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1st year dating birthday gifts

Thank you so much to bring me such an excellent idea. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas and taking the time to do this! Get Free E-mail Updates! I added the passport application inside the flight ticket holder. This is so creative — Thank you so much for sharing! If you have a large budget the sky is the limit, from gold to jewels, you can purchase a never to be forgotten first anniversary gift.

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And depending on the type you use, be it funny, cartoon, or traditional invitation, your wording should complement to it. Here are some tips and steps for putting together 50th birthday party invitations. My husband and I have been married 3 years and things got really bad at one point. I did do it. Christina- have fun with this! JJ- so glad that we could help with a fun anniversary gift.

See you on date from time at location. Your favorite stuffed bear is also our guest. Our little angel is now one. We want to make it real fun! We are going to celebrate. So please come on this date. Sweet treats filled with joy. Time flies by swiftly. Come to my party. The first of many parties, Made just for me. His friends will come to partake And see his first birthday candle and cake.

You are invited on this blissful day. It has surely been a year already, This world is as beautiful as it can be. My boyfriend loves this idea because he always has problems coming up with new ideas for dates. We can also make it cost friendly for either of us. We are taking turns planning the dates because you know, ya gotta keep it fair. Anyway, love love love this project!!!!

What a catch he must be! Have a blast on all your dates this year! Except instead of stickers I took a picture of us on each date and put it in the passport. Alyssa- what a great way of really documenting your memories by taking pictures of the dates! I want to do them all at once! I too get so excited about all the ideas on our site and have a hard time deciding where to focus myself first: Have a great year of dates! Oh, this is so perfect!

We first planned to travel November of last year we would be in the D. So, we changed our tour dates to this April. However, circumstances forced us to make an unexpected but God-blessed move from Michigan to Virginia.

Thank you so much! I just wrote my personalized info in using a pen- easy, peasy. I had fun putting […]. I just presented this to my husband as an anniversary gift. He said that it was special because I made it with my hands and he is so excited to see what we will do for these 12 dates! I am so glad that enjoyed it so much! Have so much fun doing your 12 dates! Thank you for all ideas! Hi Clarissa- I am sooooooooo glad that you like our site!

Good luck with school! You could also watch pictures in books from the library and watch a documantairy or movie clips online to see the highlights of the country. Sometimes the pictures and movies are even better then actually going there. No crowds, enough time to look at details and you will have much more information.

Free DI guided tour! Mash of potatoe and curly kale, tiny bits of porc belly through the mash boerenkool stamppot and served with smoked sausage rookworst. Other meals, many Dutch people like a meal with boiled potatoes, a veg and a meat like porc chops. We make gravy from the cooking fat by just adding some water and then let it boil. Gravy over boiled potatoe and make a bit of a mash with your fork. We also like pancakes, we make them as large as crepes but thicker 2 cups flower, 4 cups of milk, 1 egg is the very basic recipe.

Preferrably use dome a bit of rye and buckwheat too. Mix, pour a soup laddle full in a baking pan, swirl around a bit so whole pan is coveref and bake, turn and bake. Things to see online: This is really lovely! I had no clue what to give my husband for our 2nd aniversary, and this was a blessing!

Thanks for catching that! Our fabulous designer just sent an updated version with the Brazil stamp edited.

So if you click on the link now you can snag it. Awesome tip about the mini menus!!! Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. Thanks so much for this fabulous idea. I am so in love with this, I wish my husband gifts this to me. I am so gonna make this today itself. My husband and I have done a ton of travel dates, they are our favorite kind of dates and this will make them so much more fun and exciting! Try out this at-home date instead whereyour imagination is the limit to your […].

Great ideas here and all over your website. However, I feel like I have to say in love and with respect that Africa is not a country. There are many different cultures in the respective countries and regions of Africa to explore. Morocco—find and prepare Moroccan recipes or visit a Moroccan restaurant; visit an outdoor marketplace as I believe Morocco is known for its bazaars; watch Casablanca or see if there is a screening of the classic movie in your area; look at images of Moroccan architecture and design or make something together influenced by that style i.

Other ideas in general…look for other documentaries about events in various parts of Africa such the documentary Invisible Children, very sad, but eye-opening about child soldiers in Sudan ; read books about countries in Africa fiction or nonfiction and discuss them during your date; find a local museum that is running an exhibit on African art or art from a specific country in Africa; visit another cultural event such as a dance or music exhibition; read some blogs by missionaries in Africa or see if there are any groups doing mission work that could use volunteers.

Africa is so vast, and there are so many possibilities! I love this idea. One day we hope to travel the world but this will work for now. So glad you can use this Jackie! Brenda, I am so glad that you were able to use this for your boyfriend for Christmas!!

Thank you for the great idea! I gave this to my husband this morning and he loved it! I love this so much!!! I love this idea too much. Thank you very much, it made my day haha x. LOVE this, it prints out so beautifully and my partner was thrilled.

Lovely evening, and the first time we ever tried haggis. Which was really good! But, a really cheap date, for doing so much! Caroline- thank you so much for sharing. Hi, I am from Mexico and I really loved this! Hi, I really love this idea. I gonna make it for my husband 31st birthday. Thank you so much to bring me such an excellent idea. I LOVE this, but can not figure out where or how to download it. Any help would be great, I want to put this together…love love love.

Thanks for this awesome idea! Love your whole website! You are so welcome, Kendra! So glad that you and the hubs are loving it.

Have fun in the Netherlands. I love the ideas that come with this, including eating at a restaurant, taking a dance class or traveling somewhere locally. Hi I love this idea of passport to love. My boyfriend and I are true travel lovers so as soon as I saw this I thought it was the perfect gift. I love this idea too. Dating divas are awesome. Love the many ideas They are very creative. I absolutely LOVE this website!

Your ideas are amazing, out of the box, and totally fun! Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas and taking the time to do this!

Thanks again so much for all you do! Thank you so much for sharing it. This is an absolutely terrific idea! You have a new fan and I cant wait to discover more ideas from your site. Estou amando tudo aqui! I looooove this idea, it is exactly what I was looking for for by boyfriends birthday, he loves travelling so much! Where did you get all the Ideas for the different countries from? Because I thought of adding some other countries my boyfriend loves, but I have not so many ideas as you got.

We actually just got the ideas for the different countries by brainstorming together. Good luck and hope he loves it! This idea is amazing!!!! Is the download link not working for you? Since I live in a spanish-speaking country, I had to alter the images to translate them to spanish, and they turned out great!

I also changed the cover of the passport and used faux blue leather to give it a more convincing look, and used a gold sharpie to write the details.

Thank you very much for the ideas you post! Thank you so much for sharing, Catalina! Sounds like it turned out amazing!! Your boyfriend is a lucky man. I also live in a Spanish speaking country. Could you send me the Spanish version you made?? Very amazing ideas for a romantic rendezvous.

I will opt for the Oktoberfest for two. His birthday is in October and will make just an addition — present the treat with augmented reality messaging from MinuteofLife.

Will use their site http: What a FUN idea, Evelyn! Brazil is a country located in South America. For a Brazilian reader , this is very annoying and disrespectful.

This is so wrong and offensive! That was totally a mistake. This is the gift I was looking for! The ultimate solution and I am so happy to find it.

We just bought a house so money is really tight this Christmas. Tanner said all he wants for the holiday is to have some fun dates with me throughout the year. This is totally perfect and I got family and friends to contribute with babysitting pledges. He has looked forward to these dates every month, and I wanted to thank you so much for posting this great idea with printables!! Oh my goodness- thank you SO much for sharing! Looks like you made some amazing memories!

Omg, this is so cute we truer it out its was so good we had fish for dinner and had some bread and grapes. Thank you for this awesome gift!

We had a winter date, fondue, and played two minutes in heaven. Tomorrow we are off to China! We LOVE hearing that! Thanks so much for sharing, Erin.

Hope you have a wonderful V-day in China. I love it so so much. My boyfriend likes to travel so this was the perfect present for him.

We already had our first date which was a romantic french evening and it was great. I find your ideas really interesting and I will use them to give my girlfriend a nice DIY birthday present. Thank you again for the ideas! This is such a sweet and thoughtful way to reveal a trip I have been planning for a while.

Oh you are so welcome, Johanna! Hope you have a blast together! Thank you so much for sharing this. We keep saying that we should have a date night more often.

The only thing I needed to change was the front of the card, I covered up the word Baby as I have never called him that, and so it would have seemed less personal keeping it. I look forward to seeing if we can keep to it for a whole year! I hope he loves it! That might help you keep it up for the whole year.

So glad I found this site. Oh yay- Happy Anniversary Marie! I have a question about what scale these are supposed to be. I clicked the link and downloaded most of the pages from there, and this printed out pages that were half full. I was having trouble getting page 7 and 8 to print right so I downloaded them and printed them from my own pdf viewer, which scales them to take up the entire page.

Which scale is right? For example, should the two airline tickets take up half a page or a full page? They were made so that the two airline tickets take up the full page. But really, you can just use whatever scale you think looks best.

Actually only 15 minutes later. You can just write on them with a pen or marker like we did or if you are handy with photoshop or another editing program, you can do that too. For personal use only. I bought a couple of days ago…I think Sunday…the 12 months of international themed date nights.

Is this getting mailed to me via postal or was it sent to my email address? Could you also send the response to dhhtheresacopple gmail. This is a digital product so it should go straight to your email inbox after purchase.

If you have any other questions- just email Ferren thedatingdivas. This is so cute! Leave to cool thoroughly. Combine the first four ingredients in a saucepan and bring them to a boil slowly, stirring constantly. Boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and beat until cold. Add the vanilla extract and spread the icing on the cake. When visiting home, he brougth me back a gift, a perfume. So I have two questions:. Sign me up for the newsletter and new post updates! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Imsges: 1st year dating birthday gifts

1st year dating birthday gifts

Is this getting mailed to me via postal or was it sent to my email address?

1st year dating birthday gifts

He said that it was special because I made it with my hands and he is so excited to see what we will do for these 12 dates!

1st year dating birthday gifts

And celebrate with me on my first party. The recipe Yrar use is not that sweet, actually, but I neglected to mention that. Becca Besides 1t hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. dating project blog is a basic guide with some tips and ideas to get you going. I printed off the passport, tickets and invite for the Greek date, plus the passport stamps.