupon sites — I had quite a few coupon sites and while I never went against the AdSense TOS my account was banned recently….

Interesting observation — although I still see lots of coupon sites out there with adsense on them. Spencer, man, this sucks!! I know exactly how you feel!!

For us niche websites builders, I am sure we will find other great resources for monetization. As you may have noticed on my blog, I have pretty good results with a combination of media.

However, still at this moment, it really sucks big time and I feel for you. Hey Mark — sorry to hear about you getting your account banned as well. I wish I knew. I have been noticing a lot of the blogs I follow and have learned from are starting to get their adsense accounts banned, but another thing I have noticed is all of these people who are getting their adsense accounts banned are also using Blog Networks to boost their site rankings.

I believe google just recently decided to crack down on these blog networks and I have heard of a lot of them even shutting down. What other reason could they possibly ban you for?

I have followed you and many others that got banned and none of them have a detailed explanation of WHY they got banned and now I am afraid I should be worried as well. It is quite disappointing to hear this Spencer, but i am sure you will get back to action.

I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that UAW and other like it will be de-indexed. Google can easily discount all blogs that have their plugin. In a blink of an eye. This happening to you makes me thing long and hard about the whole making money online thing. They can do what they want. A friend of mine who had multiple sites in different neighborhoods with EMD had most of his sites plummet over night. The only ones spared were listed in local. I also had all my local sites go down.

They all had different templates, different content. Sarah — Google does control alot unfortunately. Good idea to diversify. Lots of different ways to make money online. You have a load of sites up so do a split test between several ad networks. That would make an interesting article as well.

Looks like a drop in salary by a couple of thousand but if you act quickly you will still be earning a decent and more than liveable wage. Quality sites, which I believe you have from what you have said will always rank so while we still depend on google for most of the traffic we dont have to depend on them for adsense earnings anymore, how liberating.

Yeah, take a holiday for a week first, and then come back and do it. Sorry to hear about this. This will allow you to rebuild your income in a way that will leave you less vulnerable to the decisions of one company or entity.

I could not help myself.. Now I guess I can just put it in bold type. Do anything you can do disconnect from Google. Ad sense niche sites are dead at least with google monitization. Now all the other models and channels are much clearer to evaluate. Everyone needs to take deep breath …regroup.. Google is the new evil empire. Right before our eyes they now control the net.

As a small business owner I have seen my cost of pay per click dramatically increase. Worst yet, as a small business owner I have tried to compete by working hard at ranking my web site organically…only to have google repeatedly de rank my web sites because they changed their practices and algorithms. Well I used to think google was cool company, do no wrong etc. But both businesses and consumers should fear both google and facebook.

They are in your underpants counting your pubic hairs. Your privacy is history, and we are all being played like sheep. Well I just turned off my PPC google account.. I refuse to give them any more of money geee did my 2k per month contribute to their revenue decrease?

I have changed my search engine bar.. And I have backed way off posting on facebook.. These beasts have risen from nothing, but their arrogance and control the earth attitudes is about as Orwellian as you can get. Defend your self, these guys are going to fall from grace. Others can give you pages of horror stories of what goes on with these companies tracking every footprint.

Beware… And for business owners, diversify everything you have away from google and facebook, while leveraging what you can from these guys…and way that minimizes your exposure. If so how did they link them together? Unfortunately, they shared the same address and same contact person. But if this was really WHY the accounts were shut down, why did they let me open the accounts? But this certainly was a link between them all. Google are like Paypal they only protect the customers not the vendors.

I understand why they do this because the money comes from the customers advertisers not the vendors. Google do what they want. I wrote 5 books uploaded them and done absolutely no promotion. I still got no ratings on my ebooks and selling a couple per day lol. Just pick a money niche, write the book, upload it, and Booya you get paid.

A while back it was all about eBay and how so many folks were getting their eBay accounts dumped, regardless how much they were making from eBay affiliation. Makes you wonder though — how long before Media. Hey Joseph, thanks for stopping by! It does seem like once a company becomes large enough they start shutting down the little guys. At this point I have a lot of confidence in them because they actually assigned me an account manager who I can email with any questions and who told me that if they have any problems with my sites he will tell me first.

He also encouraged me to set up separate ad codes for each site so that he can manually tweak the ads for the best performance on a per-site basis. Wow, I was really hoping this was a joke when I clicked on the link in my email.. There is no protection for the advertisers, that is a blatant flat out lie. Maybe they should ban themselves for not providing an effective service for their advertisers?? Saying they are protecting the advertisers is just a bunch of baloney.

With so much money flowing around Google everyday nobody would even notice if they just quietly kept it. Can you say what you think was the connecting links between your 4 different separate accounts?

I thought this would keep you somewhat insulated in case of a ban. Put the high earners on another separate new account and get as many months of income as you can out of them while you focus on re-monetizing all the big earners. At least this would ease the transition period. How to do this safely for new accounts?

I would LOVE to see the thousands of banned users join together and pursue this in court. There has to be a way to force more transparency in these matters.

I would think thousands of people combined could easily afford a sufficient legal team. If OJ can win.. Honestly, even if the lawsuit had no chance of winning. It may force some much needed policy changes indirectly just through the negative publicity.

You could set up a sue google website but they would probably just de-index it lol. Good Luck and keep us posted. I know from older posts you are at least smart enough to have some money put aside to hold you over. Nope, not a joke unfortunately. But my contact name was on the account an individual name is required — that must have done it. If I ever do this again new LLC there will be no linking information at all.

Now they complain that Facebook and Apple threaten internet or…its adsense maybe: I feel terrible for you man. You are the reason why I got into Adsense and set up my nichewebsites blog. Why not try to change the entity as at least this gives you an income and if they ban it again well so be it. Yep, strong possibility of that happening. Really sorry to hear this…. I know you will find another way. You have far too much knowledge in this arena not to. As I finished reading through all of the comments I went to check my email and found that I too have been banned from Adsense!

I have about 15 very thin sites finally set up…. I feel fortunate that it happened now so I can adjust my game plan. I look forward to following along and seeing how you adjust. There is a lot of disdain for Google, and some of it is justified. On the other hand I am focusing my energy and efforts on things I can control. As Nate, Chris and other marketers have done they eventually created their own product of which they totally control.

I know some people who were making pretty good affiliate money with BMR, they got zeroed out too because of Googles actions. Personally, finding a few good residual affiliate products is where my energy is going until I can create a few quality products of my own.

The more control you have the more stable your long term online income will be. Spencer if I may be your light in this darkness. I have not suffered that in which you speak but I have a couple of sites that are authority sites that I would not dare put adsense on I would just lose too much money.

So I am sharing with you the same solution. You can set up your own ad network. I literally make a killing just from a couple sites I have it on.

I tried adsense on these sites and if memory serves me correct I would definitely hate to comb over the data but just a rough estimate made me on these two sites about 2. With selling my own ad inventory I was able to increase each websites profit margin 7 fold. I am making 15k roughly a month from these two sites. My little niche sites I still use adsense. As it is too much hassle to set each one up independently. I am also sure there are better solutions out there as well.

I am just saying when you are in control and you cut out the middle man you would be surprised how much you can make. There you go in a nutshell. If you need help or ideas let me know I am always up for a brainstorming session. Great tip on OIO Publisher!

I would love to hear more about your sites and how you use OIO publisher. Feel free to send me an email privately if you would like. I know how you feel Spencer. I got my account banned a couple of years ago but I guess I did violate their terms then. My heart goes out to you, Spence. When I read the bad news this morning and tried to hit the site to read this post the site was non responsive!

I figured a ton of traffic was to blame. That much traffic is a good thing, right? Your getting cancelled along with the other commenters here that told about losing their accounts has encouraged me to not use Adsense at all. Well said ive been holding content I ordered over the last while. Will be rewritten for NON adsense sites. They arnt the only game on the net they just think they are. Your large number of domains might not have been the problem. Perhaps you were click-bombed.

This is what happened to my account. I received the same e-mail that you did, appealed, and three weeks later I got my account back and all of the money they said they were going to give back to the advertisers. Maybe Matt is right. Good luck with your appeal!

No more relying on Google and Google Adsense for me. Thanks for being honest Spencer and sharing your experience with us. Hopefully you can jump back on your feet and make money other ways.

I am sure you can as your websites are still ranking well. That is definitely a plus. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress and if you can bounce back from this big setback.

Their time will come indeed. Ex Google search employees have been hired to fix Facebook search. Does not mean that they will succeed but I just want to point out people with money are working to get market share. You have the experience, resource and network. People will be happy to help you whether its by promoting your future products or simply giving you a helping hand.

Think of it as a breakup. Haha — love how you finished that comment bo. Spencer will definitely bounce back with something bigger and stronger for sure. Good, you and all deserve it. You are doing nothing but spamming the web with crap websites, nothing else. Stop spamming the web, create useful and resourceful websites, think of the people that will visit your site instead of earning an extra click on the ads. The thing you have going for you is that you are very well diversified.

I remember when a bunch of your sites were deindexed, and you emerged with a new set of sites that earned even more. But as I wrote in my post, I think you will look back one day and realize that this was a good thing for your business. My initial reaction was panic, fear, and some type of depression, and I can imagine yours was at least as intense. But after I slept on it for a few days, it was almost liberating. When AdSense was working well, there was no reason to explore anything else.

Now, you can try a bunch of different things and see what else works well, or maybe better. Cut out the sites that no longer work well, and focus on those that do. Side note about my post-AdSense experience so far: Anyway, this comment is long enough. You understand my diversification, as you are an accountant.

Thanks for staying positive, reading your post actually has helped me keep a better attitude as well. Time will tell how it turns out…. Spencer, I feel your pain! I wrote about it just last week. I lost my personal adsense account a month ago, filed my appeal, and was denied 2 days later. Then exactly one month later my corporate adsense account was disabled. Like everyone else who has been disabled by google, I received no details on what the problem was, and of course, no chance to rectify the problem.

Still hurts, but not as much now, and I can carry on full time. It will always be hard to replace Google adsense for some time into the future. But based on how google is screwing publishers, and my belief in karma, Google will soon go the way of the blackberry and become obsolete. They will not survive if they continue to treat their customers and publishers this way.

I just hope it happens sooner than later! We need a disruptive search engine…anyone? Hey spencer, do you mind sharing the list of your other sites? As you said niche sites are risky these days. Were these sites authority sites? Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the information you have provided and how transparent and honest you have been. As someone just getting into the internet business scene it is disheartening to see someone like you getting this kind of treatment from google.

I wish you all the best going forward and am excited to see how you come back from this as we all know you will. Google is a dinosaur, between what they are doing with search and adsense their days are numbered. Hey Spencer, for what it is worth.. Last year I even sent you a thank you during the annual thanksgiving. You have helped me a great deal.. Let me say this; because of that..

You will rise up and you will be even better in the months and years to come. You find a way or a way will manifest whichever comes first. But I think true security could be be derived from focusing on one or several key sites that you can put a lot of energy into an build those up, not just in search but with list building, co-op marketing, social campaigns, viral campaigns, offline marketing if it fits, and just about any other promotional method.

But in the end, the traffic sources and the monetization must go well beyond Google simply because their so damn unstable in many ways. The moral of the story…. I really feel for your loss but I am sure you will get back up very soon using other adsense alternatives. Not sure if this is the reason but you are obviously not protecting your sites very well. I just did a search based on some of your public information and I could already dig out most of your sites.

I can also see that you are linking to many of your sites in the footer on some of your sites which again could be another red flag by itself. Of those who got their account banned so far, one common trend is that they are not careful enough in protecting their sites and people with a little skill could easily seek out all their sites and niches. He never ever reveal any of this sites and I believe that is why he is still one of those surviving champions of Adsense to date. Any sites linking to each other are very old and are all on one adsense account.

I was selling legitimate approved products through their site. These big corporations have ZERO care for regular vendors. Spencer, I am sorry to hear the news! I look forward to the opportunities you will create for yourself.

You should sell your info sites on flippa! This could give someone the opportunity to put adsense on high-traffic sites and make some money.. AND you could re-coup some income from these sites in the short term. I would recommend being honest as to the reason you are selling them but I would expect no less from you. This is really frustrating…worse than the ban of adwords account because it is actually the bread and butter.

Google is notorious for banning the account, Adwords, Adsense, Youtube, etc…And they are not in the position and do not have any interest to help you to get them back or at least rectify, etc…All they do it to refer you to their terms and condition, which basically stated that they can do anything to your account as long as they are happy and think what is right. There is no harm to use another business entity to get an adsense account just to see if you can continue with your previous income.

However, at the mean time, I think it is a good idea not to rely on Adsense too much and to develop other monetization method via affiliate marketing or list building. Just to diversify the portfolio a bit. I got banned years ago, too. Have you thought about contacting the advertisers whose ads you displayed and cut out the middle man Google? It will be a win win for both of you. I wonder if Google singled you out for being so public and having such a large following.

Trying to cut the head off and send the IM community a message. If some of the other more vocal members of the IM community start getting banned as well, it may be the case. This is a good thing. Now you can replace those adsense spots with CPA offers instead and make about 3 to 5 times your monthly income.

It pays as little as possible and they can do b. This ban is a blessing in disguise for you. Will — I like your optimism about CPA offers. I really doubt I will get anywhere close to 3 to 5 times. But the thought is good — that there are other games in town. Do you have any suggestions on where to look for CPA offers? He creates the same niche sites as you but monetize them by creating video courses that are highly valuable and easy to create.

My suggestion is not going with other ad networks. Follow Nate Rivers model. That business model is not sustainable! I too would be very interested in hearing what other monatization methods end up working for you.

Man, that stinks, but this may well be a blessing in disguise for you and everyone who reads your blog. Chances are you lost your traffic when you shut down the sites and parked the domains. Was eating breakfast, had a hard time finishing it. I feel for you man. I can thus pretend I connect myself from Australia, England, Norway etc…Just makes it harder for google to keep track of what I do and I where I connect myself from. My heart goes out to you.

You are one of the most inspiration, ethical internet marketers that I know. I appreciate your ideas and you have always tried to show people how to make things better. I might suggest that there are plenty of mom and pop websites that do not have the budget or time — especially if they are busy running the day-to-day operations of their business to build content rich websites.

However, I am sure that they feel their message, product or service warrants an audience. The same goes for niche websites. While they may not be wikipedia on a particular subject, they do serve a purpose. They provide targeted information on a particular subject. Whether it is relevant or not is controlled by the bounce rate.

This has been tested for over different niche websites. Google Senate Antitrust Hearing — http: Noticing a trend here? Panda weeds out the bad guys people making a living from online marketing and who is taking their place? Great comment Shannon…its worthy of a post all in and of itself. A lot of information to digest, but very well said.

Thank you for the reply on my comment, by the way — applied for Media. They emailed me already. No idea where this will go but at the very least, they have the right business model for me.

Oh and there was a guy who mentioned contacting advertisers directly. What do you think? It is a black day for IMers out here…I am really sorry to hear about this ban! But I am sure with your experience and skills you will figure a better business plan and will find other monitization methods, and hopefully with better ROI!

If you are into wedding niche, try bridaluxe. Hey Pat — thanks for stopping by, and for your support! I definitely feel like I will be able to bounce back…also great to hear that you are doing well with Media. Can wait to give them a try! Totally sucks sorry to hear the news! I have started using affiliates now instead of adsense as my account was closed after just making 20 sites thank god it wasnt any more.

Being that controlled by another business just does not make sense long term. Anyway your a smart guy you can work it out. This also happened with me, Google disable my account, in April 14, , the reason is invalid click, I have tried to appeal but Google refused me.

Previously I just tried to connect my adsense account with HubPages but suddenly I got email from adsense that my adsense was disable. I doubt they even read the first sentence. I was one of their early publishers starting with them a few weeks after they opened up which I think was in Had more sites running Adsense then most anyone with real consistent earnings of roughly 3k to 5k plus per month for many years. In fact, even in the early stages about I was already earning 2 to 4k-month almost from the start.

Very few and rare issues with them over the years before the banning other than relatively minor things. Often the ads are completely non-targeted. Affiliates programs are just as bad and not worth the. Apparently if you have a big enough name.. I too, am upset over your misfortune You have been a big help and inspiration to me.

I had visions of building enough sites to give me a comfortable retirement income — nothing as much as you were earning though. I would explore the possibility of a class action law suite. Imagine the negative publicity such a law suite would bring to their advertisers, and stock holders. It could go viral on Facebook or Twitter or both. Okay if some particular sites were offensive and beyond repair — ban them, but to ban them all seems draconian and perhaps violates your civil rights in some way.

I hope you will continue to advise us on your site. We look to you for for valuable advice and your friendship. Spencer, 8 months ago, i woke up from my bed. The previous day, i remember looking at a dollar day in the adsense interface. I woke up, happily turned on my pc to look at another dollar day. The dollar check i got prev month bounced and another dollars in my account was not paid to me.

Very uplifting story, aint it? Sorry to hear you lost your account. I can feel the insecurity and pain in you. Prepare yourself for the next phases of grief. But remember that you should not even think of using some other ad networks. They pay nothing but peanuts. Here is what you should do:. You should get another account. If you do, make sure that you only use that in top 5 best performing sites.

This way, if you arrange for partnership with 10 or so people, you can have 5 sites in each account. So that means lower risk. And you also get to have 50 sites with adsense on them. But of course, partnership means you will not get percent of what you make. That is what i am doing with my dollar authority site.

And i have another site, as i already mentioned in another comment in your site, which has potential to make dollars or so. I am working on it. If you need advice on this let me know.

Do not lose hope. A little dose of adversity helps. You will come out stronger from this very soon. Perhaps you could use all the advertisers at the same time to not loose all your business at once. One of the french bloggers had the same problems some years ago but has been saved by his mailing lists so that noone was aware he was banned.

Your readers actually CARE about you and what happens to your business. This blog post has sent shock waves through the blogosphere, with a lot of people questioning their whole business model because even SPENCER got banned.

Now this site is going to get even more traffic as people wait for you to let us know which adsense alternative is best. Thanks for your hard work on this site and good luck in your journey to replace that adsense income. My bad day is causing others to have a bad day. Never thought that would happen…Thanks for the support! I want to share my experience with my partners.

Our adsense account banned by Google in the same time. Then we try to find what alternatives provide the best payment such as Adsense. But we got trouble. Finally, we tried to get back to Adsense account. Use a different computer, and a different ID with different address example you can borrow your friend etc. Once you get a new adsense account. Do not be installed them directly on your site, check first whether your site banned by google. And write more articles on your site ex: Me and my friends get our adsense account safe after trying things like that for more than 6 months.

But we are not sure whether this will be able to survive in the future or not. Sorry for my bad english btw. This is happen to me. Google he take no longer control all affiliates and works with robots not with humans. I never will work with adsense and media.

I have already started moving towards other monetization methods though. I started adding more Amazon ads for specific products, and these seem to be doing well for health related sites, not as good as Adsense, but not bad.

I experimented with Chitika, and it does ok in a few niches, but is wasted space for most others. Infolinks was a nice surprise, doing better than Adsense for some sites. CPA was a bust for me, some clicks but no actions, ie, wasted space. Best of luck to you in your experiments, keep us informed. They are just banning people left and right for nothing. I am completely screwed now, business is so slow. I am absolutely disgusted with this. What was your CTR on adsense? How many websites did you have on your account?

Did you notice a certain site that has a really high CTR? If someone is performing click bombing, maybe there is a way to create a WP plugin that will protect you from click bombing? I really do not see Google having problems with niche web sites with solid content and an appealing design.

My 3 adsense account were banned last 3 months and by that time I was thinking is Google going to ban Spencer account sooner or later…. Now if anyone still making a living with adsense. Get another source of income and Google just gone crazy banning adsense account no matter how well you did it or not. I hope you are able to find some other way to monetize your sites, and remember: I read and love the book too!

Kinda funny i though of the book after reading the first sentence and than you quoted exactly this book. Luckily with Long Tail Pro Spence already did exactly this. I might have to check out the book. But for the record most of my income is not from adsense anymore.

I also own my own products which are not reliant on Google. Class action lawsuit guys! This high almighty google needs to be kept in check…. I was thinking the same thing, but there seems to be a pretty wide variety of sites being banned.

One was a large general tech forum community, pretty much the opposite. This just makes my stomach turn. I got no sleep last night thinking about this. I really feel for you. I do agree with Chris that they used you as an example. It clearly sends a message to all who follow in your footsteps. Seems to me like the pendulum is swinging and will eventually chop us all.

You are the Guru and we all admire you and look up to you. Hey Richard, thanks for the thoughts. In six months, I hope to look back on this post as a positive experience.

My thoughts are that Google are trying to make an example of you, cause they know that you have such a wider readership in the IM community. Adsense and Google Analytics. And you what… I feel like a weight has been lifted!!!. No more looking over my shoulder. The domains that I removed all Google references from were not high earning sites.

The way I see it, better to sacrifice the small earnings from these sites than to jeopardise the larger earnings of a few. But, sorry, I digress. Intrigued by her interest, I took the handset from her and did indeed see that she had downloaded a BeNaughty.

And do you know what, they are!? The only way that I can see to get cheekylovers for your mobile is by signing up online and then syncing your phone to your PC to then download cheekylovers so you can have it on the go.

I have written and complained, but as of yet, no response. I mean, their banners are great: In short, it sucks. And lacks of professionalism that such a big organisation should have such a huge oversight. So, to my question: There is no doubt that online dating competition is getting more fierce; mainstream dating challengers White Label Dating announced their tenth millionth member in January of ; its exponential growth means the twentieth million member will take them a lot less time to reach than their first ten.

And the best of it is, only cash-rich dating sites will able to compete with the service they now purport to offer. The only way free dating sites will be able to even hazard a stab at vetting procedures is by charging a fee to do the checks in-house, thus incurring salary not yet budgeted for or by hiring a third-party to do it, with the same consequence on the bottom line.

Multi-million conglomerates rarely enter into agreements like this lightly and never without something in it for themselves. Having taken a peek into the world of senior dating last week, this week we look into the world of casual dating. Our first port of call will be one of the cheekiest online UK singles dating sites on the web at the moment, BeNaughty. Long term commitment is definitely not for everyone. There are times when singles, and dare I say it, even people who have been in a relationship for a while, just need to blow off steam.

What better way to do that than by hooking up with another like-minded, consenting adult who simply wants a bit of fun, too? The good news is that there of plenty of casual dating sites that cater for exactly that requirement, BeNaughty. So what exactly can you expect from such a, well, naughty dating site? First and foremost, it is a safe place to chat to other singles, the majority of whom are looking for the same thing as you.

Yes, it is that obvious. The people behind this niche dating site know their audience and membership; to some extent, the usual rules of creating the perfect dating site profile do not apply. So get on there, get signed up, get chatting and, most importantly, BeNaughty! Buffer Anyone else know of a golf social network site that pays you to get referrals? You are experienced , and so not past it! More mature singles, just like you, waiting to be found General dating will bring up everything, niche dating categories will be added as we catalogue and review the world of online niche dating sites on the blog.

So far, there is a general category, general dating and one specific to seniors, UK senior dating. And for those who want to 'Get Laid Now' and so much more When is your hot sugar buddy too hot to handle? How many lovers is acceptable or when are you being naughty? Or tertiary, as is becoming more often the case in this increasingly promiscuous society, sleep with just about anyone who shows a passing interest.

Casual dating is not , as you might suspect: Casual dating is, in the very real sense, an arranged, mutual one night stand. Why choose paid dating sites over free online dating?

Go for a paid dating site service every single time. Want a constant stream of active and new hotties on your mobile? CLICK HERE Having complained about this weekly visitation to other girlfriends on social media platforms, they are all of the same opinion and have categorically informed me that this is quite a natural, ingrained female trait. Anyway, back to my main point. Please, your comments and advice would be much appreciated… Share this: What you get at BeNaughty.

So far, there is a general category, general dating one specific to senior dating, UK senior dating and a whole host of books on casual dating , including the not so subtly entitled 'Get Laid Now' - classy! Get posts to your inbox alt. Darrelldoo Another Darrelldoo site. Like a fine wine… MatureDatingUK. Quick Flirt or Be Naughty?

Trending on doo4dating None. Jason Darrell Help me understand. Example, RSS Dating feed: Global Members, last online, Sexy Brune — image: Work in progress, but please feel free to flick through the pages, thus far

Imsges: adsense block dating ads

adsense block dating ads

I got a really depressing email last week that my Google Adsense account has been shut down! There are a few things you can do to help make the process of reporting technical problems as quick and efficient as possible:.

adsense block dating ads

If you are not receiving SMS verification codes. These are the only details given, no specifics. I am like — No.

adsense block dating ads

Soon after an article is published or modified, our software picks some words within the body of the text that are likely to be representative adsense block dating ads chating dating site. Admin may earn commission on each order without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly on each sale. New Hubbers are given adsense block dating ads generous grace period, even if they have relatively low Hubber Scores, as we acknowledge that it can take time for new Hubbers to get their bearings and for their Hubber Scores to normalize. All of my sites still rank exactly where they were before in Google. This blog post has sent shock waves adxense the blogosphere, with a lot of people questioning their whole business model because even SPENCER got banned.