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22 year old guy dating a 16 year old girl?

16 and 22 year old dating yahoo

You'll continue maturing hopefully until your early-to-mid twenties. Even if the 16 year old is more mature than many ditzy 18 year olds which is not uncommon -- any wrong move, any regret -- you're toast. And on top of that, is there really any gaurantee that after you make all those choices Remember you are still a minor and he could get into a heap of trouble. I legitimately had no idea she was 16 when I asked her out Alright, so, I'm 22 turned 22 in July , over the past few weeks I've been talking to and flirting with a girl that works at a coffee place near my work; She ticked all my metaphorical boxes - She is from the US with a strong accent I love a US accent , she is pale, has back thigh tattoos and has the same weird love for Dragonball Z that I do. Which clearly is untrue considering I am a virgin, and he is still with me.

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My works dismissing me. Should I stay or go? You'll understand better when you are Is it OK to flirt and get friendly with the electrician working at my house? Just ask yourself why a 22 year old MAN would want to date a high school girl?

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? No it's not wrong. I've dated someone at 16 who was Under the age of You're at the age of consent, you will have left school by now into the adult world of work and further education college where you are now responsible for your own life and making decisions.

You are a young adult now. This has nothing to do with 'paedophilia'. Your friend is ignorant; lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. No, it is just not common and because it is not common a lot of people seem to think it must therefore be weird and creepy and wrong hence your friend calling him names. The age gap would suggest that it is a surprising relationship given that the difference in age is most noticeable between teens and early twenties as you are not fully matured yet whereas he would now be considered an adult.

It's only 'dodgy' if you think he's got some ulterior motive for being interested in you and if he ever does or tries to do anything you are not comfortable with then say so and question why he thought it would be ok to do so. Hope things work out ok for you: No, it's not wrong or illegal in UK. However, it is quite an age gap and it is probable that you will be much more mature, both mentally and sexually, than he is.

If you are a mature person then he can learn a lot from you. I'd say it will be unlikely that you will learn much from him. He is the one who has most to gain from a relationship with you, then he is likely to move on. That is my opinion, and I wish I had had the chance when I was There are always exceptions, but I think they are quite rare.

I was assuming that you are a 22yr old female. Maybe I read the question wrongly. Well its legal so under the eyes of the law theirs nothing wrong with it. However that said im a 22 year old guy and i wouldnt date a 16 year old girl, hell i wouldnt date a 18 year old girl, but then thats because my little sister is 18 so anyone who i near here age or younger i simply cant think of that way they still look like kids too me.

But thats just me i dont think theirs anything wrong with it for anyone else though as i think if i didnt have a younger sister girls that age wouldnt seem like kids still to me. Dont get me wrong i understand that someone who is 18 is an adult and i treat them as such i just couldnt date them because thats just not how they look too me.

That's an ideal match of ages. Think of ten years time if you decide to stay together. Seems almost the same age. A mature man and a pretty youthful girl on his arm. Here is a good Government guide by state to statutory rape and age of consent. Okay everybody on here gave you the law and choices for you to do but here's an idea if you dont want your teen doing this behind your back you can try talking to the guy through the phone because there are some really nice guys who are still looking for love no matter what age they are.

Im not telling you that a 60 year old might want to date your daughter but the 22 year old can be really sweet you just can't judge him right off the bat. The law states that sex between a 16 and 22 year old is statutory rape.

Since she is under 18 and he is over then it is against the law for them to do anything together. Moreover, a 22 year old man will no way in hell treat your daughter right, she'll be worthless to him. For her sake and yours. There are peer on peer sex laws though.

That if she is 16 and he is lets say Its very unlikely he will be charged but once you passed 3 years. Than it becomes illegal and the male can be charged with stat. But you should put your foot down and stop it. Nope, laws have not changed you can date someone three years older than you are at age I haven't heard anything about that you should definitely step in that is inappropriate for a male that age to be interested in a 16 year old.

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Imsges: 16 and 22 year old dating yahoo

16 and 22 year old dating yahoo

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16 and 22 year old dating yahoo

The older you get the smaller the age gap seems to be and that'll matter less too. In the heat of the moment, rationality goes out the window. This is a complex question.

16 and 22 year old dating yahoo

One she is 16 so you can say no, no matter what she thinks due to her not being an adult. This has nothing to do with hear. Can a 16 year old date a 22 year old? But she got her first when she was What would you do. Make sure its ok with her father, too.