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13 rules for dating a transgender woman

See New Haven Register story here. July 4, South Africa: Laws should protect rights, not sensibilities with " Crossing the Ts: March 22, Santa Fe, New Mexico--The New Mexico State Legislature late Friday approved a bill to prohibit discrimination in the workplace against people based on sexual orientation or gender identification.

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New York Lawyer story here. Reese Witherspoon, 41, and mini-me daughter Ava, 18, look like sisters as they continue bonding abroad Double denim! See Cincinatti Enquirer story here. The notoriously antigay Christian group Concerned Women for America has apparently found the latest warrior in a cultural battle over transgender rights. The Transgender Law Center TLC , founded in , is a multi-disciplinary social justice organization working to ensure that all Californians are able to fully and freely express our gender identities.

January 31, Washington State-- Governor Gregoire signed a bill that explicitly prohibits acts of prejudice against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Washington becomes the eighth state to include gender identity in its non-discrimination law, and the seventeenth to include sexual orientation. The right wing is already planning a ballot initiative to repeal it. See bill as enacted here. December 22, Northampton, MA-- Northampton passes transgender inclusive non-discrimation ordinance.

See the Bay Windows story here. December 19, Indianapolis, IN-- The city of Indianpolis, together with Marion County, just passed a law adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their non-discrimination laws. The bill is here. FOr more information, visit the home page of Indiana Equality.

The passage of a trans-inclusive hate crimes bill shows that there has been progress in educating lawmakers on gender identity issues, advocates said, but achieving protections against discrimination in employment and other key areas will require much more work.

See Washington Blade story here. Planet Out story here. Click here to read the report and summaries. Making Shelters Safe for Transgender Evacuees aims to assist shelters in serving transgender evacuees. March 31, Maine becomes the 16th state to protect LGB people from discrimination and the 6th state to protect transgender people with clear legislative language. The law prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, credit, public accommodations, and educational opportunities based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

March 28, Transgender at Work is happy to announce the availability of a new research material available on their web site -- measuring the frequency and cost of Transgender Health Benefits THBs. For more information, visit http: February 10, Ann Arbor, MI--U of M Union fights for trans rights; Non-discrimination clause, health care among the issues in contract negotiations.

The House of Representatives is currently considering H. This bill establishes requirements for state IDs that all states must abide by and mandates categories that must be present on state IDs. Gender is one of those mandated categories. Although no rules would be established regarding the process of changing gender markers, any national regulations regarding state IDs are dangerous for civil rights.

The REAL ID Act would infringe upon civil liberties in a number of other ways, including preventing states from issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, and limiting the groups of lawful immigrants who can obtain licenses. Many Representatives have spoken in opposition to his bill.

The House of Representatives Switchboard number is They can connect you to your Representative based on your zip code. You can also find out the name of your Representative by going to www. For more information, click here. January 31, Ann Arbor, MI-- The Graduate Employees Organization at the University of Michigan pushes contract extension; one demand is to protect transgender members of the union.

Thompson asked three additional companies to implement policies that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. Illinois house, senate pass gay rights bill. The Illinois house on Tuesday passed a bill banning discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and sent it to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who has said he supports the measure.

If the Democratic governor signs it, Illinois will join 13 other states that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and [and the four that also prohibit discrimination on the basis of] gender identity. Gay City News story about the guidelines here. But San Francisco's compliance guidelines are much more clearly written and should be used as the model for others. They are online here. December 15, -GLAD wins tax deduction for sex reassignment surgery.

The Christian right wing is not supportive of this change, see a story here. Metropolitan King County Council members yesterday delayed for two weeks a vote on County Executive Ron Sims' proposal to protect transsexuals and transvestites from discrimination. Kernan Protects Transgender State Employees.

In an exciting summer of progress for the transgender community, Indiana Governor Joseph E. Kernan D has become the first Indiana governor to take the bold and long-awaited step to protect Hoosiers who work in state government from discrimination based on gender identity. September 3, Seattle, WA-- The School Board decided Wednesday to add "gender identity" to the list of personal characteristics protected against defamation and discrimination in educational opportunity or employment in the schools, for students and staff members.

Transgender Health Priorities Primer: See the coalition page here. Interview here in Metro Weekly. This development has not pleased the gay right: August , MA-- New report by Dr. Transgender Human Resources Policies in U. In an interoffice memorandum, William R. Yates, Associate Director for Operations of the U. July 15, Pennsylvania-- Nondiscrimination policy all talk, no action, some say; LGBT activists question whether gender identity clause will yield changes in housing, bathrooms.

July 8, Miami Beach, FL--Gay friendly resort city voted unanimously Wednesday to include transgender people in its anti-discrimination ordinance. Good overview oped by Deb Price. June 15, Allentown, PA-- City gender law thrown out; Lehigh County judge says Allentown's gay-rights ordinance violated a state statute in giving businesses more duties. Ruling affects only the city. From Transgender Advocates of Central Texas: Today, Austin became the third city in Texas and the 71st municipality in the country to add gender identity as a protected class to its human rights ordinance.

A Hansard record of this is available at http: June 3, Newark, CA-- n a spirit of inclusiveness and making people feel that they belong in the community, the City Council has unanimously passed an anti-discrimination ordinance athat includes transgender people.

Two years after law was passed, commission still has no guidelines. May 13, Exclusionary tactics, by Gwendolyn Ann Smith. April 16, Houston, TX-- Transgender activists to make their voices heard; Houston woman will lead transgender activists when they lobby Congress.

April 16, Annapolis, MD- -Lawmaker sabotages hate crimes bill [that had already been stripped of language that would have included transgender people].

April 2, Annapolis, MD-- Gender identity dropped from hate crimes measure, angering activists. March 26, Arizona-- Arizona State University has revised its nondiscrimination policy to include "gender identity," making it the fourth public university to extend such protections to transgender students and employees.

December 20, Oakland, CA-- Oakland protects transgender people: Transgender people will be protected from discrimination under an ordinance adopted unanimously by the Oakland City Council on Tuesday night. December 19, Rochester, NY- -School policy shields transgendered. The purpose of the Bill is to give transsexual people legal recognition in their acquired gender ensuring that, for the first time, transsexual people are afforded all the rights and responsibilities appropriate to that gender.

See Prime Minister's press release here. Department for Constitutional Affairs press release here. See news story here. Incident prompts police to consider changing record system. November 25, Washington, DC- -U. November 24, London, UK- -Queen's Speech will give go-ahead to sex-change weddings and adoptions.

October 15, Oakland, CA-- Panel approves transgender proposal; Bill expands sexual orientation aspect of anti-discrimination law. On HRC Worknet here. Who Loves Ya, Baby? T he marriage between G, L, B and T interests has not always been a happy one, but trans activists have been working very hard for over a decade now to ensure that relations between our camps are constructive and mutually supportive.

Freedom of expression and the debate over identity politics. Op-ed by Pauline Park. Last week, after waiting to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton with my family, I found myself described in The Oregonian as: Guest editorial by Lori Buckwalter here. Yesterday California became the fourth state to ban discrimination against transgender people when California Governor Gray Davis signed AB , a bill amending the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to specifically include transgender employees and tenants.

AP wire story here. July 29, Pennsylvania joined a small group of states yesterday that guards transgendered people from employment discrimination in state government.

Text here in pdf. In a sign of growing tolerance for transsexuals, the California Senate agreed Thursday to ban housing and job discrimination against residents whose "perceived gender characteristics are different from those traditionally associated with the individual's sex at birth.

July 8, Ithaca, NY-- City amends human rights law to add a transgender-inclusive definition of gender. July 6, United Kingdom-- Transsexuals win right to marry; Britain's 5, transsexuals who have gone through a full medical sex change are to be given the legal right to marry and have the gender changed on their birth certificate. See remarks and list of participants here in pdf format. Here in HTML format. June 19, Ann Arbor, MI-- A bill was introduced into the state House on Tuesday, which would add gender identity and sexual orientation clauses to a long-standing anti-discrimination law - but lobbyists and legislators aren't optimistic about the bill's chances.

See Gay City News story. The first bill ever introduced in the Ohio legislature to extend civil rights to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders got its first hearing on June 3. Gay People's Chronicle story here.

See the press packet from Indiana Equality her e. See good story in Indiana University paper. See Indiana Star story here. Republican activists are now circulating a petition statewide to force a referendum on a gay-rights bill that passed this year's legislature. May 29, South Africa-- "Sex changes" to be legally recognized. May 8, Washington, DC--Pride at Work passes a transgender inclusion resolution pledging to only endorse legislation that explicitly includes transgender people.

See resolution in pdf here. May 8, Oregon--SB considers gender identity: A state senate bill introduced in March would outlaw sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination if approved.

See Oregon Daily Emerald story here. April 30, Raleigh, NC-- Bill expanding coverage of equal opportunity rights fails: One vote blocked the passage of a bill that would extend equal opportunity rights to gay, lesbian and transgender North Carolina state employees. Rick Santorum's name as a symbol of the repressive attitudes they say they are fighting, gay [and transgender] rights advocates yesterday called on Pennsylvania lawmakers to outlaw certain types of discrimination against homosexuals and transgender people.

See Post-Gazette story here. April 30, Covington, KY-- Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people win expanded rights coverage. See Cincinnati Enquirer story here. See PlanetOut story here. Legislation to protect transgender individuals should be supported in NY Legislature. April 22, Peoria, IL-- City Council votes to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The California State Assembly Monday passed legislation to prohibit discrimination based on gender stereotyping in housing and employment.

See Sacramento Bee story here. SF Gate story here. Peoria leaders will vote Tuesday on proposed addition. April 17, Covington, KY--A proposal to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation is unnecessary and would "normalize'' homosexual behavior, the Citizens for Community Values organization claims in a letter sent Tuesday to 20, Covington households. See Cincinatti Enquirer story here. See press release here. April 12, Olympia, WA--Push on in state senate for anti-discrimination bill: It took one gay senator to die of AIDS and another gay representative to gain clout and power before the state House passed a measure making discrimination against gay and lesbian [and transgender] people illegal.

See Seattle Post-Intelligencer story here. County Executive Rick Schenker, a longtime foe of gay rights protections, has a plan to emasculate an anti-discrimination ordinance that includes sexuality. See Seattle Gay News story here. The City Council expanded its anti-discrimination ordinance Tuesday, unanimously voting to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

See El Paso Time story here. April 4, Columbus, OH--For the first time ever, a bill to protect gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender Ohioans from discrimination has been introduced in the Ohio Statehouse. Democratic leaders, transgender activists finalize details of proposal. The bill sailed through the Hawaiian legislature this session with a series of lopsided votes. This bill, the first pro GLBT bill to be heard during the 78th session of the Texas Legislaturek would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Texas.

March 25, Broward County, Florida -- Gender identity may be added to protections. Read Sun-Sentinel story here. March 25, --Transgenders seek equality in eyes of law.

Read Orlando Sentinel Story here. March 22, Santa Fe, New Mexico--The New Mexico State Legislature late Friday approved a bill to prohibit discrimination in the workplace against people based on sexual orientation or gender identification. The measure now goes to Gov. Bill Richardson, who has said he would sign such a measure. Bill Richardson has pledged to sign the legislation.

Read CAPE release here. March 19, Monroe County, Florida, is preparing to broaden its anti-discriminatory laws to include gender identity and expression. March 6, -- Lansing, Michigan -- Transgender group to hold civil rights march for non-discrimination bills.

February 27, Following a sometimes-emotional four-and-a-half-hour debate, the New Mexico state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill prohibiting discrimination against gays and transgender people. See Equality Florida Press Release.

January 8, -Springfield, IL, includes transgender people in its non-discrimination law. It passed the Senate in June and Governor Schweicker has told us he will sign it into law very shortly. This is the first time a statewide law has passed in Pennsylvania that protects Transgender people. The Senate is to be recalled December 17 to consider the bill, a concession made by Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno in order to get a coveted endorsement for Gov.

Pataki in the November election. The bill would protect gays and lesbians in the areas of employment, education, housing and public accommodations. See Maryland Free State Justice site for the press release. Click here for the actual ordinance in pdf format. See Illinois Gender Advocates Home page for more information. Click here for the ordinance text in pdf format. November 13, --Facing a possible mayoral veto, the Eugene City Council voted Tuesday to remove portions dealing with gender identity from proposed changes to the city's human rights code.

See Oregon Daily Emerald Story. November 1, Chicago anti-bias code to add transgender. See Chicago Tribune Story. See the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition press release. Text of ordinance here off site pdf. News Release -- Transgender Equality: A few steps forward, one step back. Read the whole story on off site link. Text of the law as passed. May 1, New York Times editorial: Civil Rights for the Transgendered.

April 3rd, -Allentown, PA includes gender identity and sexual orientation in its non-discrimination law. February Erie County Council passed a Human Relations Act which includes both sexual orientation and gender identity. September Suffolk County, New York, passes non-discrimination law that includes transgender people. July 13, Rhode Island becomes the second state in the U. Click here to read the actual law off site.

July 3, --Another hurdle passed for TG civil rights in California: CA Senate Committee votes in favor of trans rights bill. See SF Chronicle story. May 16, -- Rochester City Council passes transgender-inclusive law banning discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on sexual orientation, and other categories.

March 1, Rep. Tom Lantos D-CA introduced an historic resolution in the US Congress, focusing on international human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This is the first time that gender identity has included, in an affirmative sense, in federal legislation. See Outfront's instructions for writing in support of the bill. See report by Lynn Conway here. See web CPA article here. Read rest of Gay City News story here. Diane has an amazing story. A retired Army Special Forces Colonel, Diane accepted a job researching terrorism for the Library of Congress, only to have the offer rescinded when she told her supervisor that she is transgender.

Talking to the American public about gender identity discrimination is a significant challenge. We hope Diane's story will be a bit of help in changing that. Diane's long and distinguished record of service in the military over 25 years makes what the Library of Congress did seem particularly unfair, even to people who are usually difficult for us to reach. That the government chose this moment to toss aside expertise on counterterrorism only makes the situation more absurd.

Nobody makes the case better than Diane herself. As she put it in a speech this summer, " More information about her case is available from the ACLU here. Gay Peoples Chronicle story here. Gay City News story here. The case is one of the first to use a court ruling for transgender firefighter Jimmie Lee Smith of Salem that extends the protection of the Civil Rights Act to transgenders, gays and lesbians if it involves sex-stereotyping. December 31, Allentown, PA-- Transgendered guard gets new job rights; she has same duties as other women working at Carbon prison.

A federal lawsuit that extended the Civil Rights Act of to protect transgender people from sex stereotyping discrimination on the job ended when firefighter Jimmie Lee Smith and the city of Salem settled out of court. The Filipino husband of an American transgender woman has been pulled off the citizenship track because of his wife's identity and may be deported if he is unable to convince a federal court to step in.

November Deakin Law Review focuses on the jurisprudence of transsexualism. November 29, Los Angeles-- A lawsuit filed against the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services alleges the agency discriminated against a Filipino couple when it denied the husband's legal residency because his wife had a sex change operation nearly 24 years ago.

AP Wire story here. November 16, Leavenworth, KA-- Court dismisses charges against transsexual woman prosecuted for "gender fraud. A preoperative transsexual who fled El Salvador after she was beaten and raped was given a reprieve Tuesday from deportation. August 20, New Jersey- -Federal Appellate court rules a school failed to provide a "free appropriate public education" to a student who suffered homophobic and gender stereotyping harassment.

July 28, Alabama-- Federal appeals court finds ban on the sale of sex toys in Alabama constitutional. Decison here in PDF. The Florida Court of Appeal issued a decision today in a marriage and custody case involving Michael Kantaras, a transsexual man who married a woman in Florida and had two children with her. When Michael petitioned for divorce, his wife asked the court to invalidate their marriage and to strip Michael of any parental rights, based solely on his transgender status.

After a three week trial in , which was televised on Court TV, the trial court held that Michael is legally male, the marriage was valid, and awarded primary custody to Michael. June 16, Houston, TX-- Many stories about a marriage case involving a trans woman. Houston Chronicle here ; Houston webzine here , with background stories at the bottom. Seems that most of the reporters haven't read the AP Style guide on covering trans people.

June 1, Ohio-- Sixth Circuit holds that Title VII applies to transgender people, based on their reading of Price Waterhouse, but later amends their decision to narrow its holdings. Read amended version here. Read the full original decision here in PDF. May 27, New York, NY-- The lawyer for a Jackson Heights landlord who gave a Latino AIDS clinic the boot after transgendered clients turned up in the womens restrooms argued last week that the group is not a protected minority under state law and its case should be thrown out.

See GLAD press release here. April 16, Hayward, CA-- Family says transgender teen was not deceitful. Also see "Defense calls transgender victim guilty of 'deception and betrayal' " here. March 21, Leavenwork, Kansas-- Transsexual faces charge of falsely obtaining marriage license. Here and longer story here. February 24, Wyoming-- Federal Judge says Wyoming prison violated due process rights of intersexual woman. New York Lawyer story here. December 5, Houston, TX-- Sex change focus of child custody case.

A transgendered woman has sued the state Department of Corrections over her month sentence at the Wyoming Women's Center. October Tronetti v. In an historic decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that gay and lesbian couples can no longer be excluded from obtaining civil marriages in Massachusetts. The ruling in Goodridge v. November 12, Allentown, PA-- Transgendered podiatrist alleges discrimination.

A groundbreaking lawsuit challenges assumptions about gender and demands fair treatment for all. October 24, Warren, OH-- May this man marry this woman? Court hears case of couple denied marriage because the groom is transsexual.

ACLU press release here. Southern Voice story here. Philadelphia Inquirer story here. Strategies for Advocates here. Many practitioners eventually will face this question: To fairly and ethically represent transgendered clients, what special knowledge is needed? The answer is both simple and complex. One needs the ability to dispense with personal assumptions about transgendered people 3 and professional assumptions about transgender law.

July 24, Florida-- Religious right plans to appeal Kantaras v. See their story here. July, Hobart, IN-- Feds say transsexual's rights were not violated. See Southern Voice story. July 4, South Africa: July 4, United Kingdom.

Transsexuals sue pub; Six transsexuals are taking legal action against the landlord of the Red Lion pub in Thorby, Northamptonshire, after they were asked to leave when one member of the party visited the women's toilets. Sylvia Rivera Law Project here.

Read the National Center for Lesbian Rights extensive press release here. Read CNN story here. Read decision here in PDF. June 15, Pennsylvania-- State helping inmate change sex.

June Some Courtroom Concerns of the Transgender Community , Members of the transgender community have many of the same courtroom concerns that everyone has. We want to be respected; be heard; and be able to understand the legal proceedings and outcomes. We are also concerned about adequate accommodations for non-English speakers, respect of cultural differences, and elimination of racial and economic bias.

June 8, Lehigh Valley, PA-- A transgender woman prison guard has returned to work at Carbon County Prison after a monthlong administrative leave, and she and officials say the return has gone smoothly.

See also earlier AP story, "Prison guard's transsexual move leads to administrative leave. A prison guard who was born male but who has been living as a woman and taking female hormones has been placed on administrative leave, but wants to return to work" here. May 30, New York, NY-- Two transsexuals were wrongfully can-canned from their jobs as go-go dancers at a Chelsea nightclub because the owners wanted to hire "real girls," a judge ruled yesterday. Story it's very short here.

May 9, Warren Ohio--The judge who denied a marriage license to a heterosexual couple because one is transgender will not be heard during their appeal. Neither will a Cincinnati anti-gay group that inserted themselves into the case. See Gay People's Chronicle story here.

A panel discussing gay politics at Equality Forum last night barely mentioned him. Instead a homosexual man, a lesbian and a transgender leader described "the inside game" of lobbying the Republican controlled Pennsylvania legislature - successfully - for an inclusive anti-hate crimes law. Philadephia Daily News story here. Vancouver Sun story here. A British transgendered woman has lost the battle to have her year marriage declared legal.

See Press For Change fact sheet on this case, Bellinger v. A Chicago judge Tuesday ruled a transgender male cannot be granted parental rights because same-sex marriages are illegal in Illinois and therefore the man was never the boy's legitimate father. A federal appeals court in San Francisco has issued a historic decision, holding school officials liable for failing to protect students from anti-gay harassment.

See National Center for Lesbian Rights press release here. And in another case brought by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, a federal court ruled April 4, that a lesbian student can sue school district for barring her from gym class. Sex-change recipient claims bias in lawsuit. A Cincinnati anti-gay group has asked a court to allow them to oppose the appeal of a heterosexual couple denied marriage because one is transsexual.

Read the story, which most definitely did not follow the AP style guide regarding proper pronoun usage, here. Love is in the air!

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Imsges: 13 rules for dating a transgender woman

13 rules for dating a transgender woman

See Equality Florida Press Release. What if that person were also a transsexual?

13 rules for dating a transgender woman

You can request a copy of the booklet or download it here.

13 rules for dating a transgender woman

The film explores the extremely high incidence of violence perpetrated against transgendered women and asks the question: See GLAD press release. Policy is online here in PDF go to page Our Bodies, Ourselves, Too in Philadelphia PA is a free, one-day conference on issues transgehder the health and care 13 rules for dating a transgender woman transgender and transsexual people. Many practitioners eventually will face this question: On the National Center for Lesbian Rights ' page here.